Nasdaq - Margin Table


Margin Requirements
in DMA Share CFD Trading

Experience the benefits of DMA CFD trading with FP Markets Iress trading platform. Access 10,000+ financial instruments on a multi-asset trading platform that provides great flexibility in trading styles. Iress provides real-time news & price quotes for online CFD trading in Shares, Forex, Commodities, Indices, Metals and Cryptocurrencies.

With CFD trading you can trade financial instruments without owning the underlying asset. Traders can speculate on price movements in either direction with the ability to take a long position or short position. In addition, the concept of leverage allows traders to gain greater exposure with only the margin required to open a position.

The short availability and margin requirements vary depending on the exchange, asset class and volatility levels. Choose from the world's largest exchanges including the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Request a Demo Account or open a Live Account and start trading.

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SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
AAAP NAS Advanced Accelerator Applications SA 100 No
AABA NAS Altaba Inc 20 Yes
AAL NAS American Airlines Group Inc 10 Yes
AAME NAS Atlantic American Corporation 15 Yes
AAOI NAS Applied Optoelectronics Inc 10 Yes
AAPL NAS Apple Inc 5 Yes
AAWW NAS Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings 15 Yes
AAXJ NAS iShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan 15 No
AAXN NAS Axon Enterprise Inc 40 No
ABAX NAS Abaxis Inc 25 No
ABCB NAS Ameris Bancorp 15 Yes
ABCD NAS Cambium Learning Group Inc 80 No
ABIO NAS ARCA Biopharma Inc 50 No
ACAD NAS Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc 30 Yes
ACBI NAS Atlantic Capital Bancshares Inc 40 Yes
ACET NAS Aceto Corporation 25 Yes
ACGL NAS Arch Capital Group Ltd 10 Yes
ACHC NAS Acadia Healthcare Company Inc 100 No
ACHN NAS Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc 50 Yes
ACIW NAS ACI Worldwide Inc 15 Yes
ACLS NAS Axcelis Technologies Inc 30 No
ACOR NAS Acorda Therapeutics Inc 15 Yes
ACXM NAS Acxiom Holdings Inc 15 No
ADBE NAS Adobe Inc 10 Yes
ADI NAS Analog Devices Inc 10 Yes
ADMP NAS Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation 100 No
ADP NAS Automatic Data Processing Inc 5 Yes
ADRO NAS Aduro Biotech Inc 100 No
ADSK NAS Autodesk Inc 10 Yes
ADUS NAS Addus HomeCare Corp 30 Yes
AEGN NAS Aegion Corporation 20 Yes
AEHR NAS Aehr Test Systems 50 Yes
AEIS NAS Advanced Energy Industries Inc 20 Yes
AERI NAS Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc 30 Yes
AEZS NAS Aeterna Zentaris Inc 100 No
AFSI NAS AmTrust Financial Services Inc 15 No
AGEN NAS Agenus Inc 35 No
AGIO NAS Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc 20 Yes
AGNC NAS AGNC Investment Corporation 10 No
AGTC NAS Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation 100 Yes
AGYS NAS Agilysys Inc 25 Yes
AHPI NAS Allied Healthcare Products Inc 50 No
AIMC NAS Altra Industrial Motion Corporation 15 Yes
AINV NAS Apollo Investment Corporation 15 No
AIRT NAS Air T Inc 50 No
AKAM NAS Akamai Technologies Inc 10 Yes
AKRX NAS Akorn Inc 25 Yes
ALCO NAS Alico Inc 35 Yes
ALGN NAS Align Technology Inc 10 Yes
ALGT NAS Allegiant Travel Company 15 Yes
ALKS NAS Alkermes Plc 10 Yes
ALNY NAS Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc 15 Yes
ALOT NAS AstroNova Inc 30 No
ALRM NAS Alarm com Holdings Inc 20 No
ALRN NAS Aileron Therapeutics Inc 100 No
ALSK NAS Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc 15 Yes
ALTR NAS Altair Engineering Inc 10 No
ALXN NAS Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc 10 Yes
AMAG NAS AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc 25 Yes
AMAT NAS Applied Materials Inc 10 Yes
AMBA NAS Ambarella Inc 15 Yes
AMBC NAS Ambac Financial Group Inc 10 Yes
AMCN NAS AirMedia Group Inc 25 No
AMCX NAS AMC Networks Inc 10 Yes
AMD NAS Advanced Micro Devices Inc 10 Yes
AMED NAS Amedisys Inc 20 Yes
AMGN NAS Amgen Inc 10 Yes
AMKR NAS Amkor Technology Inc 20 Yes
AMNB NAS American National Bankshares Inc 25 Yes
AMOT NAS Allied Motion Technologies Inc 20 Yes
AMRB NAS American River Bankshares 25 Yes
AMRN NAS Amarin Corp PLC 25 Yes
AMSC NAS American Superconductor Corp 20 No
AMSWA NAS American Software Inc – Class A Common Stock 20 Yes
AMTD NAS TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation 10 Yes
AMTX NAS Aemetis Inc 20 No
AMWD NAS American Woodmark Corp 20 Yes
AMZN NAS Amazon com 10 Yes
ANAT NAS American National Insurance Company 15 Yes
ANDE NAS Andersons Inc 15 Yes
ANGI NAS ANGI Homeservices Inc 30 No
ANGO NAS AngioDynamics Inc 20 Yes
ANIK NAS Anika Therapeutics Inc 35 Yes
ANIX NAS Anixa Biosciences Inc 100 No
ANY NAS Sphere 3D Corporation 100 No
APEI NAS American Public Education Inc 15 Yes
APOG NAS Apogee Enterprises Inc 25 Yes
APPF NAS AppFolio Inc 70 Yes
APPN NAS Appian Corporation 20 Yes
APRI NAS Apricus Biosciences Inc 40 No
ARAY NAS Accuray Incorporated 15 Yes
ARCC NAS Ares Capital Corporation 20 Yes
ARCI NAS Appliance Recycling Centers of America 50 No
ARDM NAS Aradigm Corporation 100 No
AREX NAS Approach Resources Inc 10 Yes
ARII NAS American Railcar Industries Inc 15 No
ARKR NAS Ark Restaurants Corporation 20 Yes
ARLP NAS Alliance Resource Partners LP 20 Yes
ARNA NAS Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc 20 Yes
AROW NAS Arrow Financial Corporation 15 Yes
ARQL NAS ArQule Inc 20 Yes
ARRS NAS ARRIS International PLC 10 Yes
ARRY NAS Array Biopharma Inc 35 Yes
ARTNA NAS Artesian Resources Corporation – Class A Common Stock 25 Yes
ARTW NAS Arts Way Manufacturing Co Inc 50 No
ARTX NAS Arotech Corporation 25 Yes
ARWR NAS Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc 15 Yes
ASCMA NAS Ascent Capital Group Inc – Series A Common Stock 20 No
