Forex Spreads



Spreads on our MetaTrader 4 platform are variable, with quotes coming from major international financial institutions. During liquid times our industry-leading spreads can go as low as 0.1 pips. Our more typical spreads are listed below.

Forex Spreads

SymbolProduct DescriptionStandard A/cRaw ECN A/c
AUDCADAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar1.12.650.21.75
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc1.62.650.71.75
AUDJPYAustralian Dollar vs Japanese Yen1.
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar1.
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar vs US Dollar1.11.660.10.66
CADCHFCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc1.52.720.61.82
CADJPYCanadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen1.
CHFJPYSwiss Franc vs Japanese Yen1.12.750.21.85
EURAUDEuro vs Australian Dollar1.12.710.21.81
EURCADEuro vs Canadian Dollar1.52.720.61.82
EURCHFEuro vs Swiss Franc1.32.310.41.41
EURGBPEuro vs Great Britain Pound1.11.670.20.77
EURJPYEuro vs Japanise Yen1.11.890.10.89
EURNOKEuro vs Norwegian Kroner5.247.614.346.71
EURNZDEuro vs New Zealand Dollar1.24.750.33.85
EURPLNEuro vs Polish Zloty1.722.650.821.75
EURSEKEuro vs Swedish Krona6.646.35.745.4
EURSGDEuro vs Singapore Dollar1.64.320.73.42
EURTRYEuro vs Turkish Lira1.618.450.717.55
EURUSDEuro vs US Dollar0.71.450.10.45
EURZAREuro vs South African Rand12.587.5711.686.67
GBPAUDGreat Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar1.63.930.73.03
GBPCADGreat Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar1.13.940.23.04
GBPCHFGreat Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc1.43.350.52.45
GBPJPYGreat Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen1.12.470.21.57
GBPNZDGreat Britain Pound vs New Zealand Dollar1.
GBPSEKGreat Britain Pound vs Swedish Krona8.162.827.261.92
GBPSGDGreat Britain Pound vs Singapore Dollar1.26.490.35.59
GBPUSDGreat Britain Pound vs US Dollar1.11.850.20.95
NZDCADNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar1.63.370.72.47
NZDCHFNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc1.
NZDJPYNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen1.52.680.61.78
NZDSGDNew Zealand Dollar vs Singapore Dollar1.64.920.74.02
NZDUSDNew Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar1.
USDCADUS Dollar vs Canadian Dollar1.
USDCHFUS Dollar vs Swiss Franc1.
USDCNHUS Dollar vs Chinese Yuan416.153.115.25
USDHKDUS Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar1.910.94110.04
USDJPYUS Dollar vs Japanese Yen1.
USDNOKUS Dollar vs Norwegian Krone5.234.524.333.62
USDPLNUS Dollar vs Polish Zloty3.921.2320.3
USDSEKUS Dollar vs Swedish Krona5.227.874.326.97
USDSGDUS Dollar vs Singapore Dollar0.
USDTRYUS Dollar vs Turkey Lira1.711.520.810.62
USDZARUS Dollar vs South African Rand4.865.193.964.29

Metal Spreads

SymbolProduct DescriptionStandard A/cRaw ECN A/c
XAUUSDGold vs US Dollar0.
XAUAUDGold vs Australian Dollar0.210.720.110.62
XAGUSDSilver vs US Dollar0.
XAGAUDSilver vs Australian Dollar0.410.410.350.35
XPTUSDPlatinum vs US Dollar0.310.980.310.98
XPDUSDPalladium vs US Dollar0.

Indices Spreads

SymbolProduct DescriptionStandard A/cRaw ECN A/c
AUS200Australia 200 index Cash1212
UK100UK100 Index Cash1212
STOXX50Euro 50 Index Cash2222
JP225Japan 225 Index Cash10101010
GER30German 30 Index Cash1212
US500US 500 Index Cash0.
DJ30US Dow Jones Index Cash4444
NAS100US Nasdaq Index Cash2222
HK50Hong Kong Index Cash15151515

Commodities Spreads

SymbolProduct DescriptionStandard A/cRaw ECN A/c
XTIUSDWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil0.

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