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FP Markets offers among the best trading environments for CFD trading in more than 10,000 Australian and international share CFDs alongside stock CFDs and indices across 4 continents.

You can trade stock CFDs on the world's most famous companies as well as share CFDs across global markets and benefit from price movements in any direction.

At FP Markets, you can trade both Stock CFDs and share CFDs on two powerful platforms from the same trading account, on desktop and mobile (Apple iOS & Android). The stock CFDs come from a range of global markets including London, Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam and New York (NYSE & Nasdaq) and cover a wide range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, aviation, tourism and Big Tech. FP Markets is once again leading the way with an advanced group of stock CFDs which will give traders illimitable and outstanding opportunities in the universal markets.

What Are the
Platform Options for
Trading Share and Stock CFDs?

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    OPTION 1

    Direct Market Access
    (DMA) Share and Stock CFDs

    Access over 10,000 Share
    and Stock CFDs on Global Exchanges

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    OPTION 2

    (MetaTrader) - Share
    and Stock CFDs

    Access 1000+ Shares and Stock CFDs on
    Global Exchanges


1. Direct Market
Access (DMA)
Share and Stock CFDs

Offered through our powerful Iress CFD trading Platform.

On a stock exchange, a 'order book' contains trade prices and the pending volume at each price. The Direct Market Access (DMA pricing) model allows traders access to the exchange order book which provides them with transparent and precise execution. What this effectively means is that traders in Canada can become price makers rather than price takers as 100% of the orders are passed into the real-time market. This model provides regular retail investors access to the same market liquidity as the underlying market.

What Iress DMA Share
CFDs Can You Trade?

DMA Share CFD Count Per Exchange

ASX 2829
AXW 102
NYSE 1524
ARC 198
LSE 972
HKE 1418
SGX 438
IDK 23


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Equities Trading

As part of our financial services offering, FP Markets provides Canadian traders with the opportunity to access international equity markets. That includes markets in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Our advanced trading platforms and relationships with top-tier liquidity providers ensure genuine market data, low commissions, and competitive margins.

Trade more than 10,000 CFDs across four continents using real market data and transparent pricing. With leveraged trading our traders are able to open larger positions with a smaller initial deposit that is limited to the margin required. Our equities trading offering also allows traders to open long and short positions. This creates additional trading opportunities with the ability to capitalise on price movements in both directions.

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Are There Different MetaTrader 4 &
Iress Account Types?

There are 3 account types available on Iress: Standard, Platinum,


As a global forex and CFD broker we understand the importance of choice when it comes to online trading. This is why we have created multiple Iress account types that offer an alternate minimum deposit and brokerage structure. This allows traders to tailor their trading account so that it is aligned with their trading behaviour and strategies. Platinum and Premier accounts are suitable for those employing short-term trading strategies while our Standard account may be more suitable for more inexperienced traders. Across the board, our Iress trading platform has been specifically designed so that traders in Canada can trade CFDs under optimal conditions while enjoying minimal fees and commissions.

Here Is an Example
of Share CFD Trading
on Iress


The market price for shares in company XYZ on the NYSE is currently trading at $12.00/12.02. You think that the company’s shares are undervalued and will increase so you decide to buy 5000 CFDs at $12.02 each (the current buy price).

Two weeks later, shares in company XYZ have increased and are now selling at $12.52. You decide to realise your gain by 'closing out' your CFD position.

FP Markets quotes you a price of $12.52/CFD (being the price at which FP Markets is willing to sell you CFDs to Close Out your 5000 CFDs). You trade at that price. The amount of profit you have made, before adjustments and tax, on the Transaction is $2500.00 (difference between 12.02 and 12.52) x 5000 = $2500). With a Margin requirement of 20% of the Contract Value, the Margin requirement for the XYZ position is $12020 ($60,100 x 20%).


Company XYC paid a dividend of 10 cents per share while your position was open. Therefore you are entitled to a positive dividend adjustment of $500 (5000 x 10 cents) (this amount is posted to your trading account). Share CFDs are subject to a commission charge (transaction fee) on the opening and closing transactions (based on the closing value).

The transaction fee on this trade will be of a minimum of $15 USD or 2cents a share (depending on the greater value. In this case 5000 units* 2cents = $100 USD will be charged as this is greater than $15 USD).

Since you hold a long Share CFD position overnight, costs are charged by way of Swap Rates. This is calculated on your positions by applying the applicable swap rate to the daily closing value of the position. The formula to calculate financing is: (Quantity x Closing Price) x ((FP Markets Base Rate +/- Client Mark up) / number of days for Terms Currency)

In this example, for instance if the applicable rate is 4.5% p.a. and the Closing Price of the CFD on a particular day is $12.20, then the overnight swap rate is then calculated as follows: The base rate is 2.5%;

Client Mark up is 2.0%
(5000 x $12.20 x 4.50%) / 365

The charge on this particular day would therefore be $7.52.


Dividend: $500 (Credit)

Transaction fee: $100 USD (Debit) Fee applies on opening and closing

Finance Charge: Approx. $105.28 (Debit). The overnight Finance Charge is calculated daily and based on Closing value for the 14 days the position is held

Net Profit: $2,695.00

If the price To You could Gain or Lose
for a Long Position
Rises by 1% 1214/1216 USD 601$
Declines by 1% 1189/1191 - USD $601

2. Trade Share
CFDs on Our
MetaTrader 4 & 5
(MT4 & MT5)

Despite being the most popular trading platforms for trading forex and commodities, the MetaTrader suite also offers a range of share CFDs. Canadian traders can access 50+ share CFDs across four of the largest global exchanges. This means that those who primarily trade forex, can venture into other financial products such as shares without having to use multiple platforms. Whether you are trading forex or shares on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, you will be able to utilise all the available trading tools including the Traders Toolbox. FP Markets offers Demo Accounts across all platforms with those who wish to trade primarily in stocks advised to explore our Iress trading platform. Forex & Commodities

What Share CFDs Can You
Trade on MT4 & MT5?

Share CFD Count Per Exchange

UK 9
EU 10
US 35
HK 26


for a full list of Share CFDs
available to trade on MT4 & MT5

Are There Different MetaTrader 4 &
MT4 & MT5 Account

Share CFDs and Stock CFDs are available to both MT4 & MT5:Standard & Raw accounts.

Here Is an Example
of Share CFD
Trading on MT4

Suppose you want to trade CFDs, where the underlying asset is Apple (AAPL.NAS) and your account is in USD. If Apple is trading at:


If you decide to trade and BUY 100 Units of AAPL.NAS, because you think that the price of AAPL.NAS stock is going to rise in the future. The margin on AAPL.NAS is 20% this means that you are required to put up 20% of the position value in order to take up your desired position in AAPL.NAS.

You would need at least the following amount in your account to take up the position:

20% x (100 x 310) = $6200 USD.

This in turn will give your position a value of $31,000 USD.

In the next hour, the price of Apple has moved to:



This price movement has put your trade into a profitable position. You could close your position by selling at the current price of $315. If this action is taken, your profit would be:

100 x (315-310) = $500 USD

In this case the price has moved in your favour. However, if the price had declined instead moving against your prediction, you could have made a loss. This continuous evaluation of price movements and resultant profit/loss happens daily. Accordingly, it leads to a net return (positive/negative) on your initial margin. In the loss scenario where your Free equity, (Equity - Margin) falls below the margin requirements, the broker will issue a margin call. If you fail to deposit the money, and the market moves further against you, when your free equity reach the 50% of your initial margin the contract will be closed at the current market price, known as "stop out."


