Make Informed Trading Decisions with an Economic Calendar

Make Informed Trading Decisions with an Economic Calendar

Importance of Fundamental Analysis

The global financial markets are affected by changing geo-political dynamics and the release of country-specific economic indicators. These can include GDP rates, interest rate decisions, inflation rates or even press conferences held by central bank officials, discussing the future economic outlook of a country.

Traders need to be prepared for market moves by studying the general economic health of a country, reviewing past events and more, before the release of key economic data. This is how they make informed predictions regarding the impact of the releases on various financial instruments. The underlying philosophy of fundamental analysis is predicting market direction, based on the current financial climate.

As a trader, the economic calendar can be one of the most effective tools at your disposal. The calendar lists the scheduled news events or data releases related to the global economy. Country-specific economic data can be released monthly, quarterly or even on a day to day basis.

Whatever time zone you might be in, the FP Markets economic calendar is fully customisable, helping you keep track of economic releases relevant to your trading instrument. Select specific countries or currencies of your interest and apply filters to refine your view.

Stay Prepared for Market Volatility with the Forex Calendar

As a day trader, you need to be aware of the events marked in red on the economic calendar. These are the events that tend to cause significant volatility in the market. Even the days leading up to the actual announcements can be volatile, as the markets tend to weigh in predictions related to upcoming events, making traders move towards a certain side of the trade.

Many traders cancel pending orders, causing a drop in market liquidity. Due to fewer orders, prices may move to highs and lows, before moving in a particular direction.

An example of this is the release of the US Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) Report, on the first Friday of each month, by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. The report provides data on the number of employees across various US industries, excluding agriculture, government and non-profit sectors, reflecting 80% of the US workforce.

A higher unemployment rate is generally not seen as a good sign, and causes the markets to decline, including the value of the US Dollar. At the same time, it affects many other parametres, such as consumer consumption figures, inflation and stock performance.

Traders anticipate the announcements and attempt to predict and plan trades accordingly. If the actual figures released are better than the predictions, it’s a signal that the markets might rise in response.








Trade Global News with the FP Markets Economic Calendar

The FP Market Economic Calendar is a customisable tool to track the global markets, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  • Timing: All the data is listed in chronological order, segregated into weeks and listed according to the scheduled time of the economic release. Go to “Current time” and choose your time zone.
  • Currency: A flag icon shows the country of a specific release, with the domestic currency visible next to it. This tells you which currencies are likely to be most affected by the news release.
  • Event: Big news events can cause significant price swings. These are marked in red boxes, indicating high volatility events. Yellow boxes mark events that could cause mild fluctuations, while white boxes denote low volatility events. Click on the specific event to know more about the report and why it is important. You can also take a look at the graphs of the data released over a period of 5-6 years.
  • Actual/Forecast/Previous: The “Previous” column contains data published in the last release, the frequency of which can vary from quarterly to daily. For every figure, we add a “Forecast,” based on the general market sentiment and expert opinion, so that you can remain alert regarding potential risks. On the release of the “Actual” data, it is immediately published on the right hand side of the forecast data.




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