Margin Table


Margin Requirements
in DMA Share CFD Trading

Experience the benefits of DMA CFD trading with FP Markets Iress trading platform. Access 10,000+ financial instruments on a multi-asset trading platform that provides great flexibility in trading styles. Iress provides real-time news & price quotes for online CFD trading in Shares, Forex, Commodities, Indices, Metals and Cryptocurrencies.

With CFD trading you can trade financial instruments without owning the underlying asset. Traders can speculate on price movements in either direction with the ability to take a long position or short position. In addition, the concept of leverage allows traders to gain greater exposure with only the margin required to open a position.

The short availability and margin requirements vary depending on the exchange, asset class and volatility levels. Choose from the world's largest exchanges including the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Request a Demo Account or open a Live Account and start trading.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
13S.ASX 13 Seeds 100 NO
14D.ASX 1414 Degrees Limited 100 NO
1AD.ASX Adalta Limited 100 NO
1AE.ASX Auroraenergymetals 100 NO
1AG.ASX Alterra Limited 100 NO
1AL.ASX Oneall In Limited 100 NO
1CG.ASX One Click Group Ltd 100 NO
1MC.ASX Morella Corporation 100 NO
1PG.ASX 1-Page Ltd 100 NO
1ST.ASX 1St Group Ltd 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
2BE .ASX Tubi Limited 70 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
360.ASX Life360 Inc. 20 YES
3DA.ASX Amaero International 100 NO
3DP.ASX Pointerra Limited 35 NO
3MF.ASX 3D Metalforge 100 NO
3PL.ASX 3P Learning Ltd 40 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
4DS.ASX 4Ds Memory Limited 100 NO
4DX.ASX 4Dmedical Limited 30 NO
4WD.ASX Auto Solutions Ltd 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
5EA.ASX 5Eadvanced 30 NO
5GG.ASX Pentanet 50 NO
5GN.ASX 5G Networks Limited 20 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
88E.ASX 88 Energy Ltd 70 NO
8CO.ASX 8Common Limited 100 NO
8IH.ASX 8I Holdings Ltd 100 NO
8VI.ASX 8Vi Holdings Limited 100 NO
92E.ASX 92Energy 100 NO
99L.ASX 99 Loyalty Ltd. 100 NO
9SP.ASX 9 Spokes Int Limited 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
A11.ASX Atlantic Lithium 100 NO
A1C.ASX Aic Resources 100 NO
A1G.ASX African Gold Ltd. 100 NO
A1M.ASX Aic Mines Ltd 80 NO
A2B.ASX A2B Australia Ltd 100 NO
A2M.ASX The A2 Milk Company 20 YES
A3D.ASX Aurora Labs Limited 100 NO
A40.ASX Alitares 100 NO
A4N.ASX Alpha Hpa Ltd 100 NO
A8G.ASX Australasian Metals 100 NO
AAC.ASX Australian Agricult. 30 YES
AAD.ASX Ardent Leisure Group 20 NO
AAI.ASX Alcoa Inc. 100 NO
AAJ.ASX Aruma Resources Ltd 100 NO
AAK.ASX Australia China Hold 100 NO
AAM.ASX Aus Industrial Min 100 NO
AAP.ASX Australian Agri Ltd 100 NO
AAR.ASX Astral Resources NL 100 NO
AAU.ASX Antilles Gold Ltd 100 NO
AAX.ASX Ausenco Limited 20 NO
AB1.ASX Abartaresources 100 NO
ABA.ASX Auswide Bank Ltd 70 NO
ABB.ASX Aussie Broadband 20 NO
ABC.ASX Adbri Limited 20 YES
ABE.ASX Ausbondexchange 100 NO
ABL.ASX Abilene Oil & Gas 100 NO
ABP.ASX Abacus Property Grp. 20 YES
ABR.ASX American Pacific 30 NO
ABT.ASX Abundant Produce Ltd 100 NO
ABV.ASX Adv Braking Tech Ltd 100 NO
ABW.ASX Aurora Absolute 100 NO
ABX.ASX ABX Group Limited 100 NO
ABY.ASX Adore Beauty 40 NO
AC8.ASX Auscann Grp Hlgs Ltd 100 NO
ACB.ASX A-Cap Energy Ltd 100 NO
ACE.ASX Acusensus Limited 100 NO
ACF.ASX Acrow Formwork 80 NO
ACL.ASX Au Clinical Labs 30 NO
ACO.ASX Aust Careers Network 100 NO
ACP.ASX Audalia Res Ltd 100 NO
ACQ.ASX Acorn Cap Inv Fund 100 NO
ACR.ASX Acrux Limited 100 NO
ACS.ASX Accent Resources NL 100 NO
ACU.ASX Acumentis Group Ltd 100 NO
ACW.ASX Actinogen Medical 40 NO
ACX.ASX Aconex Limited 20 NO
AD1.ASX AD1 Holdings Limited 100 NO
AD8.ASX Audinate Group Ltd 20 NO
ADA.ASX Adacel Technologies 100 NO
ADC.ASX Acdc Metals Ltd 100 NO
ADD.ASX Adavale Resource Ltd 100 NO
ADG.ASX Adelong Gold Limited 100 NO
ADH.ASX Adairs Limited 20 NO
ADN.ASX Andromeda Metals Ltd 20 NO
ADO.ASX Anteotech Ltd 70 NO
ADQ.ASX Adg Global Supply. 100 NO
ADR.ASX Adherium Ltd 100 NO
ADS.ASX Adslot Ltd. 100 NO
ADT.ASX Adriatic Metals 40 NO
ADV.ASX Ardiden Ltd 100 NO
ADX.ASX ADX Energy Ltd 100 NO
ADY.ASX Admiralty Resources. 100 NO
AE1.ASX Aerison 70 NO
AEB.ASX Affinity Energy 100 NO
AED.ASX AED Oil Limited 100 NO
AEE.ASX Aura Energy 70 NO
AEF.ASX Australian Ethical 20 YES
AEG.ASX Absolute Equity Perf 70 NO
AEI.ASX Aeris Environmental 60 NO
AEJ.ASX Redbank Energy Ltd 100 NO
AEK.ASX Anatolia Energy Ltd 100 NO
AEN.ASX Aeramentum Resources 100 NO
AER.ASX Aeeris Ltd 100 NO
AES.ASX Advanced Energy 100 NO
AEV.ASX Avenira Limited 100 NO
AFA.ASX ASF Group Limited 100 NO
AFG.ASX Aust Finance Grp 20 YES
AFI.ASX Australian Foundat. 20 NO
AFJ.ASX Affinity Edu Grp Ltd 40 NO
AFL.ASX Af Legal Group Ltd 100 NO
AFP.ASX Aft Pharmaceuticals 60 NO
AFT.ASX AFT Corporation 100 NO
AFW.ASX Applyflow Limited 100 NO
AFY.ASX Afterpay Holdings 50 NO
AGB.ASX Atlantic Gold Cor 100 NO
AGD.ASX Austral Gold 100 NO
AGE.ASX Alligator Energy 100 NO
AGF.ASX Amp Capital China 30 NO
AGG.ASX AngloGold Ashanti 45 NO
AGH.ASX Althea Group 50 NO
AGI.ASX Ainsworth Game Tech. 70 NO
AGJ.ASX Agricultural Land 100 NO
AGL.ASX AGL Energy Limited. 20 YES
AGN.ASX Argenica 100 NO
AGO.ASX Atlas Iron Limited 100 NO
AGR.ASX Aguia Res Ltd 100 NO
AGS.ASX Alliance Resources 100 NO
AGY.ASX Argosy Minerals Ltd 70 NO
AHC.ASX Austco Healthcare 100 NO
AHF.ASX Aust Dairy Limited 100 NO
AHG.ASX Automotive Holdings. 20 NO
AHI.ASX Advanced Health 60 NO
AHJ.ASX Air Change Int Ltd 100 NO
AHK.ASX Ark Mines Limited 100 NO
AHL.ASX Adrad Hldings 100 NO
AHN.ASX Athena Resources 100 NO
AHQ.ASX Allegiance Coal Ltd 100 NO
AHR.ASX Anchor Resources 100 NO
AHX.ASX Apiam Animal Health 100 NO
AHY.ASX Asaleo Care Limited 50 NO
AIA.ASX Auckland Internation 20 YES
AIB.ASX Aurora Glb Trust 100 NO
AIE.ASX Autodom Limited 100 NO
AII.ASX Almontyindustriesinc 80 NO
AIM.ASX Ai-Media Technologie 100 NO
AIO.ASX Asciano Limited 20 NO
AIQ.ASX Alternative Invest 100 NO
AIR.ASX Astivita Ltd 100 NO
AIS.ASX Aeris Resources Ltd 60 NO
AIV.ASX Activex Limited 100 NO
AIY.ASX Authorised Invest. 100 NO
AIZ.ASX Air New Zealand 35 NO
AJA.ASX Astro Jap Prop Group 35 NO
AJD.ASX Asia Pacific Data 100 NO
