FP Markets Sponsors ASM Academy

FP Markets Sponsors ASM Academy

FP Markets, an Australian-based broker providing FX and CFD services, has reached a sponsorship agreement with ASM Academy, an expanding golf academy based in South Africa.

The sponsorship deal offers benefits to both sides of the deal. ASM Academy receives financial support form the broker, enabling its most promising golfer, 20-year-old Franklin Manchest to travel the world and participate in golfing events and venues that would otherwise remain out of his reach.

Meanwhile, FP Markets is attempting to expand its global reach and to promote its name across new financial markets.

FP Markets’ Head of Global Development, Craig Allison, said in a statement: “Working with ASM Academy was a natural choice for us as we are expanding into new international markets and we were attracted by the inherent values in golf plus the exciting new angle in terms of introducing the unique qualities of our products.”


Benefits to ASM Academy

The sponsorship agreement will also help ASM Academy to use the new infusion of resources to locate and develop new talent in South Africa, in order to further elevate the academy and country’s position in the global golf scene.

Adam McKinlay, founder and Performance Director of ASM Academy, ​commented: “We are thrilled to be working with a global institution like FP Markets as we know that they are as passionate as us about education and putting their client’s needs first – we are very excited about the opportunities that this partnership will bring for our young golfers.”


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