Galapagos NV (GLPG.xams)

Galapagos NV (GLPG.xams)

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Galapagos NV (GLPG.xams) Profile

Galápagos NV (GLPG.xams) is a Belgian biotechnology and pharmaceutical research company headquartered in Mechelen, Belgium. Galápagos NV, known as Galapagos Genomics, engages in small molecule therapeutics focusing on discovering, developing, and commercialising innovative modes of action and drugs. Galapagos has a workforce of more than 1,400 professionals and facilities in cities around Europe and the United States, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The leading biopharmaceutical company focuses on transformative research and development, introducing human gene sequences into a wide spectrum of human cell lines to alter by one-for-one substitution with transgene proteins or to add gene sequences that are not found within the loci of interest, using a technological platform based on adenoviruses and knockin-knockout method. Galápagos NV stock (GLPG.xams) is listed on the Euronext, on the Nasdaq, is traded as a BEL 20 (benchmark stock market index Euronext Brussels) and Amsterdam Exchange Index (AEX) constituent. Galapagos Genomics has a €3.06B (EUR) market cap as of November 2021 and €530.3M (EUR) in 2020 yearly group revenue. In December 2020, Gilead and Galapagos announced the commercialisation and development agreement for their Filgotinib drug. On August 30, Galápagos NV announced the planned retirement of its CEO Onno van de Stolpe who holds the position since 1999.

Galapagos NV (GLPG.xams): Trade a Contract for Difference (CFD) on GLPG.xams and speculate on the share price difference of the underlying asset. CFD is a financial contract that allows you to trade on the underlying asset value (share price) without the need to purchase the actual stock. Investors are trading the difference in the value of security between the opening and closing of the trade. You can either hold a long position (Buy) or a short position (Sell). CFDs are considered short-term investments or trades, as CFDs tend to be used within shorter timeframes.

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While shares represent units of ownership within a company Contracts for Difference (CFDs) allow traders to speculate on the future share price fluctuations of an underlying asset. Thus when trading CFDs traders do not physically own the underlying asset. CFDs are available for a range of underlying assets, such as acciones, commodities, y foreign exchange, y índices.

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