AJJ.ASX Asian Amer Medical 100 NO
AJL.ASX AJ Lucas Group 100 NO
AJO.ASX Armstrong Jones Off. 100 NO
AJQ.ASX Armour Energy Ltd 100 NO
AJX.ASX Alexium Int Group 100 NO
AJY.ASX Asaplus Resources 100 NO
AKE.ASX Allkem Limited 20 YES
AKF.ASX Ask Funding Limited 100 NO
AKG.ASX Academies Aus Grp 100 NO
AKM.ASX Aspire Mining Ltd 100 NO
AKN.ASX Auking Mining Ltd 100 NO
AKO.ASX Akora Resources 100 NO
AKP.ASX Audio Pixels Ltd 40 NO
AKW.ASX Arturus Capital Ltd 100 NO
AL3.ASX Aml3D 100 NO
AL8.ASX Alderan Resource Ltd 100 NO
ALA.ASX Arovella Therapeutic 100 NO
ALB.ASX Albion Resources 100 NO
ALC.ASX Alcidion Group Ltd 40 NO
ALD.ASX Ampol Limited 20 YES
ALF.ASX Australian Leaders 50 NO
ALG.ASX Ardentleisuregrpltd 20 NO
ALI.ASX Argo Global Ltd 70 NO
ALK.ASX Alkane Resources Ltd 30 NO
ALL.ASX Aristocrat Leisure 20 YES
ALM.ASX Alma Metals Ltd 100 NO
ALO.ASX Alloggio Group 100 NO
ALT.ASX Analytica Limited 100 NO
ALU.ASX Altium Limited 20 YES
ALV.ASX Alvomin 100 NO
ALX.ASX Atlas Arteria 20 YES
ALY.ASX Alchemy Resource Ltd 100 NO
ALZ.ASX Australand Property 20 NO
AM7.ASX Arcadia Minerals 100 NO
AMA.ASX AMA Group Limited 30 NO
AMB.ASX Ambition Group Ltd 100 NO
AMD.ASX Arrow Minerals 100 NO
AME.ASX Alto Metals Limited 100 NO
AMG.ASX Ashby Mining Limited 100 NO
AMI.ASX Aurelia Metals Ltd 20 NO
AML.ASX Aeon Metals Ltd. 70 NO
AMM.ASX Armada Metals 100 NO
AMN.ASX Agrimin Ltd 100 NO
AMO.ASX Ambertech Limited 100 NO
AMP.ASX AMP Limited 20 YES
AMS.ASX Atomos 50 NO
AMT.ASX Allegra Orthopaedics 100 NO
AMX.ASX Aerometrex Limited 70 NO
AMY.ASX Amp Warr.Over Basket 100 NO
AN1.ASX Anagenics Limited 100 NO
AND.ASX Ansarada Group Ltd 20 NO
ANG.ASX Austin Engineering 80 NO
ANI.ASX Aust Industrial REIT 100 NO
ANL.ASX Amani Gold Ltd 100 NO
ANN.ASX Ansell Limited 20 YES
ANO.ASX Advance Zinctek Ltd 70 NO
ANP.ASX Antisense Therapeut. 100 NO
ANQ.ASX Anaeco Limited 100 NO
ANR.ASX Anatara Ls Ltd 100 NO
ANS.ASX Austsino Res Grp Ltd 100 NO
ANX.ASX Anax Metals Ltd 100 NO
ANZ.ASX ANZ Group Holdings 20 YES
AO1.ASX Assetowl Limited 100 NO
AOA.ASX Ausmon Resorces 100 NO
AOD.ASX Aurora Div Income 100 NO
AOF.ASX Australian Unity Off 80 NO
AOG.ASX Aveo Group 20 NO
AOH.ASX Altona Mining Ltd 70 NO
AOK.ASX Austex Oil Limited 100 NO
AON.ASX Apollo Minerals Ltd 100 NO
AOP.ASX Apollo Consolidated 70 NO
AOW.ASX American Patriot Oil 100 NO
APB.ASX Arafura Pearls Hold. 100 NO
APC.ASX Aust Potash Ltd 100 NO
APD.ASX Apn Property Group 60 NO
APE.ASX Eagers Automotive 20 YES
APG.ASX Austpac Resources NL 100 NO
API.ASX Australian Pharm. 25 NO
APK.ASX Australian Power 85 NO
APL.ASX Associate Global 30 NO
APM.ASX APM Human Services 20 YES
APO.ASX Apn Outdoor Grp 20 NO
APS.ASX Allup Silica Ltd 100 NO
APT.ASX Afterpay Limited 20 NO
APW.ASX Aims Pror Sec Fund 100 NO
APX.ASX Appen Limited 20 NO
APZ.ASX Aspen Group 100 NO
AQA.ASX Aquila Resources 20 NO
AQC.ASX Auspaccoal Ltd 100 NO
AQD.ASX Ausquest Limited 100 NO
AQF.ASX Aus Gov Index Fund 100 NO
AQG.ASX Alacer Gold Corp. 25 NO
AQI.ASX Alicanto Min Ltd 100 NO
AQN.ASX Aquirianlimited 100 NO
AQO.ASX Ambassador Oil Gas 70 NO
AQP.ASX Aquarius Platinum. 20 NO
AQQ.ASX Aphrodite Gold Ltd 100 NO
AQS.ASX Aquis Ent Ltd 100 NO
AQX.ASX Alice Queen Ltd 100 NO
AQZ.ASX Alliance Aviation 45 NO
AR1.ASX Australresources 60 NO
AR3.ASX Austrare 70 NO
AR9.ASX Archtis Limited 100 NO
ARA.ASX Ariadne Australia 80 NO
ARB.ASX ARB Corporation. 20 NO
ARC.ASX ARC Funds Limited 100 NO
ARD.ASX Argent Minerals 100 NO
ARE.ASX Argonaut Resources 100 NO
ARG.ASX Argo Investments 20 NO
ARH.ASX Australasian Resour. 100 NO
ARI.ASX Acn 004410833 Ltd 100 NO
ARJ.ASX Ark Fund Ltd (The) 100 NO
ARL.ASX Ardea Resources Ltd 60 NO
ARN.ASX Aldoro Resources 60 NO
ARO.ASX Astro Resources NL 100 NO
ARR.ASX American Rare Earths 70 NO
ARS.ASX Alt Resources Ltd 100 NO
ART.ASX Airtasker Limited 30 NO
ARU.ASX Arafura Rare Earths 100 YES
ARV.ASX Artemis Resources 50 NO
ARX.ASX Aroa Biosurgery 50 NO
AS1.ASX Angel Seafood 100 NO
AS2.ASX Askarimetalslimited 100 NO
ASB.ASX Austal Limited 20 YES
ASG.ASX Autosports Grp Ltd. 70 NO
ASH.ASX Ashley Services Grp 80 NO
ASM.ASX Ausstratmaterials 20 NO
ASN.ASX Anson Resources Ltd 80 NO
ASO.ASX Aston Minerals Ltd 60 NO
ASP.ASX Aspermont Limited 100 NO
ASQ.ASX Australian Silica 100 NO
ASR.ASX Asra Minerals Ltd 100 NO
AST.ASX AusNet Services Ltd 20 NO
ASW.ASX Advanced Share Ltd 100 NO
ASX.ASX ASX Limited 20 YES
ASZ.ASX ASG Group Limited 35 NO
AT1.ASX Atomo Diagnostics 70 NO
ATA.ASX Atturralimited 80 NO
ATC.ASX Altech Batt Ltd 80 NO
ATH.ASX Alterity Therap Ltd 100 NO
ATI.ASX Atlantic Limited 100 NO
ATL.ASX Apollo Tourism 100 NO
ATM.ASX Aneka Tambang 100 NO
ATP.ASX Atlas Pearls Ltd 100 NO
ATR.ASX Astron Corp Ltd 100 NO
ATS.ASX Australis Oil & Gas 70 NO
ATU.ASX Atrum Coal Ltd 100 NO
ATV.ASX Activeportgroupltd 100 NO
ATX.ASX Amplia Therapeutics 100 NO
AU1.ASX The Agency Group Aus 100 NO
AUA.ASX Audeara 100 NO
AUB.ASX AUB Group Ltd 20 YES
AUC.ASX Ausgold Limited 80 NO
AUE.ASX Aurumresources 100 NO
AUF.ASX Asian Masters Fund 100 NO
AUH.ASX Austchina Holdings 100 NO
AUI.ASX Australian United In 50 NO
AUK.ASX Aumake Limited 100 NO
AUL.ASX Austar Gold Ltd 100 NO
AUN.ASX Aurumin 100 NO
AUP.ASX Aurora Property 100 NO
AUQ.ASX Alara Resources Ltd 100 NO
AUR.ASX Auris Minerals Ltd 50 NO
AUT.ASX Auteco Minerals 80 NO
AUZ.ASX Australian Mines Ltd 70 NO
AV1.ASX Adveritas Ltd 100 NO
AVA.ASX AVA Risk Group Ltd 60 NO
AVB.ASX Avanco Resources Ltd 70 NO
AVC.ASX Auctus Invest Grp 100 NO
AVD.ASX Avada Group Limited 100 NO
AVE.ASX Avecho Biotech Ltd 100 NO
AVG.ASX Aust Vintage Ltd 70 NO
AVH.ASX Avita Medical 20 NO
AVJ.ASX AVJennings Limited 80 NO
AVL.ASX Aust Vanadium Ltd 80 NO
AVM.ASX Advance Metals Ltd 100 NO
AVN.ASX Aventus Group 20 NO
AVQ.ASX Axiom Mining Limited 100 NO
AVR.ASX Anteris Technologies 60 NO
AVW.ASX Avira Resources Ltd 100 NO
AVZ.ASX AVZ Minerals Ltd 100 NO
AW1.ASX Americanwestmetals 100 NO
AWC.ASX Alumina Limited 20 YES
AWE.ASX AWE Limited 20 NO
AWJ.ASX Auric Mining 100 NO
AWN.ASX AWN Holdings Limited 100 NO
AX1.ASX Accent Group Ltd 20 YES
AX8.ASX Accelerate Resources 100 NO
AXE.ASX Archer Materials 40 NO
AXI.ASX Axiom Properties 100 NO
AXL.ASX A.C.N.603323182 100 NO
AXM.ASX Apex Minerals NL 100 NO
AXN.ASX Alliance Nickel Ltd 100 NO
AXP.ASX AXP Energy Ltd 100 NO
AXS.ASX AXS Group 100 NO
AXT.ASX Argo Exploration 100 NO
