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What is DMA CFD Pricing?

DMA is an execution model in which the client receives a genuine exchange price feed from the underlying market in which they are trading be it from the order books of an exchange or a liquidity provider. Not only do clients receive live market prices, full market depth and direct access to the exchange order book (via FP Markets IRESS DMA platform) but 100% of client orders on DMA products are hedged in the underlying market. Not only does the DMA model result in an order flowing onto the underlying market, it also provides access to leverage, short selling and competitive commissions. DMA pricing is available exclusively through our IRESS trading platform on exchange traded products. This makes DMA CFDs with FP Markets, a powerful trading tool.

Benefits of
DMA CFD Trading

  • Transparency

    With an independent exchange price feed you can see every bid and every offer for the security you are trading. The ability to analyse bid and offer volumes and live order flow provides you with a crucial edge over other CFD traders.

  • Become a price maker, not a price taker

    By passing 100% of DMA orders into the live market, FP Markets allows you to have an effect on the demand and supply of the product you are trading. You will be applying upward pressure when you are buying and downward pressure when selling. You can add liquidity as a seller or take liquidity as a buyer.

  • Increased trading opportunities

    FP Markets offers long-side trading on almost all securities on the exchanges we cover and the widest variety of shorts available to suit all types of trading strategies.

  • Increased liquidity

    A DMA model allows the trader to access identical market liquidity to the underlying market. You can also trade in both the opening and closing auction phases, where a significant portion of daily volume can be traded.

  • Execution speed

    DMA trading means less intervention between you and the underlying market and therefore no price re-quotes. We believe prioritizing transparency and execution speed ultimately benefits traders.

  • Align your interest with your broker

    When trading DMA products your order is matched in the underlying market. This means your broker does not profit from your losses and interests are aligned.

  • DMA & Algorithmic Trading

    DMA trading platforms can be used with algorithmic trading strategies. Algorithmic trading speeds up the trading proces allowing traders to take advantage of best prices order execution which may not have been possible to notice manually.

  • Direct Market Access Trading Platform

    Trade Direct Market Access (DMA) Share CFDs via our powerful Iress DMA Trading Platform. Access over 10,000 Share CFDs on Global Exchanges and financial markets across 4 continents

What Can You
Trade on Iress?


Kontrakty CFD na akcje

Ponad 10.000 akcjina globalnych giełdach

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Kontrakty futures CFD

7 na globalnychna świecie

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10 do handlu na światowych giełdach

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Złoto, ropa naftowa srebro

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34 par walutowych

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Benefits of
DMA CFD Trading

Ilość kontraktów CFD na akcje DMA na giełdzie

ASX 2829
AXW 102
NYSE 1524
ARC 198
LSE 972
HKE 1418
SGX 438
IDK 23


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