ASFI NAS Asta Funding Inc 25 Yes
ASML NAS ASML Holding NV 10 Yes
ASNA NAS Ascena Retail Group Inc 10 Yes
ASPS NAS Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA 20 Yes
ASTC NAS Astrotech Corporation 100 No
ASTE NAS Astec Industries Inc 15 Yes
ASYS NAS Amtech Systems Inc 15 Yes
ATAX NAS America First Multifamily Investors LP 25 Yes
ATEC NAS Alphatec Holdings Inc 15 No
ATHN NAS Athenahealth Inc 10 Yes
ATLO NAS Ames National Corporation 20 Yes
ATNI NAS ATN International Inc 15 Yes
ATOS NAS Atossa Genetics Inc 100 No
ATRI NAS Atrion Corporation 15 Yes
ATRO NAS Astronics Corporation 25 Yes
ATSG NAS Air Transport Services Group Inc 20 Yes
ATTU NAS Attunity Ltd 100 Yes
ATVI NAS Activision Blizzard Inc 15 Yes
AUBN NAS Auburn National Bancorporation Inc 35 Yes
AUDC NAS AudioCodes Ltd 15 Yes
AVAV NAS AeroVironment Inc 15 Yes
AVEO NAS AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 Yes
AVGO NAS Broadcom Inc 5 Yes
AVHI NAS A V Homes Inc 30 No
AVID NAS Avid Technology Inc 20 Yes
AVNW NAS Aviat Networks Inc 15 No
AXAS NAS Abraxas Petroleum Corporation 20 Yes
AXDX NAS Accelerate Diagnostics Inc 50 No
AZPN NAS Aspen Technology Inc 20 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
BABY NAS Natus Medical Inc 15 Yes
BANF NAS BancFirst Corporation 100 Yes
BANR NAS Banner Corporation 25 No
BBBY NAS Bed Bath and Beyond Inc 20 Yes
BBOX NAS Black Box Corporation 20 No
BBSI NAS Barrett Business Services Inc 35 Yes
BCOR NAS Blucora Inc 25 Yes
BCOV NAS Brightcove Inc 40 Yes
BCPC NAS Balchem Corporation 10 Yes
BCRX NAS BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc 20 Yes
BDGE NAS Bridge Bancorp Inc 35 Yes
BDSI NAS BioDelivery Sciences International Inc 20 Yes
BEAT NAS BioTelemetry Inc 15 No
BECN NAS Beacon Roofing Supply Inc 15 Yes
BELFA NAS Bel Fuse Inc – Class A Common Stock 50 Yes
BELFB NAS Bel Fuse Inc – Class B Common Stock 25 Yes
BFIN NAS BankFinancial Corporation 100 Yes
BGCP NAS BGC Partners Inc 25 Yes
BGFV NAS Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation 25 Yes
BHF NAS Brighthouse Financial Inc 10 No
BIB NAS ProShares Ultra NASDAQ Biotechnology 10 No
BIDU NAS Baidu Inc 15 Yes
BIIB NAS Biogen Inc 10 Yes
BILI NAS Bilibili Inc 100 Yes
BIOC NAS Biocept Inc 15 No
BIOL NAS Biolase Inc 60 No
BIOS NAS Bioscrip Inc 15 Yes
BJRI NAS BJs Restaurants Inc 10 Yes
BKNG NAS Booking Holdings Inc 10 Yes
BLCM NAS Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
BLDP NAS Ballard Power Systems Inc 25 No
BLDR NAS Builders First Source Inc 15 Yes
BLFS NAS BioLife Solutions Inc 70 No
BLIN NAS Bridgeline Digital Inc 100 No
BLKB NAS Blackbaud Inc 15 Yes
BLNK NAS Blink Charging Company 100 No
BLRX NAS BioLineRx Ltd 50 Yes
BMRN NAS Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc 10 Yes
BMTC NAS Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation 25 Yes
BNFT NAS Benefitfocus Inc 20 Yes
BOFI NAS Axos Financial Inc 20 No
BOKF NAS BOK Financial Corporation 10 Yes
BOOM NAS DMC Global Inc 15 No
BOTZ NAS Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF 100 No
BOXL NAS Boxlight Corporation 100 No
BPFH NAS Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc 35 Yes
BPMC NAS Blueprint Medicines Corporation 30 Yes
BPOP NAS Popular Inc 15 No
BREW NAS Craft Brew Alliance Inc 35 Yes
BRID NAS Bridgford Foods Corp 50 Yes
BRKL NAS Brookline Bancorp Inc 25 Yes
BRKR NAS Bruker Corporation 15 Yes
BRKS NAS Brooks Automation Inc 25 Yes
BSQR NAS BSQUARE Corporation 25 Yes
BSRR NAS Sierra Bancorp 20 Yes
BSTC NAS BioSpecifics Technologies Corp 50 Yes
BYFC NAS Broadway Financial Corp 100 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
CA NAS CA Inc 10 No
CAAS NAS China Automotive Systems Inc 20 Yes
CAC NAS Camden National Corporation 10 Yes
CACC NAS Credit Acceptance Corporation 15 Yes
CADX NAS Cadence Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
CAKE NAS Cheesecake Factory Inc 15 Yes
CALM NAS Cal Maine Foods Inc 15 Yes
CAMP NAS CalAmp Corp 20 Yes
CAMT NAS Camtek Ltd 50 Yes
CAPR NAS Capricor Therapeutics Inc 100 No
CAR NAS Avis Budget Group Inc 25 Yes
CARA NAS Cara Therapeutics Inc 40 Yes
CARV NAS Carver Bancorp Inc New 50 No
CASS NAS Cass Information Systems Inc 20 Yes
CASY NAS Caseys General Stores Inc 10 Yes
CATM NAS Cardtronics PLC 15 Yes
CATY NAS Cathay General Bancorp 20 Yes
CBAN NAS Colony Bankcorp Inc 25 Yes
CBLI NAS Cleveland BioLabs Inc 50 No
CBPO NAS China Bioligic Products Holdings Inc 15 Yes
CBRL NAS Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc 15 Yes
CBSH NAS Commerce Bancshares Inc 10 Yes
CCCL NAS China Ceramics Co Ltd 100 No
CCMP NAS Cabot Microelectronics Corporation 15 Yes
CCNE NAS CNB Financial Corporation 20 Yes
CCOI NAS Cogent Communications Holdings Inc 15 Yes
CCRN NAS Cross Country Health 25 Yes
CDNS NAS Cadence Design Systems Inc 20 Yes
CDW NAS CDW Corporation 5 Yes
CDXC NAS ChromaDex Corporation 20 Yes
CDXS NAS Codexis Inc 100 No
CDZI NAS Cadiz Inc 25 Yes
CECO NAS Career Education Corp 10 Yes
CELG NAS Celgene Corporation 10 Yes
CENT NAS Central Garden and Pet Co 15 Yes
CENTA NAS Central Garden and Pet Co – Class A Common Stock 25 Yes
CENX NAS Century Aluminum Co 25 Yes
CERN NAS Cerner Corp 15 Yes
CERS NAS Cerus Corp 35 Yes
CETV NAS Central European Media Enterprises Ltd 15 Yes
CFBK NAS Central Federal Corporation 35 No
CFFN NAS Capitol Federal Financial Inc 15 No
CGEN NAS Compugen Ltd 20 Yes
CGNX NAS Cognex Corporation 15 Yes
CHCI NAS Comstock Holding Companies Inc 50 No
CHCO NAS City Holding Company 25 Yes
CHDN NAS Churchill Downs Inc 15 Yes
CHFC NAS Chemical Financial Corporation 10 Yes
CHKE NAS Cherokee Inc 15 Yes
CHKP NAS Check Point Software Technologies Inc 15 Yes
CHLN NAS China Housing and Land Development Inc 25 No
CHNR NAS China Natural Resources Inc 15 No
CHRS NAS Coherus BioSciences Inc 15 No
CHRW NAS CH Robinson Worldwide Inc 5 Yes
CHTR NAS Charter Communications Inc New 10 Yes
