Upcoming Daylight Savings Changes

Starting from this Sunday, October 7th, 2018, Australia starts their Daylight Savings Time, Europe will exit Daylight savings on October 28th,2018 followed by the US on November 4th, 2018. Due to the US Daylight Savings time change, our MT4/5 servers will have their clocks wound back to GMT+2. The result of this will mean the session times for certain symbols will change in the MT4/5 Marketwatch. Please see the table below:

Australian Daylight Savings - Monday 8th of October

SymbolMonday Open (GMT +3)Friday Close (GMT+3)Daily Break (GMT+3)
AUS20001:5023:0008:30 – 09:10

Europe Daylight Savings - Monday 29th of October

SymbolMonday Open (GMT +3)Friday Close (GMT+3)Daily Break (GMT+3)
UK10010:0024:00 (Fri 22:45)None
GER3010:0024:00 (Fri 22:45)None
FRA4010:0024:00 (Fri 22:45)None
STOXX5010:0024:00 (Fri 22:45)None
EURCZK, USDCZK09:0023:00None

US Daylight Savings - Monday 5th of November


SymbolMonday Open (GMT+2)Friday Close (GMT+2)Daily Break (GMT+2)
AUS20000:5023:0007:30 – 8:10
HK5003:1510:1506:00 – 07:00
China5003:0022:4510:30 – 11:00
EURCZK, USDCZK08:0024:00None

US Daylight Savings For Iress Users

ExchangeMonday 12th MarchTuesday 13th March
NYSOpens 12:30am Closes 7am
NASOpens 12:30am Closes 7am
ARCOpens 12:30am Closes 7am
CMEOpens 9amCloses 8am
CBTOpens 9amCloses 8am
NYMOpens 9amCloses 8am

* All times are in AEDT

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