Tabela Depozytu Zabezpieczającego

Tabela Depozytu Zabezpieczającego
Tabela depozytu zabezpieczającego Iress

Margin Requirements
in Forex Trading

Experience the benefits of Forex and CFD trading with FP Markets Iress trading platform. Access 10,000+ financial instruments on a multi-asset trading platform that provides great flexibility in trading styles. Iress provides real-time news & price quotes for online CFD trading in Akcje, Forex, Towary, Indeksy, Metale i Kryptowaluty.

With CFD trading you can trade financial instruments without owning the underlying asset. Traders can speculate on price movements in either direction with the ability to take a long position or short position. In addition, the concept of leverage allows traders to gain greater exposure with only the margin required to open a position.

The short availability and margin requirements vary depending on the exchange, asset class and volatility levels. Choose from the world's largest exchanges including the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Request a Konto Demo or open a Konto Rzeczywiste and start trading.

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SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
14D.ASX1414 Degrees Limited100Brak
1AD.ASXAdalta Limited100Brak
1AG.ASXAlterra Limited100Brak
1AL.ASXOneall In Limited100Brak
1PG.ASX1-Page Ltd100Brak
1ST.ASX1St Group Ltd100Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
3DP.ASXPointerra Limited50Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
5GN.ASX5G Networks Limited10Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn%Krótka pozycja
A2B.ASXA2B Australia Ltd100YES
ABB.ASX Aussie Broadband 60 Brak
ABR.ASX American Pacific 60 Brak
AEI.ASX Aeris Environmental 60 Brak
AFP.ASX Aft Pharmaceuticals 60 Brak
APD.ASX Apn Property Group 60 Brak
AQR.ASX Apn Conv Retail REIT 60 Brak
AVZ.ASX AVZ Minerals Ltd 60 Brak
AXE.ASX Archer Materials 60 Brak
AZY.ASX Antipa Minerals Ltd 60 Brak
ATU.ASX Atrum Coal Ltd 55 Brak
ADN.ASX Andromeda Metals Ltd 50 Brak
AFY.ASX Afterpay Holdings 50 Brak
AGYRA.ASX Argosy Minerals Ltd – Rights 21-Mar-19 50 Brak
AHY.ASX Asaleo Care Limited 50 YES
AKI.ASX African Iron Limited 50 Brak
ALF.ASX Australian Leaders 50 Brak
AMS.ASX Atomos 50 Brak
ARX.ASX Aroa Biosurgery 50 Brak
AUI.ASX Australian United In 50 Brak
ADT.ASX Adriatic Metals 45 Brak
AGG.ASX AngloGold Ashanti 45 Brak
ALC.ASX Alcidion Group Ltd 45 Brak
AMI.ASX Aurelia Metals Ltd 45 Brak
APE.ASX Eagers Automotive 45 YES
AQZ.ASX Alliance Aviation 45 Brak
AYS.ASX Amaysim Aus Ltd 45 YES
AC8.ASX Auscann Grp Hlgs Ltd 40 Brak
ADH.ASX Adairs Limited 40 YES
AFJ.ASX Affinity Edu Grp Ltd 40 Brak
AKP.ASX Audio Pixels Ltd 40 Brak
ASM.ASX Ausstratmaterials 40 Brak
AYN.ASX Alcyone Res Ltd 40 Brak
AEO.ASX Austereo Group Ltd. 35 Brak
AIZ.ASX Air New Zealand 35 Brak
AJA.ASX Astro Jap Prop Group 35 Brak
ALK.ASX Alkane Resources Ltd 35 Brak
AMA.ASX AMA Group Limited 35 YES
ASZ.ASX ASG Group Limited 35 Brak
AVO.ASX Avoca Resources 35 Brak
AAC.ASX Australian Agricult. 30 YES
ADI.ASX Apn Industria REIT 30 YES
AGF.ASX Amp Capital China 30 Brak
APL.ASX Antipodes Global Inv 30 Brak
AUN.ASX Aurumin 30 Brak
AZH.ASX Azimuth Res Ltd 30 Brak
AIA.ASX Auckland Internation 25 YES
API.ASX Australian Pharm. 25 YES
AQG.ASX Alacer Gold Corp. 25 Brak
AUB.ASX AUB Group Ltd 25 YES
AX1.ASX Accent Group Ltd 25 YES
AD8.ASX Audinate Group Ltd 20 Brak
AEF.ASX Australian Ethical 20 YES
AFG.ASX Aust Finance Grp 20 YES
AMM.ASX Amcom Telecomm. 20 Brak
AQA.ASX Aquila Resources 20 Brak
AQABA.ASX Aquila Resources – Bonus Deferred 20 Brak
ASB.ASX Austal Limited 20 YES
AVH.ASX Avita Therapeutics 20 YES
AVN.ASX Aventus Group 20 YES
A2M.ASX The A2 Milk Company 15 YES
AAD.ASX Ardent Leisure Group 15 Brak
AAX.ASX Ausenco Limited 15 Brak
ACX.ASX Aconex Limited 15 Brak
AFI.ASX Australian Foundat. 15 Brak
AHG.ASX Automotive Holdings. 15 Brak
ALG.ASX Ardentleisuregrpltd 15 YES
ALS.ASX Alesco Corporation 15 Brak
ALX.ASX Atlas Arteria 15 YES
ALZ.ASX Australand Property 15 Brak
AND.ASX Andean Resources Ltd 15 Brak
AOG.ASX Aveo Group 15 Brak
APO.ASX Apn Outdoor Grp 15 Brak
APT.ASX Afterpay Limited 15 YES
APX.ASX Appen Limited 15 YES
AQP.ASX Aquarius Platinum. 15 Brak
ARB.ASX ARB Corporation. 15 YES
ARG.ASX Argo Investments 15 Brak
AWB.ASX AWB Limited 15 Brak
AWE.ASX AWE Limited 15 Brak
ABC.ASX Adbri Limited 10 YES
ABP.ASX Abacus Property Grp. 10 YES
AIO.ASX Asciano Limited 10 Brak
ALL.ASX Aristocrat Leisure 10 YES
ALU.ASX Altium Limited 10 YES
ANN.ASX Ansell Limited 10 YES
AST.ASX AusNet Services Ltd 10 YES
AWC.ASX Alumina Limited 10 YES
AXA.ASX AXA Asia Pacific 10 Brak
AZJ.ASX Aurizon Holdings Ltd 10 YES
AGL.ASX AGL Energy Limited. 5 YES
ANZ.ASX ANZ Banking Grp Ltd 5 YES
ALD.ASX Ampol Limited 7 Brak
ALD.ASX Ampol Limited 7 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
BKT.ASX Black Rock Mining 100Brak
BKW.ASX Brickworks Limited 10YES
BKY.ASX Berkeley Energia Ltd 100 Brak
BLA.ASX Blue Sky Limited 100 Brak
BLD.ASX Boral Limited 10 YES
BLDN.ASX Boral Limited – Deferred 100 Brak
BLG.ASX Bluglass Limited 100 Brak
BLKOA.ASX Blackham Resources – Option 31-Jan-19 100 Brak
BLKRB.ASX Blackham Resources – Rights 01-Apr-19 100 Brak
BLR.ASX Black Range Min. 100 Brak
BLT.ASX Benitec Biopharma 100 Brak
BLX.ASX Beacon Lighting Grp 50 Brak
BLY.ASX Boart Longyear 70 Brak
BLYO.ASX Boart Longyear – Warrant 13-Sep-24 100 Brak
BLZ.ASX Blaze International 100 Brak
BLZO.ASX Blaze International – Option 31-Mar-22 100 Brak
BMB.ASX Balamara Resources 100 Brak
BMG.ASX BMG Resources Ltd 100 Brak
BMN.ASX Bannerman Resources 100 Brak
BNC.ASX Bioniche Life Inc 100 Brak
BND.ASX Bandanna Energy 25 Brak
BNL.ASX Blue Star Helium Ltd 100 Brak
BNO.ASX Bionomics Limited 100 Brak
BNR.ASX Bulletin Res Ltd 100 Brak
BNT.ASX Bounty Mining Ltd 100 Brak
BOA.ASX Boadicea Resources 100 Brak
BOC.ASX Bougainville Copper 100 Brak
BOE.ASX Boss Resources Ltd 70 Brak
BOK.ASX Black Oak Min Ltd 100 Brak
BOL.ASX Boom Logistics 100 Brak
BOQ.ASX Bank of Queensland. 10 YES
BOT.ASX Botanix Pharma Ltd 80 Brak
BOW.ASX Bow Energy Limited 10 Brak
BPA.ASX Brookfield Prime 100 Brak
BPF.ASX Bulletproof Group 100 Brak
BPG.ASX Byte Power Group 100 Brak
BPH.ASX BPH Energy Ltd 100 Brak
BPK.ASX Bremer Park Limited 100 Brak
BPLO.ASX Broken Hill Prospect – Option 12-Nov-19 100 Brak
BPP.ASX Babylon Pump & Power 100 Brak
BPT.ASX Beach Energy Limited 10 YES
BRB.ASX Breaker Res NL 100 Brak
BRBCA.ASX Breaker Res NL – 1C Pd, 19C Unpd 100 Brak
BRG.ASX Breville Group Ltd 15 YES
BRI.ASX Big Riv Indust Ltd 100 Brak
BRK.ASX Brookside Energy Ltd 100 Brak
BRKO.ASX Brookside Energy Ltd – Option 31-Dec-18 100 Brak
BRL.ASX Bathurst Res Ltd. 100 Brak
BRM.ASX Brockman Resources 20 Brak
BRN.ASX Brainchip Ltd 45 Brak
BRO.ASX Broad Investments 100 Brak
BRS.ASX Broadspectrum Ltd 15 Brak
BRU.ASX Buru Energy 100 Brak
BRW.ASX Breakaway Resources 85 Brak
BSA.ASX BSA Limited 70 Brak
BSE.ASX Base Res Limited 45 Brak
BSL.ASX BlueScope Steel Ltd 10 YES
BSM.ASX Bass Metals Ltd 100 Brak
BSMOB.ASX Bass Metals Ltd – Option 31-Dec-18 100 Brak
BSN.ASX Bisan Limited 100 Brak
BSP.ASX Black Star Petroleum 100 Brak
BSR.ASX Bassari Resources 100 Brak
BSX.ASX Blackstone Ltd 100 Brak
BTA.ASX Biota Holdings 100 Brak
BTC.ASX BTC Health Ltd 100 Brak
BTH.ASX Bigtincan Hldgs Ltd 30 Brak
BTI.ASX Bailador Tech Inv 70 Brak
BTN.ASX Brighton Mining 100 Brak
BTR.ASX Blackthorn Resources 25 Brak
BTU.ASX Bathurst Resources 20 Brak
BUB.ASX Bubs Aust Ltd 30 Brak
BUD.ASX Buddy Tech 100 Brak
BUE.ASX Bluestone Global Ltd 100 Brak
BUG.ASX Buderim Group Ltd 100 Brak
BUX.ASX Buxton Resources Ltd 100 Brak
BUY.ASX Bounty Oil & Gas NL 100 Brak
BVA.ASX Bravura Solutions 45 Brak
BVS.ASX Bravura Solution Ltd 20 YES
BWD.ASX Blackwood Corp Ltd 100 Brak
BWF.ASX Blackwall Limited 100 Brak
BWN.ASX Bowen Energy Limited 100 Brak
BWPAK.ASX BWP Trust – Units Deferred 15 Brak
BWR.ASX Blackwall Prop Trust 70 Brak
BWX.ASX BWX Limited 35 YES
BXB.ASX Brambles Limited 5 YES
BXBN.ASX Brambles Limited – Deferred 100 Brak
BXN.ASX Bioxyne Ltd 100 Brak
BYE.ASX Byron Energy Ltd 45 Brak
BYH.ASX Bryah Resources Ltd 100 Brak
BYI.ASX Beyond International 100 Brak
BYL.ASX Brierty Limited 100 Brak
BZL.ASX Braziron Limited 100 Brak
BCN.ASX Beacon Minerals 60 Brak
BDC.ASX Bardoc Gold Ltd 60 Brak
BFG.ASX Bell Financial Group 35 Brak
BGL.ASX Bellevue Gold Ltd 35 Brak
BKI.ASX BKI Investment Ltd 35 Brak
BBN.ASX Baby Bunting Grp Ltd 30 YES
BIN.ASX Bingo Industries Ltd 25 YES
BAL.ASX Bellamy’s Australia 15 Brak
BAP.ASX Bapcor Limited 15 YES
BGA.ASX Bega Cheese Ltd 15 YES
BKL.ASX Blackmores Limited 15 YES
BKN.ASX Bradken Limited 15 Brak
BHP.ASX BHP Group Limited 5 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
CA8.ASX Coassets Ltd. 100 Brak
CAA.ASX Capral Limited 100 Brak
CAD.ASX Caeneus Minerals 100 Brak
CADO.ASX Caeneus Minerals – Option 31-Dec-20 100 Brak
CAE.ASX Cannindah Resources 100 Brak
CAF.ASX Centrepoint Alliance 100 Brak
CAG.ASX Caperangeltd 100 Brak
CAI.ASX Calidus Resources 60 Brak
CAJ.ASX Capitol Health 50 Brak
CAM.ASX Clime Capital 100 Brak
CAMBD.ASX Clime Capital – Bonus Deferred 100 Brak
CAN.ASX Cann Group Ltd 50 Brak
CAP.ASX Carpentaria Resource 100 Brak
CAQ.ASX CAQ Holdings Ltd 100 Brak
CAR.ASX Carsales.Com Ltd. 15 YES
CAT.ASX Catapult Grp Int Ltd 35 Brak
CAV.ASX Carnavale Resources 100 Brak
CAY.ASX Canyon Resources Ltd 100 Brak
CAZ.ASX Cazaly Resources 100 Brak
CBA.ASX Commonwealth Bank. 5 YES
CBAN.ASX Commonwealth Bank. – Deferred 5 Brak
CBC.ASX Cbg Capital Limited 100 Brak
CBCBN.ASX CBG Capital Limited – Bonus Deferred 100 Brak
CBD.ASX CBD Energy Limited 100 Brak
CBK.ASX CB Aust Ltd 100 Brak
CBL.ASX Control Bionics 100 Brak
CBR.ASX Carbon Revolution 99 Brak
CBX.ASX Cape Alumina Ltd 100 Brak
CCA.ASX Change Financial Ltd 100 Brak
CCC.ASX Continental Coal Ltd 100 Brak
CCD.ASX Caledon Resources 100 Brak
CCE.ASX Carnegie Cln Energy 100 Brak
CCG.ASX Commschoice 100 Brak
CCJ.ASX County International 100 Brak
CCK.ASX CCK Financial 100 Brak
CCL.ASX Coca-Cola Amatil 10 YES
CCP.ASX Credit Corp Group 10 YES
CCQ.ASX Contango Capital 100 Brak
CCU.ASX Cobar Consolidated 30 Brak
CCV.ASX Cash Converters 70 Brak
CCX.ASX City Chic Collective 20 Brak
CCZ.ASX Castillo Copper Ltd 100 Brak
CD1.ASX Cd Private Equity I 100 Brak
CD3.ASX Cd Private Equityiii 100 Brak
CDA.ASX Codan Limited 25 YES
CDB.ASX Condor Blanco Mines 100 Brak
CDC.ASX China Dairy Ltd 80 Brak
CDD.ASX Cardno Limited 50 Brak
CDDE.ASX Cardno Limited – Prop.Bid Crescap Def 25 Brak
CDG.ASX Cleveland Min Ltd 100 Brak
CDH.ASX ChongHerr Investment 100 Brak
CDI.ASX Challenger Div.Pro. 25 Brak
CDL.ASX Canada Land Limited 100 Brak
CDM.ASX Cadence Capital 30 Brak
CDO.ASX Cadence Opp Fund Ltd 100 Brak
CDP.ASX Carindale Property 40 YES
CDT.ASX Castle Minerals 100 Brak
CDU.ASX Cudeco Limited 100 Brak
CDV.ASX Cardinal Reso Ltd 45 Brak
CDX.ASX Cardiex Limited 100 Brak
CDXO.ASX Cardiex Limited – Option 30-Nov-21 100 Brak
CDY.ASX Cellmid Limited 100 Brak
CE1.ASX Calima Energy 100 Brak
CEG.ASX CEC Group Limited 70 Brak
CEL.ASX Challenger Exp Ltd 60 Brak
CEN.ASX Contact Energy Ltd 70 Brak
CER.ASX Centro Retail Group 40 Brak
CEU.ASX ConnectEast Group 20 Brak
CEY.ASX Centennial Coal 15 Brak
CFO.ASX Cfoam Limited 100 Brak
CFOR.ASX Cfoam Limited – Rights 02-Nov-20 100 Brak
CFU.ASX Ceramic Fuel Cells 100 Brak
CG1.ASX Carbonxt Group 100 Brak
CGA.ASX Contango Asset 100 Brak
CGC.ASX Costa Group Holdings 20 YES
CGCR.ASX Costa Group Holdings – Rts 11-Nov-19 Forus 100 Brak
CGF.ASX Challenger Limited 10 YES
CGFPB.ASX Cn 3M Per Q Rd T-23 100 Brak
CGG.ASX Citadel Resource Grp 85 Brak
CGH.ASX Calibre Group Ltd 100 Brak
CGI.ASX Consolidated Global 100 Brak
CGL.ASX The Citadel Grp 60 Brak
CGM.ASX Cougar Metals NL 100 Brak
CGN.ASX Crater Gold Min Ltd 100 Brak
CGO.ASX CPT Global Limited 100 Brak
CGR.ASX Cml Group Ltd 100 Brak
CGS.ASX Cogstate Ltd 100 Brak
CGT.ASX Castlemaine 85 Brak
CGW.ASX Coats Group PLC 50 Brak
CGX.ASX Cga Mining Limited 85 Brak
CHC.ASX Charter Hall Group 10 YES
CHF.ASX Charter Pacific 100 Brak
CHK.ASX Cohiba Min Ltd 100 Brak
CHKO.ASX Cohiba Min Ltd – Option 18-Apr-20 100 Brak
CHN.ASX Chalice Gold Mines 60 Brak
CHO.ASX Choiseul Investments 100 Brak
CHP.ASX Chapmans Limited 100 Brak
CHR.ASX Chalmers Limited 100 Brak
CHZ.ASX Chesser Resources 100 Brak
CIA.ASX Champion Iron Ltd 25 Brak
CIE.ASX Contango Inc Gen Ltd 100 Brak
CIF.ASX Challenger Infrast. 70 Brak
CII.ASX CI Resources Limited 100 Brak
CIL.ASX Centrebet Internat. 30 Brak
CIM.ASX Cimic Group Ltd 10 YES
CIN.ASX Carlton Investments 70 Brak
CIO.ASX Connected Io Ltd 100 Brak
CIP.ASX Centuria I REIT 20 YES
CIW.ASX Clime Investment 100 Brak
CIX.ASX Calliden Group 40 Brak
CJO.ASX Cerro Resources NL 40 Brak
CJT.ASX Cvc Property Fund 100 Brak
CKA.ASX Cokal Ltd 100 Brak
CKF.ASX Collins Foods Ltd 30 YES
CKL.ASX Colorpak Limited 100 Brak
CKP.ASX Cheviot Kirribilli 100 Brak
CL1.ASX Class Limited 45 Brak
CL8.ASX Collaborate Corp 100 Brak
CLA.ASX Celsius Resource Ltd 100 Brak