CINF NAS Cincinnati Financial Corporation 10 Yes
CLDX NAS Celldex Therapeutics Inc 25 No
CLFD NAS Clearfield Inc 30 Yes
CLMT NAS Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP 20 Yes
CLNE NAS Clean Energy Fuels Corp 15 Yes
CLSN NAS Celsion Corp 100 No
CLVS NAS Clovis Oncology Inc 15 Yes
CLWT NAS Euro Tech Holdings Company Ltd New 75 No
CLXT NAS Calyst Inc 70 No
CMCO NAS Columbus McKinnon Corporation 15 Yes
CMCSA NAS Comcast Corporation – Class A Common Stock 5 Yes
CME NAS CME Group Inc 10 Yes
CMLS NAS Cumulus Media Inc 25 No
CMTL NAS Comtech Telecommunications Corporation 15 Yes
CNAT NAS Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
CNMD NAS CONMED Corporation 25 Yes
CNSL NAS Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc 15 Yes
CNTF NAS China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd 15 No
CNTY NAS Century Casinos Inc 15 Yes
COBZ NAS CoBiz Financial Inc 15 No
COHR NAS Coherent Inc 20 Yes
COHU NAS Cohu Inc 25 Yes
COKE NAS Coca Cola Consolidated Inc 10 Yes
COLB NAS Columbia Banking System Inc 25 Yes
COLM NAS Columbia Sportswear Company 10 Yes
CONE NAS CyrusOne Inc 100 No
CONN NAS Conns Inc 20 Yes
CORE NAS Core Mark Holding Company Inc 15 Yes
COST NAS Costco Wholesale Corporation 5 Yes
COUP NAS Coupa Software Inc 70 Yes
COWN NAS Cowen Inc 15 No
CPHC NAS Canterbury Park Holding Corporation New 25 No
CPLA NAS Capella Education Company 10 No
CPLP NAS Capital Product Partners LP 15 Yes
CPRT NAS Copart Inc 10 Yes
CPRX NAS Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 Yes
CPSI NAS Computer Programs and Systems Inc 25 Yes
CPSS NAS Consumer Portfolio Services Inc 100 Yes
CPST NAS Capstone Turbine Corporation 20 No
CRAI NAS CRA International Inc 15 Yes
CRAY NAS Cray Inc 100 Yes
CRBP NAS Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc 30 Yes
CREE NAS Cree Inc 10 Yes
CRESY NAS Cresud Sacifya – ADS 25 Yes
CRIS NAS Curis Inc 100 No
CRNT NAS Ceragon Networks Ltd 25 Yes
CROX NAS Crocs Inc 20 Yes
CRSP NAS CRISPR Therapeutics AG 15 Yes
CRTO NAS Criteo SA 20 Yes
CRUS NAS Cirrus Logic Inc 20 Yes
CRVL NAS CorVel Corp 25 Yes
CRZO NAS Carrizo Oil and Gas Inc 35 Yes
CSBR NAS Champions Oncology Inc 100 No
CSCO NAS Cisco Systems Inc 10 Yes
CSFL NAS CenterState Bank Corporation 100 Yes
CSGP NAS CoStar Group Inc 15 Yes
CSGS NAS CSG Systems International Inc 15 Yes
CSIQ NAS Canadian Solar Inc 15 Yes
CSTR NAS CapStar Financial Holdings Inc 15 No
CSWC NAS Capital Southwest Corporation 100 Yes
CSX NAS CSX Corporation 10 Yes
CTAS NAS Cintas Corporation 5 Yes
CTIB NAS CTI Industries Corp 100 No
CTIC NAS CTI BioPharma Corporation 25 No
CTRL NAS Control4 Corporation 100 Yes
CTRN NAS Citi Trends Inc 15 Yes
CTRP NAS Ctrip Com International Ltd 15 Yes
CTSH NAS Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation 10 Yes
CTWS NAS Connecticut Water Services Inc 10 Yes
CTXS NAS Citrix Systems Inc 10 Yes
CUTR NAS Cutera Inc 25 Yes
CVBF NAS CVB Financial Corporation 10 Yes
CVCO NAS Cavco Industries Inc 15 Yes
CVGI NAS Commercial Vehicle Group Inc 100 Yes
CVGW NAS Calavo Growers Inc 25 Yes
CVLT NAS CommVault Systems Inc 10 Yes
CVLY NAS Codorus Valley Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
CVTI NAS Covenant Transportation Group Inc 100 Yes
CVV NAS CVD Equipment Corp 100 Yes
CY NAS Cypress Semiconductor Corporation 15 No
CYBE NAS CyberOptics Corp 100 Yes
CYBR NAS CyberArk Software Ltd 20 Yes
CYCC NAS Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
CYOU NAS Changyou com Limited 15 Yes
CYTK NAS Cytokinetics Inc 35 No
CYTR NAS CytRx Corp 40 No
CYTX NAS Cytori Therapeutics Inc 100 No
CZR NAS Caesars Entertainment Corporation 30 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
DAIO NAS Data I O Corp 100 Yes
DAKT NAS Daktronics Inc 20 Yes
DARE NAS Dare Bioscience Inc 100 No
DAVE NAS Famous Daves of America Inc 10 No
DAX NAS Global X Funds Global X DAX Germany ETF 100 No
DBLE NAS Double Eagle Petroleum Company 100 No
DCOM NAS Dime Community Bancshares Inc 20 Yes
DENN NAS Dennys Corporation 100 Yes
DEST NAS Destination Maternity Corp 100 Yes
DFFN NAS Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
DGII NAS Digi International Inc 25 Yes
DGLD NAS VS 3x Inverse Gold linked to S&P GSCI Gold Index Excess Return 100 Yes
DIOD NAS Diodes Inc 20 Yes
DISCA NAS Discovery Inc – Series A Common Stock 10 Yes
DISCK NAS Discovery Inc – Series C Common Stock 10 Yes
DISH NAS DISH Network Corporation 10 Yes
DJCO NAS Daily Journal Corp 100 Yes
DLTR NAS Dollar Tree Inc 10 Yes
DNBF NAS DNB Financial Corporation 100 Yes
DNKN NAS Dunkin Brands Group Inc 20 Yes
DNLI NAS Denali Therapeutics Inc 30 Yes
DOCU NAS DocuSign Inc 20 Yes
DORM NAS Dorman Products Inc 10 Yes
DRAD NAS Digirad Corporation 100 Yes
DRIV NAS Global X Autonomous and Electric Vehicles 50 No
DRRX NAS Durect Corp 75 Yes
DRYS NAS Dryships Inc 25 No
DSLV NAS VS 3x Inverse Silver linked to S&P GSCI Silver Inverse Index 100 Yes
DSPG NAS DSP Group Inc 25 Yes
DTEA NAS Davids Tea Inc 100 No
DUSA NAS Davis Select US Equity 100 No
DVAX NAS Dynavax Technologies Corp 75 No
DWCH NAS Datawatch Corp 100 No
DWSN NAS Dawson Geophysical Company 15 No
DXCM NAS DexCom Inc 30 Yes
DXJS NAS WisdomTree Japan Hedged SmallCap Equity Fund 40 No
DXYN NAS Dixie Group Inc 100 Yes
DYNT NAS Dynatronics Corp 100 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
EA NAS Electronic Arts Inc 5 Yes
EBAY NAS EBay Inc 10 Yes
EBIX NAS Ebix Inc 60 Yes
EBMT NAS Eagle Bancorp Montana Inc 100 Yes
EBSB NAS Meridian Bancorp Inc 15 No
ECHO NAS Echo Global Logistics Inc 10 Yes
ECOL NAS US Ecology Inc 10 Yes
ECPG NAS Encore Capital Group Inc 25 Yes
EDUC NAS Educational Development Corporation 100 No
EEFT NAS Euronet Worldwide Inc 10 Yes
EEI NAS Ecology and Environment Inc 15 No
EFII NAS Electronics for Imaging Inc 20 Yes
EGAN NAS eGain Corporation 100 Yes
