Forex Trading
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Forex Trading
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials

The Benefits of Trading with FP Markets

Beginner - Course 1

Introduction to CFDs

Delivered by way of over-the-counter leveraged trading products that mirror the price of underlying markets, CFDs, or contract for differences, represent a contract between buyers and sellers to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price.

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis continues to gain in popularity, employed as an effective tool to help navigate the financial markets and identify potential trading opportunities.

What is Fundamental Analysis in the Forex Market?

Fundamental analysis centers its focus on the economic landscape to determine possible trends. When traders and investors adopt a fundamental approach, they are examining a country’s economic situation and possible consequences on its currency.

Key US Macroeconomic Indicators that Affect the Forex Market

Among the most influential macroeconomic indicators, that often cause fluctuations in the FX market, are: Gross Domestic Product, or commonly referred to as GDP, Employment—think US non-farm payrolls, Consumer prices, namely Inflation.

The Foreign Exchange Market: Understand its Basic Framework

The foreign exchange market—often referred to as Forex or FX—is a mammoth market, trading almost $6.6 trillion per day. FX is a global marketplace, serving as a platform to facilitate currency transactions, i.e., the buying and selling of currencies. If you want to learn more, click above!

Beginner - Course 2

Currency Pairs: Learn How Currencies Function in Forex

The FX market operates by way of currency pairs. To make it more simple, think of it as comparing the value of one currency against that of another, in the form of a quotation.

Basic Chart Types

What is a chart? What are the most common chart types? How are they different? Did you know that all financial markets generate data? Click to understand the Different Ways Data are displayed.

What is a Pip in the Forex Market?

A pip, or percentage in point, represents a currency pair’s unit of change, equal to 1/100th of 1%. It represents the smallest price movement any exchange rate can make.

What are Lots in Forex?

A Lot in the Forex Μarket essentially measures trade size. The Forex Μarket operates by way of currency pairs, and is traded in what is known as ‘Lots’. This is different from where you may purchase 100 shares or 1000 shares of a company.

Order Types - Understand How to Enter and Exit the Market with Confidence

One of the simplest order types is a market order, an instruction to buy or sell immediately at the next available price levels. It is crucial to understand the types of orders in the market! Click tο learn how you can enter or exit the market with confidence!

Beginner - Course 3

What are Bid and Ask Price Levels?

The bid price refers to the highest price a buyer will pay for a security. The ask price refers to the lowest price a seller will accept for security. Live bid and ask prices are available for currency pairs, as well as CFDs on commodities, shares, indices and cryptocurrencies.

Forex Spread: What Does Spread Mean in Trading?

A spread in the Forex market shows the difference between two prices, namely the bid and ask price levels. This is an important concept for traders to understand, as they are the primary cost of trading currencies.

What is Slippage?

Slippage is the difference between a trade's expected price and the actual price at which the trade is executed and can occur for a number of reasons. Click on the video to learn more!

What is Margin and Leverage? (Part 1)

Margin and Leverage are closely related topics. Margin is the amount of money required to open a position, while Leverage is the multiple of exposure to account equity.

What is Margin and Leverage? (Part 2)

In forex trading, leverage is related to the forex margin rate which tells a trader what percentage of the total trade value is required to enter the trade. Click to learn more about the role of Margin and Leverage.

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