AXZ.ASX Amex Resources 100 NO
AYA.ASX Artryalimited 100 NO
AYM.ASX Australia United Min 100 NO
AYN.ASX Alcyone Res Ltd 40 NO
AYS.ASX Amaysim Aus Ltd 100 NO
AYT.ASX Austin Metals Ltd 100 NO
AZC.ASX Australian Zircon NL 100 NO
AZG.ASX Allmine Group Ltd 100 NO
AZH.ASX Azimuth Res Ltd 30 NO
AZI.ASX Altamin Limited 100 NO
AZJ.ASX Aurizon Holdings Ltd 20 YES
AZL.ASX Arizona Lithium Ltd 40 NO
AZM.ASX Azumah Resources 100 NO
AZQ.ASX Ascot Resources Ltd 100 NO
AZS.ASX Azure Minerals 30 NO
AZT.ASX Azure Health Tech 100 NO
AZY.ASX Antipa Minerals Ltd 60 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
B2Y.ASX Bounty Mining 100 NO
B4P.ASX Beforepay Group 100 NO
BAB.ASX Bullabulling Gold 100 NO
BAH.ASX Bojun Agriculture 100 NO
BAL.ASX Bellamy's Australia 20 NO
BAP.ASX Bapcor Limited 20 YES
BAS.ASX Bass Oil Ltd 100 NO
BAT.ASX Battery Minerals Ltd 100 NO
BBC.ASX Bnk Bank Corp Ltd 100 NO
BBG.ASX Billabong 100 NO
BBL.ASX Brisbane Broncos 80 NO
BBN.ASX Baby Bunting Grp Ltd 30 YES
BBR.ASX Bora Bora Resources 100 NO
BBT.ASX Bluebet Holdings Ltd 50 NO
BBX.ASX BBX Minerals Ltd 70 NO
BC8.ASX Black Cat Syndicate 60 NO
BCA.ASX Black Canyon Limited 100 NO
BCB.ASX Bowen Coal Limited 60 NO
BCC.ASX Beam Communications 100 NO
BCD.ASX BCD Resources NL 100 NO
BCG.ASX Blockchain Global. 100 NO
BCI.ASX BCI Minerals Ltd 80 NO
BCK.ASX Brockman Mining Ltd 100 NO
BCN.ASX Beacon Minerals 30 NO
BCS.ASX Brisconnection Trust 100 NO
BCT.ASX Bluechiip Limited 100 NO
BDC.ASX Bardoc Gold Ltd 60 NO
BDG.ASX Black Dragon Gold 85 NO
BDM.ASX Burgundy D Mines Ltd 80 NO
BDR.ASX Beadell Resource Ltd 100 NO
BDT.ASX Birddog 100 NO
BDX.ASX Bcaldiagnostics 100 NO
BEC.ASX Becton Property Grp. 100 NO
BEE.ASX Broo Ltd 100 NO
BEG.ASX Bluenergy Group Ltd 100 NO
BEL.ASX Bentley Capital Ltd 100 NO
BEN.ASX Bendigo and Adelaide 20 YES
BET.ASX Betmakers Tech Group 20 NO
BEX.ASX Bikeexchange Ltd 100 NO
BEZ.ASX Besragoldinc 100 NO
BFC.ASX Beston Global Ltd 100 NO
BFG.ASX Bell Financial Group 35 NO
BFL.ASX Bsp Financial Group 100 NO
BGA.ASX Bega Cheese Ltd 20 YES
BGD.ASX Bartongoldholdings 60 NO
BGE.ASX Bridgesaaslimited 100 NO
BGG.ASX Blackgold Int Hldgs 100 NO
BGH.ASX Bligh Resources Ltd 100 NO
BGL.ASX Bellevue Gold Ltd 20 YES
BGP.ASX Briscoe Group 100 NO
BGT.ASX Bio-Gene Technology 100 NO
BHD.ASX Benjamin Horngld Ltd 100 NO
BHG.ASX Beauty Health Ltd 100 NO
BHL.ASX Boyuan Holdings 100 NO
BHP.ASX BHP Group Limited 20 YES
BIM.ASX Bindimetalslimited 100 NO
BIN.ASX Bingo Industries Ltd 20 NO
BIO.ASX Biome Australia Ltd 100 NO
BIQ.ASX Buildingiq Inc 100 NO
BIR.ASX BIR Financial Ltd 100 NO
BIS.ASX Bisalloy Steel 100 NO
BIT.ASX Biotron Limited 100 NO
BKG.ASX Booktopia Group 30 NO
BKI.ASX BKI Investment Ltd 20 NO
BKL.ASX Blackmores Limited 20 YES
BKM.ASX BKM Management Ltd 100 NO
BKN.ASX Bradken Limited 20 NO
BKT.ASX Black Rock Mining 70 NO
BKW.ASX Brickworks Limited 20 YES
BKY.ASX Berkeley Energia Ltd 80 NO
BLA.ASX Blue Sky Limited 100 NO
BLD.ASX Boral Limited 20 YES
BLG.ASX Bluglass Limited 100 NO
BLR.ASX Black Range Min. 100 NO
BLT.ASX Benitec Biopharma 100 NO
BLU.ASX Blue Energy Limited 100 NO
BLV.ASX Blossomvale Holdings 100 NO
BLX.ASX Beacon Lighting Grp 50 NO
BLY.ASX Boart Longyear 70 NO
BLZ.ASX Blaze Minerals Ltd 100 NO
BM8.ASX Battery Age Minerals 100 NO
BMB.ASX Balamara Resources 100 NO
BME.ASX Blackmountainenergy 100 NO
BMG.ASX BMG Resources Ltd 100 NO
BMH.ASX Baumart Holdings Ltd 100 NO
BML.ASX Boab Metals Ltd 100 NO
BMM.ASX Balkanminingandmin 100 NO
BMN.ASX Bannerman Energy Ltd 100 NO
BMO.ASX Bastion Minerals 100 NO
BMR.ASX Ballymore Resources 100 NO
BMT.ASX Beamtree Holdings 70 NO
BNC.ASX Bioniche Life Inc 100 NO
BND.ASX Bandanna Energy 25 NO
BNL.ASX Blue Star Helium Ltd 100 NO
BNO.ASX Bionomics Limited 100 NO
BNR.ASX Bulletin Res Ltd 100 NO
BNT.ASX Bounty Mining Ltd 100 NO
BNZ.ASX Benzmining 100 NO
BOA.ASX Boadicea Resources 100 NO
BOC.ASX Bougainville Copper 80 NO
BOD.ASX BOD Science Ltd 100 NO
BOE.ASX Boss Energy Ltd 40 YES
BOK.ASX Black Oak Min Ltd 100 NO
BOL.ASX Boom Logistics 100 NO
BOQ.ASX Bank of Queensland. 20 NO
BOT.ASX Botanix Pharma Ltd 80 NO
BPA.ASX Brookfield Prime 100 NO
BPF.ASX Bulletproof Group 100 NO
BPG.ASX Byte Power Group 100 NO
BPH.ASX BPH Energy Ltd 100 NO
BPM.ASX BPM Minerals 100 NO
BPP.ASX Babylon Pump & Power 100 NO
BPT.ASX Beach Energy Limited 20 YES
BRB.ASX Breaker Res NL 80 NO
BRG.ASX Breville Group Ltd 20 YES
BRI.ASX Big Riv Indust Ltd 80 NO
BRK.ASX Brookside Energy Ltd 100 NO
BRL.ASX Bathurst Res Ltd. 80 NO
BRN.ASX Brainchip Ltd 30 YES
BRO.ASX Broad Investments 100 NO
BRS.ASX Broadspectrum Ltd 20 NO
BRU.ASX Buru Energy 100 NO
BRV.ASX Big River Gold Ltd 100 NO
BRW.ASX Breakaway Resources 85 NO
BRX.ASX Belararoxlimited 100 NO
BSA.ASX BSA Limited 70 NO
BSE.ASX Base Res Limited 45 NO
BSL.ASX BlueScope Steel Ltd 20 YES
BSN.ASX Basinenergylimited 100 NO
BSP.ASX Black Star Petroleum 100 NO
BSR.ASX Bassari Resources 100 NO
BST.ASX Best & Less 70 NO
BSX.ASX Blackstone Ltd 60 NO
BTC.ASX BTC Health Ltd 100 NO
BTE.ASX Botalaenergyltd 100 NO
BTH.ASX Bigtincan Hldgs Ltd 30 NO
BTI.ASX Bailador Tech Inv 70 NO
BTK.ASX Botai Technology Ltd 100 NO
BTN.ASX Butn Limited 100 NO
BTR.ASX Brightstar Resources 100 NO
BTU.ASX Bathurst Resources 20 NO
BUB.ASX Bubs Aust Ltd 30 NO
BUD.ASX Buddy Tech 100 NO
BUE.ASX Bluestone Global Ltd 100 NO
BUR.ASX Burleyminerals 100 NO
BUS.ASX Bubalusresources 100 NO
BUX.ASX Buxton Resources Ltd 100 NO
BUY.ASX Bounty Oil & Gas NL 100 NO
BVA.ASX Bravura Solutions 45 NO
BVR.ASX Bellavistaresources 100 NO
BVS.ASX Bravura Solution Ltd 20 NO
BWD.ASX Blackwood Corp Ltd 100 NO
BWF.ASX Blackwall Limited 100 NO
BWX.ASX BWX Limited 100 NO
BXB.ASX Brambles Limited 20 YES
BXN.ASX Bioxyne Ltd 100 NO
BYE.ASX Byron Energy Ltd 45 NO
BYH.ASX Bryah Resources Ltd 100 NO
BYI.ASX Beyond International 100 NO
BYL.ASX Brierty Limited 100 NO
BZL.ASX Braziron Limited 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
C1X.ASX Cosmosexploration 100 NO
C29.ASX C29Metalslimited 100 NO
C6C.ASX Copper Mountain 100 NO
C79.ASX Chrysoscorpltd 50 NO
C7A.ASX Clara Resources 100 NO
CA8.ASX Coassets Ltd. 100 NO
CAA.ASX Capral Limited 80 NO
CAE.ASX Cannindah Resources 100 NO
CAF.ASX Centrepoint Alliance 100 NO
CAG.ASX Caperangeltd 100 NO
CAI.ASX Calidus Resources 60 NO
CAJ.ASX Capitol Health 50 NO
CAM.ASX Clime Capital 80 NO