CLF.ASX Concentrated Leaders 100 Brak
CLH.ASX Collection House 20 Brak
CLI.ASX Croplogic 100 Brak
CLO.ASX Clough Limited 25 Brak
CLQ.ASX Clean Teq Hldgs Ltd 30 Brak
CLR.ASX Carabella Res Ltd 35 Brak
CLS.ASX CL Asset Holdings 85 Brak
CLT.ASX Cellnet Group 100 Brak
CLV.ASX Clover Corporation 35 YES
CLW.ASX Chtr H Lwr 20 YES
CLX.ASX CTI Logistics 100 Brak
CLYO.ASX Clancy Exploration – Option 09-May-19 100 Brak
CLZ.ASX Classic Min Ltd 100 Brak
CM1.ASX Coolgardie Minerals 100 Brak
CM8.ASX Crowd Media Limited 100 Brak
CMAAQ.ASX Centuria Metro REIT – Units Deferred 100 Brak
CMC.ASX China Magnesium Corp 100 Brak
CMD.ASX Cassius Mining Ltd 100 Brak
CMF.ASX China Mining Ltd 100 Brak
CMG.ASX Chandler Macleod Ltd 50 Brak
CMJ.ASX Consolidated Media. 10 Brak
CML.ASX Chase Mining Limited 100 Brak
CMM.ASX Capricorn Metals 25 Brak
CMP.ASX Compumedics Limited 100 Brak
CMQ.ASX Chemeq Limited 100 Brak
CMR.ASX Compass Resources 100 Brak
CMV.ASX CMA Corporation Ltd 50 Brak
CMW.ASX Cromwell Prop 10 Brak
CMY.ASX Capital Mining 100 Brak
CNA.ASX Corona Resources 20 Brak
CNB.ASX Carnaby Resource Ltd 100 Brak
CNC.ASX Cons Cap Invest Ltd 100 Brak
CNH.ASX China Steel 100 Brak
CNI.ASX Centuria Capital 50 YES
CNJ.ASX Conico Ltd 100 Brak
CNL.ASX Celamin Holdings Ltd 100 Brak
CNP.ASX Cnpr Grp 50 Brak
CNR.ASX Coonawarra Australia 100 Brak
CNU.ASX Chorus Limited 15 YES
CNW.ASX Cirrus Net Hold Ltd 100 Brak
CNX.ASX Carbon Energy 100 Brak
CO1.ASX Cobalt One Ltd 100 Brak
COB.ASX Cobalt Blue Ltd 70 Brak
COE.ASX Cooper Energy Ltd 35 YES
COF.ASX Centuria Office REIT 50 YES
COG.ASX Consolidated Ops Gp 100 Brak
COH.ASX Cochlear Limited 10 YES
COI.ASX Comet Ridge Limited 100 Brak
COJ.ASX Commstrat Limited 100 Brak
COL.ASX Coles Group 5 YES
COO.ASX Corum Group Limited 100 Brak
COU.ASX Count Financial 45 Brak
COW.ASX Cowan Lithium 100 Brak
COY.ASX Coppermoly Limited 100 Brak
CP1.ASX Cannpal Animal 100 Brak
CPA.ASX Commonwealth Prop 15 Brak
CPH.ASX Creso Pharma Ltd 100 Brak
CPI.ASX CPI Group Limited 100 Brak
CPK.ASX CP1 Limited 100 Brak
CPL.ASX Coalspur Mines Ltd 100 Brak
CPN.ASX Caspin Resources 100 Brak
CPS.ASX Computronics Hold. 100 Brak
CPU.ASX Computershare Ltd 10 YES
CPV.ASX Clearvue Technologie 100 Brak
CQC.ASX Cuesta Coal Ltd 100 Brak
CQE.ASX Charter Hall Soc In 25 YES
CQO.ASX Charter Hall Office 20 Brak
CQR.ASX Charter Hall Retail 10 YES
CQT.ASX Conquest Mining 85 Brak
CR1.ASX Constellation Res 100 Brak
CRB.ASX Carbine Resources 100 Brak
CRC.ASX Cortona Resources 100 Brak
CRD.ASX Credible Labs 40 Brak
CRE.ASX Crescent Gold 60 Brak
CRG.ASX Crane Group Limited 10 Brak
CRH.ASX Crowe Horwath Aus 60 Brak
CRL.ASX Comet Resources 100 Brak
CRM.ASX Carbon Minerals Ltd 100 Brak
CRN.ASX Coronado Global Res 45 YES
CRO.ASX Cirralto Ltd 100 Brak
CROO.ASX Cirralto Ltd – Option 28-Jul-23 100 Brak
CRS.ASX Caprice Resources 100 Brak
CSD.ASX Consolidated Tin Min 100 Brak
CSE.ASX Copper Strike Ltd 100 Brak
CSJ.ASX Cs GP100 Aust Trust 100 Brak
CSR.ASX CSR Limited 10 YES
CSS.ASX Clean Seas Ltd 100 Brak
CST.ASX Castile Resources 50 Brak
CSU.ASX Cs100 Emrg Mkt Infra 100 Brak
CSV.ASX CSG Limited 100 Brak
CSW.ASX Credit Suisse Pl100 100 Brak
CT1.ASX Constellation Tech 100 Brak
CTD.ASX Corp Travel Limited 10 YES
CTDNB.ASX Corp Travel Limited – Deferred 100 Brak
CTE.ASX Cryosite Limited 100 Brak
CTL.ASX Centennial Mng Ltd 100 Brak
CTM.ASX Centaurus Metals Ltd 40 Brak
CTMOC.ASX Centaurus Metals Ltd – Opt 31-May-21 100 Brak
CTO.ASX Citigold Corp Ltd 100 Brak
CTP.ASX Central Petroleum 100 Brak
CTY.ASX Country Road Limited 100 Brak
CUE.ASX CUE Energy Resource 100 Brak
CUL.ASX Cullen Resources 100 Brak
CUP.ASX Countplus Limited 100 Brak
CUS.ASX Customers Limited 25 Brak
CUV.ASX Clinuvel Pharmaceut. 15 Brak
CUY.ASX Curnamona Energy Ltd 85 Brak
CV1.ASX Cv Check Ltd 100 Brak
CVA.ASX Clever Com Aus Ltd 100 Brak
CVC.ASX CVC Limited 100 Brak
CVI.ASX CVI Energy Corp Ltd 100 Brak
CVN.ASX Carnarvon Petroleum 30 Brak
CVO.ASX Cover-More Grp Ltd 20 Brak
CVR.ASX Central Asia Res 100 Brak
CVS.ASX Cervantes Corp Ltd 100 Brak
CVV.ASX Caravel Minerals Ltd 100 Brak
CVW.ASX Clearview Wealth Ltd 100 Brak
CVY.ASX Coventry Resources 100 Brak
CWC.ASX China Waste Corp Ltd 100 Brak
CWH.ASX CWH Resources Ltd 100 Brak
CWK.ASX Coalworks Limited 70 Brak
CWKXE.ASX Coalworks Limited – Ent. Orpheus 100 Brak
CWL.ASX Consol Financial Hld 100 Brak
CWN.ASX Crown Resorts Ltd 10 YES
CWP.ASX Cedar Woods Prop. 35 YES
CWT.ASX Challenger Winetrust 85 Brak
CWX.ASX Carawine Resources 100 Brak
CWY.ASX Cleanaway Waste Ltd 10 YES
CXC.ASX Coeur D’Alene Mines. 70 Brak
CXD.ASX CathRx Ltd 100 Brak
CXH.ASX Compass Hotel Group 100 Brak
CXL.ASX Calix Limited 70 Brak
CXM.ASX Centrex Metals 100 Brak
CXO.ASX Core Lithium 100 Brak
CXS.ASX Chemgenex Pharmaceut 60 Brak
CXU.ASX Cauldron Energy Ltd 100 Brak
CXX.ASX Cradle Resources Ltd 100 Brak
CXZ.ASX Connexion Telematics 100 Brak
CY5.ASX Cygnus Gold Limited 100 Brak
CYA.ASX Century Australia 100 Brak
CYC.ASX Cyclopharm Limited 100 Brak
CYG.ASX Coventry Group 100 Brak
CYL.ASX Catalyst Metals 100 YES
CYO.ASX Clarity Oss Ltd 100 Brak
CYP.ASX Cynata Therapeutics 70 Brak
CYQ.ASX Cycliq Group Ltd 100 Brak
CZI.ASX Cassini Resources 100 Brak
CZL.ASX Cons Zinc Ltd 100 Brak
CZN.ASX Corazon Ltd 100 Brak
CZNO.ASX Corazon Ltd – Option 10-Jul-22 100 Brak
CZR.ASX CZR Resources Ltd 100 Brak
CZZ.ASX Capilano Honey Ltd 60 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
D13.ASX Delaware Thirteen 100 Brak
D2O.ASX Duxton Water Ltd 70 Brak
DAF.ASX Discovery Africa Ltd 100 Brak
DAU.ASX Dampier Gold Ltd 100 Brak
DAV.ASX Davenport Resources 100 Brak
DBF.ASX Duxton Broadacre 100 Brak
DCC.ASX Digitalx Limited 100 Brak
DCGDA.ASX Decmil Group Limited 100 Brak
DCL.ASX Domacom Limited 100 Brak
DCN.ASX Dacian Gold Ltd 60 Brak
DDD.ASX 3D Resources Limited 100 Brak
DDDO.ASX 3D Resources Limited – Option 17-Dec-19 100 Brak
DDF.ASX Deutsche Diversified 100 Brak
DDR.ASX Dicker Data Limited 25 YES
DDT.ASX DataDot Technology 100 Brak
DEG.ASX De Grey Mining 50 Brak
DEGRA.ASX De Grey Mining – Rights 31-Jul-19 100 Brak
DEM.ASX De.Mem Ltd 100 Brak
DEV.ASX Devex Resources Ltd 70 Brak
DEX.ASX Duke Exploration 85 Brak
DFM.ASX Dongfang Modern Ag 100 Brak
DGH.ASX Desane Group Hldings 100 Brak
DGO.ASX DGO Gold Limited 60 Brak
DGR.ASX DGR Global Ltd 100 Brak
DGX.ASX Diploma Group Ltd 100 Brak
DHG.ASX Domain Holdings Aus 15 YES
DIG.ASX Asia Pac Digital Ltd 100 Brak
DIT.ASX Deutsche Industrial 100 Brak
DJS.ASX David Jones Limited 10 Brak
DJW.ASX Djerriwarrh 25 Brak
DKM.ASX Duketon Mining 100 Brak
DKN.ASX DKN Financial Group 50 Brak
DLC.ASX Delecta Limited 100 Brak
DLS.ASX Drillsearch Energy 15 Brak
DLX.ASX Duluxgroup Limited 10 Brak
DMA.ASX Dynasty Resources 100 Brak
DME.ASX Dome Gold Mines Ltd 100 Brak
DMG.ASX Dragon Mountain Gold 100 Brak
DML.ASX Discovery Metals Ltd 50 Brak
DMP.ASX Domino Pizza Enterpr 15 YES
DMX.ASX DMX Corporation Ltd 85 Brak
DN8.ASX Dreamscape Netwk Ltd 100 Brak
DNA.ASX Donaco International 100 Brak
DNK.ASX Danakali Limited 70 Brak
DOM.ASX Dominion Mining 20 Brak
DOR.ASX Doriemus PLC 100 Brak
DOT.ASX Deutsche Office 100 Brak
DOW.ASX Downer EDI Limited 10 YES
DRA.ASX Dragon Mining Ltd 100 Brak
DRM.ASX Doray Minerals Ltd 100 Brak
DRMN.ASX Doray Minerals Ltd – Deferred Ex Option 50 Brak
DRO.ASX Droneshield Limited 100 Brak
DRX.ASX Diatreme Resources 100 Brak
DSB.ASX Delta Sbd Limited 100 Brak
DSE.ASX Dropsuite Ltd 100 Brak
DSH.ASX Dshe Holdings Ltd 100 Brak
DSQ.ASX DSQ Holdings Limited 100 Brak
DSX.ASX Decimal Software Ltd 100 Brak
DTE.ASX Dart Energy Ltd 20 Brak
DTI.ASX DTI Group Ltd 100 Brak
DTL.ASX Data#3 Limited 35 YES
DTM.ASX Dart Mining NL 100 Brak
DTR.ASX Dateline Resources 100 Brak
DTS.ASX Dragontail Systems 100 Brak
DTZ.ASX Dotz Nano Ltd 100 Brak
DUB.ASX Dubber Corp Ltd 35 Brak
DUE.ASX Duet Group 10 Brak
DUI.ASX Diversified United 25 Brak
DVA.ASX Diversa Limited 100 Brak
DVL.ASX Dorsavi Ltd 100 Brak
DVN.ASX Devine Limited 100 Brak
DW8.ASX Digital Wine Venture 100 Brak
DWS.ASX DWS Ltd 70 Brak
DXB.ASX Dimerix Ltd 100 Brak
DXF.ASX Ding Sheng Xin Ltd 100 Brak
DXN.ASX DXN Limited 100 Brak
DXNOD.ASX DXN Limited – Option 18-May-23 100 Brak
DYL.ASX Deep Yellow Limited 100 Brak
DTC.ASX Damstra Holdings 60 Brak
DRR.ASX Deterra 15 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
E25.ASX Element 25 Ltd 100 Brak
E2E.ASX Eon Nrg Ltd 100 Brak
E2EO.ASX Eon Nrg Ltd – Option 29-Nov-19 100 Brak
E2ERB.ASX Eon Nrg Ltd – Rights 21-Feb-19 100 Brak
E2M.ASX E2 Metals 100 Brak
E3S.ASX E3Sixty 100 Brak
E88.ASX Ensogo Limited 100 Brak
EAF.ASX Evanspartnersasiafnd 100 Brak
EAI.ASX Ellerston Asian 60 Brak
EAL.ASX E & A Limited 100 Brak
EAR.ASX Echo Resources 70 Brak
EAS.ASX Easton Investments 100 Brak
EAU.ASX Eldorado Gold Corp 15 Brak
EAX.ASX Energy Action Ltd 100 Brak
EBG.ASX Eumundi Group Ltd 100 Brak
EBO.ASX Ebos Group Ltd 60 Brak
ECG.ASX Ecargo Hldg 100 Brak
ECO.ASX Echoice Limited 100 Brak
ECT.ASX Env Clean Tech Ltd. 100 Brak
ECTOC.ASX Env Clean Tech Ltd. – Option 31-Jul-19 100 Brak
ECTR.ASX Env Clean Tech Ltd. – Rights 12-Nov-19 100 Brak
ECV.ASX Ecosave Holdings Ltd 100 Brak
ECX.ASX Eclipx Group Ltd 25 YES
EDC.ASX Eildon Capital Group 100 Brak
EDE.ASX Eden Inv Ltd 70 Brak
EDERA.ASX Eden Inv Ltd – Rights 25-Feb-19 100 Brak
EDT.ASX EDT Retail Trust 100 Brak
EEG.ASX Empire Energy Ltd 100 Brak
EER.ASX East Energy Resource 100 Brak
EFE.ASX Eastern Iron 100 Brak
EFG.ASX Everest Financial 85 Brak
EFT.ASX EFTel Limited 100 Brak
EGA.ASX Egan Street Res Ltd 100 Brak
EGD.ASX E&P Gbl Disruption 55 Brak
EGG.ASX Enero Group Ltd 60 Brak
EGH.ASX Eureka Group Ltd 70 Brak
EGL.ASX Environmental Group 100 Brak
EGN.ASX Engenco Limited 100 Brak
EGO.ASX Empire Oil & Gas 100 Brak
EGY.ASX Energy Tech Ltd 100 Brak
EHE.ASX Estia Health Ltd 25 YES
EHH.ASX Eagle Hlth Hldgs Ltd 100 Brak
EHL.ASX Emeco Holdings 25 YES
EHX.ASX Ehr Resources 100 Brak
EIM.ASX El Corporation Ltd 100 Brak
EKA.ASX Eureka Energy Ltd 60 Brak
ELD.ASX Elders Limited 30 YES
ELDPA.ASX Ctg Pre 3M Per Q T 100 Brak
ELI.ASX Emerging Leaders Inv 100 Brak
ELK.ASX ELK Petroleum 100 Brak
ELO.ASX Elmo Software 45 Brak
ELR.ASX Elsmore Resource Ltd 100 Brak
ELS.ASX Elsight Ltd 100 Brak
ELSO.ASX Elsight Ltd – Option 18-Jun-2021 100 Brak
ELT.ASX Elementos Limited 100 Brak
EM1.ASX Emerge Gaming Ltd 100 Brak
EM1O.ASX Emerge Gaming Ltd – Option 18-Apr-21 100 Brak
EM2.ASX Eagle Mountain 100 Brak
EMB.ASX Embelton Limited 100 Brak
EME.ASX Energy Metals Ltd 100 Brak
EMH.ASX European Metals Hldg 100 Brak
EML.ASX EML Payments Ltd 20 YES
EMM.ASX Electrometals Tech. 100 Brak
EMN.ASX Euromanganese 100 Brak
EMP.ASX Emperor Energy Ltd 100 Brak
EMR.ASX Emerald Res NL 60 Brak
EMV.ASX Emvision Medical 60 Brak
EN1.ASX Engage:Bdr Limited 100 Brak
ENA.ASX Ensurance Ltd 100 Brak
ENB.ASX Eneabba Gas Limited 100 Brak
ENC.ASX Enice Holding Co 100 Brak
ENE.ASX Enevis Ltd 100 Brak
ENG.ASX engin Limited 85 Brak
ENN.ASX Elanor Investors Grp 60 Brak
ENR.ASX Encounter Resources 100 Brak
ENT.ASX Enterprise Metals 100 Brak
ENTXE.ASX Enterprise Metals – ENT. ENT Uranium 100 Brak
ENV.ASX Enova Mining Limited 100 Brak
EOC.ASX Endocoal Limited 70 Brak
EOL.ASX Energy One Limited 70 Brak
EOR.ASX EOR Group Limited 100 Brak
EOS.ASX Electro Optic Sys. 20 Brak
EPA.ASX Ephraim Res Ltd 100 Brak
EPD.ASX Empired Ltd 100 Brak
EPL.ASX Eyecare Partners Ltd 100 Brak
EPM.ASX Eclipse Metals 100 Brak
EPW.ASX ERM Power Limited 35 Brak
EPX.ASX Ethane Pipeline 100 Brak
EPY.ASX e-pay Asia Limited 100 Brak
EQE.ASX Equus Mining Ltd 100 Brak
EQN.ASX Equinox Minerals Ltd 25 Brak
EQT.ASX Equity Hl 50 YES
EQX.ASX Equatorial Res Ltd 100 Brak
ERA.ASX Energy Resources 40 Brak
ERAR.ASX Energy Resources – Rts 04-Dec-19 Forus 100 Brak
EWC.ASX Energy World Corpor. 70 Brak
EX1.ASX Exopharm Limited 100 Brak
EXC.ASX Exterra Res Ltd 100 Brak
EXG.ASX Excelsior Gold Ltd 100 Brak
EXL.ASX Elixinol Global 70 Brak
EXP.ASX Experience Co Ltd 80 Brak
EXR.ASX Elixir Energy Ltd 100 Brak
EXS.ASX Exco Resources Ltd 35 Brak
EXT.ASX Extract Resources 15 Brak
EXU.ASX Explaurum Ltd 100 Brak
EZL.ASX Euroz Limited 70 Brak
EOF.ASX Ecofibre Limited 50 Brak
EVR.ASX Endeavour Min Corp 35 Brak
ESG.ASX Eastern Star Gas 20 Brak
EVN.ASX Evolution Mining Ltd 10 YES
EVT.ASX Event Hospitality 15 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
FAC.ASX Facilitate Digital 100 Brak
FAN.ASX Fantastic Holdings 70 Brak
FAR.ASX FAR Ltd 100 Brak
FAS.ASX Fairstar Resources 100 Brak
FAU.ASX First Au Ltd 100 Brak
FBR.ASX FBR Ltd 70 Brak
FBU.ASX Fletcher Building 15 YES
FCC.ASX First Cobalt Corp. 100 Brak
FCG.ASX Frontier Capital Grp 100 Brak
FCT.ASX Firstwave Cloud Tech 100 Brak
FDM.ASX Freedom Oil Gas 100 Brak
FDV.ASX Frontier Digital Ltd 60 Brak
FDX.ASX Frontier Diamonds 100 Brak
FE8.ASX Faster Enterprises 100 Brak
FEI.ASX Fe Inv Group Ltd 100 Brak
FEL.ASX Fe Limited 100 Brak
FFC.ASX Farmaforce Ltd 100 Brak
FFI.ASX F.F.I. Holdings 100 Brak
FCL.ASX Fineos Corp Hold PLC 60 YES
FWD.ASX Fleetwood Corp 60 Brak
FPA.ASX Fisher & Paykel App. 55 Brak