In the event that Apple pays out a dividend of $0.82 per share. Your account will receive a cash adjustment if you are holding a long position.

Using the scenario above, given that you hold 100 units of Apple on the dividend date, you will receive the following cash adjustment credit to your trading account.

100 * 0.82 = $82 USD.

However, if you have a short position on Apple, you will be required to pay:

100 * 0.82 = $82 USD.

This amount will be a cash adjustment debit from your trading account.

If the price To You could Gain or Lose
for a Long Position
Rises by 1% 313.10/313.20 USD $310
Declines by 1% 306.9/307 - USD $310

What is the Difference
Between CFD trading
and Share Trading?


The most significant difference is that with CFD trading you do no own the underlying asset which in this case is the actual shares. Contracts For Difference (CFDs) provide an array of benefits. While mirroring the price of the actual stock, traders can open both long and short positions. Trading platforms such as Iress make the process of buying and selling CFDs extremely easy while minimising the need for a personal broker. This helps minimise trading costs with CFDs also providing additional tax benefits in some regions relating to stamp duty and capital gains.

As a leveraged product, CFDs allow traders to gain greater exposure by depositing only the margin requirement. This means that you do not require the full value of the trade in order to open a position, but only the margin. The margin requirements depend on several factors including the instrument being traded. For instance, large companies such as Apple are similar to major forex pairs in that the margin requirement is smaller.

All traders, including those in Canada, should become familiar with the concept of leveraged trading to understand the associated risks.

6 Reasons to Trade Share CFDs with FP Markets

An Australian-regulated
forex & CFD broker

Globally Regulated

Increase your ability to profit in all
market conditions

Direct Market Access (DMA) Execution

Real-time, transparent share prices Control, Functionality and deep liquidity Full Market depth & see your orders in the queue

Advanced Platforms
& Technology

MT4, MT5, WebTrader & Iress with superior client portal

24/7 Multilingual
Customer Support

Award-winning support & personal account managers

Global Exposure

Low margins and competitive commission 10,000+ products on global stocks across 4 continents

Earn Dividends

On long positions
No ownership of physical
shares necessary

Direct Market Access Share
CFDs on Iress

Choose Exchange:

Share CFDs on MT4 & MT5

SecCode Description Exchange Mgn% Short Availability
HEINEKEN Heineken NV (HEIA.xams) Amsterdam 10% YES
ING ING Groep NV (INGA.xams) Amsterdam 10% YES
TAKEAWAY NV (TKWY.xams) Amsterdam 10% YES
RAND Randstad NV (RAND.xams) Amsterdam 5% YES
ADIDAS adidas AG (ADS.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES MT4 / MT5
ALLIANZ Allianz SE (ALV.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
BASF BASF SE (BAS.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
BAYER Bayer AG (BAYN.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
DAIMLER Daimler AG (DAI.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
DBANK Deutsche Bank AG (DBK.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
SIEMENS Siemens AG (SIE.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
SAP SAP SE (SAP.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
VOLKSWAGEN Volkswagen AG (Ord) (VOW.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES MT4 / MT5
PORSCHE Porsche Automobil Hldg (Prf) (PAH3.xetr) Frankfurt 10% YES
AGBANKCHINA Agricultural Bank Of China Ltd (1288.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BANKOFCHINA Bank of China Ltd (3988.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BANKOFCOMMS Bank of Communications Co Ltd (3328.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BYD BYD Co Ltd (1211.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINACITICBANK China Citic Bank Corp Ltd (998.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINACOAL China Coal Energy Co Ltd (1898.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINACOMCONST China Communications Construction Co Ltd (1800.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINACONSTBANK China Construction Bank Corp (939.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINADAIRY China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd (2319.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAEASTERNAIR China Eastern Airlines Co (670.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAEVERGRANDE China Evergrande Group (3333.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAGAS China Gas Holdings Ltd (384.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINALIFE China Life Insurance Co Ltd (2628.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAMOBILE China Mobile Ltd (941.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINASOUTHAIR China Southern Airlines Co Ltd (1055.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINATELECOM China Telecom Corp Ltd (728.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
GAC Guangzhou Automobile Group/ GAC (2238.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
GEELY Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd (175.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HAIDILAO HaiDiLao International Holding Ltd (6862.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
MEITUAN Meituan Dianping - Class B (3690.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
PICGOC People's Insurance Co Group of China Ltd (1339.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
PINGAN Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd (2318.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
TENCENTMUSIC Tencent Holdings Ltd (700.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
UNICOM China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd (762.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
WANTWANTCHINA Want Want China Holdings Ltd (151.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
XIAOMI Xiaomi Corp (1810.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BP BP PLC (BP.xlon) London 5% YES
GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK.xlon) London 5% YES
HSBC HSBC Holdings PLC (HSBA.xlon) London 5% YES
LLOYDS Lloyds Banking Group PLC (LLOY.xlon) London 5% YES
RBS Natwest Group (NWG.xlon) London 5% YES
RIO Rio Tinto PLC (RIO.xlon) London 5% YES
SHELL Royal Dutch Shell PLC "A" (RDSA.xlon) London 5% YES MT4 / MT5
STDCHART Standard Chartered PLC (STAN.xlon) London 5% YES
VODAFONE Vodafone Group PLC (VOD.xlon) London 5% YES MT4 / MT5
BARCLAYS Barclays PLC (BARC.xlon) London 10% YES
DELIVEROO Deliveroo Holdings PLC (ROO.xlon) London 10% YES
SAINSBURY Sainsbury PLC (SBRY.xlon) London 10% YES
TESCO Tesco PLC (TSCO.xlon) London 10% YES
EASYJET Easyjet PLC (EZJ.xlon) London 10% YES
GLENCORE Glencore PLC (GLEN.xlon) London 10% YES
TRUSTPILOT Trustpilot Group (TRST.xlon) London 10% YES
ROLLSROYCE Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC (RR.xlon) London 5% YES
IBERDROLA Iberdrola (IBE.xmad) Madrid 10% YES
SANTANDER Banco Santander (SAN.xmad) Madrid 10% YES
ENDESA Endesa SA (ELE.xmad) Madrid 10% YES
BBVA BBVA SA (BBVA.xmad) Madrid 10% YES
TELEFONICA Telefonica SA (TEF.xmad) Madrid 10% YES
SIEMENSGRE Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE.xmad) Madrid 5% YES
ACTIVISIONBLIZ Activision Blizzard Inc (ATVI.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
ADOBE Adobe Inc (ADBE.xnas) NASDAQ 5% YES
AMD Advanced Micro Devices (AMD.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
AMERICANAIRLINES American Airlines Group Inc (AAL.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
APPLE Apple Inc (AAPL.xnas) NASDAQ 5% YES MT4 / MT5
ATLASSIAN Atlassian Corp Plc - Class A (TEAM.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
BAIDU Baidu Inc (BIDU.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
BOOKING Booking Holdings Inc (BKNG.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
CISCO Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.xnas) NASDAQ 5% YES
COMCAST Comcast Corporation Class A (CMCSA.xnas) NASDAQ 5% YES
COSTCO Costco Wholesale Corp (COST.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
EBAY eBay Inc (EBAY.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
FACEBOOK Facebook Inc (FB.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES MT4 / MT5
GOOGLE Alphabet Inc - A (GOOG.xnas) NASDAQ 5% YES MT4 / MT5
INTEL Intel Corp (INTC.xnas) NASDAQ 5% YES
JD Inc (ADRs) (JD.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
MICROSOFT Microsoft Corp (MSFT.xnas) NASDAQ 5% YES
NETFLIX Netflix Inc (NFLX.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
PAYPAL PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
PEPSI PepsiCo Inc (PEP.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
PINDUODUO Pinduoduo Inc (PDD.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
TESLA Tesla Inc (TSLA.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
TRIPADVISOR TripAdvisor Inc (TRIP.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
COINBASE Coin Base (Coin.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
AIRBNB Airbnb Inc (ABNB.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
GOPRO GoPro Inc (GPRO.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
LYFT Lyft Inc-A (LYFT.xnas) NASDAQ 10% YES
3M 3M Co (MMM.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
AEP American Electric Power (AEP.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
ALIBABA Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
AMEX American Express Co (AXP.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
AT&T AT&T Inc (T.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
BLACKROCK Blackrock Inc (BLK.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
BLACKSTONE Blackstone Group Inc (BX.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
BOA Bank of America Corp (BAC.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
BOEING Boeing Co(BA.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
BOSTONSCIENTIFIC Boston Scientific Corp (BSX.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
CATERPILLAR Caterpillar Inc (CAT.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
CHEVRON Chevron Corp (CVS.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
CNP Citigroup Inc (C.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
COCACOLA Coca-Cola Co (KO.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
DELL Dell Technologies Inc (DELL.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
DELTA Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
DISNEY The Walt Disney Co (DIS.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
ESTEELAUDER Estee Lauder Companies (EL.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
EXXON Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
FEDEX FedEx Corp (FDX.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
FERRARI Ferrari NV (RACE.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
FORD Ford Motor Co (F.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
GE General Electric Co (GE.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
GM General Motors Co (GM.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
GOLDMAN Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
HALLIBURTON Halliburton Co (HAL.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
HOMEDEPOT Home Depot Inc (HD.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
HONEYWELL Honeywell International Inc (HON.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
HP HP Inc (HPQ.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
IBM International Business Machines Corp (IBM.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
JOHNSON&JOHNSON Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
JPMORGAN JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
MASTERCARD MasterCard Inc (MA.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
MCDONALDS McDonald's Corp (MCD.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
MORGANSTANLEY Morgan Stanley (MS.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
NIKE Nike Inc (NKE.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
ORACLE Oracle Corp (ORCL.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
PFIZER Pfizer Inc (PFE.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
SPOTIFY Spotify Technology SA (SPOT.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
STARBUCKS Starbucks Corp (SBUX.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
STELLANTIS Stellantis (STLA.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
TWITTER Twitter Inc (TWTR.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
UBER Uber Technologies Inc (UBER.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
UNDERARMOUR Under Armour Inc - Class C (UA.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
VERIZON Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
VISA Visa Inc (V.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
WALMART Walmart Inc (WMT.xnys) NYSE 5% YES
WELLSFARGO Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
MODERNA Moderna Inc (MRNA.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
SNAP Snap Inc A (SNAP.xnys) NYSE 10% YES
CARREFOUR Carrefour SA (CA.xpar) Paris 10% YES
DIOR Christian Dior SE (CDl.xpar) Paris 10% YES
AIRBUS Airbus SE (AIR.xpar) Paris 10% YES
HERMES Hermes International SA (RMS.xpar) Paris 10% YES
LOREAL L'Oreal SA (OR.xpar) Paris 10% YES
LVMH LVMH Group SA (MC.xpar) Paris 10% YES
RENAULT Renault SA (RNO.xpar) Paris 10% YES
MICHELIN Michelin (CGDE) (ML.xpar) Paris 10% YES
SANOFI Sanofi SA (SAN.xpar) Paris 10% YES
BNP BNP Paribas SA (BNP.xpar) Paris 10% YES
AIRFRANCE Air France-KLM SA (AF.xpar) Paris 10% YES
SOCGEN Societe General SA (GLE.xpar) Paris 10% YES
CNP CNP Assurances (CNP.xpar) Paris 10% YES
AALBERTS Aalberts NV (AALB.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