CAN.ASX Cann Group Ltd 40 NO
CAQ.ASX CAQ Holdings Ltd 100 NO
CAR.ASX Carsales.Com Ltd. 20 YES
CAT.ASX Catapult Grp Int Ltd 35 NO
CAV.ASX Carnavale Resources 100 NO
CAY.ASX Canyon Resources Ltd 100 NO
CAZ.ASX Cazaly Resources 100 NO
CBA.ASX Commonwealth Bank. 20 YES
CBC.ASX Cbg Capital Limited 100 NO
CBD.ASX CBD Energy Limited 100 NO
CBE.ASX Cobre 100 NO
CBH.ASX Coolabah Metals Limi 100 NO
CBK.ASX CB Aust Ltd 100 NO
CBL.ASX Control Bionics 100 NO
CBO.ASX Cobram Estate Olives 70 NO
CBR.ASX Carbon Revolution 100 NO
CBX.ASX Cape Alumina Ltd 100 NO
CBY.ASX Canterbury Resources 100 NO
CCA.ASX Change Financial Ltd 100 NO
CCC.ASX Continental Coal Ltd 100 NO
CCE.ASX Carnegie Cln Energy 100 NO
CCG.ASX Comms Group Ltd 100 NO
CCJ.ASX County International 100 NO
CCL.ASX Coca-Cola Amatil 20 NO
CCP.ASX Credit Corp Group 20 NO
CCR.ASX Credit Clear 80 NO
CCU.ASX Cobar Consolidated 30 NO
CCV.ASX Cash Converters 70 NO
CCX.ASX City Chic Collective 20 NO
CCZ.ASX Castillo Copper Ltd 100 NO
CD1.ASX Cd Private Equity I 100 NO
CD2.ASX Cd Private Equity II 100 NO
CD3.ASX Cd Private Equityiii 80 NO
CDA.ASX Codan Limited 20 YES
CDB.ASX Condor Blanco Mines 100 NO
CDC.ASX China Dairy Ltd 80 NO
CDD.ASX Cardno Limited 50 NO
CDG.ASX Cleveland Min Ltd 100 NO
CDH.ASX ChongHerr Investment 100 NO
CDI.ASX Challenger Div.Pro. 25 NO
CDM.ASX Cadence Capital 30 NO
CDO.ASX CDO Opportunity Fund 100 NO
CDP.ASX Carindale Property 40 NO
CDR.ASX Codrus Minerals Ltd 100 NO
CDT.ASX Castle Minerals 70 NO
CDU.ASX Cudeco Limited 100 NO
CDV.ASX Cardinal Reso Ltd 45 NO
CDX.ASX Cardiex Limited 100 NO
CE1.ASX Calima Energy 35 NO
CEL.ASX Challenger Exp Ltd 40 NO
CEN.ASX Contact Energy Ltd 70 NO
CER.ASX Centro Retail Group 40 NO
CF1.ASX Complii Fintech Ltd 100 NO
CFO.ASX Cfoam Limited 100 NO
CFU.ASX Ceramic Fuel Cells 100 NO
CG1.ASX Carbonxt Group 100 NO
CGB.ASX Cann Global Limited 100 NO
CGC.ASX Costa Group Holdings 20 YES
CGF.ASX Challenger Limited 20 YES
CGH.ASX Calibre Group Ltd 100 NO
CGI.ASX Consolidated Global 100 NO
CGL.ASX The Citadel Grp 60 NO
CGM.ASX Cougar Metals NL 100 NO
CGN.ASX Crater Gold Min Ltd 100 NO
CGO.ASX CPT Global Limited 100 NO
CGS.ASX Cogstate Ltd 40 NO
CGW.ASX Coats Group PLC 50 NO
CHC.ASX Charter Hall Group 20 YES
CHF.ASX Charter Pacific 100 NO
CHK.ASX Cohiba Min Ltd 100 NO
CHL.ASX Camplifyholdings 50 NO
CHM.ASX Chimeric Therapeutic 70 NO
CHN.ASX Chalice Mining Ltd 20 YES
CHP.ASX Chapmans Limited 100 NO
CHR.ASX Charger Metals 70 NO
CHZ.ASX Chesser Resources 100 NO
CI1.ASX Credit Intelligence 100 NO
CIA.ASX Champion Iron Ltd 20 YES
CII.ASX CI Resources Limited 80 NO
CIM.ASX Cimic Group Ltd 20 NO
CIN.ASX Carlton Investments 70 NO
CIO.ASX Connected Io Ltd 100 NO
CIP.ASX Centuria I REIT 20 YES
CIW.ASX Clime Investment 100 NO
CIX.ASX Calliden Group 40 NO
CJO.ASX Cerro Resources NL 40 NO
CJT.ASX Cvc Property Fund 100 NO
CKA.ASX Cokal Ltd 70 NO
CKF.ASX Collins Foods Ltd 20 YES
CKL.ASX Colorpak Limited 100 NO
CKP.ASX Cheviot Kirribilli 100 NO
CL1.ASX Class Limited 100 NO
CL8.ASX Carly Holdings Ltd 100 NO
CLA.ASX Celsius Resource Ltd 100 NO
CLB.ASX Candy Club 100 NO
CLE.ASX Cyclone Metals 100 NO
CLF.ASX Concentrated Leaders 100 NO
CLG.ASX Close Loop 100 NO
CLH.ASX Collection House 20 NO
CLO.ASX Clough Limited 25 NO
CLR.ASX Carabella Res Ltd 35 NO
CLT.ASX Cellnet Group 100 NO
CLU.ASX Cluey Ltd 70 NO
CLV.ASX Clover Corporation 30 NO
CLW.ASX Chtr H Lwr 20 YES
CLX.ASX CTI Logistics 80 NO
CLZ.ASX Classic Min Ltd 100 NO
CM1.ASX Coolgardie Minerals 100 NO
CMC.ASX China Magnesium Corp 100 NO
CMD.ASX Cassius Mining Ltd 100 NO
CMF.ASX China Mining Ltd 100 NO
CMG.ASX Criticalmineralgrp 100 NO
CMM.ASX Capricorn Metals 25 YES
CMO.ASX Cosmometalslimited 100 NO
CMP.ASX Compumedics Limited 100 NO
CMR.ASX Compass Resources 100 NO
CMV.ASX CMA Corporation Ltd 50 NO
CMW.ASX Cromwell Prop 20 YES
CMX.ASX Chemxmaterials 100 NO
CMY.ASX Capital Mining 100 NO
CNA.ASX Corona Resources 20 NO
CNB.ASX Carnaby Resource Ltd 60 NO
CNI.ASX Centuria Capital 20 YES
CNJ.ASX Conico Ltd 100 NO
CNQ.ASX Clean Teq Water 50 NO
CNR.ASX Cannon Resources 70 NO
CNU.ASX Chorus Limited 20 YES
CNW.ASX Cirrus Net Hold Ltd 100 NO
CNX.ASX Carbon Energy 100 NO
CO1.ASX Cobalt One Ltd 100 NO
COB.ASX Cobalt Blue Ltd 50 NO
COD.ASX Coda Minerals Ltd 40 NO
COE.ASX Cooper Energy Ltd 30 YES
COF.ASX Centuria Office REIT 20 YES
COG.ASX Consolidated Ops Gp 80 NO
COH.ASX Cochlear Limited 20 YES
COI.ASX Comet Ridge Limited 80 NO
COJ.ASX Commstrat Limited 100 NO
COL.ASX Coles Group 20 YES
COO.ASX Corum Group Limited 100 NO
COS.ASX Cosol Limited 80 NO
COY.ASX Coppermoly Limited 100 NO
CP1.ASX Cannpal Animal 100 NO
CPA.ASX Commonwealth Prop 20 NO
CPH.ASX Creso Pharma Ltd 100 NO
CPL.ASX Coalspur Mines Ltd 100 NO
CPM.ASX Coopermetalslimited 100 NO
CPN.ASX Caspin Resources 70 NO
CPO.ASX Culpeominerals 100 NO
CPS.ASX Computronics Hold. 100 NO
CPT.ASX Cipherpoint Limited 100 NO
CPU.ASX Computershare Ltd 20 YES
CPV.ASX Clearvue Technologie 50 NO
CQC.ASX Cuesta Coal Ltd 100 NO
CQE.ASX Charter Hall Soc In 20 YES
CQR.ASX Charter Hall Retail 20 YES
CR1.ASX Constellation Res 100 NO
CR9.ASX Corellares 100 NO
CRB.ASX Carbine Resources 100 NO
CRD.ASX Conradasiaenergyltd 80 NO
CRH.ASX Crowe Horwath Aus 60 NO
CRL.ASX Comet Resources 100 NO
CRM.ASX Carbon Minerals Ltd 100 NO
CRN.ASX Coronado Global Res 20 YES
CRR.ASX Critical Resources 70 NO
CRS.ASX Caprice Resources 100 NO
CRW.ASX Cashrewards 60 NO
CSD.ASX Consolidated Tin Min 100 NO
CSE.ASX Copper Strike Ltd 100 NO
CSF.ASX Catalanoseafoodltd 100 NO
CSJ.ASX Cs GP100 Aust Trust 100 NO
CSK.ASX Crowdspark Ltd 100 NO
CSL.ASX CSL Limited 20 YES
CSM.ASX Cosmo 100 NO
CSR.ASX CSR Limited 20 YES
CSS.ASX Clean Seas Ltd 100 NO
CST.ASX Castile Resources 50 NO
CSV.ASX CSG Limited 100 NO
CSX.ASX Cleanspace Holdings 60 NO
CT1.ASX Constellation Tech 100 NO
CTD.ASX Corp Travel Limited 20 YES
CTE.ASX Cryosite Limited 100 NO
CTL.ASX Centennial Mng Ltd 100 NO
CTM.ASX Centaurus Metals Ltd 40 NO
CTN.ASX Catalina Resources 100 NO
CTO.ASX Citigold Corp Ltd 100 NO
CTP.ASX Central Petroleum 100 NO
CTQ.ASX Careteq Limited 100 NO
CTT.ASX Cettire 60 NO
CTV.ASX Colortv Limited 100 NO
CTY.ASX Country Road Limited 100 NO
CU6.ASX Clarity Pharma 70 NO
CUE.ASX CUE Energy Resource 100 NO
CUF.ASX Cufe Ltd 100 NO
CUL.ASX Cullen Resources 100 NO
CUP.ASX Countplus Limited 100 NO
