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MAMM/PAMM Features Include:

At the heart of FP Markets’ forex offering is flexibility with both Multi Account Manager (MAM) and Percent Allocation Management Model (PAMM) allocations available. FP Markets offers a true Electronic Communications Network (ECN) with deep liquidity and tight spreads that allows money managers to enjoy large volumes at the prices they ask for. Both the MAM and PAMMs can therefore provide managers the tighter control they need in order to maximize returns.

Trading conditions to suit you

One of the biggest attractions of FP Markets is that it offers money managers the chance to customize their trading conditions – including commission and spread mark-ups, leverage, performance fees, account currency and margin call/stop out. The blend of low commissions with market leading spreads means that money managers can enjoy greater margins.

Trading conditions iMac

MAMM Quickly add funds

Quickly add funds and withdraw funds without interrupting trading activity

There is no doubt that withdrawals and deposits can influence your trading allocations, especially during downward open trades. Now you can move your funds in and out of MAM and PAMM accounts quickly and easily without hurting your trading activity as FP Markets works with money managers to find equitable solutions: including reaching profit and loss aims on a per account basis; and to alter withdrawal restrictions based on open trade conditions.

Fast calculation of performance fees and commissions

As FP Markets tracks the forex trading markets in real time, you can enjoy real time accreditation of commissions to your live trading account. It is possible to withdraw them at any time – much like a regular trading account. In addition, the MAM manager will quickly calculate your performance fees at any time you like.


MAMM Program

Why should you opt for the Money Manager Program?

There are a host of reasons why the money manager program at FP Markets Forex should be your first choice. It offers a large product range; solutions for manual traders and EA traders alike; the ability to hide trades; automatic calculations; and customizable trading conditions.

In addition, with a money manager program you can charge your clients based on your individual investment philosophy and preferences; quickly withdraw commissions to boost your cash flow; enjoy access to a host of markets; and keep your investors happy with the chance to withdraw and deposit whenever they want.

Penyesuaian penuh carta

Dengan 59 penunjuk teknikal, butiran carta dan alat lukisan dibina dalam set Viewpoint, anda boleh mengakses tahap kecanggihan yang diperlukan untuk menyelesaikan analisis teknikal dan pergerakan harga yang paling mendalam.

Full customization of chart

Save your chart templates

Simpan templat carta anda

Sebaik sahaja anda membuat set Viewpoint tersuai, anda boleh menyimpan pilihan carta untuk digunakan sebagai templat bagi setiap kali carta baru dimuatkan.

Bandingkan tindakan harga antara instrumen yang berbeza

Membandingkan instrumen pada tempoh masa berbilang masa mudah dengan Viewpoint. Membolehkan anda menganalisis kekuatan korelasi dengan berkesan untuk melihat peluang dagangan pasangan atau mengenal pasti perbezaan antara harga instrumen.

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Berdagang lebih daripada 10,000+ produk dengan leveraj fleksibel. Forex, Indeks, Komoditi, Bitcoin dan Ekuiti CFD daripada satu akaun. Deposit permulaan rendah bermakna anda boleh berdagang Forex dengan hanya $100.


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MT4 on Macbook

Metatrader 4 (MT4)

There’s a reason why Metatrader 4 (MT4) is the most widely used platform for Forex trading and FP Markets’ Metatrader 4 platform is right at the top. Our MT4 platform supports advanced charting and includes built-in technical indicators, allowing you to make better informed trading decisions. Take advantage of the MQL4 network and use any EA to automate your trading. Our MT4 supports Windows and Mac as well as a large range of mobile and tablet devices to allow you take you trading with you.

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