Indices CFDs

Get exposure to major stock indices by trading FP Markets Index CFDs. With competitive leverage, FP Markets Index CFD margins start at 1% (SPI 200 Futures start at $25 AUD per point. AUS200 cash indexes are $1 AUD per point and are available on our MT4 platform) and are an affordable risk management tool for your portfolio. FP Market Index CFDs reflect the underlying index futures contracts – trade the price movement of the real futures contract and select the contract expiry you want using live exchange data Stay on top of overseas stock index movements with access to Nasdaq, S&P 500, EUREX indices and more.

Indices List

DMA Indices
 Available Indices
NASDAQ 100 E-Mini DAX Index
Nikkei 225 (CME) EURO Stoxx 50
S&P 500 E-Mini Mini SPI 200
DJIA E-Mini (CBOT) SPI 200


CFD Indices
 Available Indices
DJ30 CAC40
US500 IBEX35
NAS100 JP225
UK100 HK50