CUS.ASX Coppersearchlimited 100 NO
CUV.ASX Clinuvel Pharmaceut. 20 NO
CVC.ASX CVC Limited 80 NO
CVF.ASX Contrarian Valfd Ltd 100 NO
CVL.ASX Civmec Limited 100 NO
CVN.ASX Carnarvon Energy Ltd 20 NO
CVO.ASX Cover-More Grp Ltd 20 NO
CVR.ASX Cavalierresources 100 NO
CVV.ASX Caravel Minerals Ltd 80 NO
CVW.ASX Clearview Wealth Ltd 100 NO
CWC.ASX China Waste Corp Ltd 100 NO
CWH.ASX CWH Resources Ltd 100 NO
CWL.ASX Consol Financial Hld 100 NO
CWN.ASX Crown Resorts Ltd 20 NO
CWP.ASX Cedar Woods Prop. 35 NO
CWX.ASX Carawine Resources 100 NO
CWY.ASX Cleanaway Waste Ltd 20 YES
CXL.ASX Calix Limited 20 NO
CXM.ASX Centrex Limited 80 NO
CXO.ASX Core Lithium 30 NO
CXU.ASX Cauldron Energy Ltd 100 NO
CXX.ASX Cradle Resources Ltd 100 NO
CXZ.ASX Connexion Telematics 100 NO
CY5.ASX Cygnus Metals Ltd 100 NO
CYA.ASX Century Australia 100 NO
CYC.ASX Cyclopharm Limited 100 NO
CYG.ASX Coventry Group 100 NO
CYL.ASX Catalyst Metals 80 NO
CYM.ASX Cyprium Metals Ltd 60 NO
CYO.ASX Clarity Oss Ltd 100 NO
CYP.ASX Cynata Therapeutics 70 NO
CYQ.ASX Cycliq Group Ltd 100 NO
CZI.ASX Cassini Resources 100 NO
CZN.ASX Corazon Ltd 100 NO
CZR.ASX CZR Resources Ltd 100 NO
CZZ.ASX Capilano Honey Ltd 60 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
D13.ASX Delaware Thirteen 100 NO
D2O.ASX Duxton Water Ltd 70 NO
DAF.ASX Discovery Alaska Ltd 100 NO
DAL.ASX Dalaroometalsltd 100 NO
DBF.ASX Duxton Farms Ltd 100 NO
DBI.ASX Dalrymple Bay 30 NO
DBO.ASX Diabloresources 100 NO
DC2.ASX Dctwo 100 NO
DCC.ASX Digitalx Limited 100 NO
DCG.ASX Decmil Group Limited 100 NO
DCL.ASX Domacom Limited 100 NO
DCN.ASX Dacian Gold Ltd 20 NO
DCX.ASX Discovex Res Ltd 100 NO
DDB.ASX Dynamic Group 100 NO
DDF.ASX Deutsche Diversified 100 NO
DDH.ASX DDH Drill 100 NO
DDR.ASX Dicker Data Limited 20 YES
DDT.ASX DataDot Technology 100 NO
DEG.ASX De Grey Mining 20 YES
DEL.ASX Delorean Corporation 100 NO
DEM.ASX De.Mem Ltd 100 NO
DES.ASX Desoto Resources 100 NO
DET.ASX Dealt Limited 100 NO
DEV.ASX Devex Resources Ltd 50 NO
DEX.ASX Duke Exploration 85 NO
DFM.ASX Dongfang Modern Ag 100 NO
DGH.ASX Desane Group Hldings 100 NO
DGL.ASX DGL Group Limited 30 NO
DGO.ASX DGO Gold Limited 60 NO
DGR.ASX DGR Global Ltd 100 NO
DGX.ASX Diploma Group Ltd 100 NO
DHG.ASX Domain Holdings Aus 20 YES
DIG.ASX Asia Pac Digital Ltd 100 NO
DIT.ASX Deutsche Industrial 100 NO
DJS.ASX David Jones Limited 20 NO
DJW.ASX Djerriwarrh 20 NO
DKM.ASX Duketon Mining 100 NO
DLM.ASX Dominion Minerals 100 NO
DLS.ASX Drillsearch Energy 20 NO
DLT.ASX Delta Drone Intl Ltd 100 NO
DLX.ASX Duluxgroup Limited 20 NO
DM1.ASX Desert Metals 100 NO
DMA.ASX Dynasty Resources 100 NO
DMC.ASX Design Milk Co Ltd 100 NO
DME.ASX Dome Gold Mines Ltd 100 NO
DMG.ASX Dragon Mountain Gold 100 NO
DML.ASX Discovery Metals Ltd 50 NO
DMM.ASX Dmcmininglimited 100 NO
DMP.ASX Domino Pizza Enterpr 20 YES
DMX.ASX DMX Corporation Ltd 85 NO
DN8.ASX Dreamscape Netwk Ltd 100 NO
DNA.ASX Donaco International 100 NO
DNK.ASX Danakali Limited 70 NO
DOC.ASX Doctor Care Anywhere 100 NO
DOR.ASX Doriemus PLC 100 NO
DOT.ASX Deutsche Office 100 NO
DOU.ASX Douugh Limited 70 NO
DOW.ASX Downer EDI Limited 20 YES
DRA.ASX DRA Global Limited 80 NO
DRE.ASX Dreadnought Resources Ltd 80 NO
DRF.ASX Dragonfly Bioscience 100 NO
DRM.ASX Demetallicalimited 100 NO
DRO.ASX Droneshield Limited 70 NO
DRR.ASX Deterra 20 YES
DRX.ASX Diatreme Resources 80 NO
DSB.ASX Delta Sbd Limited 100 NO
DSE.ASX Dropsuite Ltd 80 NO
DSH.ASX Dshe Holdings Ltd 100 NO
DSK.ASX Dusk Group 25 NO
DSX.ASX Decimal Software Ltd 100 NO
DTC.ASX Damstra Holdings 60 NO
DTE.ASX Dart Energy Ltd 20 NO
DTI.ASX DTI Group Ltd 100 NO
DTL.ASX Data#3 Limited 20 YES
DTM.ASX Dart Mining NL 100 NO
DTR.ASX Dateline Resources 100 NO
DTS.ASX Dragontail Systems 100 NO
DTZ.ASX Dotz Nano Ltd 100 NO
DUB.ASX Dubber Corp Ltd 20 NO
DUE.ASX Duet Group 20 NO
DUI.ASX Diversified United 25 NO
DUN.ASX Dundasminerals 100 NO
DUR.ASX Duratec 80 NO
DVA.ASX Diversa Limited 100 NO
DVL.ASX Dorsavi Ltd 100 NO
DVN.ASX Devine Limited 100 NO
DVP.ASX Develop Global Ltd 40 NO
DVR.ASX Diverger Limited 100 NO
DXB.ASX Dimerix Ltd 100 NO
DXC.ASX Dexus Conv Ret REIT 100 NO
DXF.ASX Ding Sheng Xin Ltd 100 NO
DXI.ASX Dexus Industria REIT 30 YES
DXN.ASX DXN Limited 100 NO
DXS.ASX Dexus 20 YES
DYL.ASX Deep Yellow Limited 40 YES
DYM.ASX Dynamicmetalslimited 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
E25.ASX Element 25 Ltd 40 NO
E33.ASX East 33 Limited. 100 NO
E3S.ASX E3Sixty 100 NO
E79.ASX E79Goldmineslimited 100 NO
E88.ASX Ensogo Limited 100 NO
EAF.ASX Evanspartnersasiafnd 100 NO
EAI.ASX Ellerston Asian 60 NO
EAL.ASX E & A Limited 100 NO
EAR.ASX Echo Resources 70 NO
EAX.ASX Energy Action Ltd 100 NO
EBG.ASX Eumundi Group Ltd 100 NO
EBO.ASX Ebos Group Ltd 60 NO
EBR.ASX EBR Systems 70 NO
ECF.ASX Elanor Comm Prop 80 NO
ECG.ASX Ecargo Hldg 100 NO
ECL.ASX Excelsior Capital 100 NO
ECO.ASX Echoice Limited 100 NO
ECP.ASX ECP Emerging Growth 100 NO
ECS.ASX ECS Botanics Holding 100 NO
ECT.ASX Env Clean Tech Ltd. 100 NO
ECV.ASX Ecosave Holdings Ltd 100 NO
EDC.ASX Eildon Capital Group 100 NO
EDE.ASX Eden Inv Ltd 70 NO
EDU.ASX EDU Holdings Limited 100 NO
EDV.ASX Endeavour 20 YES
EEG.ASX Empire Energy Ltd 80 NO
EEL.ASX Enrg Elements Ltd 100 NO
EER.ASX East Energy Resource 100 NO
EFE.ASX Eastern Resources 70 NO
EFT.ASX EFTel Limited 100 NO
EG1.ASX Evergreenlithium 100 NO
EGA.ASX Egan Street Res Ltd 100 NO
EGD.ASX E&P Gbl Disruption 55 NO
EGG.ASX Enero Group Ltd 60 NO
EGH.ASX Eureka Group Ltd 70 NO
EGI.ASX Ellerston Global Inv 100 NO
EGL.ASX Environmental Group 100 NO
EGN.ASX Engenco Limited 80 NO
EGO.ASX Empire Oil & Gas 100 NO
EGR.ASX Ecograf Limited 60 NO
EGY.ASX Energy Tech Ltd 100 NO
EHE.ASX Estia Health Ltd 25 YES
EHH.ASX Eagle Hlth Hldgs Ltd 100 NO
EHL.ASX Emeco Holdings 20 NO
EIM.ASX El Corporation Ltd 100 NO
EIQ.ASX Echoiq Ltd 100 NO
EL8.ASX Elevate Uranium Ltd 50 NO
ELD.ASX Elders Limited 20 YES
ELE.ASX Elmore Ltd 100 NO
ELI.ASX Emerging Leaders Inv 100 NO
ELK.ASX ELK Petroleum 100 NO
ELO.ASX Elmo Software 20 NO
ELR.ASX Elsmore Resource Ltd 100 NO
ELS.ASX Elsight Ltd 100 NO
ELT.ASX Elementos Limited 100 NO
EM2.ASX Eagle Mountain 40 NO
EMB.ASX Embelton Limited 100 NO
EMC.ASX Everest Metals Corp 100 NO
EMD.ASX Emyria Limited 100 NO
EME.ASX Energy Metals Ltd 100 NO
EMH.ASX European Metals Hldg 50 NO