ABNAMROBANK ABN AMRO Bank NV (ABN.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
ACCIONA Acciona SA (ANA.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
ACERINOX Acerinox SA (ACX.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
ACSACTIVIDADESCONSYSERV ACS Actividades Cons y Serv SA (ACS.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
ADYEN Adyen NV (ADYEN.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
AEGON Aegon NV (AGN.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
AENASME Aena SME SA (AENA.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
AKZONOBEL Akzo Nobel NV (AKZA.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
AMADEUSITGROUP Amadeus IT Group SA (AMS.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
ARCELORMITTAL ArcelorMittal SA [MAD] (MTS.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
AROUNDTOWN Aroundtown SA (AT1.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
ASMINTL ASM International NV (ASM.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
ASMLHLDG ASML Holding NV (AEX) (ASML.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
ASRNEDERLAND ASR Nederland NV (ASRNL.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
BANCODESABADELL Banco de Sabadell SA (SAB.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
BANKINTER Bankinter SA (BKT.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
BEIERSDORF Beiersdorf AG (BEI.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
BRENNT Brenntag AG (BNR.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
CAIXABANK CaixaBank SA (CABK.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
CARLZEISSMEDITEC Carl Zeiss Meditec AG (AFX.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
CELLNEXTELECOM Cellnex Telecom SA (CLNX.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
CIEAUTOMOTIVE CIE Automotive SA (CIE.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
COMMERZBANK Commerzbank AG (CBK.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
CONTINENTAL Continental AG (CON.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
COVESTRO Covestro AG (1COV.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
DELIVERYHERO Delivery Hero SE (DHER.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
DEUTSCHEBOERSE Deutsche Boerse AG (DB1.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
DEUTSCHEPOST Deutsche Post AG (DPW.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
DEUTSCHEWOHNEN Deutsche Wohnen SE (DWNI.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
DWSGROUPGMBH&COKGAA DWS Group GmbH & Co KGaA (DWS.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
ENAGAS Enagas SA (ENG.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
ENCEENERGIAYCELULOSA ENCE Energia y Celulosa SA (ENC.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
EON E.ON SE (EOAN.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
EVONIKINDUSTRIES Evonik Industries AG (EVK.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
FERROVIAL Ferrovial SA (FER.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
FIELMANN Fielmann AG (FIE.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
FRAPORTFRANKFURTAIRPORT Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport (FRA.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
FRESENIUSMED Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co KGaA (FME.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
FRESENIUSSE&COKGAA Fresenius SE & Co KGaA (FRE.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
GALAPAGOS Galapagos NV (GLPG.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
GRANDVISION GrandVision NV (GVNV.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
GRIFOLS Grifols SA (GRF.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
HANNOVEHANNOVERRUECK RRUECK Hannover Rueck SE (HNR1.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
HAP-LLOYD #N/A Frankfurt 20% YES
HEIDELBERGCEMENT HeidelbergCement AG (HEI.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
HENKEL&COKGAA Henkel AG & Co KgaA (HEN3.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
HOCHTIEF Hochtief AG (HOT.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
IMCD IMCD NV (IMCD.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
INDITEX Inditex SA (ITX.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
INDRASISTEMAS Indra Sistemas SA (IDR.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
INFINEON Infineon AG (IFX.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
KIONGROUP KION Group AG (KGX.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
KNORR-BREMSE Knorr-Bremse AG (KBX.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
KONINKLIJKEAHOLDDELHAIZE Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV (AD.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
KONINKLIJKEDSM Koninklijke DSM NV (DSM.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
KONINKLIJKEKPN Koninklijke KPN NV (KPN.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
KONINKLIJKEPHILIPS Koninklijke Philips NV (PHIA.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
KONINKLIJKEVOPAK Koninklijke Vopak NV (VPK.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
LEGIMMOBILIEN LEG Immobilien AG (LEG.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
LUFTHAN Lufthansa AG (LHA.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
MAN Man SE (MAN.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
MAPFRE Mapfre SA (MAP.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
MEDIASETESPANACOMUNICACION Mediaset Espana Comunicacion SA (TL5.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
MELIAHOTELSINTL Melia Hotels International SA (MEL.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
MERCKKGAA Merck KGaA (MRK.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
MERLINPROPERTIESSOCIMI Merlin Properties Socimi SA (MRL.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
METRO Metro AG (B4B.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
MTUAEROENGINES MTU Aero Engines AG (MTX.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
MUENCHENERRUECK Muenchener Rueckversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (MUV2.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
NATURGYENERGYGROUP Naturgy Energy Group SA (NTGY.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
NEMETSCHEK Nemetschek SE (NEM.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
NNGROUP NN Group NV (NN.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
PROSUS Prosus NV (PRX.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
PUMA Puma SE (PUM.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
RANDSTAD Randstad NV (RAND.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
RATIONAL Rational AG (RAA.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
REDELECTRICACORPORACION Red Electrica Corporacion SA (REE.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
RELXPLC Relx PLC [AEX] (REL.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
REPSOL Repsol SA (REP.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
RTLGROUP RTL Group (RRTL.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
RTORIUS Sartorius AG (Pfd) (SRT3.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
RWE RWE AG (RWE.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
SCOUT24 Scout24 AG (G24.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
SIEMENSHEALTHINEERS Siemens Healthineers AG (SHL.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
SYMRISE Symrise AG (SY1.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
TALANX Talanx AG (TLX.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
TRATON Traton SE (8TRA.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
UNIBAIL-RODAMCO-WESTFIELD Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield SE / URW (URW.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
UNIPER Uniper SE (UN01.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
UNITEDINTERNET United Internet AG (UTDI.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
VISCOFAN Viscofan SA (VIS.xmad) Madrid 20% YES
VOLKSWEN Volkswagen AG (Pfd) (VOW3.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
VONOVIA Vonovia SE (VNA.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
WOLTERSKLUWER Wolters Kluwer NV (WKL.xams) Amsterdam 20% YES
ZALANDO Zalando SE (ZAL.xetr) Frankfurt 20% YES
AACTECHNOLOGIESHLDGINC AAC Technologies Holdings Inc (2018.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
AIA AIA Group Ltd (1299.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
ALIBABAGROUPHLDG Alibaba Group Holding Ltd [HKG] (9988.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
ALIBABAHEALTHINFOTECH Alibaba Health Information Tech Ltd (241.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
ANHUICONCHCEMENT Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd (914.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
ANTASPORTSPRODUCTS Anta Sports Products Ltd (2020.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BANKOFEASTASIA Bank of East Asia Ltd (23.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BILIBILIINC Bilibili Inc (9626.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BOCHONGKONGHLDG BOC Hong Kong Holdings Ltd (2388.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
BUDWEISERBREWINGCOAPAC Budweiser Brewing Co APAC Ltd (1876.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CATHAYPACIFICAIRWAYS Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd (293.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CGNPOWER CGN Power Co Ltd (1816.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAGALAXYSECURITIES China Galaxy Securities Co Ltd (6881.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAOVERSEASLAND&INVEST China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd (688.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAPETROLEUM&CHEM China Petroleum & Chemical / Sinopec (386.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINARAILWAYCONSTRUCTION China Railway Construction Corp Ltd (1186.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINARAILWAYGROUP China Railway Group Ltd / CREC (390.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINARESOURCESBEERHLDG China Resources Beer Holding Co Ltd (291.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINARESOURCESGAS China Resources Gas Group Ltd (1193.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINARESOURCESLAND China Resources Land Ltd (1109.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINARESOURCESPOWERHLDG China Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd (836.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINASHENHUAENERGY China Shenhua Energy Co Ltd (1088.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINATOWERCORP China Tower Corp Ltd (788.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHINAVANKE China Vanke Co Ltd (2202.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CHONGQINGRURALCOMBANK Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co Ltd (3618.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CITIC CITIC Ltd (267.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CKASSETHLDG CK Asset Holdings Ltd (1113.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CKHUTCHISONHLDG CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd (1.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CKINFRASTRUCTUREHLDG CK Infrastructure Holdings Ltd (1038.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CLPHLDG CLP Holdings Ltd (2.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CNOOC CNOOC Ltd (883.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