EGLE NAS Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc 20 No
EHTH NAS eHealth Inc 15 Yes
ELON NAS Echelon Corp 20 No
ELSE NAS Electro Sensors Inc 100 No
EMCI NAS EMC Insurance Group Inc 100 Yes
EMKR NAS EMCORE Corporation 25 No
EMMS NAS Emmis Communications Corporation 100 No
ENDP NAS Endo International PLC 10 Yes
ENG NAS ENGlobal Corp 25 Yes
ENSG NAS Ensign Group Inc 25 Yes
ENTG NAS Entegris Inc 20 Yes
EPAY NAS Bottomline Technologies Delaware Inc 25 Yes
EQIX NAS Equinix Inc 10 No
ERIC NAS Ericsson 10 Yes
ERIE NAS Erie Indemnity Company 15 Yes
ERII NAS Energy Recovery Inc 15 Yes
ESCA NAS Escalade Inc 100 Yes
ESEA NAS Euroseas Ltd 15 No
ESGR NAS Enstar Group Ltd 15 Yes
ESIO NAS Electro Scientific Industries Inc 25 Yes
ESLT NAS Elbit Systems Ltd 15 Yes
ESRX NAS Express Scripts Holding Company 5 No
ESSA NAS ESSA Bancorp Inc 15 Yes
ETFC NAS E Trade Financial Corporation 15 Yes
ETSY NAS Etsy Inc 20 Yes
EWBC NAS East West Bancorp Inc 15 Yes
EXAS NAS EXACT Sciences Corporation 10 Yes
EXEL NAS Exelixis Inc 15 Yes
EXLS NAS ExlService Holdings Inc 25 Yes
EXPD NAS Expeditors International of Washington Inc 5 Yes
EXPE NAS Expedia Group Inc 10 Yes
EXPO NAS Exponent Inc 25 Yes
EXTR NAS Extreme Networks Inc 25 Yes
EYE NAS National Vision Holdings Inc 100 No
EYES NAS Second Sight Medical Products Inc 70 No
EYPT NAS EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
FARM NAS Farmer Brothers Company 10 Yes
FARO NAS FARO Technologies Inc 15 Yes
FAST NAS Fastenal Company 5 Yes
FB NAS Facebook Inc 5 Yes
FBNC NAS First Bancorp 100 Yes
FBSS NAS Fauquier Bankshares Inc 100 Yes
FCAL NAS First Trust California Municipal High Income 100 No
FCAP NAS First Capital Inc 100 Yes
FCEL NAS FuelCell Energy Inc 20 No
FCFS NAS FirstCash Inc 20 No
FCNCA NAS First Citizen Bancshares Inc – Class A Common Stock 100 Yes
FCS NAS Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc 10 No
FDEF NAS First Defiance Financial Corporation 100 Yes
FEIM NAS Frequency Electronics Inc 25 Yes
FELE NAS Franklin Electric Company Inc 15 Yes
FEYE NAS FireEye Inc 10 Yes
FFBC NAS First Financial Bancorp 10 Yes
FFIC NAS Flushing Financial Corporation 10 Yes
FFIN NAS First Financial Bankshares Inc 10 Yes
FFIV NAS F5 Networks Inc 10 Yes
FFKT NAS Farmers Capital Bank Corporation 100 No
FGEN NAS FibroGen Inc 100 No
FISV NAS Fiserv Inc 10 Yes
FITB NAS Fifth Third Bancorp 5 Yes
FIVE NAS Five Below Inc 10 Yes
FIZZ NAS National Beverage Corporation 25 Yes
FLEX NAS Flex Ltd 15 Yes
FLIC NAS First Of Long Island Corporation 10 Yes
FLIR NAS FLIR Systems Inc 10 Yes
FLWS NAS 1 800 Flowers Com 100 Yes
FLXS NAS Flexsteel Industries Inc 100 Yes
FMBI NAS First Midwest Bancorp Inc 25 Yes
FMI NAS Foundation Medicine Inc 50 No
FNGN NAS Financial Engines Inc 10 No
FNKO NAS Funko Inc 100 No
FNSR NAS Finisar Corp 25 No
FOLD NAS Amicus Therapeutics Inc 5 Yes
FONR NAS Fonar Corporation 35 Yes
FORD NAS Forward Industries Inc 100 No
FORM NAS FormFactor Inc 10 Yes
FORR NAS Forrester Research Inc 25 Yes
FOSL NAS Fossil Group Inc 10 Yes
FOX NAS Twenty First Century Fox Inc 3 Yes
FOXA NAS Twenty First Century Fox Inc 3 Yes
FOXF NAS Fox Factory Holding Corporation 30 Yes
FRBK NAS Republic First Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
FRED NAS Freds Inc 20 Yes
FRME NAS First Merchants Corporation 10 Yes
FRPT NAS Freshpet Inc 20 No
FSLR NAS First Solar Inc 10 Yes
FSTR NAS L B Foster Company 100 Yes
FTEK NAS Fuel Tech Inc 20 No
FTNT NAS Fortinet Inc 10 Yes
FTR NAS Frontier Communications Corporation 100 No
FULT NAS Fulton Financial Corporation 15 Yes
FUNC NAS First United Corporation 100 Yes
FWRD NAS Forward Air Corporation 15 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
GABC NAS German American Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
GAIA NAS Gaia Inc 15 No
GBCI NAS Glacier Bancorp Inc 15 Yes
GBNK NAS Guaranty Bancorp 100 No
GBT NAS Global Blood Therapeutics Inc 15 Yes
GENE NAS Genetic Technologies Ltd 50 No
GEOS NAS Geospace Technologies Corporation 20 Yes
GERN NAS Geron Corp 15 Yes
GFED NAS Guaranty Federal Bancshares Inc 100 Yes
GGAL NAS Grupo Financiero Galicia Sa 15 Yes
GHDX NAS Genomic Health Inc 15 Yes
GIFI NAS Gulf Island Fabrication Inc 15 Yes
GIGM NAS GigaMedia Ltd 20 No
GIII NAS G III Apparel Group Ltd 100 Yes
GILD NAS Gilead Sciences Inc 10 Yes
GILT NAS Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd 15 Yes
GIVN NAS Given Imaging Ltd 25 No
GLDD NAS Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Corporation 100 Yes
GLNG NAS Golar LNG Limited 20 Yes
GLPI NAS Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc 15 No
GLUU NAS Glu Mobile Inc 25 Yes
GNCA NAS Genocea Biosciences Inc 100 No
GNTX NAS Gentex Corporation 10 Yes
GOGO NAS Gogo Inc 5 No
GOOG NAS Alphabet Inc 5 Yes
GOOGL NAS Alphabet Inc – Class A Common Stock 5 Yes
GPIC NAS Gaming Partners International Corporation 100 Yes
GPOR NAS Gulfport Energy Corporation 15 Yes
GPRE NAS Green Plains Inc 15 Yes
GPRO NAS GoPro Inc 15 Yes
GRIF NAS Griffin Industrial Realty Inc 100 Yes
GRMN NAS Garmin Ltd 15 Yes
GROW NAS U S Global Investors Inc 75 No
GRPN NAS Groupon Inc 20 Yes
GRVY NAS Gravity Co Ltd 100 No
GSBC NAS Great Southern Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
GSM NAS Ferroglobe PLC 15 No
GT NAS Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company 15 Yes
GTLS NAS Chart Industries Inc 15 Yes
GURE NAS Gulf Resources Inc 100 Yes
GWPH NAS GW Pharmaceuticals PLC 15 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
HA NAS Hawaiian Holdings Inc 35 Yes
HAFC NAS Hanmi Financial Corporation 25 No
HAIN NAS Hain Celestial Group Inc 15 Yes
HALL NAS Hallmark Financial Services Inc 100 Yes
HALO NAS Halozyme Therapeutics Incorporated 20 Yes
HAS NAS Hasbro Inc 15 Yes
HAYN NAS Haynes International Inc 15 Yes
HBAN NAS Huntington Bancshares Inc 20 Yes
HBCP NAS Home Bancorp Inc 15 Yes
