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FP Markets Copy Trading allows you to find, follow and copy successful traders automatically. There is no need to build your own trading strategy or conduct research on forex markets. Copy trading removes the complexities of trading forex and CFDs. Find out how it works and take part in the largest financial markets in the world.

How to Start
Copy Trading

How does
Social Trading Work?

No need to develop your own trading plan

Follow performance of successful traders in real-time

Mirror trading behaviour of professional traders with a proven track record

No need to make any trading decisions

Maintain control: Functionality allows multiple copy trading options and risk management strategies

Completely automated trading

Copy Trading
with FP Markets?

The growing interest in Forex Trading and Contracts For Difference (CFDs) has seen
the emergence of a new class of traders that prefer to analyse the performance of
experienced traders and replicate their trading behaviour.

Copy trades automatically:

Become part of a community that includes traders of all skill levels and choose who you want to copy

Invest in a wide range
of financial markets:

Forex, Shares, Metals, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies

Solution for inexperienced traders:

Leave the fundamental analysis and technical analysis in the hands of successful traders

Why Social


from experienced


successful traders
from a comprehensive
rankings list


their trading activity by
subscribing to the Offer
of your choice


your account by
monitoring its performance
and editing preferences

What You Need
to Know before You
Start Social Trading

Useful for inexperienced traders

Social trading can be useful for people that are interested in financial markets but lack the experience and knowledge. The biggest thing to remember before you start social trading is that there is a level of risk associated with all forms of trading. Social traders should take an active interest in learning about volatility and how to recognise high risk trading activity.

Importance of risk management

Replicating experienced traders does not eliminate the element of risk. Social traders rely on the trading decisions of others but still bear all of the risk with respect to their brokerage account. Despite not executing any trades themselves, social traders should still understand How To Manage Risk.

Diversify your portfolio

Social traders can diversify their portfolio by copying the trades of multiple providers that trade different financial instruments. This may include assigning a portion to a cryptocurrency provider that may focus on Bitcoin and Ripple. Another percentage of your capital may be dedicated to copying forex-based investors that are experienced with major currencies such as the USD and Australian dollar.

Social Trading
vs Copy Trading

Social trading and copy trading are not one and the same. Copy trading refers to the process of binding your account with that of another trader in order to replicate the trades that they execute. With FP Markets social platform you are able to modify how you mirror the trades of the selected person, but the trading is automated.

Social Trading
on MT4 & MT5

Advanced capabilities and a user friendly interface make MetaTrader 4 the perfect social trading platform.

Social Trading FAQ

Social trading in forex involves the process of learning about the trading strategies of experienced traders and analysing their performance using a wide range of statistical data. Social traders also have the option of replicating the trading behaviour of other traders through a copy trading platform.

Like other forms of social media, users can seek help or share their trading information with others. Social trading helps inexperienced traders become familiar with new concepts such as derivatives trading and leverage.

To learn more about forex trading, visit our Traders Hub Blog.

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