How to Trade with Trading Central

How to Trade with Trading Central

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In the fast-paced world of financial markets, traders need every edge they can get.

This is where Trading Central steps into the fray and lends a helping hand.

Trading Central’s award-winning platform empowers traders with a robust suite of tools and insights to help navigate a wide range of markets, including Forex, Commodities, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Stocks, Global Indices, Digital Currencies and much more. For that reason, understanding the ins and outs of this platform could add an edge you never thought possible and take out some of the (trading) leg work for you. 

FP Markets Trading Central: How Do I Use it in My Trading?

FP Markets Trading Central provides several products to assist traders and investors in their everyday operations. This can be from basic pattern recognition to advanced news and sentiment analyses and even a comprehensive economic calendar with a number of added features. 

Technical Analysis

The technical package available on the FP Markets Trading Central solution comprises three core functions: Technical Insight, Technical Views and Featured Ideas. Largely delivered through advanced AI technology, the software is designed to be a technical helping hand, if you will, ultimately scanning the global marketplace and uncovering actionable patterns that users can employ in their trading. This essentially offers a basis to begin an analysis, saving the trader time. 

Boasting cutting-edge filter applications, users can screen the markets according to their overall trading plan (and trading strategies), ranging from support and resistance to more advanced chart patterns, such as head and shoulders tops, triple-bottom patterns and more. Overall, technical Insights offers a more comprehensive view of the technical landscape and encompasses a broad range of markets over different time horizons. Do note that the Technical Views solution contains analysis input from Trading Central’s in-house research team alongside the AI capabilities. 

Users can also subscribe to daily newsletters (available on the main Dashboard) that focus on pre-AU and pre-EN for both a market wrap and a strategy newsletter. The Technical Views package is primarily used in the strategy newsletter. Trading Central also offers frequent short-form market commentary on major market-moving events in video format, covering fundamental and technical analysis.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar—or Economic Insight—permits traders and investors to effortlessly track and assess economic data. A handy feature available with Trading Central is a description of individual events, along with an event chart presenting forecast and actual data, a price chart with the specific economic event overlaid, a volatility feature that enables users to modify timing to determine the historical impact (essentially offering an average range) as well as an impact chart with the previous economic print superimposed on the chart to analyse the effect of past releases (these can also be filtered according to timing after the event).

Market Buzz

Market Buzz is an all-in-one solution intended to harness online news sentiment in an easy-to-read format. Gone are the days of having to scroll through reams of news releases to identify market drivers. 

With the FP Markets Trading Central, you can filter through several asset classes, different countries, sectors and industries, in addition to sorting by ‘mention’. This means users can filter the Top Buzzing market news to news mentions from the previous 24 hours ago, right up to 90 days. You also have a choice of displaying the results in a table or in bubble form. Most tend to prefer the latter as it's easier on the eye.

Below, the US has been filtered as the country of interest, accompanied by the tech sector, and, as you can see, results are also filtered to display only Top Buzzing news releases. Apple’s stock (AAPL) is clearly the outlier, so the user can simply click on the AAPL bubble and be directed to News Analytics and Sentiment Analysis; both offer a wealth of information from Trend Analysis and detailed sentiment scores from Trading Central’s proprietary algorithms, helping to generate trading ideas and, ultimately support one’s trading approach. 

MT4, MT5 and cTrader Plugins 

The dedicated plugins through MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and cTrader available at FP Markets are designed to facilitate access to Trading Central’s analysis directly from the charts. This means rather than logging in to Trading Central through the FP Markets Client Portal; you can then simply open your FP Markets Trading Platform and receive the analysis for your chosen trading instruments on the charts.

Downloading the plugin is straightforward. From the Dashboard on your Client Portal, select the MT4, MT5 and cTrader Plugins and click Download. Follow the instructions: select the FP Markets platform you wish to add the plugin to and then restart your chosen platform to activate the plugin. 

Once the program has been successfully downloaded and installed, users can drag and drop the indicators onto the chart from the Navigator tab under Trading Central (assuming you’ve selected either MT4 or MT5). As illustrated from the example below, we have dragged/dropped Trading Central’s Analyst Views onto the EUR/GBP chart to subsequently display support and resistance levels, Trading Central’s directional preference and commentary.

FP Markets Trading Central 

Clients of FP Markets who have live Trading Accounts can access Trading Central’s features through their Client Portal. Simply log in to your Client Portal and select Trading Tools from the main menu at the left side of the Dashboard; this drop-down box will reveal a wide range of applications, including the FP Markets Autochartist solution, our Trader Toolbox and dedicated Forex Calculator


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