HCSG NAS Healthcare Services Group Inc 15 Yes
HDS NAS HD Supply Holdings Inc 5 Yes
HDSN NAS Hudson Technologies Inc 15 Yes
HELE NAS Helen of Troy Ltd 10 Yes
HIBB NAS Hibbett Sports Inc 15 Yes
HIFS NAS Hingham Institution for Savings 100 Yes
HIIQ NAS Health Insurance Innovations Inc 20 Yes
HIMX NAS Himax Technologies Inc 20 Yes
HLG NAS Hailiang Education Group Inc 100 No
HLIT NAS Harmonic Inc 15 Yes
HMNF NAS HMN Financial Inc 100 Yes
HMNY NAS Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc 100 No
HMSY NAS HMS Holdings Corp 15 Yes
HNRG NAS Hallador Energy Company 100 Yes
HOLX NAS Hologic Inc 10 Yes
HOMB NAS Home BancShares Inc 25 Yes
HQY NAS HealthEquity Inc 10 Yes
HSIC NAS Henry Schein Inc 10 Yes
HSII NAS Heidrick and Struggles International Inc 25 Yes
HSTM NAS HealthStream Inc 50 Yes
HTLD NAS Heartland Express Inc 10 Yes
HTLF NAS Heartland Financial USA Inc 100 Yes
HUBG NAS Hub Group Inc 10 Yes
HURC NAS Hurco Companies Inc 100 Yes
HURN NAS Huron Consulting Group Inc 25 Yes
HWBK NAS Hawthorn Bancshares Inc 100 Yes
HWKN NAS Hawkins Inc 15 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
IAC NAS IAC InterActiveCorp 10 No
IART NAS Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation 10 Yes
IBB NAS iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology 10 Yes
IBCP NAS Independent Bank Corporation 100 Yes
IBOC NAS International Bancshares Corporation 10 Yes
ICAD NAS Icad Inc 40 Yes
ICCC NAS ImmuCell Corporation 100 No
ICFI NAS ICF International Inc 15 Yes
ICLR NAS Icon Plc 10 No
ICON NAS Iconix Brand Group Inc 20 No
ICPT NAS Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc 15 Yes
ICUI NAS ICU Medical Inc 25 Yes
IDCC NAS InterDigital Inc 20 Yes
IDSA NAS Industrial Services of America Inc 15 No
IDTI NAS Integrated Device Technology Inc 10 Yes
IDXX NAS IDEXX Laboratories Inc 10 Yes
IGLD NAS Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd 25 No
IIJI NAS Internet Initiative Japan Inc 25 Yes
IIVI NAS II VI Incorporated 15 Yes
IKNX NAS Ikonics Corporation 100 No
ILMN NAS Illumina Inc 15 Yes
IMGN NAS ImmunoGen Inc 15 Yes
IMKTA NAS Ingles Markets Incorporated – Class A Common Stock 100 Yes
IMMR NAS Immersion Corporation 60 Yes
IMMU NAS Immunomedics Inc 100 Yes
IMOS NAS ChipMOS Technologies Inc 25 No
IMPV NAS Imperva Inc 100 No
INCY NAS Incyte Corporation 5 Yes
INDB NAS Independent Bank Corporation 25 Yes
INDY NAS iShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index Fund 50 Yes
INFI NAS Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc 25 No
INFN NAS Infinera Corporation 15 Yes
INFO NAS IHS Markit Ltd 100 No
INO NAS Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc New 30 Yes
INOD NAS Innodata Inc 100 Yes
INSM NAS Insmed Inc 100 Yes
INSY NAS Insys Therapeutics Inc 10 Yes
INTC NAS Intel Corporation 10 Yes
INTG NAS Intergroup Corporation 100 No
INTL NAS INTL FCStone Inc 100 Yes
INTU NAS Intuit Inc 10 Yes
INTX NAS Intersections Inc 15 No
IONS NAS Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc 10 Yes
IOSP NAS Innospec Inc 100 Yes
IPAR NAS Inter Parfums Inc 25 Yes
IPAS NAS iPass Inc 100 No
IPGP NAS IPG Photonics Corporation 15 Yes
IPHS NAS Innophos Holdings Inc 15 Yes
IPWR NAS Ideal Power Inc 30 No
IPXL NAS Impax Laboratories Inc 100 No
IQ NAS iQIYI Inc 100 No
IRBT NAS iRobot Corporation 25 Yes
IRDM NAS Iridium Communications Inc 25 Yes
IRIX NAS IRIDEX Corporation 100 Yes
ISBC NAS Investors Bancorp Inc 20 Yes
ISCA NAS International Speedway Corporation 10 Yes
ISIG NAS Insignia Systems Inc 100 No
ISNS NAS Image Sensing Systems Inc 100 No
ISRG NAS Intuitive Surgical Inc 10 Yes
ISRL NAS Isramco Inc 100 Yes
ISSC NAS Innovative Solutions and Support Inc 100 Yes
ITCI NAS Intra Cellular Therapies Inc 20 Yes
ITIC NAS Investors Title Company 100 Yes
ITRI NAS Itron Inc 10 Yes
ITRN NAS Ituran Location and Control Ltd 15 Yes
IVAC NAS Intevac Inc 15 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
JACK NAS Jack in the Box Inc 10 Yes
JAGX NAS Jaguar Health Inc 100 No
JAKK NAS JAKKS Pacific Inc 15 Yes
JASO NAS JA Solar Holdings Company Ltd 25 No
JAZZ NAS Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC 10 Yes
JBHT NAS J B Hunt Transport Services Inc 10 Yes
JBLU NAS JetBlue Airways Corporation 10 Yes
JBSS NAS John B Sanfilippo and Son Inc 100 Yes
JCOM NAS j2 Global Inc 15 No
JCTCF NAS Jewett Cameron Trading Company – Common Stock 100 No
JD NAS JD com Inc 10 Yes
JJSF NAS J and J Snack Foods Corporation 20 Yes
JKHY NAS Jack Henry and Associates Inc 10 Yes
JMBA NAS Jamba Inc 100 No
JOBS NAS 51Job Inc 100 No
JRJC NAS China Finance Online Co Limited 15 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
KALU NAS Kaiser Aluminum Corporation 15 Yes
KBAL NAS Kimball International Inc 80 No
KELYA NAS Kelly Services Inc – Class A Common Stock 25 Yes
KEQU NAS Kewaunee Scientific Corporation 100 Yes
KERX NAS Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
KHC NAS Kraft Heinz Company 10 Yes
KIRK NAS Kirklands Inc 15 Yes
KLAC NAS KLA Tencor Corporation 10 Yes
KLIC NAS Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc 25 Yes
KNDI NAS Kandi Technolgies Group Inc 25 No
KONA NAS Kona Grill Inc 100 Yes
KOOL NAS Cesca Therapeutics Inc 100 No
KOPN NAS Kopin Corporation 15 Yes
KOSS NAS Koss Corporation 100 No
KRNY NAS Kearny Financial Corporation 25 No
KTCC NAS KeyTronic Corporation 100 Yes
KVHI NAS KVH Industries Inc 100 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
LABL NAS Multi Color Corporation 100 Yes
LAKE NAS Lakeland Industries Inc 15 Yes
LAMR NAS Lamar Advertising Company 10 Yes
LANC NAS Lancaster Colony Corporation 10 Yes
LAND NAS Gladstone Land Corporation 100 Yes
LARK NAS Landmark Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
LAWS NAS Lawson Products Inc 50 Yes
LBAI NAS Lakeland Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