FTE.ASX Forte Energy NL 55 Brak
FLC.ASX Fluence Corporation 50 Brak
FZO.ASX Family Zone Cyber 40 Brak
FXL.ASX FlexiGroup Limited 35 YES
FMG.ASX Fortescue Metals Grp 5 YES
FXJ.ASX Fairfax Media Ltd 5 Brak
FDCN.ASX Federation Cntres – Def Ex Nvn 10 Brak
FLT.ASX Flight Centre Travel 10 YES
FOX.ASX Twenty-First FOX Inc 10 Brak
FGG.ASX Future Glb Invest Co 20 Brak
FGX.ASX Future Gen Ltd 25 Brak
FPH.ASX Fisher & Paykel H. 15 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
GDF.ASX Garda Prpty Group 60 Brak
GLL.ASX Galilee Energy Ltd 60 Brak
GMD.ASX Genesis Minerals 60 Brak
GPR.ASX Geopacific Resources 60 Brak
GSS.ASX Genetic Signatures 60 Brak
GRR.ASX Grange Resources. 55 YES
GBT.ASX GBST Holdings.. 50 Brak
GHC.ASX Gen Healthcare REIT 50 Brak
GHCN.ASX Gen Healthcare REIT – New 50 Brak
GMM.ASX General Mining Corp 50 Brak
GMI.ASX Global Mining 35 Brak
GIR.ASX Giralia Resources NL 25 Brak
GFF.ASX Goodman Fielder. 10 Brak
GMG.ASX Goodman Group 10 YES
GOZ.ASX Growthpoint Property 10 YES
GCL.ASX Gloucester Coal 15 Brak
GEM.ASX G8 Education Limited 15 YES
GMA.ASX Genworth Mortgage 15 YES
GTY.ASX Gateway Lifestyle 15 Brak
GUD.ASX G.U.D. Holdings 15 YES
GXL.ASX Greencross Limited 15 Brak
GNC.ASX GrainCorp Limited 20 YES
GOR.ASX Gold Road Res Ltd 20 YES
GWA.ASX GWA Group Ltd 20 YES
GXY.ASX Galaxy Resources 20 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
HMC.ASX Home Consortium 60 YES
HUN.ASX Hunnu Coal Limited 35 Brak
HM1.ASX Hearts and Minds 25 Brak
HSN.ASX Hansen Technologies 25 YES
HVN.ASX Harvey Norman 7 YES
HSO.ASX Healthscope Limited 5 Brak
HDF.ASX Apa Sub Grp 15 Brak
HLS.ASX Healius 15 YES
HT1.ASX Ht&E Limited 15 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
ICQ.ASXIcar Asia Ltd65Brak
IMA.ASX Image Resources NL 60 Brak
IMC.ASX Immuron Limited 60 Brak
IMM.ASX Immutep Ltd 60 Brak
IMU.ASX Imugene Limited 60 Brak
IPD.ASX Impedimed Limited 50 Brak
ITX.ASX ITX Group Limited 50 Brak
IGL.ASX Ivegroup 40 YES
IDL.ASX Industrea Limited 35 Brak
IFM.ASX Infomedia Ltd 35 YES
INA.ASX Ingenia Group 35 YES
ICL.ASX Inter Coal Hold Ltd 30 Brak
IMD.ASX Imdex Limited 30 YES
IOH.ASX Iron Ore Holdings 30 Brak
IRN.ASX Indophil Resources 30 Brak
IAG.ASX Insurance Australia 5 YES
ING.ASX Inghams Group 10 YES
IOF.ASX Investa Office Fund 10 Brak
IPH.ASX IPH Limited 10 YES
IPL.ASX Incitec Pivot 10 YES
ITO.ASX Intoll Group 10 Brak
IVC.ASX InvoCare Limited 10 YES
IFL.ASX IOOF Holdings Ltd 15 YES
IGO.ASX IGO Limited 15 YES
IIN.ASX iiNet Limited 15 Brak
ILU.ASX Iluka Resources 15 YES
IEL.ASX Idp Education Ltd 20 YES
IGR.ASX Integra Mining Ltd. 20 Brak
IIF.ASX ING Industrial Fund 20 Brak
INM.ASX Iron Mountain Incorp 20 Brak
IRI.ASX Integrated Research 20 YES
ISF.ASX Isoft Group Limited 20 Brak
IVA.ASX Inova Resources Ltd 20 Brak
IFN.ASX Infigen Energy 25 Brak
IPP.ASX Iproperty Group Ltd 25 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
JML.ASX Jabiru Metals Ltd 60 Brak
JLG.ASX Johns Lyng Group 50 YES
JHC.ASX Japara Healthcare Lt 35 YES
JBH.ASX JB Hi-Fi Limited 10 YES
JHG.ASX Janus Henderson 10 YES
JHX.ASX James Hardie Indust 10 YES
JIN.ASX Jumbo Interactive 20 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
KLA.ASX Kirkland Lake Gold 60 Brak
KLL.ASX Kalium Lakes Ltd 60 Brak
KSL.ASX Kina Securities Ltd 55 Brak
KAR.ASX Karoon Energy Ltd 25 Brak
KDR.ASX Kidman Resources Ltd 15 Brak
KGN.ASX Kogan.Com Ltd 15 YES
KMD.ASX Kathmandu Hold Ltd 20 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
LEG.ASX Legend Mining 60 Brak
LIC.ASX Lifestyle Communit. 60 YES
LTR.ASX Liontown Resources 60 Brak
LDW.ASX Ludowici Limited 50 Brak
LVH.ASX Livehire Limited 50 YES
LVT.ASX Livetiles Limited 50 Brak
LLC.ASX Lendlease Group 10 YES
LNC.ASX Linc Energy Ltd 10 Brak
LNK.ASX Link Admin Hldg 15 YES
LOV.ASX Lovisa Holdings Ltd 20 Brak
LYC.ASX Lynas Corporation 20 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
MHH.ASXMag High Convtn Trst65Brak
MAQ.ASX Macquarie Telecom Gp 60 Brak
MAU.ASX Magnetic Resources 60 Brak
MGV.ASX Musgrave Minerals 60 Brak
MHJ.ASX Michael Hill Int 60 Brak
MME.ASX Moneyme Limited 60 Brak
MOE.ASX Moelis Australia Ltd 60 Brak
MXT.ASX Mcp Master Income 60 Brak
MYL.ASX Myanmar Metals 60 Brak
MCR.ASX Mincor Resources NL 50 YES
MLX.ASX Metals X Limited 50 Brak
MYS.ASX MyState Limited 50 Brak
M7T.ASX Mach7 Tech Limited 35 Brak
MCP.ASX McPherson’s Ltd 35 Brak
MGO.ASX Marengo Mining 35 Brak
MNY.ASX Money3 Corporation 35 Brak
MAH.ASX Macmahon Holdings 30 Brak
MNF.ASX MNF Group Ltd 30 YES
MSF.ASX MSF Sugar Limited 30 Brak
MLT.ASX Milton Corporation 25 Brak
MMX.ASX Murchison Metals Ltd 25 Brak
MRE.ASX Minara Resources 25 Brak
MSB.ASX Mesoblast Limited 25 Brak
MVP.ASX Medical Developments 25 Brak
MGG.ASX Magellan Glob Trust 20 Brak
MGX.ASX Mount Gibson Iron 20 YES
MMM.ASX Marley Spoon 20 Brak
MMS.ASX McMillan Shakespeare 20 YES
MND.ASX Monadelphous Group 20 YES
MRU.ASX Mantra Resources 20 Brak
MYR.ASX Myer Holdings Ltd 20 Brak
MFF.ASX MFF Capital Inv Ltd 15 YES
MFG.ASX Magellan Fin Grp Ltd 15 YES
MP1.ASX Megaport Limited 15 YES
MTR.ASX Mantra Group Ltd 15 Brak
MTU.ASX M2 Grp Ltd 15 Brak
MYO.ASX MYOB Group Ltd 15 Brak
MCC.ASX MacArthur Coal 10 Brak
MGR.ASX Mirvac Group 10 YES
MIN.ASX Mineral Resources. 10 YES
MPL.ASX Medibank Private Ltd 10 YES
MTS.ASX Metcash Limited 10 YES
MYX.ASX Mayne Pharma Ltd 10 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
NEW.ASX NEW Energy Solar 60 Brak
NEU.ASX Neuren Pharmaceut. 50 Brak
NBS.ASX Nexbis Limited 40 Brak
NFK.ASX Norfolk Group 40 Brak
NGEDA.ASX New Guinea Energy – Deferred Settlement 40 Brak
NPX.ASX Nuplex Industries 40 Brak
NWT.ASX Newsat Limited 40 Brak
NGI.ASX Navigator Global Ltd 35 YES
NIC.ASX Nickel Mines Limited 35 YES
NCK.ASX Nick Scali Limited 30 YES
NCZ.ASX New Century Resource 30 Brak
NTC.ASX Netcomm Wireless 30 Brak
NVX.ASX Novonix Limited 30 Brak
NAB.ASX National Aust. Bank 5 YES
NABN.ASX National Aust. Bank – Deferred 5 Brak
NCM.ASX Newcrest Mining 5 YES
NTO.ASX Nitro Software Ltd 20 Brak
NWH.ASX NRW Holdings Limited 20 YES
NAN.ASX Nanosonics Limited 15 YES
NEA.ASX Nearmap Ltd 15 Brak
NHC.ASX New Hope Corporation 15 YES
NHF.ASX NIB Holdings Limited 15 YES
NSR.ASX National Storage 15 YES
NUF.ASX Nufarm Limited 15 YES
NVT.ASX Navitas Limited 15 Brak
NWL.ASX Netwealth Group 15 YES
NWSLV.ASX News Corp.. – A Non-Voting Cdi 1:1 15 Brak
NXT.ASX Nextdc Limited 15 YES
NEC.ASX Nine Entertainment 10 YES
NST.ASX Northern Star 10 YES
NVN.ASX Novion Property Grp 10 Brak
NWS.ASX News Corp.. 10 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
OKU.ASX Oklo Resources Ltd 60 Brak
OVH.ASX Onevue Holdings Ltd 60 Brak
OCL.ASX Objective Corp 55 Brak
OBM.ASX Ora Banda Mining Ltd 50 Brak
OSL.ASX Oncosil Medical 50 Brak
OML.ASX Ooh!Media Limited 35 YES
OPT.ASX Opthea Limited 35 Brak
ORG.ASX Origin Energy 5 YES
ORI.ASX Orica Limited 5 YES
OSH.ASX Oil Search Ltd 5 YES
ORA.ASX Orora Limited 10 YES
OFX.ASX OFX Group Ltd 15 YES
OGC.ASX OceanaGold Corp. 15 Brak
ORE.ASX Orocobre Limited 15 YES
OZL.ASX OZ Minerals 15 YES
OMH.ASX OM Holdings Limited 20 YES
OPH.ASX Ophir High Cf 20 Brak
OKN.ASX Oakton Limited 25 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
PGG.ASXPartners Grp Global65Brak
PAI.ASX Platinum Asia Ltd 60 Brak
PAN.ASX Panoramic Resources 60 Brak
PBP.ASX Probiotec Limited 60 Brak
PCI.ASX Perpetual Cred Trust 60 Brak
PDN.ASX Paladin Energy Ltd 60 Brak
PFP.ASX Propel Funeral 60 Brak
PIH.ASX Prime Infr Group 60 Brak
PYC.ASX PYC Therapeutics 60 Brak
PRV.ASX Premium Investors 55 Brak
PAG.ASX Primeag Australia 50 Brak
PGF.ASX Pm Capital Fund 50 Brak
PLG.ASX Propertylink Grp 50 Brak
PNR.ASX Pantoro Limited 50 Brak
PPC.ASX Peet Limited 50 YES
PAC.ASX Pacific Grp Ltd 35 YES
PLS.ASX Pilbara Min Ltd 35 Brak
PPE.ASX Peopleinfrastructure 35 Brak
PVM.ASX Pmi Gold Corp 35 Brak
PEM.ASX Perilya Limited 30 Brak
PFL.ASX Patties Foods Ltd 30 Brak
PIC.ASX Perpetual Equity Ltd 30 Brak
PPS.ASX Praemium Limited 30 YES
PWH.ASX Pwr Holdings Limited 30 Brak
PAR.ASX Paradigm Bio. 25 YES
PIA.ASX Pengana Int Equ Ltd 25 Brak
PMC.ASX Platinum Capital Ltd 25 Brak
PNI.ASX Pinnacle Investment 25 YES
PNV.ASX Polynovo Limited 25 YES
PRG.ASX Programmed 25 Brak
PRGN.ASX Programmed – Def Ex Ske 25 Brak
PIR.ASX Papillon Res Ltd 20 Brak
PPH.ASX Pushpay Holdings Ltd 20 Brak
PRU.ASX Perseus Mining Ltd 20 YES
PBG.ASX Pacific Brands 15 Brak
PBH.ASX Pointsbet Holdings 15 YES
PDL.ASX Pendal Group Ltd 15 YES
PGH.ASX Pact Group Hldgs Ltd 15 YES
PME.ASX Pro Medicus Limited 15 YES
PMV.ASX Premier Investments 15 YES
PNA.ASX PanAust Limited 15 Brak
PRN.ASX Perenti Global Ltd 15 YES
PPT.ASX Perpetual Limited 10 YES
PTM.ASX Platinum Asset 10 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
QVE.ASXQv Equities Limited60Brak
QAN.ASX Qantas Airways 15 YES
QUB.ASX Qube Holdings Ltd 10 YES
QBE.ASX QBE Insurance Group 5 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
RAC.ASX Race Oncology Ltd 60 Brak
RDC.ASX Redcape Hotel Group 60 Brak
REX.ASX Regional Express 60 Brak
RMC.ASX Resimac Grp Ltd 60 Brak
RXL.ASX Rox Resources 60 Brak
RAP.ASX Resapp Health Ltd 50 Brak
RCI.ASX Rocklands Rich. Ltd 50 Brak
RIC.ASX Ridley Corporation 50 YES
ROL.ASX Robust Resources 50 Brak
RQL.ASX Resource Equip Ltd 50 Brak
RUL.ASX Rpmglobal Hldgs Ltd 50 YES
RFF.ASX Rural Funds Group 40 Brak
RHP.ASX Rhipe Ltd 40 YES
RED.ASX Red 5 Limited 30 YES
RMS.ASX Ramelius Resources 30 YES
RIO.ASX Rio Tinto Limited 5 YES
RHC.ASX Ramsay Health Care 10 YES
RMD.ASX ResMed Inc. 10 YES
ROC.ASX ROC Oil Company 10 Brak
RBL.ASX Redbubble Limited 15 Brak
REC.ASX Recall Holdings Ltd 15 Brak
RRL.ASX Regis Resources 15 YES
RSG.ASX Resolute Mining 15 YES
RWC.ASX Reliance Worldwide 15 YES
REH.ASX Reece Limited 20 YES
RIV.ASX Riversdale Mining 20 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
SDV.ASX Scidev Ltd 60 Brak
SKT.ASX Sky Network 60 Brak
SLM.ASX Salmat Limited 60 Brak
SMP.ASX Smartpay Holdings 60 Brak
SMR.ASX Stanmore Coal Ltd 60 Brak
SO4.ASX Salt Lake Potash Ltd 60 Brak
SRG.ASX SRG Global Ltd 60 Brak
ST1.ASX Spirit Technology 60 Brak
STA.ASX Strandline Res Ltd 60 Brak
SVL.ASX Silver Mines Limited 60 Brak
STX.ASX Strike Energy Ltd 55 Brak
SLCN.ASX Superloop Limited – Def Ex Bgl 50 Brak
SM1.ASX Synlait Milk Ltd 50 Brak
SRV.ASX Servcorp Limited 50 YES
SVWPA.ASX Tr Pre 3M Per Q Rd 50 Brak
SPL.ASX Starpharma Holdings 35 YES
SWF.ASX Selfwealth 35 Brak
SEK.ASX Seek Limited 30 YES
SGF.ASX SG Fleet Group Ltd 30 YES
SPT.ASX Splitit 30 Brak
STBXE.ASX South Boulder Mines – Ent. Duk.Mining 30 Brak
SYR.ASX Syrah Resources 30 Brak
SZL.ASX Sezzle Inc. 30 Brak
S32.ASX South32 Limited 5 YES
STO.ASX Santos Ltd 5 YES
STOXX.ASX Placement 5 Brak
SUNPD.ASX Cn 3M 11-23 Q Rd 5 Brak
SCG.ASX Scentre Grp 10 YES
SDF.ASX Steadfast Group Ltd 10 YES
SGM.ASX Sims Limited 10 YES
SGP.ASX Stockland 10 YES
SGR.ASX The Star Ent Grp 10 YES
SHL.ASX Sonic Healthcare 10 YES
SKI.ASX Spark Infrastructure 10 YES
SUN.ASX Suncorp Group Ltd 10 YES
SVW.ASX Seven Group Holdings 10 YES
SWM.ASX Seven West Media Ltd 10 Brak
SYD.ASX SYD Airport 10 YES
SAI.ASX SAI Global Limited 15 Brak
SAR.ASX Saracen Mineral 15 YES
SBM.ASX St Barbara Limited 15 YES
SGT.ASX Singapore Telecomm. 15 Brak
SIQ.ASX Smartgrp Corporation 15 YES
SKC.ASX Skycity Ent Grp Ltd 15 YES
SKIAQ.ASX Spark Infrastructure – Stapled Usprohib Def 15 Brak
SLR.ASX Silver Lake Resource 15 YES
SLRN.ASX Silver Lake Resource – Def Ex Drm 15 Brak
SPK.ASX Spark New Zealand 15 YES
SRX.ASX Sirtex Medical 15 Brak
SUL.ASX Super Ret Rep Ltd 15 YES
SXY.ASX Senex Energy Limited 15 YES
SCP.ASX SCA Property Group 20 YES
SEH.ASX Sino Gas Energy 20 Brak
SFR.ASX Sandfire Resources 20 YES
SHV.ASX Select Harvests 20 YES
SIG.ASX Sigma Health Ltd 20 YES
SOL.ASX Soul Pattinson (W.H) 20 YES
SDM.ASX Sedgman Limited 25 Brak
SIR.ASX Sirius Resources NL 25 Brak
SKE.ASX Skilled Group Ltd 25 Brak
SLK.ASX Sealink Travel Grp 25 Brak
SSM.ASX Service Stream 25 YES
SSR.ASX SSR Mining Inc. 25 YES
SXL.ASX Sthn Cross Media 25 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
TBR.ASX Tribune Res Ltd 60 Brak
TGP.ASX 360 Capital Grp 60 Brak
TIE.ASX Tietto Minerals 60 Brak
TLG.ASX Talga Resources 60 Brak
TGG.ASX Templeton Global 55 Brak
TTY.ASX Territory Resources 55 Brak
TCH.ASX Touchcorp Ltd 50 Brak
TGZ.ASX Teranga Gold Corp 50 Brak
TIA.ASX Tian An Aust Limited 50 Brak
TNT.ASX Tesserent Limited 50 Brak
TUA.ASX Tuas Limited 50 YES
TLX.ASX Telix Pharmaceutical 35 Brak
TWO.ASX Talent2 Internation 35 Brak
TAHN.ASX TABCORP Holdings Ltd – New 5 Brak
TCL.ASX Transurban Group 5 YES
TLS.ASX Telstra Corporation. 5 YES
TAL.ASX Tower Australia 10 Brak
TAN.ASX Tandou Limited 10 Brak
TOL.ASX Toll Holdings Ltd 10 Brak
TPG.ASX TPG Telecom Limited 10 YES
TPM.ASX TPG Telecom Limited 10 Brak
TTS.ASX Tatts Group Ltd 10 Brak
TWE.ASX Treasury Wine Estate 10 YES
TME.ASX Trade Me Group 15 Brak
TNE.ASX Technology One 15 YES
TPW.ASX Temple & Webster Ltd 15 YES
TGR.ASX Tassal Group Limited 25 YES
TSI.ASX Transfield Serv Infr 25 Brak
TYR.ASX Tyro Payments 20 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