EML.ASX EML Payments Ltd 20 NO
EMM.ASX Electrometals Tech. 100 NO
EMN.ASX Euromanganese 40 NO
EMP.ASX Emperor Energy Ltd 100 NO
EMR.ASX Emerald Res NL 60 NO
EMS.ASX Eastern Metals 100 NO
EMT.ASX Emetals Limited 100 NO
EMV.ASX Emvision Medical 60 NO
ENA.ASX Ensurance Ltd 100 NO
ENB.ASX Eneabba Gas Limited 100 NO
ENC.ASX Enice Holding Co 100 NO
ENN.ASX Elanor Investors Grp 60 NO
ENR.ASX Encounter Resources 100 NO
ENT.ASX Enterprise Metals 100 NO
ENV.ASX Enova Mining Limited 100 NO
ENX.ASX Enegex Limited 100 NO
EOC.ASX Endocoal Limited 70 NO
EOF.ASX Ecofibre Limited 50 NO
EOL.ASX Energy One Limited 70 NO
EOR.ASX EOR Group Limited 100 NO
EOS.ASX Electro Optic Sys. 50 NO
EP1.ASX E&P Financial Group 100 NO
EPA.ASX Ephraim Res Ltd 100 NO
EPD.ASX Empired Ltd 100 NO
EPM.ASX Eclipse Metals 100 NO
EPN.ASX Epsilon Healthcare 100 NO
EPW.ASX ERM Power Limited 35 NO
EPX.ASX Ept Global Limited 100 NO
EPY.ASX Earlypay Ltd 70 NO
EQE.ASX Equus Mining Ltd 100 NO
EQN.ASX Equinoxresources 25 NO
EQR.ASX Eq Resources Limited 100 NO
EQS.ASX Equitystorygroupltd 100 NO
EQT.ASX Equity Hl 50 NO
EQX.ASX Equatorial Res Ltd 100 NO
ERA.ASX Energy Resources 40 NO
ERD.ASX Eroad Limited 30 NO
ERF.ASX Elanoretl Property 100 NO
ERG.ASX Eneco Refresh Ltd 100 NO
ERL.ASX Empire Resources 100 NO
ERM.ASX Emmerson Resources 100 NO
ERW.ASX Errawarra Resources 100 NO
ERX.ASX Exore Resources Ltd 100 NO
ESE.ASX Esense-Lab Ltd 100 NO
ESK.ASX Etherstack PLC 100 NO
ESL.ASX Eco Systems Ltd 100 NO
ESR.ASX Estrella Res Ltd 100 NO
ESS.ASX Essential Metals Ltd 80 NO
ETM.ASX Energy Transition 35 NO
ETR.ASX Entyr Limited 100 NO
EUR.ASX European Lithium Ltd 80 NO
EV1.ASX Evolutionenergy 100 NO
EVE.ASX EVE Health Group Ltd 100 NO
EVG.ASX Evion Group NL 100 NO
EVM.ASX Enviromission Ltd 100 NO
EVN.ASX Evolution Mining Ltd 20 YES
EVO.ASX Embark Edu Grp Ltd 70 NO
EVR.ASX Ev Resources Ltd 100 NO
EVS.ASX Envirosuite Ltd 70 NO
EVT.ASX EVT Limited 20 YES
EVZ.ASX EVZ Limited 100 NO
EWC.ASX Energy World Corpor. 70 NO
EX1.ASX Exopharm Limited 100 NO
EXC.ASX Exterra Res Ltd 100 NO
EXG.ASX Excelsior Gold Ltd 100 NO
EXL.ASX Elixinol Wellness 100 NO
EXP.ASX Experience Co Ltd 80 NO
EXR.ASX Elixir Energy Ltd 80 NO
EXU.ASX Explaurum Ltd 100 NO
EYE.ASX Nova EYE Medical Ltd 70 NO
EZL.ASX Euroz Hartleys Group 70 NO
EZZ.ASX EZZ Life Science 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
FAC.ASX Facilitate Digital 100 NO
FAL.ASX Falconmetalsltd 100 NO
FAN.ASX Fantastic Holdings 70 NO
FAS.ASX Fairstar Resources 100 NO
FAU.ASX First Au Ltd 100 NO
FBM.ASX Future Battery 100 NO
FBU.ASX Fletcher Building 20 YES
FCC.ASX First Cobalt Corp. 100 NO
FCG.ASX Frontier Capital Grp 100 NO
FCL.ASX Fineos Corp Hold PLC 30 NO
FCT.ASX Firstwave Cloud Tech 100 NO
FDM.ASX Freedom Oil Gas 100 NO
FDR.ASX Finder 100 NO
FDV.ASX Frontier Digital Ltd 40 NO
FDX.ASX Frontier Diamonds 100 NO
FE8.ASX Faster Enterprises 100 NO
FEG.ASX Far East Gold 100 NO
FEI.ASX Fe Inv Group Ltd 100 NO
FEX.ASX Fenix Resources Ltd 70 NO
FFC.ASX Farmaforce Ltd 100 NO
FFF.ASX Forbidden Foods 100 NO
FFG.ASX Fatfish Group 100 NO
FFI.ASX F.F.I. Holdings 100 NO
FFR.ASX Firefly Resources 100 NO
FFT.ASX Future First Tech 100 NO
FFX.ASX Firefinch Ltd 100 NO
FG1.ASX Flynngold 100 NO
FGE.ASX Forge Group Limited 100 NO
FGF.ASX First Growth Funds 100 NO
FGG.ASX Future Glb Invest Co 20 NO
FGI.ASX Flat Glass Ind. 100 NO
FGL.ASX Frugl Group Limited 100 NO
FGR.ASX First Graphene Ltd 70 NO
FGX.ASX Future Gen Ltd 25 NO
FHE.ASX Frontier Energy Ltd 80 NO
FHS.ASX Freehill Mining Ltd. 100 NO
FID.ASX Fiducian Group Ltd 70 NO
FIG.ASX Freedom Insurance 70 NO
FIN.ASX FIN Resources Ltd 100 NO
FIT.ASX Fitgenes Limited 100 NO
FLC.ASX Fluence Corporation 50 NO
FLK.ASX Folkestone Limited 100 NO
FLN.ASX Freelancer Ltd 45 NO
FLR.ASX Frankland River 100 NO
FLT.ASX Flight Centre Travel 20 NO
FLX.ASX Felix Group 100 NO
FME.ASX Future Metals NL 100 NO
FMG.ASX Fortescue Metals Grp 20 YES
FML.ASX Focus Minerals Ltd 100 NO
FMS.ASX Flinders Mines Ltd 100 NO
FND.ASX Findi Limited 100 NO
FNX.ASX Finexia Financialgrp 100 NO
FOR.ASX Forager Aust Shs Fnd 80 NO
FOS.ASX FOS Capital Ltd 100 NO
FOX.ASX Twenty-First FOX Inc 20 NO
FPC.ASX Fat Prophets Gbl Ltd 100 NO
FPH.ASX Fisher & Paykel H. 20 YES
FPP.ASX Fat Prophets G P F 100 NO
FPR.ASX Fleetpartners Group 25 YES
FPS.ASX Fiducian Portfolio 100 NO
FRB.ASX Firebird Metals 100 NO
FRE.ASX Firebrickpharma 100 NO
FRI.ASX Finbar Group Limited 70 NO
FRM.ASX Farm Pride Foods 100 NO
FRS.ASX Forrestaniaresources 70 NO
FRX.ASX Flexiroam Limited 100 NO
FSA.ASX FSA Group Limited 80 NO
FSE.ASX Firestone Energy Ltd 100 NO
FSF.ASX Fonterra Share Fund 100 NO
FSG.ASX Field Solu Hldgs Ltd 100 NO
FSI.ASX Flagship Investments 100 NO
FST.ASX Folkestone Social 100 NO
FTC.ASX Fintech Chain Ltd 100 NO
FTE.ASX Forte Energy NL 55 NO
FTH.ASX Fifth Element Resour 100 NO
FTL.ASX Firetail Resources 100 NO
FTZ.ASX Fertoz Ltd 60 NO
FWD.ASX Fleetwood Ltd 40 NO
FXG.ASX Felix Gold Limited 100 NO
FXJ.ASX Fairfax Media Ltd 20 NO
FXR.ASX Fox Resources 100 NO
FYA.ASX Fortune Asia Grp Ltd 100 NO
FYI.ASX FYI Resources Ltd 100 NO
FZO.ASX Family Zone Cyber 40 NO
FZR.ASX Fitzroy River Corp 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
G1A.ASX Galena Mining 45 NO
G50.ASX Gold50Limited 100 NO
G6M.ASX Group 6 Metals Ltd 80 NO
G79.ASX Goldoz Limited 100 NO
G88.ASX Golden Mile Res Ltd 100 NO
GAL.ASX Galileo Mining Ltd 70 NO
GAP.ASX Gale Pacific Limited 100 NO
GAS.ASX State GAS Limited 100 NO
GBA.ASX Grandbridge Limited 100 NO
GBE.ASX Globe Metals &Mining 100 NO
GBG.ASX Gindalbie Metals Ltd 100 NO
GBI.ASX Genera Biosystems 100 NO
GBM.ASX GBM Gold Ltd 100 NO
GBP.ASX Global Petroleum 100 NO
GBR.ASX Greatbould Resources 100 NO
GBT.ASX GBST Holdings.. 50 NO
GBZ.ASX GBM Rsources Ltd 100 NO
GC1.ASX Glennon SML Co Ltd 100 NO
GCG.ASX Greencap Limited 100 NO
GCI.ASX Gryphon Capital 100 NO
GCM.ASX Green Critical Min 100 NO
GCN.ASX GoConnect Limited 100 NO
GCR.ASX Golden Cross 100 NO
GCX.ASX GCX Metals Limited 100 NO
GCY.ASX Gascoyne Res Ltd 100 NO
GDA.ASX Good Drinks Aus Ltd 100 NO
GDC.ASX Global Data Grp 100 NO
GDF.ASX Garda Prpty Group 60 NO
GDG.ASX Generation Dev Group 80 NO
GDI.ASX GDI Property Grp 30 YES
GDO.ASX Gold One Int Ltd 85 NO
GED.ASX Golden Deeps 100 NO
GEG.ASX Grays Ecom Ltd 70 NO
GEM.ASX G8 Education Limited 20 YES
GEN.ASX Genmin 100 NO