LBTYA NAS Liberty Global Plc – Class A Common Stock 10 Yes
LBTYK NAS Liberty Global Plc – Class C Ordinary Shares 20 No
LCUT NAS Lifetime Brands Inc 100 Yes
LE NAS Lands End Inc 100 Yes
LEAP NAS Leap Wireless International Inc New 10 No
LECO NAS Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc 15 Yes
LFUS NAS Littelfuse Inc 15 Yes
LGCY NAS Legascy Reserves Inc 100 No
LGIH NAS LGI Homes Inc 50 Yes
LGND NAS Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 20 Yes
LHCG NAS LHC Group 25 Yes
LIFE NAS aTyr Pharma Inc 20 No
LINC NAS Lincoln Educational Services Corp 15 Yes
LION NAS Fidelity Southern Corporation 100 Yes
LITE NAS Lumentum Holdings Inc 20 Yes
LIVE NAS Live Ventures Inc 50 No
LIVN NAS LivaNova PLC 100 No
LIVX NAS LiveXLive Media Inc 100 No
LJPC NAS La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company 100 No
LKFN NAS Lakeland Financial Corporation 100 Yes
LKQ NAS LKQ Corporation 10 Yes
LLNW NAS Limelight Networks Inc 15 Yes
LMNR NAS Limoneira Company 100 Yes
LMNX NAS Luminex Corporation 15 Yes
LNDC NAS Landec Corp 15 Yes
LOGI NAS Logitech International SA 15 Yes
LOGM NAS LogMein Inc 15 Yes
LONE NAS Lonestar Resources Ltd 100 Yes
LOOP NAS Loop Industries Inc 15 No
LOPE NAS Grand Canyon Education Inc 25 Yes
LORL NAS Loral Space and Communications Inc 100 Yes
LPLA NAS LPL Financial Holdings Inc 100 Yes
LPNT NAS LifePoint Health Inc 10 No
LPSN NAS LivePerson Inc 25 Yes
LQDT NAS Liquidity Services Inc 10 Yes
LRAD NAS LRAD Corporation 100 No
LRCX NAS Lam Research Corporation 15 Yes
LSCC NAS Lattice Semiconductor Corp 100 Yes
LSTR NAS Landstar System Inc 10 Yes
LTBR NAS Lightbridge Corp 50 No
LULU NAS Lululemon Athletica Inc 20 Yes
LUNA NAS Luna Innovations Incorporated 75 Yes
LWAY NAS Lifeway Foods Inc 100 Yes
LXRX NAS Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
LYTS NAS LSI Industries Inc 100 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
MAGS NAS Magal Security Systems Ltd 15 Yes
MANH NAS Manhattan Associates Inc 20 Yes
MANT NAS ManTech International Corporation 10 Yes
MAR NAS Marriott International Inc 5 Yes
MASI NAS Masimo Corporation 10 Yes
MAT NAS Mattel Inc 10 Yes
MATW NAS Matthews International Corporation 25 Yes
MAYS NAS J W Mays Inc 100 Yes
MBFI NAS MB Financial Inc 10 Yes
MBOT NAS Microbot Medical Inc 100 No
MBWM NAS Mercantile Bank Corporation 100 Yes
MCBC NAS Macatawa Bank Corporation 100 Yes
MCHP NAS Microchip Technology Inc 10 Yes
MCRI NAS Monarch Casino and Resort Inc 25 Yes
MDCO NAS Medicines Company 20 Yes
MDLZ NAS Mondelez International Inc 15 Yes
MDRX NAS Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc 10 Yes
MDSO NAS Medidata Solutions Inc 15 Yes
MEDP NAS Medpace Holdings Inc 40 No
MEET NAS Meet Group Inc 100 No
MEIP NAS MEI Pharma Inc 100 Yes
MELI NAS MercadoLibre Inc 20 Yes
MEOH NAS Methanex Corporation 15 Yes
MERC NAS Mercer International Inc 100 Yes
MESO NAS Mesoblast Limited 50 Yes
MGIC NAS Magic Software Enterprises Ltd 100 Yes
MGLN NAS Magellan Health Inc 10 Yes
MGPI NAS MGP Ingredients Inc 100 Yes
MGRC NAS McGrath RentCorp 100 Yes
MIDD NAS Middleby Corp 10 Yes
MIND NAS Mitcham Industries Inc 100 No
MINI NAS Mobile Mini Inc 20 Yes
MITK NAS Mitek Systems Inc 100 Yes
MKSI NAS MKS Instruments Inc 10 Yes
MKTX NAS MarketAxess Holdings Inc 100 Yes
MLAB NAS Mesa Laboratories Inc 100 Yes
MLHR NAS Herman Miller Inc 15 Yes
MLNX NAS Mellanox Technologies Ltd 15 Yes
MMLP NAS Martin Midstream Partners LP 15 Yes
MMSI NAS Merit Medical Systems Inc 20 Yes
MNKD NAS MannKind Corporation 75 No
MNRO NAS Monro Inc 15 Yes
MNTA NAS Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc 15 Yes
MOMO NAS Momo Inc 5 Yes
MORN NAS Morningstar Inc 15 Yes
MOSY NAS MoSys Inc 30 No
MPAA NAS Motorcar Parts and Associates Inc 100 Yes
MPB NAS Mid Penn Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
MPWR NAS Monolithic Power Systems Inc 15 Yes
MRCY NAS Mercury Systems Inc 25 Yes
MRLN NAS Marlin Business Services Corporation 15 Yes
MRNA NAS Moderna Inc 100 No
MRTN NAS Marten Transport Ltd 15 Yes
MRTX NAS Mirati Therapeutics Inc 50 Yes
MRVL NAS Marvell Technology Group Ltd 15 Yes
MSEX NAS Middlesex Water Company 100 Yes
MSFT NAS Microsoft Corporation 10 Yes
MSON NAS Misonix Inc 100 Yes
MSTR NAS MicroStrategy Inc 15 Yes
MTCH NAS Match Group Inc 10 Yes
MTGE NAS MTGE Investment Corporation 5 No
MTRX NAS Matrix Service Co 25 Yes
MTSC NAS MTS Systems Corporation 20 Yes
MU NAS Micron Technology Inc 5 Yes
MVIS NAS Microvision Inc 25 No
MXIM NAS Maxim Integrated Products Inc 15 Yes
MXWL NAS Maxwell Technologies Inc 20 Yes
MYGN NAS Myriad Genetics Inc 15 Yes
MYL NAS Mylan NV 15 Yes
MYRG NAS MYR Group Inc 15 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
NAII NAS Natural Alternatives International Inc 100 Yes
NATH NAS Nathans Famous Inc 15 Yes
NATI NAS National Instruments Corporation 15 Yes
NATR NAS Natures Sunshine Products Inc 100 Yes
NAVG NAS Navigators Group Inc 25 Yes
NAVI NAS Navient Corporation 100 No
NBEV NAS New Age Beverages Corporation 100 No
NBIX NAS Neurocrine Biosciences Inc 25 Yes
NBTB NAS Nbt Bancorp Inc 15 Yes
NCTY NAS The9 Limited 25 No
NDAQ NAS Nasdaq Inc 10 Yes
NDSN NAS Nordson Corporation 15 Yes
NEO NAS NeoGenomics Inc 20 No
NEOG NAS Neogen Corp 25 Yes
NEPT NAS Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc 60 No
NETE NAS Net Element Inc 100 No
NEWT NAS Newtek Business Services Corporation 85 Yes
NFLX NAS Netflix Inc 5 Yes
NHTC NAS Natural Health Trends Corporation 100 No
NIHD NAS NII Holdings Inc 10 No
NITE NAS Nightstar Therapeutics PLC 20 No
NKSH NAS National Bankshares Inc 100 Yes
NKTR NAS Nektar Therapeutics 15 Yes
NMIH NAS NMI Holdings Inc 100 No
NNBR NAS NN Inc 100 Yes
NOVB NAS North Valley Bancorp 100 No
NRIM NAS Northrim BanCorp Inc 100 Yes
NSEC NAS National Security Group Inc 100 No
NSIT NAS Insight Enterprises Inc 15 Yes
NSSC NAS NAPCO Security Technologies Inc 100 Yes
