Forex Trading
Video Tutorials

Forex Trading
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials

The Benefits of Trading with FP Markets

Beginner - Course 1

Introduction to CFDs

What is Technical Analysis?

What is Fundamental Analysis in the Forex Market?

Key US Macroeconomic Indicators that Affect the Forex Market

The Foreign Exchange Market: Understand its Basic Framework

Beginner - Course 2

Currency Pairs: Learn How Currencies Function in Forex

Basic Chart Types

What is a Pip in the Forex Market?

What are Lots in Forex?

Order Types - Understand How to Enter and Exit the Market with Confidence

Beginner - Course 3

What are Bid and Ask Price Levels?

Forex Spread: What Does Spread Mean in Trading?

What is Slippage?

What is Margin and Leverage? (Part 1)

What is Margin and Leverage? (Part 2)

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