Equity CFDs

FP Markets offers exposure to international equity markets with genuine market data, lower commissions and better margins. See your trades on real market data and trade transparently using Contracts for Difference (CFDs) across 3 different continents and over 2000 stocks. Command higher position sizes by choosing between leveraged and non-leveraged trading accounts with competitive financing rates. With the ability to go long and short you could potentially profit on the price movements of institutional companies from around the globe.


Equity Count Per Exchange
Australia 2165
United Kingdom 1674
Hong Kong 2149
Singapore 781

Equities trading represents buying and selling fractional ownership of a company. On a stock exchange, trade prices and the pending volume at each price point are publicly available in what’s known as the order book. The ability to access the exchange order book is something unique to the Direct Market Access pricing model and provides traders with transparent and precise execution. In additional to genuine market data the Direct Market Access pricing model ensures you can go long on almost securities on the exchange for long trading and the widest available list of shorts.

In Australia, the stock market has pre-open and pre-close phases where buying and selling orders are allowed to overlap. A computer algorithm then matches these orders and determines the opening and closing price where the most amount of stocks trade through.  FP Markets provides access to both these market phases and all the associated extra liquidity.

Financial products exist to mimic the price movements of equity products. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) offer exposure on stock price movement, both up and down,  without having ownership of the actual stock. Providers of CFDs typically offer cash payouts when a stock pays dividends but do not provide franking credits.

Commodities CFDs

FP Markets offers a wide range of commodities futures products, including interest rates, currencies, metals, energy and agriculture. FP Markets commodity CFDs help you find the right exposure you need. Traders may hedge their portfolios using interest futures or diversify their assets using commodity and currency futures that can have low correlation to stocks.

Commodities trading represents the buying and selling of set quantities of homogenous, or near-homogenous assets. E.g, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Gold. Commodities trading is typically dominated by agricultural products, energy and metals. Price movements in commodities are usually seen as bellwethers for the overall health of the industry that produces/consumes them.

E.g. the price of copper is typically associated with the outlook of the construction industry and, by extension government funded infrastructure projects. Similarly, gold is typically seen as a safe store of value and tends to increase in price during times of uncertainty. Commodity prices can be impacted by factors such as adverse weather, seasonal availability, natural disasters and other non-market factors typically found in other financial instruments.

Typically, trading in commodities can be either speculative or for hedging purposes. Traders can trade commodities to express their outlook on certain industries or to hedge their trading portfolio.

Commodities List

DMA Commodities
 Available Contracts
Wheat Soybean Gasoline RBOB
Corn Soybean Meal Natural Gas
Soybean Oil Cattle Feeder NY Harbor ULSD (Heating Oil)
Oats Lean Hogs Palladium
WTI Crude Live Cattle Platinum


CFD Commodities
 Available Contracts


Index CFDs

Get exposure on major stock indices by trading FP Markets Index CFDs. With competitive leverage, FP Markets Index CFD margins start at 1% (SPI 200 Futures start at $25 AUD per point. AUS200 cash indexes are $1 AUD per point and are available on our MT4 platform) and are an affordable risk management tool for your portfolio. FP Market Index CFDs reflect the underlying index futures contracts – trade the price movement of the real futures contract and select the contract expiry you want using live exchange data Stay on top of overseas stock index movements with access to Nasdaq, S&P 500, EUREX indices and more.

Indices List

DMA Indices
 Available Indices
NASDAQ 100 E-Mini DAX Index
Nikkei 225 (CME) EURO Stoxx 50
S&P 500 E-Mini Mini SPI 200
DJIA E-Mini (CBOT) SPI 200


CFD Indices
 Available Indices
DJ30 CAC40
US500 IBEX35
NAS100 JP225
UK100 HK50


Futures CFDs

A Futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a specified commodity or financial instrument at a predetermined price some time in the future. Trading Futures CFDs gives exposure to the price movements of these contracts. Common Futures CFDs include index futures, speculating on the future price of a stock index; currency futures, used to lock-in the future price of currencies and commodity futures, commonly used to lock-in the future price of certain agricultural products, energy and metals.

Trading futures CFDs at FP Markets uses real exchange data. You can choose the expiry you want by choosing the expiry contract month and get exposure to the real futures contract. With a wide variety  of contracts to choose from, including major commodity futures such as Crude Oil, Live Cattle, Corn, Platinum and SFE SPI 200, FP Markets offers the exposure you need to meet your trading strategy.