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Retirer des fonds

Retirer des fonds

Retraits rapides et faciles

Il est rapide et facile de retirer des fonds de votre compte de trading FP Markets via notre
portail client sécurisé. Les fonds peuvent être retirés en utilisant un large éventail de méthodes de financement,
notamment les cartes de crédit, les cartes de débit, les portefeuilles de paiement tels que Neteller et Skrill, les services bancaires en ligne
et les virements bancaires :

Gateways Withdrawal Withdrawals Fees Temps de retrait

Carte de crédit / débit


Pas de frais 1 jour ouvrable

Virement bancaire domestique


Pas de frais 1 jour ouvrable
une fois tous les bons documents sont reçus

Virement bancaire international

(autre que AUD)

10 AUD 1 jour ouvrable
une fois tous les bons documents sont reçus


2 % max. 30 USD
par transaction de 45 000 USD
1 jour ouvrable


1 % + frais de pays (si applicable) 1 jour ouvrable


0.50% 1 jour ouvrable

Paytrust88 (Local Bank Transfer)


1.5% 1 jour ouvrable


1,000 VND + 1 % 1 jour ouvrable


Pas de frais MT4/5
Pas de frais IRESS
1 jour ouvrable

中国网银 (RMB人民币)

18 USD 1 jour ouvrable

Retirer des fonds
From Your Account

Simply log into
the Secure Client Portal


Please note, the withdrawal amount will need to be the same amount as your deposit and via the same withdrawal method. Once deposits have been withdrawn, you can use an alternative method to withdraw profits.

e.g. 1 If your initial deposit is X and was made by card deposit. The card withdrawal must be made to the same credit/debit card.

e.g. 2 If your initial deposit was made via bank wire, it would need to be returned to the same bank account and so on.

If you have used several deposit methods, you will need to withdraw the same amount you deposited back to each one, starting with any card deposits. Once card deposits have been withdrawn back to the same credit/debit card, you will make the remaining withdrawals in the order that the initial deposits were made. You can then choose any of the previously used funding methods to withdraw profits, subject to the approval of the accounts team.

Withdrawal Fees

FP Markets does not any additional internal fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, please note payments to and from overseas banking institutions may attract intermediary transfer fees from either party which are independent of FP Markets. FP Markets accepts no responsibility for any bank fee and any such fees will be the responsibility of the client. Please refer to the table above for more information on our withdrawal methods.

Assistance with Withdrawals

Funding issues may arise due to bank or country restrictions and clients should contact us if they experience any funding difficulties. Please contact us via chat en direct or email.

For more information on withdrawals and any further general advice, please visit our FAQs section here.

How do I withdraw money to my bank account?

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