FP Markets launches copy-trading offering with AutoTrade

FP Markets launches copy-trading offering with AutoTrade

We are pleased to  announce that we have added Autotrade to FP Markets’ wide range of trading tools.  AutoTrade is a service provided through Myfxbook.


It provides traders the opportunity to copy a wide selection of trades from any system into their FP Markets MT4 trading account.


Autorade offers the following benefits:


- No need to waste time searching for winning systems

- You can add and remove systems at any time

- Trade mirroring is completely automated

- Incentives are given to signal providers only for profitable trades

- Advanced Risk Management systems

- Real data with accurate statistics

- No additional software needed


To get started, just log into our secure client portal and select 'Open A New Live Account'.  Once your account has been opened you will need to link it to Myfxbook AutoTrade and send an email to [email protected] with your new account number to link to myfxbook autotrade.


As always, you can contact our 24/5 customer support now to find out more information.

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