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Iress ViewPoint is the new and improved, comprehensive active trader platform, with advanced functionalities to improve your trading experience. The new Iress ViewPoint provides enhanced trading tools and better compatibility with a wide range of internet browsers.

When you log in to the Iress platform from the navigation menu, you can choose Iress Trader or Iress ViewPoint. With advanced capability to layer data on top of one another, Iress ViewPoint gives comprehensive data visibility, so that traders can make the most of trading opportunities, as they arise.

The new fluid and intuitive interface design, coupled with major upgrades to charting and analytic tools,
cements ViewPoint as the future of online trading systems.

Why Trade with FP Markets Iress Suite?

  • Automatic data sync between Iress Trader and Iress ViewPoint

  • Compatible with latest browser versions

  • Module linking

  • Intuitive interface

  • Improved browser alerts

  • Manage multiple portfolios

  • Real-time price streaming

  • Access to genuine exchange pricing and market depth

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος:
Iress is available on Windows 7 or higher.
It is also supported on Mac OSX.

Τι μπορείτε να συναλλαγείτε στην Iress;


Πάνω από 10,000
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CFDs Μελλοντικής Εκπλήρωσης

7 σε παγκόσμιο
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10 για
παγκόσμιες συναλλαγές
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34 currency
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What Makes FP Markets Iress Superior?


Transparent Direct Market Access pricing shows your orders in the queue


Trade over 10,000 stocks
on the world's largest


Go long or short and
increase your ability to
profit in all market


Enhance your trading
potential with leverage
options up to 20:1

Iress Trading Tools for Professionals

The Iress Suite trading account offers extensive trading possibilities

Industry leading products and services since 2005

Take advantage of the best desktop mobile trading solutions

With the FP Markets Iress Suite trading account, a world of trading possibilities becomes accessible. Providing industry leading products and services since 2005, FP Markets offers the best online and mobile trading solutions.

59 Technical Indicators

Spot potential trading opportunities, trend reversals and
significant price steps

Utilise 59 technical indicators in global markets

Use a variety of indicators from RSI through to Ichimoku
clouds to enhance the ability to pick your trades in the
most effective manner

50+ Drawing tools

Access a vast range of drawing tools and advanced
charting capabilities

Annotate charts in detail across various timeframes

Sharp and precise charting functions so you can spot
even the tiniest movements with your own technical

Real-Time Price Quotes

Trade 10,000+ instruments in global markets

Trade 24-hours a day on a range of markets

Real-time news & price quotes for online share trading,
forex, commodities, metal, market indices and more

Make informed decisions for every trade

Multiple Timeframes

Access to a wide range of time intervals, right from
intra-day to long-term timeframes

Historical market data for analysis, and to identify the
next trading opportunity

Compare Multi-Asset
Price Action

Comparing instruments across multiple
timeframes is easy with ViewPoint

Effectively analyse the strength of their correlation

Spot opportunities for pairs trading

Identify divergences between instrument price

Customise and
Save Chart Templates

Customise your Iress ViewPoint Suite and save your
preferred chart templates

Enter into trades promptly without additional

Launch your saved template to easily analyse price
moves for informed decision making

Why Use Iress Trader for Online Trading?

Συναλλαγές περιουσιακών στοιχείων από μια ενιαία πλατφόρμα

10,000+ instruments - CFDs across share trading,
market indices, forex, metals commodities and more

Greater flexibility in trading styles

Professional technical analysis

Market depth feature

Iress Platform

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