COUNTRYGARDENHLDG Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd (2007.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CSCFINANCIAL CSC Financial Co Ltd (6066.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
CSPCPHARMACEUTICAL CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd (1093.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
DONGFENGMOTORGROUP Dongfeng Motor Group Co Ltd (489.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
ENNENERGYHLDG ENN Energy Holdings Ltd (2688.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
FOSUNINTL Fosun International Ltd (656.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
GALAXYENTERTAINMENT Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (27.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
GUANGDONGINVESTMENT Guangdong Investment Ltd (270.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HANGLUNGPROPERTIES Hang Lung Properties Ltd (101.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HANGSENGBANK Hang Seng Bank Ltd (11.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HANSOHPHARMACEUTICAL Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd (3692.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HENDERSONLANDDEVELOPMENT Henderson Land Development Co Ltd (12.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HENGANINTL Hengan Intl Group Co Ltd (1044.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HKTTRUSTANDHKT HKT Trust And HKT Ltd (6823.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HONGKONG&CHINAGAS Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd (3.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HONGKONGEXCHANGES Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd (388.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HSBCHLDGPLC HSBC Holdings Plc [HKEX] (5.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
HUANENGPOWERINTL Huaneng Power International Inc (902.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
IND&COMMBANKOFCHINAICBC Ind & Comm Bank of China Ltd / ICBC (1398.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
JDHEALTHINTLINC JD Health International Inc (6618.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
KUAISHOUTECHNOLOGY Kuaishou Technology (1024.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
KUNLUNENERGY Kunlun Energy Co Ltd (135.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
LONGFORGROUPHLDG Longfor Group Holdings Ltd (960.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
MTRCORP MTR Corp (66.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
NEWWORLDDEVELOPMENT New World Development Co Ltd (17.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
PETROCHINA PetroChina Co Ltd (857.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
PICCPROPERTY&CASUALTY PICC Property & Casualty Co Ltd (2328.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
POSTALSAVINGSBANKOFCHINA Postal Savings Bank Of China (1658.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
POWERASSETSHLDG Power Assets Holdings Ltd (6.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SANDSCHINA Sands China Ltd (1928.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SHENZHOUINTLGROUP Shenzhou International Group Ltd (2313.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SHIMAOPROPERTYHLDG Shimao Property Holdings Ltd (813.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SINOBIOPHARMACEUTICAL Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd (1177.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SINOLAND Sino Land Co Ltd (83.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SUNACCHINAHLDG Sunac China Holdings Ltd (1918.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SUNHUNGKAIPROPERTIES Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd (16.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SUNNYOPTICALTECHNOLOGY Sunny Optical Technology Co Ltd (2382.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SWIREPACIFIC-CLASSA Swire Pacific Ltd - Class A (19.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
SWIREPROPERTIES Swire Properties Ltd (1972.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
TECHTRONICINDUSTRIES Techtronic Industries Co Ltd (669.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
TINGYI(CAYMANISLN) Tingyi (Cayman Isln) Hldg Corp (322.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
WEICHAIPOWER Weichai Power Co Ltd (2338.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
WHARFHLDG Wharf Holdings Ltd (4.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
WHARFREALESTATEINVEST Wharf Real Estate Investment Co Ltd (1997.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
WHGROUP WH Group Ltd (288.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
WUXIBIOLOGICSCAYMANINC WuXi Biologics Cayman Inc (2269.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
WYNNMACAU Wynn Macau Ltd (1128.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
ZHONGSHENGGROUPHLDG Zhongsheng Group Holdings (881.xhkg) Hong Kong 20% YES
ABBOTTLABORATORIES Abbott Laboratories (ABT.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ABBVIE AbbVie Inc (ABBV.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ACCENTUREPLC Accenture Plc (ACN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AFLAC Aflac Inc (AFL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AGILENTTECHNOLOGIES Agilent Technologies Inc (A.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AGNCINVESTMENT Agnc Investment Corp (AGNC.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
AIRPRODUCTS&CHEMICALS Air Products & Chemicals Inc (APD.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AKAMAITECHNOLOGIES Akamai Technologies Inc (AKAM.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ALBEMARLE Albemarle Corp (ALB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ALCOA Alcoa Corp (AA.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ALEXIONPHARMACEUTICALS Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc (ALXN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ALIGNTECHNOLOGY Align Technology Inc (ALGN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ALLSTATE Allstate Corp (ALL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ALPHABETINC-C Alphabet Inc - C (GOOG.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ALTERYX-CLASSA Alteryx Inc - Class A (AYX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ALTRIAGROUP Altria Group Inc (MO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AMERICANFINANCIALGROUP American Financial Group Inc (AFG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AMERICANINTLGROUP American International Group (AIG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AMERICANTOWER American Tower Corp (AMT.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AMERICANWELL American Well Corp (AMWL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AMGEN Amgen Inc (AMGN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ANALOGDEVICES Analog Devices Inc (ADI.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ANTHEM Anthem Inc (ANTM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AONPLC Aon Plc (AON.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
APACHECORP Apache Corp (APA.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
APPLIEDMATERIALS Applied Materials Inc (AMAT.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND Archer-Daniels-Midland Co (ADM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ARCIMOTO Arcimoto Inc (FUV.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ASETECHNOLOGYHLDG Ase Technology Holding (ADRs) (ASX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ASMLHLDGNV ASML Holding NV (Nasdaq) (ASML.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ATOTECH Atotech Ltd (ATC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AURINIAPHARMACEUTICALS Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (AUPH.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
AUTODESK Autodesk Inc (ADSK.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
AUTOMATICDATAPROCESSING Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
AUTOZONE Autozone Inc (AZO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
AVALONBAYCOMMUNITIES AvalonBay Communities Inc (AVB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BALLARDPOWERSYSTEMS Ballard Power Systems Inc (BLDP.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BANKOFNEWYORKMELLON Bank of New York Mellon Corp (BK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BAXTERINTL Baxter International Inc (BAX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BECTONDICKINSON Becton Dickinson & Co (BDX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BEDBATH&BEYOND Bed Bath & Beyond Inc (BBBY.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BEIGENE Beigene Ltd (ADRs) (BGNE.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BESTBUY Best Buy Co Inc (BBY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BEYONDMEAT Beyond Meat Inc (BYND.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BILIBILIINC-SPONSORED Bilibili Inc-Sponsored (ADRs) (BILI.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BIOGEN Biogen Inc (BIIB.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BIONANOGENOMICS Bionano Genomics Inc (BNGO.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BLACKBERRY Blackberry Ltd (BB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BLINKCHARGING Blink Charging Co (BLNK.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
BLOOMENERGY Bloom Energy Corp (BE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BRISTOL-MYERSSQUIBB Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (BMY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
BUMBLE Bumble Inc (BMBL.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
CABOTOIL&GAS Cabot Oil & Gas Corp (COG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CADENCEDESIGNSYSTEMS Cadence Design Systems Inc (CDNS.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
CAPITALONEFINANCIAL Capital One Financial Corp (COF.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CARDINALHEALTH Cardinal Health Inc (CAH.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CBOEGLOBALMARKETS Cboe Global Markets Inc (CBOE.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
CEMEXSAB-SPONSADRPARTCER Cemex Sab-Spons Adr Part Cer (CX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CENTENE Centene Corp (CNC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CHARTERCOMMUNICATIONS Charter Communications Inc (CHTR.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
CHECKPOINTSOFTWARETECH Check Point Software Technologies Ltd (CHKP.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
CHIMERAINVESTMENT Chimera Investment Corp (CIM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CHUBB Chubb Ltd (CB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CHUNGHWATELECOM Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd (ADRs) (CHT.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CHURCHILLCAPITALIV Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CIGNA Cigna Corp (CI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CLOROXCOMPANY Clorox Company (CLX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CLOVISONCOLOGY Clovis Oncology Inc (CLVS.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