UMG.ASX United Malt Group 30 YES
UWL.ASX Uniti Group Ltd 30 Brak
UXC.ASX UXC Limited 20 Brak
UGL.ASX UGL Limited 15 Brak
URW.ASX Unibailrodawestfield 10 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
VAH.ASX Virgin Aus Hldg Ltd 60 Brak
VG1.ASX Vgi Partners Global 60 Brak
VGI.ASX VGI Partners Limited 60 Brak
VLW.ASX Villa World Ltd. 60 Brak
VMT.ASX Vmoto Limited 60 Brak
VEI.ASX Vision Eye Institute 35 Brak
VRL.ASX Village Roadshow Ltd 35 YES
VCX.ASX Vicinity Centres 5 YES
VOC.ASX Vocus Group Ltd 10 YES
VUK.ASX Virgin Money Uk PLC 15 YES
VED.ASX Veda Group Ltd 20 Brak
VRT.ASX Virtus Health Ltd 20 YES
VEA.ASX Viva Energy Group 25 YES
VPG.ASX Vodafone Group PLC. 25 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
WAF.ASXWest African Res Ltd60Brak
WHF.ASX Whitefield Ltd 55 Brak
WBT.ASX Weebit Nano Ltd 50 Brak
WWA.ASX Wridgways Australia 50 Brak
WHS.ASX Warehouse Group 55 Brak
WQG.ASX Wcm Global Growth 35 Brak
WZR.ASX Wisr Ltd 35 Brak
WCL.ASX Westside Corporation 30 Brak
WPP.ASX WPP Aunz Ltd 30 Brak
WBC.ASX Westpac Banking Corp 5 YES
WBCN.ASX Westpac Banking Corp – New 5 Brak
WDC.ASX Westfield Group 5 Brak
WES.ASX Wesfarmers Limited 5 YES
WESN.ASX Wesfarmers Limited – Partially Protected 5 Brak
WFD.ASX Westfield Corp 5 Brak
WPL.ASX Woodside Petroleum 5 YES
WOW.ASX Woolworths Group Ltd 3 YES
WEB.ASX Webjet Limited 10 YES
WOR.ASX Worley Limited 10 YES
WRT.ASX Westfield Retail Tst 10 Brak
WHC.ASX Whitehaven Coal 15 YES
WSA.ASX Western Areas Ltd 15 YES
WTC.ASX Wisetech Global Ltd 15 YES
WTF.ASX Holdings 15 Brak
WAM.ASX WAM Capital Limited 20 Brak
WGB.ASX WAM Global Limited 20 Brak
WGX.ASX Westgold Resources. 20 YES
WLE.ASX WAM Leaders Limited 20 Brak
WMI.ASX WAM Microcap Limited 20 Brak
WPR.ASX Waypoint REIT 20 YES
WSP.ASX Whispir Limited 20 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
XIP.ASX Xenith Ip Group Ltd60Brak
XRO.ASX Xero Ltd 10 YES
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
YALN.ASX Yancoal Aust Ltd – Cvr Shares 15 Brak
SecCode Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
ZEL.ASX Z Energy Ltd. 60 YES
ZEN.ASX Zenith Energy Ltd 60 Brak
ZNO.ASX Zoono Group Ltd 30 Brak
Z1P.ASX Zip Co Ltd. 20 YES
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
AAAPNASAdvanced Accelerator Applications SA100No
AABANASAltaba Inc20Tak
AALNASAmerican Airlines Group Inc10Tak
AAMENASAtlantic American Corporation15Tak
AAOINASApplied Optoelectronics Inc10Tak
AAPLNASApple Inc5Tak
AAWWNASAtlas Air Worldwide Holdings15Tak
AAXJNASiShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan15No
AAXNNASAxon Enterprise Inc40No
ABAXNASAbaxis Inc25No
ABCBNASAmeris Bancorp15Tak
ABCDNASCambium Learning Group Inc80No
ABIONASARCA Biopharma Inc50No
ACADNASAcadia Pharmaceuticals Inc30Tak
ACBINASAtlantic Capital Bancshares Inc40Tak
ACETNASAceto Corporation25Tak
ACGLNASArch Capital Group Ltd10Tak
ACHCNASAcadia Healthcare Company Inc100No
ACHNNASAchillion Pharmaceuticals Inc50Tak
ACIWNASACI Worldwide Inc15Tak
ACLSNASAxcelis Technologies Inc30No
ACORNASAcorda Therapeutics Inc15Tak
ACXMNASAcxiom Holdings Inc15No
ADBENASAdobe Inc10Tak
ADINASAnalog Devices Inc10Tak
ADMPNASAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation100No
ADPNASAutomatic Data Processing Inc5Tak
ADRONASAduro Biotech Inc100No
ADSKNASAutodesk Inc10Tak
ADUSNASAddus HomeCare Corp30Tak
AEGNNASAegion Corporation20Tak
AEHRNASAehr Test Systems50Tak
AEISNASAdvanced Energy Industries Inc20Tak
AERINASAerie Pharmaceuticals Inc30Tak
AEZSNASAeterna Zentaris Inc100No
AFSINASAmTrust Financial Services Inc15No
AGENNASAgenus Inc35No
AGIONASAgios Pharmaceuticals Inc20Tak
AGNCNASAGNC Investment Corporation10No
AGTCNASApplied Genetic Technologies Corporation100Tak
AGYSNASAgilysys Inc25Tak
AHPINASAllied Healthcare Products Inc50No
AIMCNASAltra Industrial Motion Corporation15Tak
AINVNASApollo Investment Corporation15No
AKAMNASAkamai Technologies Inc10Tak
AKRXNASAkorn Inc25Tak
ALCONASAlico Inc35Tak
ALGNNASAlign Technology Inc10Tak
ALGTNASAllegiant Travel Company15Tak
ALKSNASAlkermes Plc10Tak
ALNYNASAlnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc15Tak
ALOTNASAstroNova Inc30No
ALRMNASAlarm com Holdings Inc20No
ALRNNASAileron Therapeutics Inc100No
ALSKNASAlaska Communications Systems Group Inc15Tak
ALTRNASAltair Engineering Inc10No
ALXNNASAlexion Pharmaceuticals Inc10Tak
AMAGNASAMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc25Tak
AMATNASApplied Materials Inc10Tak
AMBANASAmbarella Inc15Tak
AMBCNASAmbac Financial Group Inc10Tak
AMCNNASAirMedia Group Inc25No
AMCXNASAMC Networks Inc10Tak
AMDNASAdvanced Micro Devices Inc10Tak
AMEDNASAmedisys Inc20Tak
AMGNNASAmgen Inc10Tak
AMKRNASAmkor Technology Inc20Tak
AMNBNASAmerican National Bankshares Inc25Tak
AMOTNASAllied Motion Technologies Inc20Tak
AMRBNASAmerican River Bankshares25Tak
AMRNNASAmarin Corp PLC25Tak
AMSCNASAmerican Superconductor Corp20No
AMSWANASAmerican Software Inc – Class A Common Stock20Tak
AMTDNASTD Ameritrade Holding Corporation10Tak
AMTXNASAemetis Inc20No
AMWDNASAmerican Woodmark Corp20Tak
AMZNNASAmazon com10Tak
ANATNASAmerican National Insurance Company15Tak
ANDENASAndersons Inc15Tak
ANGINASANGI Homeservices Inc30No
ANGONASAngioDynamics Inc20Tak
ANIKNASAnika Therapeutics Inc35Tak
ANIXNASAnixa Biosciences Inc100No
ANYNASSphere 3D Corporation100No
APEINASAmerican Public Education Inc15Tak
APOGNASApogee Enterprises Inc25Tak
APPFNASAppFolio Inc70Tak
APPNNASAppian Corporation20Tak
APRINASApricus Biosciences Inc40No
ARAYNASAccuray Incorporated15Tak
ARCCNASAres Capital Corporation20Tak
ARCINASAppliance Recycling Centers of America50No
ARDMNASAradigm Corporation100No
AREXNASApproach Resources Inc10Tak
ARIINASAmerican Railcar Industries Inc15No
ARKRNASArk Restaurants Corporation20Tak
ARLPNASAlliance Resource Partners LP20Tak
ARNANASArena Pharmaceuticals Inc20Tak
AROWNASArrow Financial Corporation15Tak
ARQLNASArQule Inc20Tak
ARRSNASARRIS International PLC10Tak
ARRYNASArray Biopharma Inc35Tak
ARTNANASArtesian Resources Corporation – Class A Common Stock25Tak
ARTWNASArts Way Manufacturing Co Inc50No
ARTXNASArotech Corporation25Tak
ARWRNASArrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc15Tak
ASCMANASAscent Capital Group Inc – Series A Common Stock20No
ASFINASAsta Funding Inc25Tak
ASNANASAscena Retail Group Inc10Tak
ASPSNASAltisource Portfolio Solutions SA20Tak
ASTCNASAstrotech Corporation100No
ASTENASAstec Industries Inc15Tak
ASYSNASAmtech Systems Inc15Tak
ATAXNASAmerica First Multifamily Investors LP25Tak
ATECNASAlphatec Holdings Inc15No
ATHNNASAthenahealth Inc10Tak
ATLONASAmes National Corporation20Tak
ATNINASATN International Inc15Tak
ATOSNASAtossa Genetics Inc100No
ATRINASAtrion Corporation15Tak
ATRONASAstronics Corporation25Tak
ATSGNASAir Transport Services Group Inc20Tak
ATTUNASAttunity Ltd100Tak
ATVINASActivision Blizzard Inc15Tak
AUBNNASAuburn National Bancorporation Inc35Tak
AUDCNASAudioCodes Ltd15Tak
AVAVNASAeroVironment Inc15Tak
AVEONASAVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc100Tak
AVGONASBroadcom Inc5Tak
AVHINASA V Homes Inc30No
AVIDNASAvid Technology Inc20Tak
AVNWNASAviat Networks Inc15No
AXASNASAbraxas Petroleum Corporation20Tak
AXDXNASAccelerate Diagnostics Inc50No
AZPNNASAspen Technology Inc20Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
BABYNASNatus Medical Inc15Tak
BANFNASBancFirst Corporation100Tak
BANRNASBanner Corporation25No
BBBYNASBed Bath and Beyond Inc20Tak
BBOXNASBlack Box Corporation20No
BBSINASBarrett Business Services Inc35Tak
BCORNASBlucora Inc25Tak
BCOVNASBrightcove Inc40Tak
BCPCNASBalchem Corporation10Tak
BCRXNASBioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc20Tak
BDGENASBridge Bancorp Inc35Tak
BDSINASBioDelivery Sciences International Inc20Tak
BEATNASBioTelemetry Inc15No
BECNNASBeacon Roofing Supply Inc15Tak
BELFANASBel Fuse Inc – Class A Common Stock50Tak
BELFBNASBel Fuse Inc – Class B Common Stock25Tak
BFINNASBankFinancial Corporation100Tak
BGCPNASBGC Partners Inc25Tak
BGFVNASBig 5 Sporting Goods Corporation25Tak
BHFNASBrighthouse Financial Inc10No
BIBNASProShares Ultra NASDAQ Biotechnology10No
BIDUNASBaidu Inc15Tak
BIIBNASBiogen Inc10Tak
BILINASBilibili Inc100Tak
BIOCNASBiocept Inc15No
BIOLNASBiolase Inc60No
BIOSNASBioscrip Inc15Tak
BJRINASBJs Restaurants Inc10Tak
BKNGNASBooking Holdings Inc10Tak
BLCMNASBellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
BLDPNASBallard Power Systems Inc25No
BLDRNASBuilders First Source Inc15Tak
BLFSNASBioLife Solutions Inc70No
BLINNASBridgeline Digital Inc100No
BLKBNASBlackbaud Inc15Tak
BLNKNASBlink Charging Company100No
BLRXNASBioLineRx Ltd50Tak
BMRNNASBiomarin Pharmaceutical Inc10Tak
BMTCNASBryn Mawr Bank Corporation25Tak
BNFTNASBenefitfocus Inc20Tak
BOFINASAxos Financial Inc20No
BOKFNASBOK Financial Corporation10Tak
BOTZNASGlobal X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF100No
BOXLNASBoxlight Corporation100No
BPFHNASBoston Private Financial Holdings Inc35Tak
BPMCNASBlueprint Medicines Corporation30Tak
BPOPNASPopular Inc15No
BREWNASCraft Brew Alliance Inc35Tak
BRIDNASBridgford Foods Corp50Tak
BRKLNASBrookline Bancorp Inc25Tak
BRKRNASBruker Corporation15Tak
BRKSNASBrooks Automation Inc25Tak
BSRRNASSierra Bancorp20Tak
BSTCNASBioSpecifics Technologies Corp50Tak
BYFCNASBroadway Financial Corp100No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
CAASNASChina Automotive Systems Inc20Tak
CACNASCamden National Corporation10Tak
CACCNASCredit Acceptance Corporation15Tak
CADXNASCadence Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
CAKENASCheesecake Factory Inc15Tak
CALMNASCal Maine Foods Inc15Tak
CAMPNASCalAmp Corp20Tak
CAMTNASCamtek Ltd50Tak
CAPRNASCapricor Therapeutics Inc100No
CARNASAvis Budget Group Inc25Tak
CARANASCara Therapeutics Inc40Tak
CARVNASCarver Bancorp Inc New50No
CASSNASCass Information Systems Inc20Tak
CASYNASCaseys General Stores Inc10Tak
CATMNASCardtronics PLC15Tak
CATYNASCathay General Bancorp20Tak
CBANNASColony Bankcorp Inc25Tak
CBLINASCleveland BioLabs Inc50No
CBPONASChina Bioligic Products Holdings Inc15Tak
CBRLNASCracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc15Tak
CBSHNASCommerce Bancshares Inc10Tak
CCCLNASChina Ceramics Co Ltd100No
CCMPNASCabot Microelectronics Corporation15Tak
CCNENASCNB Financial Corporation20Tak
CCOINASCogent Communications Holdings Inc15Tak
CCRNNASCross Country Health25Tak
CDNSNASCadence Design Systems Inc20Tak
CDWNASCDW Corporation5Tak
CDXCNASChromaDex Corporation20Tak
CDXSNASCodexis Inc100No
CDZINASCadiz Inc25Tak
CECONASCareer Education Corp10Tak
CELGNASCelgene Corporation10Tak
CENTNASCentral Garden and Pet Co15Tak
CENTANASCentral Garden and Pet Co – Class A Common Stock25Tak
CENXNASCentury Aluminum Co25Tak
CERNNASCerner Corp15Tak
CERSNASCerus Corp35Tak
CETVNASCentral European Media Enterprises Ltd15Tak
CFBKNASCentral Federal Corporation35No
CFFNNASCapitol Federal Financial Inc15No
CGENNASCompugen Ltd20Tak
CGNXNASCognex Corporation15Tak
CHCINASComstock Holding Companies Inc50No
CHCONASCity Holding Company25Tak
CHDNNASChurchill Downs Inc15Tak
CHFCNASChemical Financial Corporation10Tak
CHKENASCherokee Inc15Tak
CHKPNASCheck Point Software Technologies Inc15Tak
CHLNNASChina Housing and Land Development Inc25No
CHNRNASChina Natural Resources Inc15No
CHRSNASCoherus BioSciences Inc15No
CHRWNASCH Robinson Worldwide Inc5Tak
CHTRNASCharter Communications Inc New10Tak
CINFNASCincinnati Financial Corporation10Tak
CLDXNASCelldex Therapeutics Inc25No
CLFDNASClearfield Inc30Tak
CLMTNASCalumet Specialty Products Partners LP20Tak
CLNENASClean Energy Fuels Corp15Tak
CLSNNASCelsion Corp100No
CLVSNASClovis Oncology Inc15Tak
CLWTNASEuro Tech Holdings Company Ltd New75No
CLXTNASCalyst Inc70No
CMCONASColumbus McKinnon Corporation15Tak
CMCSANASComcast Corporation – Class A Common Stock5Tak
CMENASCME Group Inc10Tak
CMLSNASCumulus Media Inc25No
CMTLNASComtech Telecommunications Corporation15Tak
CNATNASConatus Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
CNMDNASCONMED Corporation25Tak
CNSLNASConsolidated Communications Holdings Inc15Tak
CNTFNASChina Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd15No
CNTYNASCentury Casinos Inc15Tak
COBZNASCoBiz Financial Inc15No
COHRNASCoherent Inc20Tak
COHUNASCohu Inc25Tak
COKENASCoca Cola Consolidated Inc10Tak
COLBNASColumbia Banking System Inc25Tak
COLMNASColumbia Sportswear Company10Tak
CONENASCyrusOne Inc100No
CONNNASConns Inc20Tak
CORENASCore Mark Holding Company Inc15Tak
COSTNASCostco Wholesale Corporation5Tak
COUPNASCoupa Software Inc70Tak
COWNNASCowen Inc15No
CPHCNASCanterbury Park Holding Corporation New25No
CPLANASCapella Education Company10No
CPLPNASCapital Product Partners LP15Tak
CPRTNASCopart Inc10Tak
CPRXNASCatalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc100Tak
CPSINASComputer Programs and Systems Inc25Tak
CPSSNASConsumer Portfolio Services Inc100Tak
CPSTNASCapstone Turbine Corporation20No
CRAINASCRA International Inc15Tak
CRAYNASCray Inc100Tak
CRBPNASCorbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc30Tak
