A Beginner’s Guide to Coin Collecting

A Beginner's Guide to Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is a hobby that attracts all different kinds of people. If you're interested in history, artistry, and the thrill of the hunt that comes with collecting, coins are a great item to focus on. Coin collecting is affordable, educational, and exciting. Getting started is easy, especially when you consider that you probably have a handful of change on your nightstand or a jar of spare coins around the house. If you've ever been given a commemorative coin or saved money from a special anniversary, then you've already started your collection.

Start Simple and Small

After looking through coins you already own, continue to think small and simple as you start your coin collecting adventure. Decide what kind of coins you're aiming to collect. Is there a certain country, mint, or time period you're interested in? This can be a great place to start. Some coins become really expensive, since they can be made from gold and silver, so make sure you're knowledgeable and confident about what kind of coins you want before you make any big purchases. Pennies can be a great starting point for a collection. Old, valuable pennies are still in circulation and might be hiding in your wallet right now.

Find What You Like

Decide what coins to collect by letting what you like guide you. If you love a particular design, if you're fascinated by the history behind a certain coin, or if you want to follow a theme like flowers, buildings, or birds, these are great starting points. If you like the look of these coins and want to stay within a low budget, collecting Indian Head pennies or the 50 state-themed quarters is a perfect option for beginners. Avoid collecting coins with the goal of making some fast cash: This mindset can lead you to deal with untrustworthy coin dealers.

Storage and Handling

Coins have delicate surfaces that can get easily scratched, worn, and damaged. The closer a coin is to mint condition (looking fresh, shiny, and new, like it was just minted), the more valuable that coin is. New collectors should make sure that they have some coin folders and collector albums for proper storage and handle their coins properly. Wear cotton or latex gloves when handling coins, and always hold coins by the edges like the professionals do. You may think it's a good idea to clean a coin, but this actually makes dealers consider a coin to be damaged. Cleaning a worn coin will decrease its value, so handle it with care and show off the coin as is.

Building a Collection Over Time

Take your time building your collection. Making impulsive decisions can lead to disappointment and purchases you regret later. Rushing can lead to mistakes and leave you vulnerable to scammers. Growing a collection over time is ultimately more meaningful and more personal and might develop into a hobby that lasts a lifetime.

Buy the Book or Magazine and Do Research

A common piece of advice among coin collectors is to "buy the book before you buy the coin." There are many reliable guides on coins and their values in books and magazines. The "red book," A Guide Book of United States Coins, is a popular choice that can help collectors make informed choices in buying super-valuable coins in great condition. Explore all of the information in this book. It has much more to offer than the price guides alone! Magazines and websites like Numismatic News and Coin World can also be good sources of education for coin collectors.

Visiting a Coin Show or Shop

Coin collectors can definitely find a lot of excellent coins for sale online, but this takes away the chance to hold a coin and inspect it yourself. Visiting a coin show or a coin shop can connect you with other collectors. Build friendships while making some great finds at a coin show, and find a trusted dealer at local coin shops. It's so much safer to make a big purchase from a coin dealer you're familiar with and trust. Coin collecting clubs are also great places to connect with some fantastic resources. Coin collecting is fun, but working with others who share your passion makes the experience even more exciting.

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