Holiday Trading Hours

Public Holiday
Trading Hours

Forex trading hours are impacted by public holidays and other events. The alternate trading hours vary across global financial markets due to the fact that some countries have additional public holidays. In Australia, this includes events such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and Boxing Day.

Trading of specific instruments across Forex and CFDs are impacted as a result. Traders should be aware that trading day hours may vary on MetaTrader 4/5 and Iress. Please check the tables below which will be regularly updated in advance of any upcoming holidays.

Holiday Hours

(GMT +3)

Type Symbol Apr 02 Apr 03 Apr 04 Apr 05 Apr 09 Apr 11 Apr 17 Apr 24 Apr 25 Apr 30
Forex USD/INR Closed Closed Closed
USD/TWD Closed Closed
Indices UK100 Open @ 03:00
FRA40 Open @ 09:00 Close @ 23:00
HK50 Open @ 04:15 Close @ 22:00 Closed Open @ 04:15 Close @ 22:00
GER40 Open @ 03:15 Close @ 23:00
EURO50 Open @ 03:15 Close @ 23:00
AUS200 Close @ 23:00 Open @ 10:10
Equities Australian Stocks Closed
Hong Kong Stocks Closed

Caution: Spreads can be
significantly wider during holiday periods.

*Holidays are temporary and subject to updates due to upcoming holidays

Contract Rollover

Symbol Current Month Next Month Roll Date
WTI Jun-24 Jul-24 16th May 24 (15th of May 24'EOD)
USDX Jun-24 Sep-24 17th Jun 24 (14th of Jun 24'EOD)
VIX May-24 Jun-24 21st May 24 (20th of May 24'EOD)
COFFEE Jul-24 Sep-24 19th June 24 (18th of June 24'EOD)
GILT Jun-24 Sep-24 28th May 24 (27th of May 24'EOD)
US10YR Jun-24 Sep-24 29th May 24 (28th of May 24'EOD)
ITA40 Jun-24 Sep-24 18th Jun 24 (17th of June 24'EOD)
BRENT Jun-24 Jul-24 29th Apr 24 (26th of Apr 24'EOD)
COTTON May-24 Jul-24 23rd Apr 24 (22nd of Apr 24'EOD)
SUGAR May-24 Jul-24 30th Apr 24 (29th of Apr 24'EOD)
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