How to Stay Informed About Stock Market News

How to Stay Informed About Stock Market News

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For any trader who's had their ear (or eye) so close to the stock market that they start seeing candlestick charts every time they blink, you know one thing: information is your daily bread.

But how do you stay ahead, or at the very least, keep up with the endless waves of constant news? 

Buckle up because we’ll dive into the survival guide for staying informed about stock market news.

Embrace the Digital Era

Dedicated financial news platforms like Bloomberg, Reuters, Financial Times, CNN and the Wall Street Journal are goldmines of timely, reliable information. Alongside these giants, the FP Markets Research Team is a leading source of information, representing a sophisticated blend of technical and fundamental analysis. Financial analysts are the soothsayers of stock market news. With their fingers on the pulse and their eyes on the horizon, they can offer invaluable insights.

These renowned news sources work diligently to cover market-moving events and earnings reports, offering analysis that can significantly influence investment decisions in financial markets.

Economic Indicators

Unemployment rates, inflation, and growth indicators can help signal market trends. Stay informed by understanding what these figures are whispering about the economic winds. Remember, it's not fortune-telling if it’s based on facts!

  • Unemployment Rates: Rising unemployment suggests decreased consumer spending power, potentially leading to slower economic growth. Companies may report lower profits, impacting stock prices. It’s essential, however, to consider this in light of current events. A temporary spike might not spell doom but rather indicate a hiccup in economic activities.
  • Inflation Indicators: Moderate inflation indicates a healthy economy, potentially increasing stock prices. However, high inflation could erode purchasing power and corporate profit margins, often causing stock prices to slump. Monitoring measures like the Consumer Price Index (CPI) will help you anticipate these market shifts. Think of the CPI as the mood ring of the economy. It measures the average change over time in the prices consumers pay for a market basket of consumer goods and services. An upward trend suggests inflation and could signal a tightening of monetary policy (higher interest rates) to keep the economy from overheating. This situation often leads to lower stock prices as borrowing becomes more expensive, potentially slowing economic growth.
  • Growth Indicators: Think of these as the heartbeat of the economy. Strong growth indicators indicate positive stock market sentiment. Try to keep an eye on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates, industrial production and other such metrics to gauge the overall vitality of the economy and strategise accordingly.

Social Media and Financial Forums

Social media channels and online trading communities are becoming increasingly influential in the stock markets. Platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter), investment forums, and even Reddit have driven stock market trends, as seen in events like the GameStop surge. While the information on these platforms should be approached cautiously, they can provide real-time insights and trader sentiment that are not immediately available in traditional media.

Podcasts and Webinars

Podcasts and webinars are your digital buddies who share information on market trends and the economic ebbs and flows. They can turn a tedious commute into a productive lesson on finance. 

But choose your storytellers wisely – look for reputable hosts and check their guest lists to ensure you’re not just getting a good story but the actual story.

  1. Webinars by FP Markets: FP Markets offers insightful webinars on diverse financial topics guided by seasoned industry experts. Whether you're a novice trader seeking foundational knowledge or an experienced trader looking for advanced insights, these webinars cater to all levels of expertise.
  2. The Pomp Podcast by Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano: Pomp delves deep into the worlds of finance, cryptocurrencies and more, with guests from diverse financial backgrounds. His intelligent questions and the clarity of discussions make it a favourite among many.
  3. Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz: This Bloomberg podcast showcases interviews with some of the most influential figures in the finance world. Barry’s experience in the financial sector adds depth and nuance to his conversations.
  4. Invest Like the Best by Patrick O'Shaughnessy: If investing strategies and stories from the most successful investors pique your interest, this podcast should be on your list. Patrick’s insightful questions bring out the best in his guests.
  5. The Indicator from Planet Money: This NPR podcast offers quick bites on work, business, and the economy. Each episode, typically no longer than 10 minutes, brings insights and stories that help make sense of today's economic indicators.
  6. Chat With Traders by Aaron Fifield: Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of successful traders? Aaron sits down with them, unravelling their stories, strategies, and insights.

Set Up Alerts

Most trading platforms and news outlets allow you to set up alerts on specific stocks, sectors, or economic events. These sentries stand guard around the clock, ready to notify you of potential market movements.


The financial world thrives on networking. Connecting with other traders through LinkedIn, joining local or online investment clubs, or attending financial conferences can provide insider information – the legal kind, of course. It can offer unique insights you won’t find in papers or online articles.

Keep a Diary (Yes, Seriously)

A journal of market trends, trades, and economic events helps you track patterns. Think of it as your history book for personal finance, which you write yourself. 

You’d be surprised what trends you might discover with a bit of introspection. After all, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, especially in the stock market!

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