NSYS NAS Nortech Systems Inc 100 No
NTAP NAS NetApp Inc 10 Yes
NTCT NAS NetScout Systems Inc 15 Yes
NTEC NAS Intec Pharma Ltd 100 Yes
NTES NAS NetEase Inc 10 Yes
NTIC NAS Northern Technologies International Corp 100 Yes
NTLA NAS Intellia Therapeutics Inc 20 Yes
NTNX NAS Nutanix Inc 20 Yes
NTRI NAS NutriSystem Inc 20 Yes
NTRS NAS Northern Trust Corporation 10 Yes
NTWK NAS NetSol Technologies Inc 100 Yes
NUAN NAS Nuance Communications Inc 10 Yes
NURO NAS NeuroMetrix Inc 100 No
NUVA NAS Nuvasive Inc 10 Yes
NVAX NAS Novavax Inc 25 Yes
NVDA NAS NVIDIA Corporation 5 Yes
NVEC NAS NVE Corporation 15 Yes
NVLN NAS Novelion Therapeutics Inc 100 No
NVMI NAS Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd 25 Yes
NWBI NAS Northwest Bancshares Inc 10 Yes
NWFL NAS Norwood Financial Corporation 100 Yes
NWLI NAS National Western Life Group Inc 100 No
NWPX NAS Northwest Pipe Co 15 Yes
NWS NAS News Corporation 10 Yes
NWSA NAS News Corporation 15 Yes
NXPI NAS NXP Semiconductors NV 15 Yes
NXST NAS Nexstar Media Group Inc 10 Yes
NYMT NAS New York Mortgage Trust Inc 60 Yes
NYNY NAS Empire Resorts Inc 100 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
OBAS NAS Optibase Ltd 100 No
OBCI NAS Ocean Bio Chem Inc 100 No
OCFC NAS OceanFirst Financial Corporation 25 Yes
OCLR NAS Oclaro Inc New 25 No
OCUL NAS Ocular Therapeutix Inc 100 No
ODFL NAS Old Dominion Freight Line Inc 10 Yes
OESX NAS Orion Energy Systems Inc 25 Yes
OHGI NAS One Horizon Group Inc 100 No
OKTA NAS Okta Inc 50 Yes
OLBK NAS Old Line Bancshares Inc 100 Yes
OLED NAS Universal Display Corporation 10 Yes
OLLI NAS Ollies Bargain Outlet Holdings Inc 25 Yes
OMAB NAS Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte SAB de CV 10 Yes
OMCL NAS Omnicell Inc 25 Yes
OMEX NAS Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc 25 No
ONVO NAS Organovo Holdings Inc 100 No
OPNT NAS Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc 25 No
OPTT NAS Ocean Power Technologies Inc 100 No
ORIT NAS Oritani Financial Corporation 25 Yes
ORLY NAS O Reilly Automotive Inc 10 Yes
ORMP NAS Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc 20 Yes
OSBC NAS Old Second Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
OSIR NAS Osiris Therapeutics Inc 40 No
OSIS NAS OSI Systems Inc 10 Yes
OSTK NAS Overstock com Inc 20 Yes
OSUR NAS OraSure Technologies Inc 40 Yes
OTEX NAS Open Text Corporation 10 Yes
OTTR NAS Otter Tail Corporation 15 Yes
OVBC NAS Ohio Valley Banc Corporation 100 Yes
OVLY NAS Oak Valley Bancorp 100 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
PAAS NAS Pan American Silver Corporation 5 Yes
PACB NAS Pacific Biosciences of California Inc 50 Yes
PACW NAS PacWest Bancorp 25 Yes
PANL NAS Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd 20 No
PATK NAS Patrick Industries Inc 100 Yes
PAYX NAS Paychex Inc 5 Yes
PBCT NAS Peoples United Financial Inc 10 Yes
PBHC NAS Pathfinder Bancorp Inc 100 No
PCOM NAS Points International Ltd 40 Yes
PCYO NAS Pure Cycle Corp 100 Yes
PDCE NAS PDC Energy Inc 25 Yes
PDCO NAS Patterson Companies Inc 5 Yes
PDD NAS Pinduoduo Inc 100 No
PDEX NAS ProDex Inc 100 Yes
PDFS NAS PDF Solutions Inc 100 No
PDLI NAS PDL BioPharma Inc 25 Yes
PEBK NAS Peoples Bancorp of N C Inc 100 Yes
PEBO NAS Peoples Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
PEGA NAS Pegasystems Inc 35 Yes
PEIX NAS Pacific Ethanol Inc 25 Yes
PENN NAS Penn National Gaming Inc 10 Yes
PEP NAS PepsiCo Inc 100 No
PERY NAS Perry Ellis International Inc 25 No
PESI NAS PermaFix Environmental Services Inc 100 No
PETS NAS Petmed Express Inc 15 Yes
PETX NAS Aratana Therapeutics Inc 25 No
PFBI NAS Premier Financial Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
PFSW NAS Pfsweb Inc 75 Yes
PGNX NAS Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc 70 Yes
PICO NAS PICO Holdings Inc 20 Yes
PKOH NAS Park Ohio Holdings Corporation 100 Yes
PLAB NAS Photronics Inc 100 Yes
PLAY NAS Dave and Busters Entertainment Inc 10 Yes
PLCE NAS Childrens Place Inc 15 Yes
PLUG NAS Plug Power Inc 50 Yes
PLUS NAS ePlus inc 100 Yes
PLXS NAS Plexus Corp 10 Yes
PMD NAS Psychemedics Corporation 100 Yes
PNBK NAS Patriot National Bancorp Inc 100 No
PNFP NAS Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc 25 Yes
PNRG NAS PrimeEnergy Resources Corporation 100 No
POOL NAS Pool Corporation 10 Yes
POPE NAS Pope Resources LP 15 Yes
POWI NAS Power Integrations Inc 10 Yes
POWL NAS Powell Industries Inc 25 Yes
PRAA NAS PRA Group Inc 15 No
PRAH NAS PRA Health Sciences Inc 10 Yes
PRCP NAS Perceptron Inc 100 Yes
PRFT NAS Perficient Inc 15 Yes
PRGS NAS Progress Software Corporation 15 Yes
PRGX NAS PRGX Global Inc 25 Yes
PRIM NAS Primoris Services Corporation 100 Yes
PRMW NAS Primo Water Corporation 50 Yes
PROV NAS Provident Financial Holdings Inc 100 Yes
PRPH NAS ProPhase Labs Inc 100 No
PRSC NAS Providence Service Corp 15 Yes
PRTS NAS US Auto Parts Network Inc 15 Yes
PSEC NAS Prospect Capital Corporation 15 Yes
PTC NAS PTC Inc 20 Yes
PTEN NAS Patterson UTI Energy Inc 10 Yes
PTI NAS Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc 75 No
PTIE NAS Pain Therapeutics Inc 25 Yes
PTLA NAS Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc 20 Yes
PTNR NAS Partner Communications Company Ltd 15 Yes
PTSI NAS P A M Transport Services Inc 100 Yes
PTX NAS Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc 100 No
PWOD NAS Penns Woods Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
PXLW NAS Pixelworks Inc 50 Yes
PXS NAS Pyxis Tankers Inc 100 No
PYPL NAS PayPal Holdings Inc 20 Yes
PZZA NAS Papa Johns International Inc 15 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
QCOM NAS Qualcomm Inc 10 Yes
QDEL NAS Quidel Corp 20 Yes
QNST NAS QuinStreet Inc 25 Yes
QQQ NAS Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1 5 Yes
QRVO NAS Qorvo Inc 20 Yes
QTNA NAS Quantenna Communications Inc 100 No