GES.ASX Genesis Resources 100 NO
GFF.ASX Goodman Fielder. 20 NO
GFI.ASX Global Fortune Ltd 100 NO
GFL.ASX Global Masters Fund 100 NO
GFN.ASX Gefen Int 100 NO
GFS.ASX Gasfields Limited 100 NO
GFY.ASX Godfreys Grp Ltd 100 NO
GGE.ASX Grand Gulf Energy 100 NO
GGX.ASX Gas2Grid Limited 100 NO
GHC.ASX Gen Healthcare REIT 50 NO
GHY.ASX Gold Hydrogen 100 NO
GIA.ASX Giaconda Limited 100 NO
GIB.ASX Gibb River Diamonds 100 NO
GID.ASX Gi Dynamics, Inc 100 NO
GJT.ASX Galileo Japan Trust 100 NO
GL1.ASX Globallith 50 NO
GLA.ASX Gladiator Resources 100 NO
GLB.ASX Globe International 80 NO
GLE.ASX GLG Corp Ltd 100 NO
GLH.ASX Global Health Ltd 100 NO
GLL.ASX Galilee Energy Ltd 40 NO
GLN.ASX Galan Lithium Ltd 30 NO
GLV.ASX Global Oil & Gas 100 NO
GLY.ASX Glory Resources Ltd 100 NO
GMC.ASX Gulf Manganese Corp 100 NO
GMD.ASX Genesis Minerals 40 NO
GMF.ASX Gpt Metro Office Fnd 100 NO
GMG.ASX Goodman Group 20 YES
GML.ASX Gateway Mining 100 NO
GMM.ASX General Mining Corp 50 NO
GMN.ASX Gold Mountain Ltd 100 NO
GMR.ASX Golden Rim Resources 100 NO
GMV.ASX G Medical 100 NO
GNC.ASX GrainCorp Limited 20 YES
GNE.ASX Genesis Energy Ltd 70 NO
GNG.ASX Gr Engineering Ltd 70 NO
GNM.ASX Great Northern 100 NO
GNP.ASX Genusplus Group Ltd 100 NO
GNS.ASX Gunns Limited 100 NO
GNV.ASX Green Invest Ltd 100 NO
GNX.ASX Genex Power Ltd 80 NO
GO2.ASX Thego2People 100 NO
GOE.ASX Go Energy Group Ltd 100 NO
GOO.ASX Gooroo Ventures Ltd 100 NO
GOR.ASX Gold Road Res Ltd 20 YES
GOR.ASX Gold Road Res Ltd 20 YES
GOW.ASX Gowing Bros. Limited 80 NO
GOZ.ASX Growthpoint Property 20 YES
GPR.ASX Geopacific Resources 100 NO
GQG.ASX GQG Partners 20 NO
GRA.ASX Gold Tiger Resources 100 NO
GRE.ASX Greentechmetals 100 NO
GRF.ASX Global Resource 100 NO
GRG.ASX GRG International 100 NO
GRL.ASX Godolphin Resources 100 NO
GRR.ASX Grange Resources. 40 YES
GRV.ASX Greenvale Energy Ltd 100 NO
GRX.ASX Greenx Metals Ltd 80 NO
GRY.ASX Gryphon Minerals Ltd 100 NO
GSL.ASX Greatcell Solar Ltd 100 NO
GSM.ASX Golden State Mining 100 NO
GSN.ASX Great Southern 100 NO
GSR.ASX Greenstone Resources 100 NO
GSS.ASX Genetic Signatures 60 NO
GSW.ASX Getswift Limited 100 NO
GSZ.ASX Global Strat Met 100 NO
GT1.ASX Greentechnology 60 NO
GTE.ASX Great Western Exp. 100 NO
GTG.ASX Genetic Technologies 100 NO
GTI.ASX Gratifii 100 NO
GTK.ASX Gentrack Group Ltd 100 NO
GTM.ASX Greentech Minerals 100 NO
GTN.ASX GTN Limited 80 NO
GTR.ASX Gti Energy Ltd 100 NO
GTY.ASX Gateway Lifestyle 20 NO
GUD.ASX G.U.D. Holdings 20 YES
GUL.ASX Gullewa Limited 100 NO
GVF.ASX Global Value Fnd Ltd 70 NO
GW1.ASX Greenwing Resources 100 NO
GWA.ASX GWA Group Ltd 20 YES
GWR.ASX GWR Group Ltd 100 NO
GXL.ASX Greencross Limited 20 NO
GXY.ASX Galaxy Resources 20 NO
GZL.ASX Gazal Corporation 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
H2G.ASX Greenhy2 Limited 100 NO
HAL.ASX Halo Technologies 100 NO
HAO.ASX Haoma Mining NL 100 NO
HAR.ASX Harangaresources 100 NO
HAS.ASX Hastings Tech Met 40 NO
HAV.ASX Havilah Resources 100 NO
HAW.ASX Hawthorn Resources 100 NO
HCD.ASX Hydrocarbon Dynamic 100 NO
HCF.ASX Hghighconviction 100 NO
HCH.ASX Hot Chili Ltd 100 NO
HCT.ASX Holista CollTech Ltd 100 NO
HCW.ASX Hlthcohcwellnsreit 100 NO
HDG.ASX Hodges Resources 100 NO
HDN.ASX Homeco Daily Needs 20 YES
HDX.ASX Hughes Drilling Ltd 100 NO
HE8.ASX Helios Energy Ltd 80 NO
HFR.ASX Highfield Res Ltd 40 NO
HFY.ASX Hubify Ltd 70 NO
HGC.ASX Hygieacare 100 NO
HGL.ASX Hudson Investment 100 NO
HGO.ASX Hillgrove Res Ltd 100 NO
HGV.ASX Hygrovest Limited 100 NO
HHI.ASX Health House Int Ltd 100 NO
HHM.ASX Hampton Hill Mining 100 NO
HHR.ASX Hartshead Resources 50 NO
HIG.ASX Highlands Pacific 100 NO
HIL.ASX Hills Ltd 100 NO
HIN.ASX Heartware Int Inc 85 NO
HIO.ASX Hawsons Iron Ltd 100 NO
HIQ.ASX Hitiq Limited 100 NO
HIT.ASX HiTech Group Aust. 100 NO
HLA.ASX Healthia Limited 80 NO
HLF.ASX Halo Food Co. Ltd 100 NO
HLI.ASX Helia Group Limited 20 YES
HLO.ASX Helloworld Travl Ltd 30 NO
HLS.ASX Healius 20 NO
HLX.ASX Helix Resources 100 NO
HM1.ASX Hearts and Minds 25 NO
HMC.ASX HMC Capital Limited 20 NO
HMD.ASX Heramed Limited 100 NO
HMG.ASX Hamelingoldlimited 100 NO
HMI.ASX Hiremii 100 NO
HML.ASX Henry Morgan Limited 100 NO
HMO.ASX Hearmeout Ltd 100 NO
HMX.ASX Hammer Metals Ltd 100 NO
HMY.ASX Harmoney Corp Ltd 100 NO
HNG.ASX Hancock & Gore Ltd 100 NO
HNR.ASX Hannans Ltd 100 NO
HOG.ASX Hawkley Oil and Gas 100 NO
HOR.ASX Horseshoe Metals Ltd 100 NO
HPC.ASX Thehydration 100 NO
HPG.ASX Hipages Group 80 NO
HPI.ASX Hotel Property 30 NO
HPP.ASX Health Plant Protein 40 NO
HPR.ASX High Peak Royalties 100 NO
HRE.ASX Heavy Rare Earths 100 NO
HRL.ASX Hrlholding 100 NO
HRN.ASX Horizon Gold Ltd 100 NO
HRO.ASX Hiro Brands Limited 100 NO
HRR.ASX Heron Resources 100 NO
HRS.ASX Hudson Resources 100 NO
HRZ.ASX Horizon 50 NO
HSC.ASX HSC Technology Group 100 NO
HSK.ASX Heemskirk Consolid. 100 NO
HSN.ASX Hansen Technologies 25 YES
HSO.ASX Healthscope Limited 20 NO
HST.ASX Hastie Group Limited 100 NO
HSX.ASX Hangseng Idx Futures 100 NO
HT1.ASX Ht&E Limited 20 NO
HT8.ASX Harris Technology Gl 100 NO
HTA.ASX Hutchison 100 NO
HTG.ASX Harvest Tech Grp Ltd 50 NO
HTM.ASX High-Tech Metals Ltd 100 NO
HUA.ASX Huayi Resources Ltd 100 NO
HUM.ASX Humm Group Limited 35 NO
HUO.ASX Huon Aquaculture Grp 70 NO
HVM.ASX Happy Valley 100 NO
HVN.ASX Harvey Norman 20 YES
HVY.ASX Heavymineralslimited 100 NO
HWE.ASX Henry Walker Eltin 100 NO
HXG.ASX Hexagon Energy 100 NO
HXL.ASX Hexima 100 NO
HYD.ASX Hydrix Limited 100 NO
HYT.ASX Hyterra Ltd 100 NO
HZN.ASX Horizon Oil Limited 70 NO
HZR.ASX Hazer Group Limited 40 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
IAB.ASX IAB Holdings Limited 100 NO
IAG.ASX Insurance Australia 20 YES
IAM.ASX Income Asset 100 NO
IAP.ASX Irongate Group 20 NO
IB8.ASX Ibosses Corp Ltd 100 NO
IBC.ASX Ironbark Capital Ltd 100 NO
IBG.ASX Ironbark Zinc Ltd 100 NO
IBX.ASX Imagion Biosys Ltd 70 NO
ICE.ASX Icetana Limited 100 NO
ICG.ASX Inca Minerals Ltd 100 NO
ICI.ASX Icandy Interactive 80 NO
ICL.ASX Iceni Gold 100 NO
ICN.ASX Icon Energy Limited 100 NO
ICQ.ASX Icar Asia Ltd 65 NO
ICR.ASX Intelicare Holdings 100 NO
ICS.ASX ICSGlobal Limited 100 NO
ICZ.ASX Indus Coal Ltd 100 NO
ID8.ASX Identitii Limited 100 NO
IDA.ASX Indiana Resources 100 NO
IDC.ASX Indochine Mining Ltd 100 NO
IDM.ASX IDM International 100 NO
IDO.ASX Indo Mines Limited 100 NO