CREENASCree Inc10Tak
CRESYNASCresud Sacifya – ADS25Tak
CRISNASCuris Inc100No
CRNTNASCeragon Networks Ltd25Tak
CROXNASCrocs Inc20Tak
CRSPNASCRISPR Therapeutics AG15Tak
CRUSNASCirrus Logic Inc20Tak
CRVLNASCorVel Corp25Tak
CRZONASCarrizo Oil and Gas Inc35Tak
CSBRNASChampions Oncology Inc100No
CSCONASCisco Systems Inc10Tak
CSFLNASCenterState Bank Corporation100Tak
CSGPNASCoStar Group Inc15Tak
CSGSNASCSG Systems International Inc15Tak
CSIQNASCanadian Solar Inc15Tak
CSTRNASCapStar Financial Holdings Inc15No
CSWCNASCapital Southwest Corporation100Tak
CSXNASCSX Corporation10Tak
CTASNASCintas Corporation5Tak
CTIBNASCTI Industries Corp100No
CTICNASCTI BioPharma Corporation25No
CTRLNASControl4 Corporation100Tak
CTRNNASCiti Trends Inc15Tak
CTRPNASCtrip Com International Ltd15Tak
CTSHNASCognizant Technology Solutions Corporation10Tak
CTWSNASConnecticut Water Services Inc10Tak
CTXSNASCitrix Systems Inc10Tak
CUTRNASCutera Inc25Tak
CVBFNASCVB Financial Corporation10Tak
CVCONASCavco Industries Inc15Tak
CVGINASCommercial Vehicle Group Inc100Tak
CVGWNASCalavo Growers Inc25Tak
CVLTNASCommVault Systems Inc10Tak
CVLYNASCodorus Valley Bancorp Inc100Tak
CVTINASCovenant Transportation Group Inc100Tak
CVVNASCVD Equipment Corp100Tak
CYNASCypress Semiconductor Corporation15No
CYBENASCyberOptics Corp100Tak
CYBRNASCyberArk Software Ltd20Tak
CYCCNASCyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
CYOUNASChangyou com Limited15Tak
CYTKNASCytokinetics Inc35No
CYTXNASCytori Therapeutics Inc100No
CZRNASCaesars Entertainment Corporation30No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
DAIONASData I O Corp100Tak
DAKTNASDaktronics Inc20Tak
DARENASDare Bioscience Inc100No
DAVENASFamous Daves of America Inc10No
DAXNASGlobal X Funds Global X DAX Germany ETF100No
DBLENASDouble Eagle Petroleum Company100No
DCOMNASDime Community Bancshares Inc20Tak
DENNNASDennys Corporation100Tak
DESTNASDestination Maternity Corp100Tak
DFFNNASDiffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
DGIINASDigi International Inc25Tak
DGLDNASVS 3x Inverse Gold linked to S&P GSCI Gold Index Excess Return100Tak
DIODNASDiodes Inc20Tak
DISCANASDiscovery Inc – Series A Common Stock10Tak
DISCKNASDiscovery Inc – Series C Common Stock10Tak
DISHNASDISH Network Corporation10Tak
DJCONASDaily Journal Corp100Tak
DLTRNASDollar Tree Inc10Tak
DNBFNASDNB Financial Corporation100Tak
DNKNNASDunkin Brands Group Inc20Tak
DNLINASDenali Therapeutics Inc30Tak
DOCUNASDocuSign Inc20Tak
DORMNASDorman Products Inc10Tak
DRADNASDigirad Corporation100Tak
DRIVNASGlobal X Autonomous and Electric Vehicles50No
DRRXNASDurect Corp75Tak
DRYSNASDryships Inc25No
DSLVNASVS 3x Inverse Silver linked to S&P GSCI Silver Inverse Index100Tak
DTEANASDavids Tea Inc100No
DUSANASDavis Select US Equity100No
DVAXNASDynavax Technologies Corp75No
DWCHNASDatawatch Corp100No
DWSNNASDawson Geophysical Company15No
DXCMNASDexCom Inc30Tak
DXJSNASWisdomTree Japan Hedged SmallCap Equity Fund40No
DXYNNASDixie Group Inc100Tak
DYNTNASDynatronics Corp100No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
EANASElectronic Arts Inc5Tak
EBIXNASEbix Inc60Tak
EBMTNASEagle Bancorp Montana Inc100Tak
EBSBNASMeridian Bancorp Inc15No
ECHONASEcho Global Logistics Inc10Tak
ECOLNASUS Ecology Inc10Tak
ECPGNASEncore Capital Group Inc25Tak
EDUCNASEducational Development Corporation100No
EEFTNASEuronet Worldwide Inc10Tak
EEINASEcology and Environment Inc15No
EFIINASElectronics for Imaging Inc20Tak
EGANNASeGain Corporation100Tak
EGLENASEagle Bulk Shipping Inc20No
EHTHNASeHealth Inc15Tak
ELONNASEchelon Corp20No
ELSENASElectro Sensors Inc100No
EMCINASEMC Insurance Group Inc100Tak
EMMSNASEmmis Communications Corporation100No
ENDPNASEndo International PLC10Tak
ENGNASENGlobal Corp25Tak
ENSGNASEnsign Group Inc25Tak
ENTGNASEntegris Inc20Tak
EPAYNASBottomline Technologies Delaware Inc25Tak
EQIXNASEquinix Inc10No
ERIENASErie Indemnity Company15Tak
ERIINASEnergy Recovery Inc15Tak
ESCANASEscalade Inc100Tak
ESEANASEuroseas Ltd15No
ESGRNASEnstar Group Ltd15Tak
ESIONASElectro Scientific Industries Inc25Tak
ESLTNASElbit Systems Ltd15Tak
ESRXNASExpress Scripts Holding Company5No
ESSANASESSA Bancorp Inc15Tak
ETFCNASE Trade Financial Corporation15Tak
ETSYNASEtsy Inc20Tak
EWBCNASEast West Bancorp Inc15Tak
EXASNASEXACT Sciences Corporation10Tak
EXELNASExelixis Inc15Tak
EXLSNASExlService Holdings Inc25Tak
EXPDNASExpeditors International of Washington Inc5Tak
EXPENASExpedia Group Inc10Tak
EXPONASExponent Inc25Tak
EXTRNASExtreme Networks Inc25Tak
EYENASNational Vision Holdings Inc100No
EYESNASSecond Sight Medical Products Inc70No
EYPTNASEyePoint Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
FARMNASFarmer Brothers Company10Tak
FARONASFARO Technologies Inc15Tak
FASTNASFastenal Company5Tak
FBNASFacebook Inc5Tak
FBNCNASFirst Bancorp100Tak
FBSSNASFauquier Bankshares Inc100Tak
FCALNASFirst Trust California Municipal High Income100No
FCAPNASFirst Capital Inc100Tak
FCELNASFuelCell Energy Inc20No
FCFSNASFirstCash Inc20No
FCNCANASFirst Citizen Bancshares Inc – Class A Common Stock100Tak
FCSNASFairchild Semiconductor International Inc10No
FDEFNASFirst Defiance Financial Corporation100Tak
FEIMNASFrequency Electronics Inc25Tak
FELENASFranklin Electric Company Inc15Tak
FEYENASFireEye Inc10Tak
FFBCNASFirst Financial Bancorp10Tak
FFICNASFlushing Financial Corporation10Tak
FFINNASFirst Financial Bankshares Inc10Tak
FFIVNASF5 Networks Inc10Tak
FFKTNASFarmers Capital Bank Corporation100No
FGENNASFibroGen Inc100No
FISVNASFiserv Inc10Tak
FITBNASFifth Third Bancorp5Tak
FIVENASFive Below Inc10Tak
FIZZNASNational Beverage Corporation25Tak
FLEXNASFlex Ltd15Tak
FLICNASFirst Of Long Island Corporation10Tak
FLIRNASFLIR Systems Inc10Tak
FLWSNAS1 800 Flowers Com100Tak
FLXSNASFlexsteel Industries Inc100Tak
FMBINASFirst Midwest Bancorp Inc25Tak
FMINASFoundation Medicine Inc50No
FNGNNASFinancial Engines Inc10No
FNKONASFunko Inc100No
FNSRNASFinisar Corp25No
FOLDNASAmicus Therapeutics Inc5Tak
FONRNASFonar Corporation35Tak
FORDNASForward Industries Inc100No
FORMNASFormFactor Inc10Tak
FORRNASForrester Research Inc25Tak
FOSLNASFossil Group Inc10Tak
FOXNASTwenty First Century Fox Inc3Tak
FOXANASTwenty First Century Fox Inc3Tak
FOXFNASFox Factory Holding Corporation30Tak
FRBKNASRepublic First Bancorp Inc100Tak
FREDNASFreds Inc20Tak
FRMENASFirst Merchants Corporation10Tak
FRPTNASFreshpet Inc20No
FSLRNASFirst Solar Inc10Tak
FSTRNASL B Foster Company100Tak
FTEKNASFuel Tech Inc20No
FTNTNASFortinet Inc10Tak
FTRNASFrontier Communications Corporation100No
FULTNASFulton Financial Corporation15Tak
FUNCNASFirst United Corporation100Tak
FWRDNASForward Air Corporation15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
GABCNASGerman American Bancorp Inc100Tak
GBCINASGlacier Bancorp Inc15Tak
GBNKNASGuaranty Bancorp100No
GBTNASGlobal Blood Therapeutics Inc15Tak
GENENASGenetic Technologies Ltd50No
GEOSNASGeospace Technologies Corporation20Tak
GERNNASGeron Corp15Tak
GFEDNASGuaranty Federal Bancshares Inc100Tak
GGALNASGrupo Financiero Galicia Sa15Tak
GHDXNASGenomic Health Inc15Tak
GIFINASGulf Island Fabrication Inc15Tak
GIGMNASGigaMedia Ltd20No
GIIINASG III Apparel Group Ltd100Tak
GILDNASGilead Sciences Inc10Tak
GILTNASGilat Satellite Networks Ltd15Tak
GIVNNASGiven Imaging Ltd25No
GLDDNASGreat Lakes Dredge and Dock Corporation100Tak
GLNGNASGolar LNG Limited20Tak
GLPINASGaming and Leisure Properties Inc15No
GLUUNASGlu Mobile Inc25Tak
GNCANASGenocea Biosciences Inc100No
GNTXNASGentex Corporation10Tak
GOOGNASAlphabet Inc5Tak
GOOGLNASAlphabet Inc – Class A Common Stock5Tak
GPICNASGaming Partners International Corporation100Tak
GPORNASGulfport Energy Corporation15Tak
GPRENASGreen Plains Inc15Tak
GRIFNASGriffin Industrial Realty Inc100Tak
GRMNNASGarmin Ltd15Tak
GROWNASU S Global Investors Inc75No
GRPNNASGroupon Inc20Tak
GRVYNASGravity Co Ltd100No
GSBCNASGreat Southern Bancorp Inc100Tak
GSMNASFerroglobe PLC15No
GTNASGoodyear Tire and Rubber Company15Tak
GTLSNASChart Industries Inc15Tak
GURENASGulf Resources Inc100Tak
GWPHNASGW Pharmaceuticals PLC15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
HANASHawaiian Holdings Inc35Tak
HAFCNASHanmi Financial Corporation25No
HAINNASHain Celestial Group Inc15Tak
HALLNASHallmark Financial Services Inc100Tak
HALONASHalozyme Therapeutics Incorporated20Tak
HASNASHasbro Inc15Tak
HAYNNASHaynes International Inc15Tak
HBANNASHuntington Bancshares Inc20Tak
HBCPNASHome Bancorp Inc15Tak
HCSGNASHealthcare Services Group Inc15Tak
HDSNASHD Supply Holdings Inc5Tak
HDSNNASHudson Technologies Inc15Tak
HELENASHelen of Troy Ltd10Tak
HIBBNASHibbett Sports Inc15Tak
HIFSNASHingham Institution for Savings100Tak
HIIQNASHealth Insurance Innovations Inc20Tak
HIMXNASHimax Technologies Inc20Tak
HLGNASHailiang Education Group Inc100No
HLITNASHarmonic Inc15Tak
HMNFNASHMN Financial Inc100Tak
HMNYNASHelios and Matheson Analytics Inc100No
HMSYNASHMS Holdings Corp15Tak
HNRGNASHallador Energy Company100Tak
HOLXNASHologic Inc10Tak
HOMBNASHome BancShares Inc25Tak
HQYNASHealthEquity Inc10Tak
HSICNASHenry Schein Inc10Tak
HSIINASHeidrick and Struggles International Inc25Tak
HSTMNASHealthStream Inc50Tak
HTLDNASHeartland Express Inc10Tak
HTLFNASHeartland Financial USA Inc100Tak
HUBGNASHub Group Inc10Tak
HURCNASHurco Companies Inc100Tak
HURNNASHuron Consulting Group Inc25Tak
HWBKNASHawthorn Bancshares Inc100Tak
HWKNNASHawkins Inc15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
IACNASIAC InterActiveCorp10No
IARTNASIntegra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation10Tak
IBBNASiShares Nasdaq Biotechnology10Tak
IBCPNASIndependent Bank Corporation100Tak
IBOCNASInternational Bancshares Corporation10Tak
ICADNASIcad Inc40Tak
ICCCNASImmuCell Corporation100No
ICFINASICF International Inc15Tak
ICONNASIconix Brand Group Inc20No
ICPTNASIntercept Pharmaceuticals Inc15Tak
ICUINASICU Medical Inc25Tak
IDCCNASInterDigital Inc20Tak
IDSANASIndustrial Services of America Inc15No
IDTINASIntegrated Device Technology Inc10Tak
IDXXNASIDEXX Laboratories Inc10Tak
IGLDNASInternet Gold Golden Lines Ltd25No
IIJINASInternet Initiative Japan Inc25Tak
IIVINASII VI Incorporated15Tak
IKNXNASIkonics Corporation100No
ILMNNASIllumina Inc15Tak
IMGNNASImmunoGen Inc15Tak
IMKTANASIngles Markets Incorporated – Class A Common Stock100Tak
IMMRNASImmersion Corporation60Tak
IMMUNASImmunomedics Inc100Tak
IMOSNASChipMOS Technologies Inc25No
IMPVNASImperva Inc100No
INCYNASIncyte Corporation5Tak
INDBNASIndependent Bank Corporation25Tak
INDYNASiShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index Fund50Tak
INFINASInfinity Pharmaceuticals Inc25No
INFNNASInfinera Corporation15Tak
INFONASIHS Markit Ltd100No
INONASInovio Pharmaceuticals Inc New30Tak
INODNASInnodata Inc100Tak
INSMNASInsmed Inc100Tak
INSYNASInsys Therapeutics Inc10Tak
INTCNASIntel Corporation10Tak
INTGNASIntergroup Corporation100No
INTUNASIntuit Inc10Tak
INTXNASIntersections Inc15No
IONSNASIonis Pharmaceuticals Inc10Tak
IOSPNASInnospec Inc100Tak
IPARNASInter Parfums Inc25Tak
IPASNASiPass Inc100No
IPGPNASIPG Photonics Corporation15Tak
IPHSNASInnophos Holdings Inc15Tak
IPWRNASIdeal Power Inc30No
IPXLNASImpax Laboratories Inc100No
IRBTNASiRobot Corporation25Tak
IRDMNASIridium Communications Inc25Tak
IRIXNASIRIDEX Corporation100Tak
ISBCNASInvestors Bancorp Inc20Tak
ISCANASInternational Speedway Corporation10Tak
ISIGNASInsignia Systems Inc100No
ISNSNASImage Sensing Systems Inc100No
ISRGNASIntuitive Surgical Inc10Tak
ISRLNASIsramco Inc100Tak
ISSCNASInnovative Solutions and Support Inc100Tak
ITCINASIntra Cellular Therapies Inc20Tak
ITICNASInvestors Title Company100Tak
ITRINASItron Inc10Tak
ITRNNASIturan Location and Control Ltd15Tak
IVACNASIntevac Inc15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
JACKNASJack in the Box Inc10Tak
JAGXNASJaguar Health Inc100No
JASONASJA Solar Holdings Company Ltd25No
JAZZNASJazz Pharmaceuticals PLC10Tak
JBHTNASJ B Hunt Transport Services Inc10Tak
JBLUNASJetBlue Airways Corporation10Tak
JBSSNASJohn B Sanfilippo and Son Inc100Tak
JCOMNASj2 Global Inc15No
JCTCFNASJewett Cameron Trading Company – Common Stock100No
JDNASJD com Inc10Tak
JJSFNASJ and J Snack Foods Corporation20Tak
JKHYNASJack Henry and Associates Inc10Tak
JMBANASJamba Inc100No
JOBSNAS51Job Inc100No
JRJCNASChina Finance Online Co Limited15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
KALUNASKaiser Aluminum Corporation15Tak
KBALNASKimball International Inc80No
KELYANASKelly Services Inc – Class A Common Stock25Tak
KEQUNASKewaunee Scientific Corporation100Tak
KERXNASKeryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc100No
KHCNASKraft Heinz Company10Tak
KIRKNASKirklands Inc15Tak
KLACNASKLA Tencor Corporation10Tak
KLICNASKulicke and Soffa Industries Inc25Tak
KNDINASKandi Technolgies Group Inc25No
KONANASKona Grill Inc100Tak
KOOLNASCesca Therapeutics Inc100No
KOPNNASKopin Corporation15Tak
KOSSNASKoss Corporation100No
KRNYNASKearny Financial Corporation25No
KTCCNASKeyTronic Corporation100Tak
