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What can you learn in the Academy?
FP Markets offers a number of educational videos, structured in a straightforward step-by-step guide for those who want to learn to trade and invest in the financial markets.
As a Global Forex & CFDs Broker since 2005, we understand the value of Education and Knowledge. Our live webinars cover a wide range of trading and investing topics, brought to you in a multilingual setting.
The FP Markets Podcast Series provides clients a clear and concise method of learning through listening. Our experts will be just like an audio academy in your pocket, explaining everything you need to know about trading the markets.
FP Markets Events provide an easy way to gain the markets’ insights. Learn how to trade and take advantage of exclusive trading opportunities. Upgrade your forex understanding and be the first to know about some of the latest products available on the market.
Platform Tutorials
Understanding how your trading platform operates is crucial to trading success. Our industry experts provide easy-to-follow tutorials, making platform navigation easy.
Let our free trading eBooks take your trading to the next level. From basic concepts to advanced applications, we have you covered.
Trading terminology can be confusing. This is why FP Markets provides a comprehensive list of definitions that will help you understand even the most complex terms.
Browse FP Markets wide range of trading guides and educate yourself on the forex market.
Most popular video courses
Currency Pairs: Learn how currencies function in forex
The FX market operates by way of currency pairs. To make it more simple, think of it as comparing the value of one currency against that of another, in the form of a quotation.
Understanding basic chart types
What is a chart? What are the most common chart types? How are they different? Did you know that all financial markets generate data? Click to understand the Different Ways Data are displayed.
What is a pip in the forex market?
A pip, or percentage in point, represents a currency pair’s unit of change, equal to 1/100th of 1%. It represents the smallest price movement any exchange rate can make.
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