IDP.ASX Indopac Holdings Ltd 100 NO
IDT.ASX IDT Australia Ltd 60 NO
IDX.ASX Integral Diagnostics 20 YES
IEC.ASX Intra Energy Corp 100 NO
IEL.ASX Idp Education Ltd 20 YES
IEQ.ASX International Equiti 100 NO
IFL.ASX Insignia Financial 20 YES
IFM.ASX Infomedia Ltd 30 YES
IFN.ASX Infigen Energy 25 NO
IFS.ASX IFS Construction Ltd 100 NO
IFT.ASX Infratil Limited 70 NO
IG6.ASX Internationalgraphit 100 NO
IGE.ASX Int Green Energy 100 NO
IGL.ASX Ivegroup 40 NO
IGN.ASX Ignite Ltd 100 NO
IGO.ASX IGO Limited 20 YES
IGS.ASX Int Goldfields Ltd 100 NO
IHL.ASX Incannex Healthcare 60 NO
IHR.ASX intelliHR Limited 100 NO
IIN.ASX iiNet Limited 20 NO
IIQ.ASX Inoviq Ltd 70 NO
IKE.ASX Ikegps Group Ltd 80 NO
IKW.ASX Ikwezi Mining Ltd 100 NO
ILA.ASX Island Pharma 100 NO
ILU.ASX Iluka Resources 20 YES
IMA.ASX Image Resources NL 60 NO
IMB.ASX Intelligent Monitor 100 NO
IMC.ASX Immuron Limited 100 NO
IMD.ASX Imdex Limited 20 YES
IME.ASX Imexhs Limited 100 NO
IMI.ASX Infinitymining 100 NO
IMM.ASX Immutep Ltd 60 NO
IMR.ASX Imricor Med Sys 100 NO
IMS.ASX Impelus Ltd 100 NO
IMU.ASX Imugene Limited 20 YES
INA.ASX Ingenia Group 20 YES
IND.ASX Industrialminerals 100 NO
INF.ASX Infinity Lithium 100 NO
ING.ASX Inghams Group 20 YES
INL.ASX Innlanz Limited 100 NO
INM.ASX Iron Mountain Incorp 20 NO
INP.ASX Incentiapay Ltd 100 NO
INR.ASX Ioneer Ltd 20 YES
INV.ASX Investsmart Group 100 NO
IOD.ASX Iodm Limited 100 NO
IOF.ASX Investa Office Fund 20 NO
IOG.ASX Innogylimited 100 NO
IOH.ASX Iron Ore Holdings 30 NO
ION.ASX ION Limited 100 NO
IOT.ASX IOT Group Limited 100 NO
IOU.ASX Ioupay Limited 60 NO
IPA.ASX Indigo Prop Aus Ltd 100 NO
IPB.ASX IPB Petroleum Ltd 100 NO
IPC.ASX Imperial Pacific Ltd 100 NO
IPD.ASX Impedimed Limited 50 NO
IPG.ASX Ipd Group 70 NO
IPH.ASX IPH Limited 20 YES
IPL.ASX Incitec Pivot 20 YES
IPP.ASX Iproperty Group Ltd 25 NO
IPT.ASX Impact Minerals 100 NO
IPX.ASX Iperionx Limited 60 NO
IQ3.ASX Iq3Corp Limited 100 NO
IQE.ASX Intueri Edu Grp Ltd 100 NO
IR1.ASX Irismetals 100 NO
IRD.ASX Iron Road Ltd 100 NO
IRI.ASX Integrated Research 20 NO
IRL.ASX India Resources 100 NO
IRN.ASX Indophil Resources 30 NO
IRX.ASX Inhalerx Limited 100 NO
IS3.ASX I Synergy Group Ltd 100 NO
ISD.ASX Isentia Group Ltd 100 NO
ISS.ASX ISS Group Limited 100 NO
ISU.ASX Iselect Ltd 70 NO
ITD.ASX ITL Health Group Ltd 100 NO
ITG.ASX Intega Group Limited 60 NO
ITM.ASX Itech Minerals Ltd 100 NO
ITQ.ASX Intecq Limited 100 NO
IUL.ASX Imagine Un Limited 100 NO
IVA.ASX Inova Resources Ltd 20 NO
IVC.ASX InvoCare Limited 20 NO
IVG.ASX Invictus Gold Ltd 100 NO
IVO.ASX Invigor Group Ltd 100 NO
IVQ.ASX Invitrocue Ltd 100 NO
IVR.ASX Investigator Res Ltd 100 NO
IVT.ASX Inventis Limited 100 NO
IVX.ASX Invion Ltd 100 NO
IVZ.ASX Invictus Energy Ltd 100 NO
IXC.ASX Invex Ther 100 NO
IXR.ASX Ionic Rare Earths 60 NO
IXU.ASX Ixup Limited 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
JAL.ASX Jameson Resources 100 NO
JAN.ASX Janison Edu Group 80 NO
JAT.ASX Jatcorp Limited 100 NO
JAV.ASX Javelin Minerals Ltd 100 NO
JAY.ASX Jayride Group 100 NO
JBH.ASX JB Hi-Fi Limited 20 YES
JCI.ASX Jiancheng 100 NO
JCS.ASX Jcurve Solutions 100 NO
JDO.ASX Judo Cap Holdings 20 YES
JGH.ASX Jade Gas Holdings 100 NO
JHC.ASX Japara Healthcare Lt 35 NO
JHG.ASX Janus Henderson 20 NO
JHX.ASX James Hardie Indust 20 YES
JIN.ASX Jumbo Interactive 20 YES
JIP.ASX Jack-In Group Ltd 100 NO
JJF.ASX Jiajiafu Mod Agr Ltd 100 NO
JKA.ASX Jacka Resources Ltd 100 NO
JLG.ASX Johns Lyng Group 20 YES
JMS.ASX Jupiter Mines. 30 NO
JNO.ASX Juno 100 NO
JPR.ASX Jupiter Energy 100 NO
JRL.ASX Jindalee Resources 60 NO
JRV.ASX Jervois Global Ltd 20 NO
JTL.ASX Jayex Technology Ltd 100 NO
JVG.ASX JV Global Limited 100 NO
JXT.ASX Jaxstaltd 100 NO
JYC.ASX Joyce Corporation 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
K2F.ASX K2Fly Ltd 100 NO
K2P.ASX Kore Potash Ltd 100 NO
KAB.ASX Kaboko Mining Ltd 100 NO
KAI.ASX Kairos Minerals Ltd 100 NO
KAL.ASX Kalgoorliegoldmining 100 NO
KAM.ASX K2 Asset Mgmt Hldgs 100 NO
KAR.ASX Karoon Energy Ltd 20 YES
KAS.ASX Kasbah Resources 100 NO
KAT.ASX Katana Capital 100 NO
KAU.ASX Kaiser Reef 100 NO
KBC.ASX Keybridge Capital 100 NO
KBL.ASX KBL Mining Limited 100 NO
KCC.ASX Kincora Copper 100 NO
KCN.ASX Kingsgate Consolid. 60 NO
KDL.ASX Kim Diamonds Ltd 100 NO
KDR.ASX Kidman Resources Ltd 20 NO
KDY.ASX Kaddy Limited 70 NO
KED.ASX Keypath Education 100 NO
KEN.ASX KUTh Energy Limited 100 NO
KEY.ASX KEY Petroleum 100 NO
KFM.ASX Kingfisher Mining 100 NO
KGD.ASX Kula Gold Limited 100 NO
KGL.ASX KGL Resources Ltd 100 NO
KGM.ASX Kalnorth Gold Ltd 100 NO
KGN.ASX Kogan.Com Ltd 20 NO
KIL.ASX Kiland Ltd 85 NO
KKC.ASX Kkr Credit Inc Fund 100 NO
KKL.ASX Kollakorn Corp Ltd 100 NO
KKO.ASX Kinetiko Energy Ltd 100 NO
KKT.ASX Konekt Limited 100 NO
KLA.ASX Kirkland Lake Gold 60 NO
KLI.ASX Killiresources 100 NO
KLL.ASX Kalium Lakes Ltd 60 NO
KLO.ASX Kingsland Global Ltd 100 NO
KLR.ASX Kaili Resources Ltd 100 NO
KLS.ASX Kelsian Group Ltd 20 YES
KMC.ASX Kalgoorlie Mining 100 NO
KMD.ASX KMD Brands Limited 20 NO
KME.ASX Kip McGrath Edu.Cntr 100 NO
KMR.ASX Kumarina Res Ltd 100 NO
KNB.ASX Koonenberrygold 100 NO
KNG.ASX Kingsland Minerals 100 NO
KNH.ASX Koon Holdings 100 NO
KNI.ASX Kunikolimited 70 NO
KNM.ASX Kneomedia Limited 100 NO
KNO.ASX Knosys Limited 100 NO
KOB.ASX Kobaresourceslimited 100 NO
KOR.ASX Korab Resources 100 NO
KOV.ASX Korvest Ltd 100 NO
KP2.ASX Kore Potash PLC 100 NO
KPC.ASX Kazakhstan Corp Ltd 100 NO
KPE.ASX Kina Petroleum Corp 100 NO
KPG.ASX Kelly Partners Group 50 NO
KPL.ASX Kina Petroleum Ltd 100 NO
KPO.ASX Kalina Power Limited 100 NO
KPR.ASX Kupang Resources 100 NO
KRL.ASX Kangaroo Res Ltd 100 NO
KRM.ASX Kingsrose Mining Ltd 100 NO
KRR.ASX King River Resources 100 NO
KRS.ASX Kresta Holdings 100 NO
KSC.ASX K & S Corporation 100 NO
KSL.ASX Kina Securities Ltd 55 NO
KSN.ASX Kingston Resources 60 NO
KSS.ASX Kleos 100 NO
KTA.ASX Krakatoa Resources 100 NO
KTE.ASX K2 Energy Ltd 100 NO
KTG.ASX K-Tig Limited 70 NO
KTL.ASX KTL Technologies Ltd 100 NO
KWR.ASX Kingwest Resources 100 NO
KYK.ASX Kyckr Limited 100 NO
KYP.ASX Kinatico Ltd 100 NO
KZA.ASX Kazia Therapeutics 100 NO
KZL.ASX Kagara Ltd 100 NO
KZR.ASX Kalamazoo Resources 100 NO
SecCode Description Mgn% Short
L1M.ASX Lightning Minerals 100 NO
LAA.ASX Latam Autos Ltd 100 NO
LAM.ASX Laramide Res Ltd 100 NO