Non-Leveraged CFD accounts

Our Non Leveraged CFD account allows you to trade shares without accessing leverage. You can still enjoy the advantages of trading CFDs, such as low commissions, instant settlement and ability to go long or short. The total exposure is limited by the cash balance of your account so there are no financing costs for non-leveraged positions.

If you are a share trader looking for a more flexible and cost effective product, or you’re looking to time the market both long and short, this account is the perfect middle ground between HIN based stocks and fully leveraged CFD trading.

What is a Non-Leveraged CFD account?

The non leveraged CFD account is similar to share trading in that your position is covered 100% by cash but offers the following benefits:

  • Commissions starting from $10 minimum and 0.1%
  • The ability to trade over 2,400 stocks long and over 500 short on the ASX
  • Trade 6 other international exchanges through Europe, US and Asia
  • Pay no financing on long & short positions
  • Receive dividends on the ex-dividend date
  • Receive a trading statement each trading day, month end and annually
  • Immediate execution & settlement

Share Trading Vs Non-Leveraged CFD

Following is a comparison between our share trading and non leveraged CFD accounts:
  Shares Non-Leverage CFD
Commisions 0.11% From 0.08%
Minimum Fee $ 14.95 No Min
Short Selling No Yes
Leverage No No
Dividends Payable Dat Ex-date (Piror to shares)
GST Payable Yes Yes
Financing/Holding Cost No No