Trading Course for
Beginners: Course 2

Trading Course for
Beginners: Course 2

Course 2: Learn Forex Trading


In Course 2, we will introduce you to the trading world. We will explain you what are CFDs and also the Forex Framework. You will learn how currencies function in forex and you will be able to understand what is Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

Course Nr

Course 2


40 min




› Short, easy-to-digest lessons

› Practical, interactive exercises

› Engaging videos and graphics

› Free demo account for practising your new skills

Course 2 Lessons

Lesson 1:

What is a Pip in the Forex Market?

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Lesson 2:

What are Bid and Ask Price Levels?

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Lesson 3:

Forex Spread: What Does Spread Mean in Trading?

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Lesson 4:

What is Slippage?

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Lesson 5:

What are Lots in Forex?

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Lesson 6:

What is Margin and Leverage? (Beginners)

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Lesson 7:

What are Swaps in the Forex Market

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Lesson 8:

Order Types—Understand How to Enter and Exit the Market with Confidence

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