COGNIZANTTECH Cognizant Tech Solutions - Class A (CTSH.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
COLGATE-PALMOLIVE Colgate-Palmolive Co (CL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
COMERICA Comerica Inc (CMA.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CONCHORESOURCES Concho Resources Inc (CXO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CONOCOPHILLIPS ConocoPhillips (COP.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CONSOLIDATEDEDISON Consolidated Edison Inc (ED.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CONSTELLATIONBRANDS Constellation Brands Inc - Class A (STZ.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CONTEXTLOGIC ContextLogic Inc (WISH.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
CORNING Corning Inc (GLW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
COTY Coty Inc (COTY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
COUPANG Coupang LLC (CPNG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CREDICORP Credicorp Ltd (BAP.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CRONOSGROUP Cronos Group Inc (CRON.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
CROWNCASTLEINTL Crown Castle Intl Corp (CCI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CSX CSX Corp (CSX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CUMMINS Cummins Inc (CMI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
CVSHEALTH CVS Health Corp (CVS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DANAHER Danaher Corp (DHR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DATADOG Datadog Inc - Class A (DDOG.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
DEERE Deere & Co (DE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DEVONENERGY Devon Energy Corp (DVN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DEXCOM DexCom Inc (DXCM.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
DIAMONDBACKENERGY Diamondback Energy Inc (FANG.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
DISCOVERFINANCIALSERVICES Discover Financial Services (DFS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DISCOVERY Discovery Inc - Class C (DISCK.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
DOCUSIGN DocuSign Inc (DOCU.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
DOLLARGENERAL Dollar General Corp (DG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DOLLARTREE Dollar Tree Inc (DLTR.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
DOMINIONENERGY Dominion Energy Inc (D.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DOORDASH DoorDash Inc (DASH.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DOW Dow Inc (DOW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DRHORTON Dr Horton Inc (DHI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DROPBOX Dropbox Inc (DBX.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
DTEENERGYCOMPANY Dte Energy Company (DTE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DUKEENERGY Duke Energy Corp (DUK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
DUPONTDENEMOURS DuPont de Nemours Inc (DD.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EASTMANCHEMICAL Eastman Chemical Co (EMN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EASTMANKODAK Eastman Kodak Co (KODK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EATONPLC Eaton Corp Plc (ETN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ECOLAB Ecolab Inc (ECL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EDWARDSLIFESCIENCES Edwards Lifesciences Corp (EW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ELECTRAMECCANICAVEHICLES Electrameccanica Vehicles Co (SOLO.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ELECTRONICARTS Electronic Arts Inc (EA.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ELILILLY Eli Lilly & Co (LLY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EMERSONELECTRIC Emerson Electric Co (EMR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ENTERPRISEPRODUCTS Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EOGRESOURCES EOG Resources Inc (EOG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EQUINIX Equinix Inc (EQIX.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
EQUITYRESIDENTIAL Equity Residential (EQR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ESSEXPROPERTYTRUST Essex Property Trust Inc (ESS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EXELON Exelon Corp (EXC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
EXPEDIAGROUP Expedia Group Inc (EXPE.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FASTENAL Fastenal Co (FAST.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FIDELITYNATIONALINFO Fidelity National Info Services Inc / FIS (FIS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
FIRSTSOLAR First Solar Inc (FSLR.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FISERV Fiserv Inc (FISV.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FOMENTOECONOMICOMEX-SP Fomento Economico Mex-Sp Adr (FMX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
FOOTLOCKER Foot Locker Inc (FL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
FORTINET Fortinet Inc (FTNT.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FORTIVE Fortive Corp (FTV.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
FOSSILGROUP Fossil Group Inc (FOSL.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FOXCORP-CLASSA Fox Corp - Class A (FOXA.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FOXCORP-CLASSB Fox Corp - Class B (FOX.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
FREEPORT-MCMORAN Freeport-McMoRan Inc / FCX (FCX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
GAP Gap Inc (GPS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
GENERALDYNAMICS General Dynamics Corp (GD.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
GENERALMILLS General Mills Inc (GIS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
GILEADSCIENCES Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
GLOBALPAYMENTS Global Payments Inc (GPN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
GOLDFIELDS Gold Fields Ltd (GFI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
GOODYEARTIRE&RUBBER Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co (GT.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
GROUPON Groupon Inc (GRPN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
H&RBLOCK H&R Block Inc (HRB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Harley-Davidson Inc (HOG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HCAHEALTHCARE HCA Healthcare Inc (HCA.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HERBALIFENUTRITION Herbalife Nutrition Ltd (HLF.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HERSHEY Hershey Co (HSY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HESS Hess Corp (HES.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HEWLETTPACKARDENTERPRISE Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co / HPE (HPE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HILTONWORLDWIDEHLDG Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc (HLT.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HONEYWELLINTL Honeywell International Inc (HON.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
HOSTHOTELS&RESORTS Host Hotels & Resorts Inc (HST.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
HUMANA Humana Inc (HUM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
HUNTINGTONBANCSHARES Huntington Bancshares Inc (HBAN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
HYLIIONHLDG Hyliion Holdings Corp (HYLN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
IAC/INTERACTIVE IAC / InterActive Corp (IAC.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
IDEXXLABORATORIES Idexx Laboratories Inc (IDXX.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ILLINOISTOOLWORKS Illinois Tool Works / ITW (ITW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ILLUMINA Illumina Inc (ILMN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
INOVIOPHARMACEUTICALS Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (INO.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
INTERCONTINENTALEXCHANGE Intercontinental Exchange Inc / ICE (ICE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
INTUIT Intuit Inc (INTU.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
INTUITIVESURGICAL Intuitive Surgical Inc (ISRG.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
IOVANCEBIOTHERAPEUTICS Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc (IOVA.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
IQIYI Iqiyi Inc (ADRs) (IQ.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
JABIL Jabil Inc (JBL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
JINKOSOLARHLDG JinkoSolar Holding Co (ADRs) (JKS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
JOHNSONCONTROLSINTL Johnson Controls International Plc (JCI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
JOYY Joyy Inc (ADRs) (YY.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
KEURIGDRPEPPER Keurig Dr Pepper Inc (KDP.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
KEYCORP KeyCorp (KEY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
KIMBERLY-CLARK Kimberly-Clark Corp (KMB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
KINDERMORGAN Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
KINROSSGOLD Kinross Gold Corp (KGC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
KIRKLANDLAKEGOLD Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd (KL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
KKR KKR & Co Inc (KKR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
KOHLS Kohl's Corp (KSS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
KRAFTHEINZ Kraft Heinz Co (KHC.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
KROGER Kroger Co (KR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
L3HARRISTECHNOLOGIES L3Harris Technologies Inc (LHX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LASVEGASSANDS Las Vegas Sands Corp (LVS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LBRANDS L Brands Inc (LB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LENNAR-CLASSA Lennar Corp - Class A (LEN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LIAUTO Li Auto Inc (ADRs) (LI.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
LITHIUMAMERICAS Lithium Americas Corp (LAC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LIVENT Livent Corp (LTHM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LOWESCOS Lowe's Cos Inc (LOW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LUMENTECHNOLOGIES Lumen Technologies Inc (LUMN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
LUMINARTECHNOLOGIES Luminar Technologies Inc (LAZR.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
LYONDELLBASELLINDUSTRIE Lyondellbasell Industries - Class A (LYB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
