Account Funding with E-Wallets

Account Funding with E-Wallets

Ease Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds with Skrill

Launched in 2001, Skrill is today a global leader in online payment services. One of its key offerings is an FCA-authorised e-wallet, which is easy-to-use, fast and very cost-effective.

At FP Markets, we offer over 10 flexible options to fund your trading account, using 10 different base currencies. With fast processing and 0% deposit fees as there are no deposit fees for MT4 and MT5 only*, opening and operating a trading account is simple. In addition, with Skrill as the e-wallet provider, you are also assured of the highest levels of security for your hard-earned funds 

Why Do Traders Need E-Wallets?

E-wallets offer quick, convenient and secure services, with a simple registration process. They ease the process of funding your trading account, maintaining its balance, withdrawing funds as and when required, and even sending and receiving funds from others. With FP Markets you can open an FCA-regulated Skrill e-wallet, which ensures that your funds are safe at all times.


E-Wallet for Your Trading Account

  • Reliable e-wallet with international licenses including the EU and US.
  • Multi-device operability that allows fast transactions.
  • Low transaction costs & fees.
  • High security for your funds.


Fund your trading account with Skrill today


Why Skrill with FP Markets 



Multiple Payment Methods

With the Skrill e-wallet attached to your FP Markets trading account, transact with 10+ payment options.


 Choice of Deposit Currency

Deposit funds in 38+ different currencies, with EUR as the base currency and competitive exchange rates.


입금 수수료

 Low Transaction Fees*

0% deposit fee, for MT4 and MT5 only*, among the lowest transaction fees for withdrawals, transactions with other Skrill users.



Exclusive Benefits

 Get exclusive rewards and referral bonuses with a Skrill wallet. VIP accounts get additional privileges.


Skrill: The Leading E-Wallet in the World

Originally called Moneybookers, Skrill is a leading global e-wallet service provider. Regulated by the FCA, it makes transactions totally secure, using safe servers and advanced encryption methods.


Over 36 million account holders trust it to send and receive money in over 200 countries in 40 currencies, securely, at low cost and without revealing personal information. With Skrill, you get:

  • Highest level encryption by the Payment
  • Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS Level 1)
  • Two factor authentication
  • Licensed and regulated e-wallet
  • One-tap for instant, frictionless transfers and withdrawals
  • Mobile friendly wallet solution
  • Flexible range of payment methods
  • Competitive conversion rates
  • Convenient access to funds, through Mastercard prepaid card or virtual card
  • Supports buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • Special VIP offers


Get all the advantages of easy and secure deposits and withdrawals with FP Markets.

How to Open an Account with Skrill?

  • Go to the Register Account page, and enter you e-mail address and other information.
  • You will be re-directed to a dashboard, from where you can send or deposit money and alter your desired settings.
  • Provide your online banking credentials to deposit money directly from your bank accounts.
  • You can also deposit money in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from your crypto wallet.
  • Save your card details to add easily money to your Skrill Wallet.
  • Send money from your Skrill wallet to other accounts and wallets.
  • Neteller account holders can easily send and receive money from Skrill wallets.

Start trading in Minutes

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