Day Trading

Day Trading
Discover the Markets for Day Trading Globally with FP Markets

What is Day Trading?

One of the more popular strategies, day trading involves the buying and selling of financial assets within a single trading day. Traders can choose to buy or sell multiple assets within a single trading session with the aim to capture profits via small price movements.

To be a successful day trader, you need to make quick but informed decisions, with excellent technical support to execute multiple trades in a day. One of the primary requirements is a robust trading platform.

FP Markets offers a wide range of trading tools for complete flexibility, visibility, and ultra-low latency execution. Our MT4, MT5, and IRESS Trader platforms come with efficient risk management tools to help you tackle market volatility.

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How Day Trading Works

Market volatility is what enables traders to earn in the financial markets. It is these frequent price fluctuations that provide opportunities to day traders. These rapid price movements are enhanced by the release of macroeconomic data, breaking news, good or bad company earnings reports or general market sentiment. Liquidity also plays an important part in the successful execution of trades. For example, some currency pairs, like the EUR/USD and GBP/USD, tend to be highly liquid, which means there are multiple sellers and buyers in the market, at the same time.

Traders may go long on an asset, when the markets are rising, and go short when prices fall. The aim is to find numerous entry and exit positions, or even one highly suitable entry and exit point. Whatever the strategy, it has to be executed within a single day.

Being in touch with the latest market news is extremely important for day trading strategies. That is why FP Markets offers a range of educational material and resources:



How to Start Day Trading with FP Markets


Things to Keep in Mind While Day Trading

Sufficient Capital

Sufficient risk capital ensures stability to your account even when trades go wrong while keeping emotions out of trading. It helps you leverage intraday price movements. Cost of trading will, however, vary with the market and your risk-reward ratio.


A sound trading strategy is essential. For day trading, strategies like swing trading, position trading and scalping are popular approaches depending on the timeframe chosen. Day traders need to be clear about profit goals and how much time they can dedicate to trading.

Emotional Discipline

Trading decisions based on emotions rarely end well. When you include leverage, then bad decisions can be magnified. Emotional discipline is the foundation of a robust analysis-based trading strategy.

Choice of Broker

FP Markets is an Australian-regulated, ECN pricing broker, offering leverage and the top trading tools and resources for day traders. Gain direct access to market prices and experience ultra-fast trade execution.

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