Trading Central


Trading Central

Internationally recognised by the Investorside Research Association and the European Association of Independent Research Providers, Trading Central is an unsurpassed third-party source of information and analysis.

Although unavailable to retail traders, Trading Central can be accessed through an authorised brokerage company, such as FP Markets.

What is Trading Central and How Does it Work?

Trading Central delivers a suite of analytical tools, including an in-depth Economic Calendar, Market Buzz (News Analytics and Sentiment Research), Technical Views and Daily Newsletters to stay up to date with current economic and political affairs across the financial space. Through these specialised facilities, market participants can anticipate and act on market-moving events, view key value investment metrics, harness online news with powerful AI technology, and receive investment ideas that are trusted across the industry.

Trading Central works with a user-friendly platform, allowing users to freely navigate its various offerings. For example, Technical Views, led by senior analysts, constantly monitors the financial markets for actionable insights and displays the results through an easy-to-read menu at regular intervals.

Why Use Trading Central?

Trading Central, at its core, provides an unmatched research solution, delivering essential tools to generate informed trading decisions and consequently aid trading strategies. For beginners especially, the software produces invaluable data and offers an in-depth understanding of the market’s direction with real-time economic data.

Supported by senior analyst experts, advanced automated algorithms, and proprietary trading pattern recognition systems, Trading Central constantly monitors the market, leading to actionable trading plans based on award-winning methodologies.

Automatic Technical and Fundamental Analysis

We live in an Information Age. New providers churn out news at a rapid rate, which can be overwhelming. Automatic technical and fundamental analysis tools remove the process of navigating through data to arrive at an actionable source. Trading Central achieves this through AI-driven ideas that provide simple interpretations of complex financial data.

Integrate your FP Markets account to Trading Central and start trading

FP Markets integrates Trading Central through its Client Portal. By opening an account and registering as a client with FP Markets, traders can access Trading Central’s professional guidance.

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