MetaTrader 4: How to Fix Common Error on MT4 App?

How to Fix Common Error on MT4 App?

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What is a Common Error in MT4?

A Common Error in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) relates to a connectivity issue due to a slow or non-existent connection between the trading platform and the server. Connection failure is usually caused by a lack of internet connection to the user's device. The error can also be caused by restrictive settings on the user’s device impeding internet connection to the MT4 software. The ‘Common Error’ message will present itself on the bottom right-hand corner of the MT4 platform and will impede the user from executing trades: entering and exiting positions.

How to Fix MT4 Common Error on Windows & Mac

If you encounter the ‘Common Error’ message after launching the platform, the first attempt to fix this problem should be to ensure your device has a stable internet connection. First off, check your internet router is emitting the correct connection signals. If there is a visible issue, restart your router. If the issues persist, contact your internet provider. If the router signals a stable connection, ensure your device receives those signals. Test your internet connection through a web browser. If the connection is stable and the problem persists, attempt to ‘Rescan Servers’. Multiple servers are available on MT4, and the best one for you depends on your distance to it. Users should connect to the server with the lowest possible latency (the amount of time requests take to reach the server, measured in milliseconds). Depending on your broker, the server availability will differ. Select the option with the lowest latency, providing you with the fastest connection to the server.

If the internet connection test fails without router issues, attempt to solve this issue. This can be done by turning the device's Wi-Fi connection on and off again. If the device utilises an Ethernet connection, attempt to remove the Ethernet cable and re-insert it into your device. The message will change to ‘No Connection’ when the Wi-Fi or Ethernet settings are turned off, and when the router is restarting. Proceed to check that the internet connection is back by testing through a web browser when everything is connected. This process works for Windows and Mac devices and hopefully solves the ‘Common Error’ impeding you from using MT4.

If the issue persists, utilise ‘Troubleshooting Problems’ for Windows to check internet connection issues. Running MT4 as an administrator will outline if there are any pieces of software, including viruses which are blocking internet connectivity to MT4. If this is the case, ensure that no programs block connection to the MT4 online server. On Windows, access Control Panel then Security, and you should find Windows Defender Firewall or any other anti-virus software installed on your device. From there, you should be able to disable that function on specific apps, in this case, MT4. Any one of these steps should fix the underlying error. To allow MT4 internet access through the Firewall on a Mac device, access System Preference, Security & Privacy and finally, Firewall. From there, you can select ‘Allow Incoming Connections’ to MT4.

However, if the ‘Common Error’ message persists, attempt restarting the MT4 software. Enter the username, password and the MT4 IP server address once more. The error can be due to a mistake in these parameters. A blank space can be accidentally added to the username and password if copied and pasted; therefore, double-check and write both inserts individually instead of copying and pasting to make sure. The IP address is also a source of potential errors. To ensure the IP address you are utilising is correct, you should contact your broker's support team to provide the correct IP address. After this process, you should be able to log into your account without the Common Error impeding you from analysing prices and placing trades.

How to Fix Common Error iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Similar errors are also present when using MT4 on mobile iOS devices. First, ensure that your device's internet connection is fully operational through a browser or an app. The same techniques for internet connection mentioned above should be repeated to ensure the device receives signals from the router. Ensure the app settings are correctly laid out for Wi-Fi or mobile data use. With a functioning internet connection, incorrect login parameters can restrict access from the broker server. Make sure you are utilising the correct login parameters. As mentioned above, you should contact your broker. Most brokers operate with a 24/7 customer support team and can provide the assistance you require to get back online.

How to Fix MT4 Not Responding

There are certain circumstances in which all tips and actions mentioned above have been taken: the internet connection is satisfactory, you are successfully logged in, and MT4 fails to respond for some reason. Potentially, therefore, the software is overrun. The following steps should be to close the program altogether. Launch ‘Task Manager’ on Windows and ‘Activity Monitor’ on Mac and end the MT4 task. Restarting the platform should solve those issues. In a specific scenario where the issues continue, the program is overloaded. To fix this issue, access your MetaTrader folder, History and finally, Default where you should delete all files. When you start the platform again, it should be working correctly.


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