Advantages of Choosing Forex Brokers with Complimentary VPS Hosting

The world is changing at a rapid pace, driven by science and technology.

Traders, therefore, require stability and accelerated connectivity.

This is where a VPS helps, a virtual private server. Think of it as a standalone computer system with its own resources and bandwidth, located in a data centre. It is similar to web hosting servers that store data that can be accessed from any desktop, laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Businesses requiring access to their computer systems remotely find a VPS to be a necessity. Another example of where a VPS is beneficial for business is system testing. Machines running around the clock is a worry for most organisations, not to mention excessive electricity costs and possible burnout.


VPS and Forex Trading

The latest BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey shows trade execution has undergone rapid change. FX trading is turning more electronic, participants are becoming more diverse, and trading venues are multiplying. These innovations have enhanced the speed of trading, offered participants more choices and facilitated a greater variety of trading strategies.

As a result, forex trading by means of a VPS continues to gain popularity. The service fills a growing need for the electronic trading space, particularly among retail traders using automated trading systems.


How Does a VPS Work?

By establishing a forex VPS hosting, traders receive an IP address, as well as a username and password to gain access to the system. Here traders gain admission to a virtual remote desktop, with the ability to download the MetaTrader trading platforms or upload Expert Advisors to the VPS, neither of which involves 24/7 uptime at the trader’s end.


Advantages of Trading with a VPS

Average traders working with MT4 servers reportedly face execution times as high as 800 milliseconds. While this, of course, varies across the board, high-frequency traders commonly boast substantially quicker execution times.

VPS trading environments provide the answer to common forex trading problems.

Advantages of Choosing Forex Brokers with Complimentary VPS Hosting, FP Markets

Traders, particularly those employing automated strategies, recognise the significance of rapid and reliable VPS hosting. Various forex brokers also offer complimentary VPS services, though conditions apply.



The distance between you and your broker can directly impact the performance of your trading system.

A benefit of using your FX broker’s VPS over another provider is their VPS is often located in the same data centre as the trading servers. Besides cost savings, assuming the broker offers a complimentary VPS, this can mean faster trade execution – low latency.

  • With FP Markets we use a professional data centre for VPS. We have partnered with a provider located close to our own MT4 servers to ensure lightning trade execution.


Stay Online:

Using a VPS reduces the risk of loss due to power outages or internet disruptions.

A VPS helps organise Expert Advisors (EAs) on a dedicated server, running 24/7, independent from the trader’s own electronic devices.

  • FP Markets use state-of-the-art technology, ensuring seamless trading experiences. FP Markets’ VPS hosting for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 allows forex traders to run automated algorithmic strategies, without any concerns about downtime ruining their trades.



With a regulated broker, dedicated customer services make the process streamlined and faster. Regulated brokers follow the mandate set by their respective regulatory bodies. A regulated broker must, therefore, achieve the standards specified.

  • FP Markets is Australian regulated. With over 36 industry awards in the field of client servicing and execution technologies, FP Markets remains one of the most reliable forex brokers in the industry.


COMPLIMENTARY VPSIf you enjoyed this brief outline of the advantages a VPS provides, you might be interested in what FP Markets can offer:

  • If you trade over 10 lots on a standard account or 20 lots on our Raw account, we’ll cover your monthly subscription fee with our dedicated VPS provider.
  • If you’re just starting out trading forex or CFDs, we’ll sponsor a VPS for you if you make a minimum deposit of 1000 USD or equivalent. We’ll continue sponsoring the VPS if you meet the required volume per month.

To request your complimentary VPS, simply connect with our 24/5 customer support team by emailing [email protected]

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