KVHINASKVH Industries Inc100Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
LABLNASMulti Color Corporation100Tak
LAKENASLakeland Industries Inc15Tak
LAMRNASLamar Advertising Company10Tak
LANCNASLancaster Colony Corporation10Tak
LANDNASGladstone Land Corporation100Tak
LARKNASLandmark Bancorp Inc100Tak
LAWSNASLawson Products Inc50Tak
LBAINASLakeland Bancorp Inc100Tak
LBTYANASLiberty Global Plc – Class A Common Stock10Tak
LBTYKNASLiberty Global Plc – Class C Ordinary Shares20No
LCUTNASLifetime Brands Inc100Tak
LENASLands End Inc100Tak
LEAPNASLeap Wireless International Inc New10No
LECONASLincoln Electric Holdings Inc15Tak
LFUSNASLittelfuse Inc15Tak
LGCYNASLegascy Reserves Inc100No
LGNDNASLigand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated20Tak
LIFENASaTyr Pharma Inc20No
LINCNASLincoln Educational Services Corp15Tak
LIONNASFidelity Southern Corporation100Tak
LITENASLumentum Holdings Inc20Tak
LIVENASLive Ventures Inc50No
LIVXNASLiveXLive Media Inc100No
LJPCNASLa Jolla Pharmaceutical Company100No
LKFNNASLakeland Financial Corporation100Tak
LKQNASLKQ Corporation10Tak
LLNWNASLimelight Networks Inc15Tak
LMNRNASLimoneira Company100Tak
LMNXNASLuminex Corporation15Tak
LNDCNASLandec Corp15Tak
LOGINASLogitech International SA15Tak
LOGMNASLogMein Inc15Tak
LONENASLonestar Resources Ltd100Tak
LOOPNASLoop Industries Inc15No
LOPENASGrand Canyon Education Inc25Tak
LORLNASLoral Space and Communications Inc100Tak
LPLANASLPL Financial Holdings Inc100Tak
LPNTNASLifePoint Health Inc10No
LPSNNASLivePerson Inc25Tak
LQDTNASLiquidity Services Inc10Tak
LRADNASLRAD Corporation100No
LRCXNASLam Research Corporation15Tak
LSCCNASLattice Semiconductor Corp100Tak
LSTRNASLandstar System Inc10Tak
LTBRNASLightbridge Corp50No
LULUNASLululemon Athletica Inc20Tak
LUNANASLuna Innovations Incorporated75Tak
LWAYNASLifeway Foods Inc100Tak
LXRXNASLexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
LYTSNASLSI Industries Inc100Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
MAGSNASMagal Security Systems Ltd15Tak
MANHNASManhattan Associates Inc20Tak
MANTNASManTech International Corporation10Tak
MARNASMarriott International Inc5Tak
MASINASMasimo Corporation10Tak
MATNASMattel Inc10Tak
MATWNASMatthews International Corporation25Tak
MAYSNASJ W Mays Inc100Tak
MBFINASMB Financial Inc10Tak
MBOTNASMicrobot Medical Inc100No
MBWMNASMercantile Bank Corporation100Tak
MCBCNASMacatawa Bank Corporation100Tak
MCHPNASMicrochip Technology Inc10Tak
MCRINASMonarch Casino and Resort Inc25Tak
MDCONASMedicines Company20Tak
MDLZNASMondelez International Inc15Tak
MDRXNASAllscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc10Tak
MDSONASMedidata Solutions Inc15Tak
MEDPNASMedpace Holdings Inc40No
MEETNASMeet Group Inc100No
MEIPNASMEI Pharma Inc100Tak
MELINASMercadoLibre Inc20Tak
MEOHNASMethanex Corporation15Tak
MERCNASMercer International Inc100Tak
MESONASMesoblast Limited50Tak
MGICNASMagic Software Enterprises Ltd100Tak
MGLNNASMagellan Health Inc10Tak
MGPINASMGP Ingredients Inc100Tak
MGRCNASMcGrath RentCorp100Tak
MIDDNASMiddleby Corp10Tak
MINDNASMitcham Industries Inc100No
MININASMobile Mini Inc20Tak
MITKNASMitek Systems Inc100Tak
MKSINASMKS Instruments Inc10Tak
MKTXNASMarketAxess Holdings Inc100Tak
MLABNASMesa Laboratories Inc100Tak
MLHRNASHerman Miller Inc15Tak
MLNXNASMellanox Technologies Ltd15Tak
MMLPNASMartin Midstream Partners LP15Tak
MMSINASMerit Medical Systems Inc20Tak
MNKDNASMannKind Corporation75No
MNRONASMonro Inc15Tak
MNTANASMomenta Pharmaceuticals Inc15Tak
MORNNASMorningstar Inc15Tak
MPAANASMotorcar Parts and Associates Inc100Tak
MPBNASMid Penn Bancorp Inc100Tak
MPWRNASMonolithic Power Systems Inc15Tak
MRCYNASMercury Systems Inc25Tak
MRLNNASMarlin Business Services Corporation15Tak
MRNANASModerna Inc100No
MRTNNASMarten Transport Ltd15Tak
MRTXNASMirati Therapeutics Inc50Tak
MRVLNASMarvell Technology Group Ltd15Tak
MSEXNASMiddlesex Water Company100Tak
MSFTNASMicrosoft Corporation10Tak
MSONNASMisonix Inc100Tak
MSTRNASMicroStrategy Inc15Tak
MTCHNASMatch Group Inc10Tak
MTGENASMTGE Investment Corporation5No
MTRXNASMatrix Service Co25Tak
MTSCNASMTS Systems Corporation20Tak
MUNASMicron Technology Inc5Tak
MVISNASMicrovision Inc25No
MXIMNASMaxim Integrated Products Inc15Tak
MXWLNASMaxwell Technologies Inc20Tak
MYGNNASMyriad Genetics Inc15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
NAIINASNatural Alternatives International Inc100Tak
NATHNASNathans Famous Inc15Tak
NATINASNational Instruments Corporation15Tak
NATRNASNatures Sunshine Products Inc100Tak
NAVGNASNavigators Group Inc25Tak
NAVINASNavient Corporation100No
NBEVNASNew Age Beverages Corporation100No
NBIXNASNeurocrine Biosciences Inc25Tak
NBTBNASNbt Bancorp Inc15Tak
NCTYNASThe9 Limited25No
NDAQNASNasdaq Inc10Tak
NDSNNASNordson Corporation15Tak
NEONASNeoGenomics Inc20No
NEOGNASNeogen Corp25Tak
NEPTNASNeptune Wellness Solutions Inc60No
NETENASNet Element Inc100No
NEWTNASNewtek Business Services Corporation85Tak
NFLXNASNetflix Inc5Tak
NHTCNASNatural Health Trends Corporation100No
NIHDNASNII Holdings Inc10No
NITENASNightstar Therapeutics PLC20No
NKSHNASNational Bankshares Inc100Tak
NKTRNASNektar Therapeutics15Tak
NMIHNASNMI Holdings Inc100No
NOVBNASNorth Valley Bancorp100No
NRIMNASNorthrim BanCorp Inc100Tak
NSECNASNational Security Group Inc100No
NSITNASInsight Enterprises Inc15Tak
NSSCNASNAPCO Security Technologies Inc100Tak
NSYSNASNortech Systems Inc100No
NTAPNASNetApp Inc10Tak
NTCTNASNetScout Systems Inc15Tak
NTECNASIntec Pharma Ltd100Tak
NTESNASNetEase Inc10Tak
NTICNASNorthern Technologies International Corp100Tak
NTLANASIntellia Therapeutics Inc20Tak
NTNXNASNutanix Inc20Tak
NTRINASNutriSystem Inc20Tak
NTRSNASNorthern Trust Corporation10Tak
NTWKNASNetSol Technologies Inc100Tak
NUANNASNuance Communications Inc10Tak
NURONASNeuroMetrix Inc100No
NUVANASNuvasive Inc10Tak
NVAXNASNovavax Inc25Tak
NVECNASNVE Corporation15Tak
NVLNNASNovelion Therapeutics Inc100No
NVMINASNova Measuring Instruments Ltd25Tak
NWBINASNorthwest Bancshares Inc10Tak
NWFLNASNorwood Financial Corporation100Tak
NWLINASNational Western Life Group Inc100No
NWPXNASNorthwest Pipe Co15Tak
NWSNASNews Corporation10Tak
NWSANASNews Corporation15Tak
NXPINASNXP Semiconductors NV15Tak
NXSTNASNexstar Media Group Inc10Tak
NYMTNASNew York Mortgage Trust Inc60Tak
NYNYNASEmpire Resorts Inc100No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
OBASNASOptibase Ltd100No
OBCINASOcean Bio Chem Inc100No
OCFCNASOceanFirst Financial Corporation25Tak
OCLRNASOclaro Inc New25No
OCULNASOcular Therapeutix Inc100No
ODFLNASOld Dominion Freight Line Inc10Tak
OESXNASOrion Energy Systems Inc25Tak
OHGINASOne Horizon Group Inc100No
OKTANASOkta Inc50Tak
OLBKNASOld Line Bancshares Inc100Tak
OLEDNASUniversal Display Corporation10Tak
OLLINASOllies Bargain Outlet Holdings Inc25Tak
OMABNASGrupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte SAB de CV10Tak
OMCLNASOmnicell Inc25Tak
OMEXNASOdyssey Marine Exploration Inc25No
ONVONASOrganovo Holdings Inc100No
OPNTNASOpiant Pharmaceuticals Inc25No
OPTTNASOcean Power Technologies Inc100No
ORITNASOritani Financial Corporation25Tak
ORLYNASO Reilly Automotive Inc10Tak
ORMPNASOramed Pharmaceuticals Inc20Tak
OSBCNASOld Second Bancorp Inc100Tak
OSIRNASOsiris Therapeutics Inc40No
OSISNASOSI Systems Inc10Tak
OSTKNASOverstock com Inc20Tak
OSURNASOraSure Technologies Inc40Tak
OTEXNASOpen Text Corporation10Tak
OTTRNASOtter Tail Corporation15Tak
OVBCNASOhio Valley Banc Corporation100Tak
OVLYNASOak Valley Bancorp100Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
PAASNASPan American Silver Corporation5Tak
PACBNASPacific Biosciences of California Inc50Tak
PACWNASPacWest Bancorp25Tak
PANLNASPangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd20No
PATKNASPatrick Industries Inc100Tak
PAYXNASPaychex Inc5Tak
PBCTNASPeoples United Financial Inc10Tak
PBHCNASPathfinder Bancorp Inc100No
PCOMNASPoints International Ltd40Tak
PCYONASPure Cycle Corp100Tak
PDCENASPDC Energy Inc25Tak
PDCONASPatterson Companies Inc5Tak
PDDNASPinduoduo Inc100No
PDEXNASProDex Inc100Tak
PDFSNASPDF Solutions Inc100No
PDLINASPDL BioPharma Inc25Tak
PEBKNASPeoples Bancorp of N C Inc100Tak
PEBONASPeoples Bancorp Inc100Tak
PEGANASPegasystems Inc35Tak
PEIXNASPacific Ethanol Inc25Tak
PENNNASPenn National Gaming Inc10Tak
PEPNASPepsiCo Inc100No
PERYNASPerry Ellis International Inc25No
PESINASPermaFix Environmental Services Inc100No
PETSNASPetmed Express Inc15Tak
PETXNASAratana Therapeutics Inc25No
PFBINASPremier Financial Bancorp Inc100Tak
PFSWNASPfsweb Inc75Tak
PGNXNASProgenics Pharmaceuticals Inc70Tak
PICONASPICO Holdings Inc20Tak
PKOHNASPark Ohio Holdings Corporation100Tak
PLABNASPhotronics Inc100Tak
PLAYNASDave and Busters Entertainment Inc10Tak
PLCENASChildrens Place Inc15Tak
PLUGNASPlug Power Inc50Tak
PLUSNASePlus inc100Tak
PLXSNASPlexus Corp10Tak
PMDNASPsychemedics Corporation100Tak
PNBKNASPatriot National Bancorp Inc100No
PNFPNASPinnacle Financial Partners Inc25Tak
PNRGNASPrimeEnergy Resources Corporation100No
POOLNASPool Corporation10Tak
POPENASPope Resources LP15Tak
POWINASPower Integrations Inc10Tak
POWLNASPowell Industries Inc25Tak
PRAHNASPRA Health Sciences Inc10Tak
PRCPNASPerceptron Inc100Tak
PRFTNASPerficient Inc15Tak
PRGSNASProgress Software Corporation15Tak
PRIMNASPrimoris Services Corporation100Tak
PRMWNASPrimo Water Corporation50Tak
PROVNASProvident Financial Holdings Inc100Tak
PRPHNASProPhase Labs Inc100No
PRSCNASProvidence Service Corp15Tak
PRTSNASUS Auto Parts Network Inc15Tak
PSECNASProspect Capital Corporation15Tak
PTENNASPatterson UTI Energy Inc10Tak
PTINASProteostasis Therapeutics Inc75No
PTIENASPain Therapeutics Inc25Tak
PTLANASPortola Pharmaceuticals Inc20Tak
PTNRNASPartner Communications Company Ltd15Tak
PTSINASP A M Transport Services Inc100Tak
PTXNASPernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc100No
PWODNASPenns Woods Bancorp Inc100Tak
PXLWNASPixelworks Inc50Tak
PXSNASPyxis Tankers Inc100No
PYPLNASPayPal Holdings Inc20Tak
PZZANASPapa Johns International Inc15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
QCOMNASQualcomm Inc10Tak
QDELNASQuidel Corp20Tak
QNSTNASQuinStreet Inc25Tak
QQQNASInvesco QQQ Trust Series 15Tak
QRVONASQorvo Inc20Tak
QTNANASQuantenna Communications Inc100No
QTNTNASQuotient Ltd70No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
RAILNASFreightcar America Inc20Tak
RANDNASRand Capital Corp100No
RAVNNASRaven Industries Inc100Tak
RBCAANASRepublic Bancorp Inc – Class A Common Stock100Tak
RBCNNASRubicon Technology Inc25No
RCIINASRent A Center Inc10Tak
RCKYNASRocky Brands Inc100Tak
RCMTNASRCM Technologies Inc25Tak
RCONNASRecon Technology Ltd75No
RDNTNASRadNet Inc75Tak
RECNNASResources Connection Inc15Tak
REGINASRenewable Energy Group Inc100Tak
REGNNASRegeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc20Tak
RELLNASRichardson Electronics Ltd100Tak
RELVNASReliv International Inc100No
RETANASReata Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
RFILNASRF Industries Ltd15No
RGCONASRGC Resources Inc100Tak
RGENNASRepligen Corp10Tak
RGLDNASRoyal Gold Inc25Tak
RICKNASRCI Hospitality Holdings Inc15No
RIGLNASRigel Pharmaceuticals Inc25Tak
RIOTNASRiot Blockchain Inc100Tak
RKDANASArcadia Biosciences Inc100No
RMBSNASRambus Inc15Tak
RMCFNASRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc100No
RNSTNASRenasant Corporation100Tak
RNWKNASRealNetworks Inc20No
ROCKNASGilbraltar Industries Inc25Tak
ROKUNASRoku Inc30Tak
ROSENASRosehill Resources Inc15No
ROSTNASRoss Stores Inc10Tak
RPNASRealPage Inc10Tak
RRGBNASRed Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc25Tak
RSYSNASRadiSys Corporation15No
RUNNASSunrun Inc30Tak
RUSHANASRush Enterprises Inc – Class A Common Stock15Tak
RUTHNASRuths Hospitality Group Inc25Tak
RVSBNASRiverview Bancorp Inc100Tak
RWLKNASReWalk Robotics Ltd20No
RYAAYNASRyanair Holdings PLC – ADS10No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
SABRNASSabre Corporation100No
SAFMNASSanderson Farms Inc10Tak
SAFTNASSafety Insurance Group Inc20Tak
SALMNASSalem Media Group Inc100Tak
SANMNASSanmina Corporation25Tak
SASRNASSandy Spring Bancorp Inc100Tak
SATSNASEchoStar Corporation15Tak
SBACNASSBA Communications Corporation10Tak
SBBXNASSB One Bancorp100No
SBCFNASSeacoast Banking Corporation of Florida100No
SBGINASSinclair Broadcast Group Inc25Tak
SBLKNASStar Bulk Carriers Corporation20Tak
SBNYNASSignature Bank10Tak
SBRANASSabra Healthcare REIT Inc25Tak
SBSINASSouthside Bancshares Inc100Tak
SBUXNASStarbucks Corporation5Tak
SCHLNASScholastic Corporation15Tak
SCHNNASSchnitzer Steel Industries Inc10Tak
SCONNASSuperconductor Technologies Inc25No
SCORNAScomScore Inc20No
SCSCNASScansource Inc15Tak
SCVLNASShoe Carnival Inc100Tak
SEACNASSeaChange International Inc100Tak
SEDGNASSolarEdge Technologies Inc75Tak
SEEDNASOrigin Agritech Ltd15No
SEICNASSEI Investments Company15Tak
SENEANASSeneca Foods Corp – Common Stock25Tak
SENEBNASSeneca Foods Corp – Common Stock100No
SFIXNASStitch Fix Inc75No
SFLYNASShutterfly Inc100No
SFNCNASSimmons First National Corporation25Tak
