Iress Trader

Iress Trader
FP Markets in order to elevate your trading experience provides you with Iress platform, a new and improved, comprehensive active trader platform, with advanced functionalities.

Iress Trader is the industry leader in powerful DMA execution systems. It is a web-based platform that dynamically streams data across multiple product types and exchanges. By combining access to full market depth, an enhanced in-house charting system with live news flows, Iress Trader provides everything you need to maintain your edge in the market.


Key Features:

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Compatible on Windows or Mac
  • Access to full Market depth
  • Live streaming news
  • Advanced order management
  • Ability to trade pre and post market auctions
  • Highly customisable interface
  • Access to market heat map
  • Ability to set alerts on trade execution, news and price levels




The Iress ViewPoint charting package is packed with all the technical tools you could need to analyse the markets with confidence. You can access leading technical programs, advanced charting features and a fully customizable interface.

59 Technical Indicators


Spot potential trading opportunities, trend reversals and significant price steps in the markets via our 59 technical indicators. Use a variety of indicators from RSI through to Ichimoku clouds to enhance the ability to pick your trades in the most effective manner.

Online IRESS

50+ Drawing tools


Our wide variety of functional drawing tools offer the opportunity to annotate charts in detail across long and short-term intervals. Our sharp and precise new charting functions allow you the most detailed opportunities to spot possible movements through your own technical analysis.

Pricing from over 10,000 instruments


With opportunities to trade on a global scale, our 10,000+ trading instruments offer you the opportunity to pick volatility 24 hours a day through a range of domestic and international equities, futures contracts, indexes, ETF’s, currencies and commodities.

IRESS Trader

Comprehensive selection of time intervals


With a large variety of time intervals to chart your next move, we cater for the broadest spectrum of traders, from intraday traders to long term investors. We offer access to all information whether it be tick movements or historic.

Full customization of charts


With 59 technical indicators, chart details and drawing tools built into ViewPoint suite, you can access the levels of sophistication needed to complete the most in-depth technical analysis and price movements.

ASX Shares
IRESS Charts

Save your chart templates


Once you have established your customized Iress ViewPoint suite, you can save the chart preferences to use as a template for each time a new chart is loaded.

Compare price action between different instruments


Comparing instruments on multiple time frames is easy with ViewPoint. It allows you to effectively analyse the strength of their correlation to spot opportunities for pairs trading or identify divergences between instrument prices.


Start trading now on FP Markets IRESS platform!

bullet Access +10,000 financial instruments
bullet Auto open & close positions
bullet News & economic calendar
bullet Technical indicator & charts
bullet Many more tools included

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