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Bid Ask Spread
GER30 12920.75 Buy 12922.25Sell
AUS200 5996.70 Buy 5998.80Sell
XAUUSD 1304.02 Buy 1304.15Sell
XAGUSD 16.5200 Buy 16.5400Sell
WTI 67.55 Buy 67.60Sell
Bitcoin 7405.54 Buy 7467.54Sell
US500 2718.78 Buy 2719.30Sell
DJ30 24283.60 Buy 24289.40Sell
NAS100 6774.80 Buy 6776.90Sell
CHINA50 12227.00 Buy 12241.00Sell
UK100 7710.15 Buy 7711.25Sell
GER30 12920.75 Buy 12922.25Sell
JP225 22317.95 Buy 22330.05Sell
EURUSD 1.16632 Buy 1.16634Sell
GBPUSD 1.33177 Buy 1.33183Sell
USDJPY 109.388 Buy 109.391Sell
USDCHF 0.99172 Buy 0.99176Sell
AUDUSD 0.75514 Buy 0.75518Sell
NZDUSD 0.69195 Buy 0.69201Sell