Please Note

The following fees apply:

Fees 5.95%

These fees may vary.

If you are outside of Australia, it may be illegal to trade derivatives via the internet in your jurisdiction. If this is the case, you are not authorised to make an online payment with FP Markets. It is your responsibility to be aware of local laws of your country of domicile. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to trade with FP Markets.

Clients further acknowledge that when requesting a withdrawal of their funds, FP Markets will not repatriate account balances in the local currency in which those deposited funds were received. Instead, FP Markets will utilise an appropriate FX rate available to it at the time of the withdrawal request in order to proceed with the processing of the transaction, with any associated costs that are incurred to be borne by the client.

Warning: By funding your Account by credit card you are effectively doubling your leverage by taking credit from your credit card account and trading with leverage on your FP Markets Account. Please consider all risks, including the risks associated with the above mentioned double leverage before entering into a credit card transaction.