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Εμπειρία Πελατών

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FP Markets’ Customer Service has become one of the company’s cornerstones, going above and beyond providing the ultimate customer service experience to retail and professional clients from Australia to the four corners of the world. FP Markets multi-award-winning customer service delivers personalised, proactive and instant support to traders 24/7* on the channel of their choice via phone, email, live chat, social media and more.

  • 98.4%

    Απαντήσεις σε ζωντανές συνομιλίες

    The FP Markets Customer Support Team is always set to listen to a trader attentively and help troubleshoot no matter what the issue is. Your needs and success are at the forefront of every interaction.

    Timely and attentive support whenever and wherever you are. With FP Markets Customer Support, what you can achieve is limitless.

  • 110k+

    Ερωτήσεις πελατών

    Our journey to the top of the industry’s podium is powered by our team’s drive to deliver timely, cohesive, tailor-made, and complete support. It is more than just solving a customer’s problems and closing tickets. Our team is made up of attentive problem solvers who genuinely want to help you succeed.

    The FP Markets Customer Support Team is always willing and ready to provide premium support with some of the industry’s most intuitive Customer Support technologies.

  • 108%

    Aύξηση του όγκου

    FP Markets strives to deliver top-class trading facilities and provide first-class products and services to customers who want to trade the world’s most popular markets. We deliver an immediate, proactive and award-winning customer experience. Traders’ growing trust in FP Markets has raised our customers' support volume to an outstanding 108% growth.

    We go a long way to meeting the needs of our customers, navigating advice and solutions to any potential trading issue.

  • 45K

    Επιλυμένα αιτήματα

    Solving issues is all very well, but finding fast, convenient, easy ways to troubleshoot them and willingly going the extra mile is even better. Express and simple communication with customers, leaving nothing in doubt and being proactively helpful while using the latest features and functions of Customer Support Technology creates satisfied traders and sets us apart from competitors.

    Our international team of professionals are on hand to problem solve and help our customers enjoy a seamless trading experience.

  • Στόχος > 90%


    Ικανοποιημένοι πελάτες

    At FP Markets, we set our goals high even when the odds seem insurmountable. We have learned that combining consistently tight spreads and fast execution, coupled with cutting-edge trading technology, a wide product range, and first-rate Customer Support are the key ingredients for cohesive growth. We always try to anticipate our customers’ needs before we are informed of the specifics.

  • 35 min

    Διάμεσος χρόνου πρώτης απάντησης

    Fast email response time to any support or service inquiries. We strive to deliver high quality and prompt services to our customers by consistently minimising waiting times while quickly resolving cases. FP Markets knows nobody appreciates waiting for a reply or waiting for long between responses. Providing timely and empathetic support keeps clients’ needs at the core of our relationship and interaction.

  • Στόχος > 90%


    Ικανοποιημένοι πελάτες

    FP Markets' instant live channel allows real-time personalised interactions, ensuring the ultimate balance between excellence and speed. With 42 languages, from Sydney to London, Milan to São Paulo, and beyond, accessibility is at your fingertips with our team available on Live Chat 24/7*.

  • 26 δευτ.

    Μέσος χρόνος απάντησης

    FP Markets Live Chat provides an ultra-fast online service, including technical support and it can be accessed by all website visitors via a pop-up window at the bottom-right of your screen. Our Live Chat is the ultimate customer support channel for those who are searching for lightning-fast solutions to their questions or issues. Conversations start and stop when convenient for customers allowing them to troubleshoot while they are multi-tasking.

  • NPS score 64


    A customised support experience, cutting-edge technology and multiple customer service channels, lightning-fast response times, language mirroring with 40+ international languages, and minimum waiting and problem-solving times are what makes up our reliable and award-winning customer support. FP Markets efforts to provide top-notch quality and speed of customer service help us to evolve with you and consistently “best in class” client experiences in the industry. Our Net Promoter Score ("NPS") is yet another set goal we have achieved and surpassed.

  • Μέσος χρόνος
    για την επίλυση θέματος

    A problem-solving, knowledgeable and resourceful customer service representative should provide you with all the information you need and will be able to answer any questions regarding FP Markets’ services and policies. Our customer service team is trained on the latest features and functions of FP Markets intuitive and cutting-edge technology delivering super-fast solutions to any request and issues you might have. You don’t win Best Customer Service Award more than 30 times by chance!

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