M&TBANK M & T Bank Corp (MTB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MACYS Macy's Inc (M.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MANCHESTERUNITED Manchester United Plc (MANU.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MARATHONOIL Marathon Oil Corp (MRO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MARATHONPATENTGROUP Marathon Patent Group Inc (MARA.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MARATHONPETROLEUM Marathon Petroleum Corp (MPC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MARRIOTTINTL-CLASSA Marriott International - Class A (MAR.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MARSH&MCLENNANCOS Marsh & McLennan Cos (MMC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MARTINMARIETTAMATERIALS Martin Marietta Materials Inc (MLM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MARVELLTECHNOLOGYGROUP Marvell Technology Group Ltd (MRVL.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MATCHGROUP Match Group Inc (MTCH.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MCKESSON Mckesson Corp (MCK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MEDTRONIC Medtronic Plc (MDT.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MERCADOLIBRE Mercadolibre Inc (MELI.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MERCK Merck & Co Inc (MRK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
METLIFE Metlife Inc (MET.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MFAFINANCIAL MFA Financial Inc (MFA.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
MICROCHIPTECHNOLOGY Microchip Technology Inc (MCHP.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MICRONTECHNOLOGY Micron Technology Inc (MU.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MOMOINC-SPON Momo Inc-Spon (ADRs) (MOMO.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MONDELEZINTL Mondelez International Inc (MDLZ.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
MOODYS Moody's Corp (MCO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NABORSINDUSTRIES Nabors Industries Ltd (NBR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NETAPP Netapp Inc (NTAP.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
NETEASE NetEase Inc (ADRs) (NTES.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
NEWMONTGOLDCORP Newmont Goldcorp Corp (NEM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NEWORIENTALEDUCATION New Oriental Education (ADRs) (EDU.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NEWSCORP News Corp - Class B (NWS.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
NEXTERAENERGY Nextera Energy Inc (NEE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NIO NIO Inc (ADRs) (NIO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NOBLEENERGY Noble Energy Inc (NBL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NOKIAOYJ Nokia Oyj (ADRs) (NOK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NORDSTROM Nordstrom Inc (JWN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NORFOLKSOUTHERN Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NORTHROPGRUMMAN Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
NORTONLIFE/SYMANTEC NortonLifeLock Inc / Symantec (SYMC.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
NORWEGIANCRUISELINEHLDG Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NCLH.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
NOVAVAX Novavax Inc (NVAX.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
O'REILLYAUTOMOTIVE O'Reilly Automotive Inc (ORLY.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
OCCIDENTALPETROLEUM Occidental Petroleum Corp (OXY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
OILSTATESINTL Oil States International Inc (OIS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
OMNICOMGROUP Omnicom Group (OMC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ONEOK Oneok Inc (OKE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PALANTIRTECHNOLOGIES Palantir Technologies Inc (PLTR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PALOALTONETWORKS Palo Alto Networks Inc (PANW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PARKERHANNIFIN Parker Hannifin Corp (PH.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PENNNATIONALGAMING Penn National Gaming Inc (PENN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
PETROLEOBRASILEIRO-SPON Petroleo Brasileiro-Spon Adr (PBR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PG&E PG&E Corp (PCG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PHILIPMORRISINTL Philip Morris International (PM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PHILLIPS66 Phillips 66 (PSX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PINTEREST-CLASSA Pinterest Inc- Class A (PINS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PIONEERNATURALRESOURCES Pioneer Natural Resources Co (PXD.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PLUGPOWER Plug Power Inc (PLUG.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
PPGINDUSTRIES Ppg Industries Inc (PPG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PROCTER&GAMBLE Procter & Gamble Co (PG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PROGRESSIVE Progressive Corp (PGR.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PROLOGIS Prologis Inc (PLD.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PRUDENTIALFINANCIAL Prudential Financial Inc (PRU.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PUBLICSERVICEENTERPRISE Public Service Enterprise Group / PSEG (PEG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
PUBLICSTORAGE Public Storage (PSA.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
QUANTUMSCAPE Quantumscape Corp (QS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
RAYTHEONTECHNOLOGIES Raytheon Technologies (RTX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
REGIONSFINANCIAL Regions Financial Corp (RF.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
RINGCENTRAL RingCentral Inc (RNG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
RIOTBLOCKCHAIN Riot Blockchain Inc (RIOT.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ROCKWELLAUTOMATION Rockwell Automation Inc (ROK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ROKU Roku Inc (ROKU.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ROPERTECHNOLOGIES Roper Technologies Inc (ROP.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ROSSSTORES Ross Stores Inc (ROST.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ROYALCARIBBEANCRUISES Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
S&PGLOBAL S&P Global Inc (SPGI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SCHLUMBERGER Schlumberger Ltd (SLB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SCHWAB(CHARLES) Schwab (Charles) Corp (SCHW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SEMPRAENERGY Sempra Energy (SRE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SENSEONICHHLDG Senseonich Holdings Inc (SENS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SERVICENOW ServiceNow Inc (NOW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Sherwin-Williams Co (SHW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SHOPIFY Shopify Inc (SHOP.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SIGNETJEWELERS Signet Jewelers Ltd (SIG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SIMONPROPERTYGROUP Simon Property Group Inc (SPG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SIRIUSXMHLDG Sirius XM Holdings Inc (SIRI.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
SIXFLAGSENTERTAINMENT Six Flags Entertainment Corp (SIX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SKYWORKSSOLUTIONS Skyworks Solutions Inc (SWKS.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
SLACKTECHNOLOGIES Slack Technologies Inc (WORK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SNOWFLAKE Snowflake Inc (SNOW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SOCIEDADQUIMICAYMINERASA Sociedad Quimica y Minera SA (ADRs) (SQM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SONY Sony Corp - (ADRs) (SONY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SORRENTOTHERAPEUTICS Sorrento Therapeutics Inc (SRNE.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
SOUTHERN Southern Co (SO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SOUTHWESTAIRLINES Southwest Airlines Co (LUV.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SPIRITAIRLINES Spirit Airlines Inc (SAVE.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
SPLUNK Splunk Inc (SPLK.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
SQUARE-A Square Inc - A (SQ.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
STANLEYBLACK&DECKER Stanley Black & Decker Inc (SWK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
STATESTREET State Street Corp (STT.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
STRYKER Stryker Corp (SYK.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SYNCHRONYFINANCIAL Synchrony Financial (SYF.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
SYNOPSYS Synopsys Inc (SNPS.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
SYSCO Sysco Corp (SYY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TAIWANSEMICONDUCTORMAN TSMC / Taiwan Semiconductor Man Co (ADRs) (TSM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TALEDUCATIONGROUP (ADRS) Tal Education Group (ADRs) (TAL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TARGET Target Corp (TGT.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TATTOOEDCHEF Tattooed Chef Inc (TTCF.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
TECHNIPFMC Technipfmc Plc (FTI.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TENCENTMUSIC Tencent Music Entertainment (ADRs) (TME.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TEVAPHARMACEUTICAL Teva Pharmaceutical-Sp Adr (TEVA.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TEXASINSTRUMENTS Texas Instruments Inc (TXN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
THERMOFISHERSCIENTIFIC Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc (TMO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
THETRAVELERSCOMPANIES The Travelers Companies Inc (TRV.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TJXCOMPANIES TJX Companies Inc (TJX.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TRANSOCEAN Transocean LTD (RIG.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TRIPCOMGROUP Trip.Com Group Ltd (ADRs) (TCOM.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
TRUISTFINANCIAL Truist Financial Corp (TFC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TUPPERWAREBRANDS Tupperware Brands Corp (TUP.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TWILIO-A Twilio Inc - A (TWLO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
TWOINTERACTIVESOFTWARE Take-Two Interactive SoftwareInc (TTWO.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
TYSONFOODS-CLASSA Tyson Foods Inc-Class A (TSN.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ULTABEAUTY Ulta Beauty Inc (ULTA.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
UNIONPACIFIC Union Pacific Corp (UNP.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
UNITEDAIRLINESHLDG United Airlines Holdings Inc (UAL.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
UNITEDHEALTHGROUP UnitedHealth Group Inc (UNH.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
UNITEDMICROELECTRONICS United Microelectronics Corp (ADRs) (UMC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
UNITEDPARCELSERVICE United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
USBANCORP U.S. Bancorp (USB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
VALEROENERGY Valero Energy Corp (VLO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
VALESA-SPADR Vale Sa-Sp Adr (VALE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
VERTEXPHARMACEUTICALS Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc (VRTX.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
VF VF Corp (VFC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
VIATRIS Viatris Inc (VTRS.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
