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交易大宗商品 CFD(「差價合約」)是多元化您的投資組合和對沖風險的絕佳方式。FP Markets 在澳洲的大宗商品交易市場為自己開闢了一席之地,可為您提供最佳的交易體驗。

Choosing from an extensive portfolio of financial products, while benefiting from the latest real-time technology and available commodity prices. When you choose to trade commodity CFDs, you get access to commodity prices worldwide with high execution speeds, low slippage, deep liquidity and tight spreads.

Trade in CFDs on a wide range of universal commodities, including gold (XAU), silver (XAG) and oil (CL, WTI) with a regulated broker provider giving you access to different asset classes,sophisticated risk management and trading tools.

大宗商品交易 的優勢有哪些?

  • 杠杆高達 30:1

  • 交易範圍廣泛的大宗商品,例如能源、金屬和農產品。

  • Enter and exit trades whenever you want to 24/5

  • Trade in any direction you think the markets will go. Sell and go short or buy to go long, maximizing trading opportunities and minimizing risks.

  • 無價格操縱、無重複報價

  • Hedge Risks - Hedge your investment risks with high-value assets, like gold (XAU), silver (XAG), and Oil (WTI / CL)

  • 從無損執行的低保證金、低成本交易中獲利

The Top Ten
to Trade

大宗商品本質上是製造其他商品的原材料; 全球經濟的基石。因此,它們通常是一種極好的投資工具。大宗商品分為兩大類:硬商品和軟品。




  • 原油

  • 黃金

  • 白銀

  • 鉑金和鈀金

  • 賤金屬:銅、鐵、鋼、鋁

  • 咖啡

  • 天然氣

  • 大豆

  • 玉米

  • 小麥

什麼是好的 交易商品?




MetaTrader 4。全球最受歡迎的交易平臺。

點差低至 0.0 起,杠杆高達 30:1



真實帳戶上提供即時價格流,試用帳戶上提供 128 位加密,以供安全交易

智慧交易系統 (EA)


與 iOS、Android 與 Mac 設備相容

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24/5 市場領先的點差,
低至 0.0 點起


執行無需 40 毫秒



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成立於 2005 年

逾 15 年的


Commodities trading represents the buying and selling of quantity sets of homogeneous and near-homogeneous assets. Popular commodities include the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Brent Crude Oil (XTI), Gold (XAU) and other precious metals, and soft commodities such as Wheat, Coffee, Cocoa, Soya etc. Price movements in commodities are relatively slow and are usually seen as bellwethers and market indicators for the overall health of the industry that produces and consumes them.

Commodity prices can be impacted by various factors, including adverse weather and seasonal availability, natural disasters, severe climate changes and other non-market factors generally found in other financial instruments. Typically, trading in commodities can be either speculative or for hedging purposes. Traders can trade commodity markets to express their outlook on certain industries, or to hedge their trading portfolio by taking an opposite position in a commodity to offset potential losses Hedging as a risk management strategy has its purpose to minimize potential losses but could also result in reducted returns.

Through careful analysis, CFD traders speculate on the direction of commodities prices and attempt to capture potential profits based on price fluctuations and volatility. The market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, from 5pm EST on Sunday to 4 p.m. EST on Friday.

Example of Leveraged

假設您想要交易 CFD,標的資產為大宗商品 XTIUSD,也就是原油。讓我們假設,XTIUSD 的交易條件是:

您決定買入 2,000 桶 XTIUSD,因為您認為 XTIUSD 的價格將在未來上漲。您的保證金率是 10%。這意味著您需要在您的保證金帳戶存入 10% 的總頭寸值。

現在,在接下來的一個小時內,如果價格移動到 83/83.10,那麼您就有了贏利的交易。您可以以當前價格 83 美元賣出平倉。

在這種情況下,原油價格對您有利。但是,如果價格反而下跌,與您的預測相反,您可能會蒙受損失。如果該損失使您的自由資產減少到負數,您的經紀商將發出追加保證金通知,並且如果資產跌至 16400 的 50%,將關閉您的所有交易。

上升 1% 82/82.92 USD 1640 10%
下跌 1% 81.18/81.20 -USD 1640 -10%

差價合約商品 (MT4/MT5)

符號 產品   標準賬戶
    最低值 平均值
WTIWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil vs US Dollar Future0.040.04
XBRUSDBrent Crude Oil vs US Dollar Cash0.030.05
XNGUSDNatural Gas vs US Dollar Cash0.0240.03
XPDUSDPalladium vs US Dollar Cash15.922.94
XPTUSDPlatinum vs US Dollar Cash5.156.67
XTIUSDWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil vs US Dollar Cash0.020.04

大宗商品 (MT4/MT5)

符號 產品   標準賬戶
    最低值 平均值
COCOACocoa vs US Dollar Cash0.632.48
COFFEEUS Coffee vs US Dollar Future2.252.33
CORNCorn vs US Dollar Cash1.672.09
SOYBEANSSoybeans vs US Dollar Cash1.382.12
WHEATWheat vs US Dollar Cash1.392.12

Introduction to Commodities Markets

Learn more about major commodity markets

Gold Markets


If you want to trade gold, there are several options open to you. You can directly invest in physical gold by purchasing gold bullion from bullion dealers or through gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold the commodity. Alternatively, you can trade gold through ETFs that track the movements of the commodity or purchase gold CFDs (contracts for difference) which track the asset’s underlying price. The latter is one of the most popular ways of trading gold and it’s quite easy to see why when you know how trading gold CFDs works.

