Leverage - How does it work?

Leverage is one of the key components behind trading Forex. It is expressed as a ratio and works directly in hand with the margin which is set by FP Markets. FP Markets’ standard leverage on accounts is 100:1 and therefore if you opt to have greater leverage e.g. 200:1 the margin required to open and hold a Margin FX contract drops (in this case by half). For this reason margin based trading can be an attractive tool for clients to gain greater exposure to the Forex market. Of course in additional to greater profit potential, you will also face the risk of losing more so it is important to assess your personal risk appetite.

At FP Markets we have specific leverage bands in place to assist in determining the leverage a client is allowed on their trading account. The below table is there to guide you on

See an example of how Leverage works

FP Markets MT4 Leverage Conditions

       Minimum Deposit
     Maximum Equity Balance
500 : 1 $500 $10,000
400 : 1 $500 $25,000
300 : 1 $500 $50,000
200 : 1 $500 $100,000
100 : 1 $200 $100,000+
50 : 1 $200 $100,000+
25 : 1 $200 $100,000+
1 : 1 $200 $100,000+

How to check your leverage in MT4

To check what leverage you are currently permitted simply go the navigator and click on ‘Accounts’ and then hover over your account number. You should then see the image below which shows your leverage and base currency.

MT4 Maximum Leverage by Product

Maximum Leverage
FX 1:500
Precious Metal 1:500
Index (excluding China50) 1:100
Oil 1:100
China50 1:50
Bitcoin 1:10