SGBXNASSG Blocks Inc100No
SGENNASSeattle Genetics Inc100Tak
SGHNASSMART Global Holdings Inc100No
SGMANASSigmatron International Inc100No
SGMONASSangamo Therapeutics Inc20Tak
SGMSNASScientific Games Corporation25Tak
SHIPNASSeanergy Maritime Holdings Corporation100No
SHLMNASA Schulman Inc25No
SHLONASShiloh Industries Inc100Tak
SHOONASSteven Madden Ltd15Tak
SIEBNASSiebert Financial Corporation100Tak
SIFYNASSify Technologies Limited25Tak
SIGANASSiga Technologies Inc15No
SIGINASSelective Insurance Group Inc15Tak
SILCNASSilicom Ltd15Tak
SIMONASSilicon Motion Technology Corporation15Tak
SIRINASSirius XM Holdings Inc25No
SKYWNASSkyWest Inc15Tak
SLABNASSilicon Labs10Tak
SLGNNASSilgan Holdings Inc10Tak
SLMNASSLM Corporation10Tak
SMRTNASStein Mart Inc15Tak
SMSINASSmith Micro Software Inc25No
SMTCNASSemtech Corp10Tak
SNCRNASSynchronoss Technologies Inc15No
SNFCANASSecurity National Financial Corp – Class A Common Stock100Tak
SNHYNASSun Hydraulics Corporation100No
SNMXNASSenomyx Inc100No
SNPSNASSynopsys Inc10Tak
SNSSNASSunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc75No
SODANASSodaStream International Ltd20No
SOHUNASSohu com Ltd10No
SONCNASSonic Corporation15No
SONONASSonos Inc20No
SPARNASSpartan Motors Inc15Tak
SPEXNASSpherix Inc100No
SPHSNASSophiris Bio Inc100No
SPINASSPI Energy Company Ltd100No
SPLKNASSplunk Inc10Tak
SPOKNASSpok Holdings Inc45Tak
SPPINASSpectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc25Tak
SPTNNASSpartanNash Company15No
SPWRNASSunPower Corporation15Tak
SQQQNASProShares UltraPro Short QQQ10Tak
SRCENAS1st Source Corporation100Tak
SRCLNASStericycle Inc5Tak
SRDXNASSurmodics Inc20Tak
SRPTNASSarepta Therapeutics Inc New100Tak
SSNCNASSS and C Technologies Holdings Inc10Tak
SSRMNASSSR Mining Inc100No
SSTINASShotSpotter Inc25No
SSYSNASStratasys Ltd15Tak
STAANASSTAAR Surgical Company20Tak
STBANASS and T Bancorp Inc25Tak
STEMNASStemCells Inc60No
STFCNASState Auto Financial Corporation100Tak
STKLNASSunOpta Inc25Tak
STLDNASSteel Dynamics Inc10Tak
STMLNASStemline Therapeutics Inc80Tak
STMPNASStamps com Inc25Tak
STNENASStoneCo Ltd20No
STRANASStrategic Education Inc25No
STRSNASStratus Properties Inc100Tak
STRTNASStrattec Security Corporation55Tak
STXNASSeagate Technology PLC15Tak
SUMRNASSummer Infant Inc15No
SUPNNASSupernus Pharmaceuticals Inc10Tak
SVANASSinovac Biotech Ltd100Tak
SWIRNASSierra Wireless Inc20Tak
SWKSNASSkyworks Solutions Inc10Tak
SYKENASSykes Enterprises Inc15Tak
SYMCNASSymantec Corporation10Tak
SYNANASSynaptics Incorporated15Tak
SYNCNASSynacor Inc100Tak
SYNLNASSynalloy Corporation100Tak
SYNTNASSyntel Inc15No
SYPRNASSypris Solutions Inc100No
SYRSNASSyros Pharmaceuticals Inc30Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
TACTNASTransAct Technologies Inc100Tak
TAITNASTaitron Components Incorporated100No
TATTNASTAT Technologies Ltd100No
TAYDNASTaylor Devices Inc100No
TBBKNASBancorp Inc25Tak
TBNKNASTerritorial Bancorp Inc15Tak
TCBINASTexas Capital Bancshares Inc10Tak
TCBKNASTriCo Bancshares100Tak
TCXNASTucows Inc60Tak
TEAMNASAtlassian Corporation PLC20Tak
TECDNASTech Data Corporation10Tak
TECHNASBio Techne Corporation10No
TERPNASTerraForm Power Inc30Tak
TESSNASTESSCO Technologies Inc15Tak
TEUMNASPareteum Corporation100No
TFSLNASTFS Financial Corporation100Tak
TGANASTransGlobe Energy Corporation15Tak
THFFNASFirst Financial Corporation100Tak
THORNASSynthorx Inc10No
TITNNASTitan Machinery Inc100Tak
TIVONASTiVo Corporation10Tak
TLFNASTandy Leather Factory Inc100Tak
TLRYNASTilray Inc25No
TLTNASiShares 20 plus Year Treasury Bond10Tak
TMUSNAST Mobile US Inc10Tak
TNDMNASTandem Diabetes Care Inc100Tak
TNXPNASTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corporation100No
TOURNASTuniu Corporation20Tak
TQQQNASProShares UltraPro QQQ10Tak
TREENASLendingTree Inc50No
TRIBNASTrinity Biotech PLC25Tak
TRIPNASTripAdvisor Inc25Tak
TRMBNASTrimble Inc10Tak
TRMKNASTrustmark Corporation10Tak
TRNSNASTranscat Inc100Tak
TROVNASTrovaGene Inc100Tak
TROWNAST Rowe Price Group Inc10Tak
TRSTNASTrustCo Bank Corporation of NY20Tak
TSCONASTractor Supply Company10Tak
TSLANASTesla Inc15Tak
TTDNASThe Trade Desk Inc30Tak
TTECNASTTEC Holdings Inc15Tak
TTEKNASTetra Tech Inc10Tak
TTMINASTTM Technologies Inc25Tak
TTNPNASTitan Pharmaceuticals Inc100No
TTPHNASTetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc30Tak
TTWONASTakeTwo Interactive Software Inc10Tak
TUESNASTuesday Morning Corp15Tak
TVIXNASVelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short Term20Tak
TWINNASTwin Disc Inc100Tak
TWMCNASTrans World Entertainment100Tak
TWNKNASHostess Brands Inc10Tak
TXNNASTexas Instruments Incorporated5Tak
TXRHNASTexas Roadhouse Inc10Tak
TYPENASMonotype Imaging Holdings Inc25Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
UALNASUnited Continental Holdings Inc10No
UBCPNASUnited Bancorp Inc100Tak
UBFONASUnited Security Bancshares100Tak
UBNTNASUbiquiti Networks Inc20Tak
UBSHNASUnion Bankshares Corporation100No
UBSINASUnited Bankshares Inc15Tak
UCBINASUnited Community Banks Inc New20Tak
UCFCNASUnited Community Financial Corporation100Tak
UCTTNASUltra Clean Holdings Inc20Tak
UEICNASUniversal Electronics Inc25Tak
UEPSNASNet 1 Ueps Technologies Inc15Tak
UFCSNASUnited Fire Group Inc25Tak
UFPINASUniversal Forest Products Inc15Tak
UFPTNASUFP Technologies Inc100Tak
UGNASUnited Guardian Inc100Tak
UGLDNASVS 3x Long Gold linked to S&P GSCI Gold Index ER15No
ULBINASUltralife Corporation25Tak
ULTANASUlta Beauty Inc10Tak
ULTINASUltimate Software Group Inc15Tak
UMBFNASUMB Financial Corporation10Tak
UMPQNASUmpqua Holdings Corporation15Tak
UNAMNASUnico American Corp100Tak
URBNNASUrban Outfitters Inc10Tak
USAKNASUsa Truck Inc20Tak
USAPNASUnversal Stainless and Alloy Products100Tak
USATNASUSA Technologies Inc100Tak
USEGNASUS Energy Corp100No
USLMNASUnited States Lime and Minerals Inc55Tak
USLVNASVS 3x Long Silver ETN linked to the S&P GSCI Silver Index ER100No
UTHRNASUnited Therapeutics Corporation10Tak
UTSINASUTStarcom Holdings Corporation25No
UVSPNASUnivest Financial Corporation100Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
VALUNASValue Line Inc15Tak
VCNASVisteon Corporation100Tak
VCITNASVanguard Intermediate Term Corporate Bond10No
VCSHNASVanguard Short Term Corporate Bond20No
VECONASVeeco Instruments Inc De10Tak
VERINASVeritone Inc30Tak
VIABNASViacom Inc10Tak
VIAVNASViavi Solutions Inc35No
VICLNASVical Inc100No
VICRNASVicor Corp25Tak
VIFLNASFood Technology Service Inc100No
VIRCNASVirco Manufacturing Company100Tak
VIRTNASVirtu Financial Inc20Tak
VIVENASViveve Medical Inc30No
VIVONASMeridian Bioscience Inc10Tak
VLGEANASVillage Super Market Inc – Class A Common Stock100Tak
VLRXNASValeritas Holdings Inc100No
VNDANASVanda Pharmaceuticals Inc15Tak
VNETNAS21Vianet Group Inc10Tak
VNOMNASViper Energy Partners LP5No
VODNASVodafone Group PLC5Tak
VOXXNASVOXX International Corporation25Tak
VRNTNASVerint Systems Inc100Tak
VRSKNASVerisk Analytics Inc100Tak
VRSNNASVeriSign Inc10Tak
VRTUNASVirtusa Corporation25Tak
VRTXNASVertex Pharmaceuticals Inc15Tak
VSATNASViaSat Inc15Tak
VSECNASVSE Corporation100Tak
VSTMNASVerastem Inc100No
VTVTNASvTv Therapeutics Inc100No
VUZINASVuzix Corporation100No
VVUSNASVivus Inc25No
VYGRNASVoyager Therapeutics Inc70Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
WABCNASWestamerica Bancorporation10Tak
WAFDNASWashington Federal Inc10No
WASHNASWashington Trust Bancorp Inc100Tak
WBNASWeibo Corporation10Tak
WBANASWalgreen Boots Alliance Inc10Tak
WDAYNASWorkday Inc5Tak
WDCNASWestern Digital Corporation10Tak
WDFCNASWD 40 Company25Tak
WENNASWendys Company30Tak
WERNNASWerner Enterprises Inc10Tak
WETFNASWisdomTree Investments Inc100Tak
WEYSNASWeyco Group Inc15Tak
WILCNASG Willi Food International Ltd25Tak
WINNASWindstream Holdings Inc10Tak
WINGNASWingstop Inc10No
WIRENASEncore Wire Corporation15Tak
WLFCNASWillis Lease Finance Corporation100Tak
WLTWNASWillis Towers Watson Public Ltd Company10Tak
WMGINASWright Medical Group NV100No
WPRTNASWestport Fuel Systems Inc10Tak
WRLDNASWorld Acceptance Corp20Tak
WRLSNASPensare Acquisition Corporation100No
WSBCNASWesBanco Inc100Tak
WSCINASWSI Industries Inc25No
WSFSNASWSFS Financial Corporation100Tak
WSTGNASWayside Technology Group Inc100Tak
WSTLNASWestell Technologies100No
WTBANASWest Bancorporation100Tak
WTFCNASWintrust Financial Corporation15Tak
WVFCNASWVS Financial Corporation100No
WVVINASWillamette Valley Vineyards Inc100No
WWDNASWoodward Inc10No
WYNNNASWynn Resorts Ltd10Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
XELNASXcel Energy Inc100Tak
XLNXNASXilinx Inc10Tak
XNETNASXunlei Ltd100No
XOMANASXOMA Corporation25Tak
XONENASExOne Company10Tak
XTEXNASCrosstex Energy LP100No
XTXINASCrosstex Energy Inc100No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
YOGANASYogaWorks Inc100No
YORWNASYork Water Company100Tak
YRCWNASYRC Worldwide Inc25Tak
YVRNASLiquid Media Group Ltd100No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
ZNASZillow Group Inc15Tak
ZBRANASZebra Technologies Corp10Tak
ZEALNASZealand Pharma AS100No
ZEUSNASOlympic Steel Inc25Tak
ZGNASZillow Group Inc10Tak
ZGNXNASZogenix Inc100Tak
ZIONNASZions Bancorporation NA15Tak
ZIXINASZix Corp35Tak
ZNNASZion Oil and Gas Inc15No
ZNGANASZynga Inc10Tak
ZOLTNASZoltek Companies Inc20No
ZUMZNASZumiez Inc15Tak
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
ANYSAgilent Technologies10Tak
AANYSAlcoa Corporation10Tak
AANNYSAarons Inc10Tak
AAPNYSAdvance Auto Parts10Tak
ABNYSAllianceBernstein Holding LP10No
ABBVNYSAbbVie Inc10Tak
ABCNYSAmerisourceBergen Corp10Tak
ABGNYSAsbury Automotive Group Inc20No
ABTNYSAbbott Laboratories5Tak
ABXNYSBarrick Gold Corporation5Tak
ACBNYSAurora Cannabis Inc100No
ACCNYSAmerican Campus Communities Inc10Tak
ACHNYSAluminum Corporation of China Ltd10Tak
ACINYSAlbertsons Companies Inc10No
ACNNYSAccenture Plc10Tak
ACVNYSAllianzGI Diversified Income and Convertible Fund10No
ADMNYSArcher Daniels Midland Company10Tak
ADNTNYSAdient plc10No
ADSNYSAlliance Data Systems10Tak
ADXNYSAdams Diversified Equity Fund Inc25No
AEENYSAmeren Corp10Tak
AEGNYSAEGON Insurance Group15Tak
AEMNYSAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd10Tak
AEONYSAmerican Eagle Outfitters Inc10Tak
AEPNYSAmerican Electric Power Company Inc10Tak
AETNYSAetna Inc10No
AFGNYSAmerican Financial Group10Tak
AGNYSFirst Majestic Silver Corporation10Tak
AGNNYSAllergan plc10Tak
AGONYSAssured Guaranty Municipal Holdings Inc15Tak
AHLNYSAspen Insurance Holdings Limited10Tak
AHTNYSAshford Hospitality Trust Inc20Tak
AIGNYSAmerican International Group Inc20Tak
AINNYSAlbany International Corp15Tak
AITNYSApplied Industrial Technologies Inc15Tak
AIVNYSApartment Investment and Management Company10Tak
AIZNYSAssurant Inc5Tak
AJGNYSArthur J Gallagher and Company10Tak
AKSNYSAK Steel Holding Corp10Tak
ALBNYSAlbemarle Corp10Tak
ALENYSAllete Inc10Tak
ALEXNYSAlexander and Baldwin Holdings Inc10Tak
ALKNYSAlaska Air Group Inc10Tak
ALLNYSAllstate Corporation10Tak
ALLENYSAllegion Plc10Tak
ALLYNYSAlly Financial Inc20Tak
ALSNNYSTransmission Holdings Inc10Tak
ALVNYSAutoliv Inc10Tak
ALXNYSAlexanders Inc20Tak
AMNYSAntero Midstream Partners LP15No
AMCNYSAMC Entertainment Holdings Inc10No
AMENYSAmetek Inc10Tak
AMGNYSAffiliated Managers Group Inc10Tak
AMPNYSAmeriprise Financial Inc10Tak
AMTNYSAmerican Tower Corporation10Tak
AMXNYSAmerica Movil SAB de CV10Tak
ANNYSAutoNation Inc10Tak
ANETNYSArista Networks20Tak
ANFNYSAbercrombie and Fitch Co10Tak
ANHNYSAnworth Mortgage Asset Corporation25Tak
ANWNYSAegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc10No
AOSNYSAO Smith Corp10Tak
APANYSApache Corporation5Tak
APAMNYSArtisan Partners Asset Management Inc10Tak
APCNYSAnadarko Petroleum Corporation5Tak
APDNYSAir Products and Chemicals Inc10Tak
APFNYSMorgan Stanley Asia Pacific Fund Inc25No
APHNYSAmphenol Corp10Tak
APONYSApollo Global Management LLC10Tak
ARCNYSARC Document Solutions Inc50Tak
ARDNYSArdagh Group SA20No
ARENYSAlexandria Real Estate Equities Inc10No
ARNCNYSArconic Inc100No
ARWNYSArrow Electronics Inc10Tak
ASANYSASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited20No
ASHNYSAshland Global Holdings Inc10No
ASPNNYSAspen Aerogels Inc10Tak
ASRNYSGrupo Aeroportuario Del Sureste15Tak
ATHMNYSAutohome Inc10Tak
ATINYSAllegheny Technologies Inc10Tak
ATONYSAtmos Energy Corp10Tak
ATUNYSActuant Corp10Tak
ATUSNYSAltice USA Inc100No
ATVNYSAcorn International Inc New30No
AUNYSAngloGold Ashanti Ltd10Tak
AUONYSAU Optronics Corp10Tak
AUYNYSYamana Gold Inc10Tak
AVBNYSAvalonbay Communities Inc10Tak
AVDNYSAmerican Vanguard Corporation45Tak
AVPNYSAvon Products Inc5Tak
AVYNYSAvery Dennison Corp10Tak
AWKNYSAmerican Water Works10Tak
AWPNYSAberdeen Global Premier Properties Fund30No
AWRNYSAmerican States Water Co15Tak
AXLNYSAmerican Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc25Tak
AXPNYSAmerican Express Company15Tak
AXSNYSAxis Capital Holdings Ltd10Tak
AYINYSAcuity Brands Inc10Tak
AYRNYSAircastle Limited20Tak
AZNNYSAstraZeneca PLC10Tak
AZONYSAutoZone Inc10Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