Wheat Markets

Wheat is one of the most important food components and is cultivated globally. This grain has always piqued investors’ interests because it allows them to participate in the agricultural markets by trading wheat CFDs without holding actual tons of it. Wheat commodity trading can take place on several exchanges but there are two main that are listed in wheat futures: Chicago Board of Trade and NYSE Euronext. Wheat futures prices are quoted in USD and cents (USD) per bushel.

The countries producing the biggest quantity of wheat are the European Union with 152,000 thousand metric tons annually, China with 133,600 and India with 106,210. These three countries are amongst the largest producers of wheat worldwide. The countries with the highest consumption of wheat are China with 131,000 thousand tons, India with 96,725 and Australia using the wheat for feeding their masses of livestock.

Coffee Markets

Coffee has become one οf the world’s most profitable commodities. By the 18th century, its cοnsumptiοn and popularity increased significantly in the US during the Civil war. Arabica and Robusta are two different coffee varieties. Arabica is considered a more flavourful bean, with less caffeine and is premium attracting a higher market price. Robusta contains more caffeine and has a bitter taste. Trend followers like to trade Robusta due to its volatility, and traders who prefer more stability choose Arabica.

The price of coffee can be affected by factors such as changing weather conditions, distribution costs, geopolitics, global health issues and the strength of the US dollar. Also, the price of coffee is moved by factors that relate to supply and demand. Major coffee chains in China increased the price of beverages amid rising costs and inflation. Luckin Coffee, Starbucks and Tim Hortons raised prices by between 1 yuan ($0.16) and 3 yuan ($0.47) according to mobile apps and online menus. Starbucks operates more than 5,500 stores in China and after its first-quarter reporting in February 2022, cautioned that rising inflation and staff shortages continued to present a challenging trading environment globally.

Oil Markets

Crude oil is a liquid in the Earth, and it is made of hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and tiny amounts of metal. There are many types of crude produced around the world, and the quality of each is reflected in the value. One of its quality characteristics is the sulfur content, which can be defined as sweet or sour, and density ranges from heavy to light. If crudes are light and sweet, there are more expensive as opposed to energy products such as diesel and gasoline. There is a high demand for these grades since they can be processed with refineries requiring less energy.

Many types of crude oil differ in their consistency and density, depending on how and where it is extracted. There are over 160 types of crude oil traded on the market, but Brent Crude and WTI serve the most as the oil benchmarks in the global markets. The WTI oil is taken from Wells in the United States and sent to Oklahoma by pipeline. It is mostly referred to as US crude, and it has expensive shipping costs when there is demand around the world. The WTI oil is very sweet and light, making it ideal for gasoline refining. WTI is a higher quality crude than Brent, and it is always priced at a premium.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a cartel of 14 major oil-producing nations seeking to manage the supply of the commodity to control its prices. When there is a meeting on whether to boost or cut production, it can impact current and future prices directly, and oil watchers globally closely follow the announcements. Another important factor affecting the prices is the major crude reports from the US inventory number as higher inventories will mean less demand from the international markets and will pressure the prices lower. Political factors or wars in oil-producing nations are a major issue in the oil markets and natural disasters such as hurricanes that affect major oil infrastructures.




硬商品: 指的是被開採或提取的自然資源

軟商品: 農產品或牲畜


金屬: 包括諸如金、銀、鉑、鈀和銅等貴金屬

能源: 原油和天然氣是交易的主要能源產品。取暖用油、汽油和電力也在其中

農業: 農業上的大宗商品主要以主要作物和動物為主。小麥、水稻、玉米、大豆和咖啡是最常見的作物。動物的分類包括家畜和肉類,例如活牛、豬肉和雞蛋。

家畜和肉類: 雞蛋、豬肉、牛等等

交易最多的 大宗商品是什麼?

交易最多的大宗商品是建立了買賣雙方市場的商品。這代表的是高流動性和低交易成本 - 也就是交易大宗商品 CFD 時的兩大主要吸引人之處。

黃金: 在貴金屬中,黃金繼續是領跑的金屬。在整個歷史過程中,黃金也一直都是有價值的商品。金本位制運行了將近一個世紀,各央行也繼續持有黃金儲備。它可以很容易地轉換為現金,並經常作為對沖 交易策略的一部分,因為它經常與美元 (USD) 進行反向交易.

其他金屬: 銀、鉑、鈀也屬於交易最多的一些大宗商品。因為它們被視為是像安全的避風港一樣的投資,就有了多種多樣使用貴金屬的交易策略。

原油: 石油的廣泛使用讓它成為了需求量最大的商品之一。汽油和柴油是精煉石油的示例,這突出了它在所有交通方式中的重要性。石油作為能源的價值就是人們密切關注油價的原因。

閱讀我們的綜合清單 最值得交易的大宗商品之一.



這是大宗商品期貨交易出現的原因之一。透過指數股票型基金 (ETF),您就可以簽署協定,在指定日期前,按照議定的價格買入或賣出標的 ETF 的股票。許多大型公司都使用期貨市場對沖市場波動。

FP Markets 提供大宗商品的 CFD 交易,讓您在不擁有標的資產的情況下,可以簽訂一份和期貨合約不同的,沒有特定結束日期的合約。 交易黃金 CFD 允許您使用您的保證金交易賬戶對沖高風險市場條件。 同樣,黃金也與主要貨幣進行交易 外匯交易.

Trading - 常見問題

  • 紐約期貨交易所 (NYBOT)

  • 芝加哥商品交易所 (CME)

  • 紐約商品交易所 (NYMEX)

  • 洲際交易所 (ICE)

  • CBOT - 芝加哥期貨交易所 (CBOT)


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