VIPSHOPHLDG Vipshop Holdings Ltd (ADRs) (VIPS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
VIRGINGALACTICHLDG Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc (SPCE.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
VIRTUFINANCIAL Virtu Financial Inc (VIRT.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
VMWARE-CLASSA VMware Inc - Class A (VMW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
VULCANMATERIALS Vulcan Materials Co (VMC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
WALGREENSBOOTSALLIANCE Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc (WBA.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
WASTEMANAGEMENT Waste Management Inc (WM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
WEIBOCORP-SPONADR Weibo Corp-Spon Adr (WB.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
WILLIAMSCOS Williams Cos Inc (WMB.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
WORKDAY-CLASSA Workday Inc - Class A (WDAY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
WORKHORSEGROUP Workhorse Group Inc (WKHS.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
WWGRAINGER WW Grainger Inc (GWW.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
WYNNRESORTS Wynn Resorts Ltd (WYNN.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
XCELENERGY Xcel Energy Inc (XEL.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
XILINX Xilinx Inc (XLNX.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
XPENG XPeng Inc (XPEV.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
YAMANAGOLD Yamana Gold Inc (AUY.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
YUM!BRANDS Yum! Brands Inc (YUM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
YUMCHINAHLDG Yum China Holdings Inc (YUMC.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ZEBRATECHNOLOGIESCORP Zebra Technologies Corp - Class A (ZBRA.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ZOETIS Zoetis Inc (ZTS.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ZOMEDICA Zomedica Corp (ZOM.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
ZOOMVIDEOCOMMUNICATIONS Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM.xnas) NASDAQ 20% YES
ZTOEXPRESSCAYMAN Zto Express Cayman Inc (ADRs) (ZTO.xnys) NYSE 20% YES
A2MILK a2 Milk Co Ltd (A2M.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AUSTRALIANFOUNDATION Australian Foundation Investment Co Ltd (AFI.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AGLENERGY AGL Energy Ltd (AGL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AMPOL Ampol Ltd (ALD.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ARISTOCRAT Aristocrat Leisure Ltd (ALL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ALS ALS Ltd (ALQ.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ALTIUM Altium Ltd (ALU.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ATLASARTERIA Atlas Arteria (ALX.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AMCOR Amcor Plc (CDIs) (AMC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AMP AMP Ltd (AMP.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ANSELL Ansell Ltd (ANN.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ANZ Australian & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
APAGROUP APA Group (APA.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AFTERPAY Afterpay Touch Group Ltd (APT.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
APPEN Appen Ltd (APX.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AUSNETSERVICES Ausnet Services (AST.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ASX ASX Ltd (ASX.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ALUMINA Alumina Ltd (AWC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
AURIZONHOLDINGS Aurizon Holdings Ltd (AZJ.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
BENDIGO Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (BEN.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
BHPGROUP BHP Group Ltd [ASX] (BHP.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
BORAL Boral Ltd (BLD.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
BANKOFQLD Bank of Queensland Ltd (BOQ.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
BEACHENERGY Beach Energy Ltd (BPT.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
BLUESCOPESTEEL BlueScope Steel Ltd (BSL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
BRAMBLES Brambles Ltd (BXB.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
CARSALES Ltd (CAR.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
COMMONWEALTHBANK Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
COCACOLAAMATIL Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd (CCL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
CHALLENGER Challenger Ltd (CGF.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
CHARTERHALL Charter Hall Group (CHC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
CIMIC CIMIC Group Ltd (CIM.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
COCHLEAR Cochlear Ltd (COH.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
COLES Coles Group Ltd (COL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
COMPUTERSHARE Computershare Ltd (CPU.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
CSL CSL Ltd (CSL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
CROWN Crown Resorts Ltd (CWN.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
CLEANAWAYWASTE Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd (CWY.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
DOMINOS Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd (DMP.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
DOWNEREDI Downer EDI Ltd (DOW.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
DETERRAROYALTIES Deterra Royalties Ltd (DRR.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
DEXUS Dexus (DXS.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
EVOLUTIONMINING Evolution Mining Ltd (EVN.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
FLIGHTCENTRE Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd (FLT.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
FORTESCUEMETALS Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
FISHERNPAYKELHEALTH Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp (FPH.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
GOODMAN Goodman Group (GMG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
GPTGROUP GPT Group (GPT.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
INSURANCEAUSTRALIA Insurance Australia Group Ltd (IAG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ILUKARESOURCES Iluka Resources Ltd (ILU.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
INCITECPIVOT Incitec Pivot Ltd (IPL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
JBHI-FI JB Hi-Fi Ltd (JBH.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
JAMESHARDIEIND James Hardie Industries Plc (CDIs) (JHX.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
LENDLEASE Lendlease Group (LLC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
LINKADMINISTRATION Link Administration Holdings (LNK.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
MAGELLANFINANCIAL Magellan Financial Group Ltd (MFG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
MIRVAC Mirvac Group (MGR.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
MEDIBANKPRIVATE Medibank Private Ltd (MPL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
MACQUARIE Macquarie Group Ltd (MQG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
NAB National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
NEWCRESTMINING Newcrest Mining Ltd (NCM.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
NINE Nine Entertainment Co Holdings Ltd (NEC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
NIB NIB Holdings Ltd (NHF.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
NORTHERNSTAR Northern Star Resources Ltd (NST.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
NEWSCORP News Corp - Class B (CDIs) (NWS.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
NEXTDC NEXTDC Ltd (NXT.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ORORA Orora Ltd (ORA.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ORIGINENERGY Origin Energy Ltd (ORG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ORICA Orica Ltd (ORI.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
OILSEARCH Oil Search Ltd (OSH.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
OZMINERALS OZ Minerals Ltd (OZL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
QANTAS Qantas Airways Ltd (QAN.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
QBEINSURANCE QBE Insurance Group Ltd (QBE.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
QUBEHOLDINGS Qube Holdings Ltd (QUB.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
REAGROUP REA Group Ltd (REA.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
RAMSAYHEALTHCARE Ramsay Health Care Ltd (RHC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
RIOTINTO Rio Tinto Ltd [ASX] (RIO.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
RESMED Resmed Inc (CDIs) (RMD.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
RELIANCEWORLDWIDE Reliance Worldwide Corp Ltd / RWC (RWC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SOUTH32 South32 Ltd (S32.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SCENTRE Scentre Group Ltd (SCG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SEEK Seek Ltd (SEK.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
STOCKLAND Stockland Corporation Ltd (SGP.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
STARENTERTAINMENT Star Entertainment Grp Ltd/T (SGR.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SONICHEALTHCARE Sonic Healthcare Ltd (SHL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SPARKINFRASTRUCTURE Spark Infrastructure Group (SKI.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SOULPATTINSON Washington H. Soul Pattinson / WHSP (SOL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SANTOS Santos Ltd (STO.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SUNCORP Suncorp Group Ltd (SUN.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
SYDNEYAIRPORT Sydney Airport Holdings Pty Ltd (SYD.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
TABCORP Tabcorp Holdings Ltd (TAH.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
TRANSURBAN Transurban Group (TCL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
TELSTRA Telstra Corp Ltd (TLS.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
TPGTELECOM TPG Telecom Ltd (TPG.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
TREASURYWINE Treasury Wine Estates Ltd (TWE.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
VICINITYCENTRES Vicinity Centres (VCX.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
WESTPAK Westpac Banking Corp (WBC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
WEBJET Webjet Limited (WEB.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
WESFARMERS Wesfarmers Ltd (WES.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
WORLEY Worley Ltd (WOR.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Group Ltd (WOW.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
WOODSIDEPETROLEUM Woodside Petroleum Ltd (WPL.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
WISETECH WiseTech Global Ltd (WTC.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
XERO Xero Ltd (XRO.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes
ZIPCO Zip Co Limited (Z1P.xasx) ASX* 20% Yes

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