BNYSBarnes Group Inc15Tak
BANYSBoeing Co5Tak
BABANYSAlibaba Group Holding Limited5Tak
BACNYSBank of America Corporation10Tak
BAKNYSBraskem Sa100No
BAMNYSBrookfield Asset Management Inc10Tak
BAPNYSCredicorp Ltd10Tak
BASNYSBasic Energy Services Inc New20No
BAXNYSBaxter International Inc5Tak
BBNYSBlackBerry Limited10Tak
BBDNYSBanco Bradesco SA10Tak
BBTNYSBB and T Corporation10Tak
BBYNYSBest Buy Company10Tak
pneNYSBrunswick Corp15Tak
BCONYSBrinks Company10Tak
BCSNYSBarclays PLC25Tak
BDCNYSBelden Inc10Tak
BDNNYSBrandywine Realty Trust15Tak
BDXNYSBecton Dickinson and Company5Tak
BENNYSFranklin Resources Inc10Tak
BERYNYSBerry Global Group Inc10Tak
BFSNYSSaul Centers Inc20Tak
BGNYSBunge Ltd10Tak
BGCNYSGeneral Cable Corp25No
BGGNYSBriggs and Stratton Corp10Tak
BGYNYSBlackRock Enhanced International Dividend Trust15No
BHNYSBiglari Holdings Inc25Tak
BHCNYSBausch Health Companies Inc100Tak
BHENYSBenchmark Electronics Inc15Tak
BHPNYSBHP Group Limited5Tak
BIGNYSBig Lots Inc10Tak
BIPNYSBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP25Tak
BJNYSBJs Wholesale Club Holdings Inc10No
BKNYSBank of New York Mellon Corporation10Tak
BKDNYSBrookdale Senior Living Inc15Tak
BKENYSBuckle Inc10Tak
BKHNYSBlack Hills Corp10Tak
BKINYSBlack Knight Inc100No
BKSNYSBarnes and Noble Inc10Tak
BLKNYSBlackRock Inc10Tak
BLLNYSBall Corp10Tak
BLWNYSBlackRock Limited Duration Income Trust25No
BMANYSBanco Macro SA20Tak
BMINYSBadger Meter Inc25Tak
BMSNYSBemis Co Inc10Tak
BMYNYSBristol Myers Squibb Co5Tak
BNSNYSBank Nova Scotia Halifax5Tak
BOHNYSBank of Hawaii Corporation10Tak
BOOTNYSBoot Barn Holdings Inc100No
BOXNYSBox Inc20Tak
BPLNYSBuckeye Partners LP10Tak
BRNYSBroadridge Financial Solutions Inc10Tak
BRCNYSBrady Corp10Tak
BRONYSBrown and Brown Inc10Tak
BRSNYSBristow Group Inc10Tak
BSXNYSBoston Scientific Corp10Tak
BTTNYSBlackRock Municipal 2030 Target Term Trust15No
BTUNYSPeabody Energy Corporation10No
BUDNYSAnheuser Busch Inbev SA NV100Tak
BURLNYSBurlington Stores Inc20Tak
BVNNYSCompania De Minas Buenaventura SA10Tak
BWANYSBorgWarner Inc10Tak
BWXTNYSBWX Technologies Inc30Tak
BXNYSBlackstone Group LP10Tak
BXGNYSBluegreen Vacations Corporation100No
BXMTNYSBlackstone Mortgage Trust Inc5Tak
BXPNYSBoston Properties Inc10Tak
BXSNYSBancorpSouth Bank10Tak
BYDNYSBoyd Gaming Corp15Tak
BZHNYSBeazer Homes USA Inc New25No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
CNYSCitigroup Inc5Tak
CACINYSCACI International Inc10Tak
CAFNYSMorgan Stanley China A Share Fund Inc15No
CAGNYSConAgra Brands Inc10Tak
CAHNYSCardinal Health Inc20Tak
CAJNYSCanon Inc10Tak
CALNYSCaleres Inc10Tak
CATNYSCaterpillar Inc5Tak
CATONYSCato Corp15Tak
CBNYSDBA Chubb Limited5Tak
CBANYSClearBridge American Energy MLP Fund Inc10No
CBBNYSCincinnati Bell Inc New15No
CBDNYSCompanhia Brasiliera de Distribuicao10Tak
CBINYSChicago Bridge and Iron Company10No
CBLNYSCBL and Associates Properties Inc25Tak
CBMNYSCambrex Corp25Tak
CBTNYSCabot Corp10Tak
CCNYSChemours Company20Tak
CCCNYSCalgon Carbon Corporation10No
CCENYSCoca Cola European Partners Plc10No
CCINYSCrown Castle International Corp10Tak
CCJNYSCameco Corporation10Tak
CCLNYSCarnival Corp5Tak
CDENYSCoeur Mining Inc25Tak
CENYSCelanese Corporation10Tak
CECNYSCEC Entertainment Inc15No
CEENYSCentral and Eastern Europe Fund Inc20No
CEGNYSConstellation Energy Group Inc10No
CEONYSCnooc Ltd10Tak
CFNYSCF Industries Holdings Inc10Tak
CFGNYSCitizens Financial Group Inc10Tak
CFRNYSCullen Frost Bankers Inc10Tak
CGCNYSCanopy Growth Corporation5No
CHDNYSChurch and Dwight Co Inc10Tak
CHENYSChemed Corporation10Tak
CHGNYSCH Energy Group20No
CHHNYSChoice Hotels International Inc10Tak
CHKNYSChesapeake Energy Corp10Tak
CKHNYSSeacor Holdings Inc10Tak
CLNYSColgate Palmolive Co5Tak
CLBNYSCore Laboratories N V Netherlands10Tak
CLDNYSCloud Peak Energy Inc10No
CLDRNYSCloudera Inc40No
CLSNYSCelestica Inc10Tak
CLWNYSClearWater Paper Corporation25Tak
CLXNYSClorox Co10Tak
CMANYSComerica Inc10Tak
CMCNYSCommercial Metals Company10Tak
CMCMNYSCheetah Mobile Inc10Tak
CMGNYSChipotle Mexican Grill Inc10Tak
CMINYSCummins Inc10Tak
CMONYSCapstead Mortgage Corporation25Tak
CMPNYSCompass Minerals International Inc10Tak
CMSNYSCMS Energy Corp10Tak
CNANYSCNA Financial Corporation10Tak
CNCNYSCentene Corp15Tak
CNINYSCanadian National Railway Co10Tak
CNONYSCNO Financial Group Inc25Tak
CNPNYSCenterPoint Energy Inc10Tak
CNQNYSCanadian Natural Resources Ltd10Tak
CNXNYSCNX Resources Corporation10No
COFNYSCapital One Financial Corporation10Tak
COGNYSCabot Oil and Gas Corp10Tak
COLNYSRockwell Collins Inc10No
COONYSCooper Companies Inc10Tak
CORNYSCoresite Realty Corporation25Tak
COTNYSCott Corporation15Tak
COTYNYSCoty Inc100No
CPNYSCanadian Pacific Railway Inc10Tak
CPBNYSCampbell Soup Co5Tak
CPTNYSCamden Property Trust10Tak
CRNYSCrane Co10Tak
CRCMNYSCare com Inc20Tak
CRINYSCarters Inc10Tak
CRKNYSComstock Resources Inc New10Tak
CRLNYSCharles River Laboratories International Inc10Tak
CRMNYSSalesforce Com Inc10Tak
CRRNYSCarbo Ceramics Inc10Tak
CRSNYSCarpenter Technology Corp10Tak
CRYNYSCryoLife Inc25Tak
CSNYSCredit Suisse Group10No
CSVNYSCarriage Services Inc20Tak
CTBNYSCooper Tire and Rubber Co10Tak
CTLNYSCenturyLink Inc10Tak
CTLTNYSCatalent Inc100No
CTSNYSCTS Corporation25Tak
CTVNYSQwest Corporation10No
CUBNYSCubic Corp15Tak
CUZNYSCousins Properties Inc20Tak
CVANYSCovanta Holding Corporation10Tak
CVGNYSConvergys Corp10No
CVHNYSCoventry Healthcare Inc10No
CVINYSCVR Energy Inc20Tak
CVNANYSCarvana Co40No
CVSNYSCVS Health Corporation5Tak
CVXNYSChevron Corporation5Tak
CWNYSCurtiss Wright Corp10Tak
CWTNYSCalifornia Water Service Group15Tak
CXNYSCemex SaB De Cv10Tak
CXONYSConcho Resources Inc10Tak
CXWNYSCoreCivic Inc10No
CYHNYSCommunity Health Systems Inc10Tak
CYSNYSCYS Investments Inc10No
CZZNYSCosan Limiited10Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
DALNYSDelta Air Lines Inc10Tak
DARNYSDarling Ingredients Inc15Tak
DATANYSTableau Software Inc5Tak
DBNYSDeutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft10No
DBDNYSDiebold Nixdorf Incorporated10Tak
DCINYSDonaldson Co10Tak
DCTNYSDCT Industrial Trust Inc New20No
DDDNYS3D Systems Corporation10Tak
DDENYSDover Downs Gaming and Entertainment Inc100Tak
DDSNYSDillards Inc10Tak
DENYSDeere and Co10Tak
DECKNYSDeckers Outdoor100Tak
DEINYSDouglas Emmett Inc10Tak
DELLNYSDell Technologies Inc10Tak
DFNYSDean Foods Company New10Tak
DFSNYSDiscover Financial Services10Tak
DGNYSDollar General Corporation5Tak
DGXNYSQuest Diagnostics Inc10Tak
DHINYSD R Horton Inc10Tak
DHRNYSDanaher Corp10Tak
DHXNYSDHI Group Inc25Tak
DINNYSDine Brands Global Inc20Tak
DISNYSWalt Disney Co5Tak
DKNYSDelek US Holdings Inc New10Tak
DKSNYSDicks Sporting Goods Inc10Tak
DLBNYSDolby Laboratories Inc10Tak
DLMNYSDel Monte Foods Co10No
DLPHNYSDelphi Technologies PLC10No
DLRNYSDigital Realty Trust Inc10Tak
DLXNYSDeluxe Corp15Tak
DMNYSDominion Energy Midstream Partners LP20No
DNBNYSDun and Bradstreet Corp10Tak
DNRNYSDenbury Resources Inc10Tak
DONYSDiamond Offshore Drilling Inc10Tak
DOVNYSDover Corp10Tak
DOWNYSDow Chemical Co10No
DPZNYSDominos Pizza Inc10Tak
DRENYSDuke Realty Corporation15Tak
DRHNYSDiamond Rock Hospitality Company25Tak
DRINYSDarden Restaurants Inc10Tak
DRQNYSDril Quip Inc10Tak
DSTNYSDST Systems Inc10No
DSXNYSDiana Shipping Inc10Tak
DTENYSDTE Energy Company10Tak
DUKNYSDuke Energy Corp New5Tak
DVANYSDaVita Inc10Tak
DVMTNYSDell Technologies Inc25No
DVNNYSDevon Energy Corp5Tak
DXCNYSDXC Technology Company20Tak
DYNYSDycom Industries Inc15Tak
DYNNYSDynegy Inc10No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
EATNYSBrinker International Inc10Tak
EBSNYSEmergent Biosolutions Inc25Tak
ECNYSEcopetrol SA10Tak
ECANYSEncana Corporation10Tak
ECLNYSEcolab Inc10Tak
ECTNYSEca Marcellus Trust I50No
EDNYSConsolidated Edison Inc10Tak
EDDNYSMorgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund Inc15No
EDUNYSNew Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc10Tak
EENYSEl Paso Electric Co15Tak
EEPNYSEnbridge Energy Partners L P100No
EEQNYSEnbridge Energy Management LLC20No
EFXNYSEquifax Inc10Tak
EGNNYSEnergen Corp10No
EGONYSEldorado Gold Corp Ltd10No
EHCNYSEncompass Health Corporation10No
EIGNYSEmployers Holdings Inc25Tak
EIXNYSEdison International10Tak
EKNYSEastman Kodak Co10No
ELNYSEstee Lauder Companies Inc10Tak
ELSNYSEquity Lifestyle Properties Inc10Tak
ELYNYSCallaway Golf Co20Tak
EMDNYSWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc50No
EMNNYSEastman Chemical Co10Tak
EMRNYSEmerson Electric Co10Tak
EMSNYSEmergency Medical Se10No
ENRNYSEnergizer Holdings Inc New10No
ENVANYSEnova International Inc100No
ENZNYSEnzo Biochem Inc50Tak
EOGNYSEOG Resources Inc10Tak
EPDNYSEnterprise Products Partners LP10Tak
EPENYSEP Energy Corporation10Tak
EPRNYSEPR Properties25No
EQCNYSEquity Commonwealth20Tak
EQMNYSEQM Midstream Partners LP30No
EQRNYSEquity Residential10Tak
EQTNYSEQT Corporation10Tak
ERFNYSEnerplus Corporation10No
ERJNYSEmbraer SA10Tak
ESENYSESCO Technologies Inc10Tak
ESLNYSEsterline Technologies Corp10Tak
ESSNYSEssex Property Trust Inc10Tak
ESVNYSEnsco Plc New10Tak
ETGNYSEaton Vance Tax Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund20No
ETHNYSEthan Allen Interiors Inc20Tak
ETNNYSEaton Corp New10Tak
ETPNYSEnergy Transfer Operating LP10No
ETRNYSEntergy Corp10Tak
ETWNYSEaton Vance Tax Managed Global Buy Write Opportunities Fund15No
EVNYSEaton Vance Corp10Tak
EVANYSEnviva Partners LP50Tak
EVHNYSEvolent Health Inc100Tak
EVRNYSEvercore Inc10Tak
EVRGNYSEvergy Inc100No
EVTNYSEaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund20No
EWNYSEdwards Lifesciences Corp10Tak
EXCNYSExelon Corp5Tak
EXGNYSEaton Vance Tax Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund10No
EXKNYSEndeavour Silver Corporation30Tak
EXPNYSEagle Materials Inc10Tak
EXPRNYSExpress Inc100No
EXRNYSExtra Space Storage Inc10Tak
EXTNNYSExterran Corporation40No
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
FNYSFord Motor Company20Tak
FAFNYSFirst American Corp10Tak
FBHSNYSFortune Brands Home and Security Inc10Tak
FBPNYSFirst Bancorp New20No
FCFNYSFirst Commonwealth Financial Corp25Tak
FCNNYSFTI Consulting Inc10Tak
FCXNYSFreeport McMoRan Inc10Tak
FDPNYSFresh Del Monte Produce Inc10Tak
FDSNYSFactSet Research Systems Inc10Tak
FDXNYSFedEx Corp5Tak
FENYSFirstEnergy Corp10Tak
FENGNYSPhoenix New Media Limited25Tak
FHNNYSFirst Horizon National Corporation10Tak
FICONYSFair Isaac Inc10Tak
FIINYSFederated Investors Inc10Tak
FISNYSFidelity National Information Services Inc10Tak
FITNYSFitbit Inc20Tak
FIXNYSComfort Systems Usa Inc20Tak
FLNYSFoot Locker Inc10Tak
FLONYSFlowers Foods Inc10Tak
FLRNYSFluor Corp10Tak
FLSNYSFlowserve Corp10Tak
FMSANYSFairmount Santrol Holdings Inc100No
FMXNYSFomento Economico Mexicano SAB De CV10Tak
FNBNYSFNB Corporation15Tak
FNFNYSFidelity National Financial Inc10No
FNPNYSFifth and Pacific Companies Inc10No
FNVNYSFranco Nevada Corp15Tak
FONYSFortune Brands Inc10No
FORNYSForestar Group Inc25Tak
FPFNYSFirst Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred and Income Fund10No
FPLNYSFirst Trust New Opportunities MLP and Energy Fund5No
FRNYSFirst Industrial Realty Trust Inc20Tak
FRCNYSFirst Republic Bank15Tak
FRONYSFrontline Ltd New20No
FRTNYSFederal Realty Investment Trust10Tak
FSMNYSFortuna Silver Mines Inc20Tak
FSRNYSFlagstone Reinsurance Holdings SA25No
FSSNYSFederal Signal Corp25Tak
FTENYSFrance Telecom10No
FTINYSTechnipFMC Limited10Tak
FTONYSFrontier Oil Corp10No
FTVNYSFortive Corporation100No
FULNYSH B Fuller Co15Tak
SecCode Giełda Opis Mgn% Krótka pozycja
GNYSGenpact Limited20Tak
GABNYSGabelli Equity Trust Inc20No
GAMNYSGeneral American Investors Company Inc25No
GCAPNYSGAIN Capital Holdings Inc15Tak
GCHNYSAberdeen Greater China Fund Inc25No
GCINYSGannett Co Inc New10Tak
GCONYSGenesco Inc20Tak
GDNYSGeneral Dynamics Corporation5Tak
GDDYNYSGoDaddy Inc20Tak
GDINYSGardner Denver Holdings Inc10No
GDOTNYSGreen Dot Corporation30Tak
GDVNYSGabelli Dividend and Income Trust20No
GENYSGeneral Electric Company5Tak
GEFNYSGreif Inc10Tak
GEONYSGeo Group Inc New10Tak
GESNYSGuess Inc10Tak
GFNYSNew Germany Fund Inc25No
GFANYSGafisa SA New10No
GFINYSGold Fields Ltd10Tak
GGNYSGoldcorp Inc10Tak
GGBNYSGerdau SA10Tak
GGGNYSGraco Inc10Tak
GHLNYSGreenhill and Company Inc10Tak
GIBNYSCGI Group Inc20Tak
GILNYSGildan Activewear Inc10Tak
GISNYSGeneral Mills Inc10Tak
GLOGNYSGasLog Ltd10Tak
GLWNYSCorning Inc10Tak
GMNYSGeneral Motors Company10Tak
GMENYSGameStop Corp Holding Company10Tak
GMEDNYSGlobus Medical Inc10Tak
GNCNYSGNC Holdings Inc100Tak
GNKNYSGenco Shipping and Trading Limited15No
GNWNYSGenworth Financial Inc20Tak
GOLNYSGol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA15No
ZŁOTONYSBarrick Gold Corporation100No
GPCNYSGenuine Parts Co10Tak
GPINYSGroup 1 Automotive Inc10Tak
GPKNYSGraphic Packaging Holding Company100Tak
GPMTNYSGranite Point Mortgage Trust Inc100Tak
GPNNYSGlobal Payments Inc10Tak
GPSNYSGap Inc10Tak
GRUBNYSGrubHub Inc10Tak
GSNYSGoldman Sachs Group Inc15Tak
GSKNYSGlaxoSmithKline PLC10Tak
GTNNYSGray Television Inc