QTNT NAS Quotient Ltd 70 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
RAIL NAS Freightcar America Inc 20 Yes
RAND NAS Rand Capital Corp 100 No
RAVN NAS Raven Industries Inc 100 Yes
RBCAA NAS Republic Bancorp Inc – Class A Common Stock 100 Yes
RBCN NAS Rubicon Technology Inc 25 No
RCII NAS Rent A Center Inc 10 Yes
RCKY NAS Rocky Brands Inc 100 Yes
RCMT NAS RCM Technologies Inc 25 Yes
RCON NAS Recon Technology Ltd 75 No
RDNT NAS RadNet Inc 75 Yes
RECN NAS Resources Connection Inc 15 Yes
REGI NAS Renewable Energy Group Inc 100 Yes
REGN NAS Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc 20 Yes
RELL NAS Richardson Electronics Ltd 100 Yes
RELV NAS Reliv International Inc 100 No
RETA NAS Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
RFIL NAS RF Industries Ltd 15 No
RGCO NAS RGC Resources Inc 100 Yes
RGEN NAS Repligen Corp 10 Yes
RGLD NAS Royal Gold Inc 25 Yes
RICK NAS RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc 15 No
RIGL NAS Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc 25 Yes
RIOT NAS Riot Blockchain Inc 100 Yes
RKDA NAS Arcadia Biosciences Inc 100 No
RMBS NAS Rambus Inc 15 Yes
RMCF NAS Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc 100 No
RNST NAS Renasant Corporation 100 Yes
RNWK NAS RealNetworks Inc 20 No
ROCK NAS Gilbraltar Industries Inc 25 Yes
ROKU NAS Roku Inc 30 Yes
ROSE NAS Rosehill Resources Inc 15 No
ROST NAS Ross Stores Inc 10 Yes
RP NAS RealPage Inc 10 Yes
RRGB NAS Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc 25 Yes
RSYS NAS RadiSys Corporation 15 No
RUN NAS Sunrun Inc 30 Yes
RUSHA NAS Rush Enterprises Inc – Class A Common Stock 15 Yes
RUTH NAS Ruths Hospitality Group Inc 25 Yes
RVSB NAS Riverview Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
RWLK NAS ReWalk Robotics Ltd 20 No
RYAAY NAS Ryanair Holdings PLC – ADS 10 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
SABR NAS Sabre Corporation 100 No
SAFM NAS Sanderson Farms Inc 10 Yes
SAFT NAS Safety Insurance Group Inc 20 Yes
SALM NAS Salem Media Group Inc 100 Yes
SANM NAS Sanmina Corporation 25 Yes
SASR NAS Sandy Spring Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
SATS NAS EchoStar Corporation 15 Yes
SBAC NAS SBA Communications Corporation 10 Yes
SBBX NAS SB One Bancorp 100 No
SBCF NAS Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida 100 No
SBGI NAS Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc 25 Yes
SBLK NAS Star Bulk Carriers Corporation 20 Yes
SBNY NAS Signature Bank 10 Yes
SBRA NAS Sabra Healthcare REIT Inc 25 Yes
SBSI NAS Southside Bancshares Inc 100 Yes
SBUX NAS Starbucks Corporation 5 Yes
SCHL NAS Scholastic Corporation 15 Yes
SCHN NAS Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc 10 Yes
SCON NAS Superconductor Technologies Inc 25 No
SCOR NAS comScore Inc 20 No
SCSC NAS Scansource Inc 15 Yes
SCVL NAS Shoe Carnival Inc 100 Yes
SEAC NAS SeaChange International Inc 100 Yes
SEDG NAS SolarEdge Technologies Inc 75 Yes
SEED NAS Origin Agritech Ltd 15 No
SEIC NAS SEI Investments Company 15 Yes
SENEA NAS Seneca Foods Corp – Common Stock 25 Yes
SENEB NAS Seneca Foods Corp – Common Stock 100 No
SFIX NAS Stitch Fix Inc 75 No
SFLY NAS Shutterfly Inc 100 No
SFNC NAS Simmons First National Corporation 25 Yes
SGBX NAS SG Blocks Inc 100 No
SGEN NAS Seattle Genetics Inc 100 Yes
SGH NAS SMART Global Holdings Inc 100 No
SGMA NAS Sigmatron International Inc 100 No
SGMO NAS Sangamo Therapeutics Inc 20 Yes
SGMS NAS Scientific Games Corporation 25 Yes
SHIP NAS Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corporation 100 No
SHLM NAS A Schulman Inc 25 No
SHLO NAS Shiloh Industries Inc 100 Yes
SHOO NAS Steven Madden Ltd 15 Yes
SHPG NAS Shire PLC 100 No
SIEB NAS Siebert Financial Corporation 100 Yes
SIFY NAS Sify Technologies Limited 25 Yes
SIGA NAS Siga Technologies Inc 15 No
SIGI NAS Selective Insurance Group Inc 15 Yes
SILC NAS Silicom Ltd 15 Yes
SIMO NAS Silicon Motion Technology Corporation 15 Yes
SINA NAS SINA com 10 Yes
SIRI NAS Sirius XM Holdings Inc 25 No
SIVB NAS SVB Capital II 10 Yes
SKYW NAS SkyWest Inc 15 Yes
SLAB NAS Silicon Labs 10 Yes
SLGN NAS Silgan Holdings Inc 10 Yes
SLM NAS SLM Corporation 10 Yes
SMRT NAS Stein Mart Inc 15 Yes
SMSI NAS Smith Micro Software Inc 25 No
SMTC NAS Semtech Corp 10 Yes
SNCR NAS Synchronoss Technologies Inc 15 No
SNFCA NAS Security National Financial Corp – Class A Common Stock 100 Yes
SNHY NAS Sun Hydraulics Corporation 100 No
SNMX NAS Senomyx Inc 100 No
SNPS NAS Synopsys Inc 10 Yes
SNSS NAS Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc 75 No
SODA NAS SodaStream International Ltd 20 No
SOHU NAS Sohu com Ltd 10 No
SONC NAS Sonic Corporation 15 No
SONO NAS Sonos Inc 20 No
SPAR NAS Spartan Motors Inc 15 Yes
SPEX NAS Spherix Inc 100 No
SPHS NAS Sophiris Bio Inc 100 No
SPI NAS SPI Energy Company Ltd 100 No
SPLK NAS Splunk Inc 10 Yes
SPOK NAS Spok Holdings Inc 45 Yes
SPPI NAS Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc 25 Yes
SPTN NAS SpartanNash Company 15 No
SPWR NAS SunPower Corporation 15 Yes
SQQQ NAS ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ 10 Yes
SRCE NAS 1st Source Corporation 100 Yes
SRCL NAS Stericycle Inc 5 Yes
SRDX NAS Surmodics Inc 20 Yes
SRPT NAS Sarepta Therapeutics Inc New 100 Yes
SSNC NAS SS and C Technologies Holdings Inc 10 Yes
SSRM NAS SSR Mining Inc 100 No
SSTI NAS ShotSpotter Inc 25 No
SSYS NAS Stratasys Ltd 15 Yes
STAA NAS STAAR Surgical Company 20 Yes
STBA NAS S and T Bancorp Inc 25 Yes
STEM NAS StemCells Inc 60 No
STFC NAS State Auto Financial Corporation 100 Yes
STKL NAS SunOpta Inc 25 Yes
STLD NAS Steel Dynamics Inc 10 Yes
STML NAS Stemline Therapeutics Inc 80 Yes
STMP NAS Stamps com Inc 25 Yes
STNE NAS StoneCo Ltd 20 No
STRA NAS Strategic Education Inc 25 No
STRS NAS Stratus Properties Inc 100 Yes
STRT NAS Strattec Security Corporation 55 Yes
STX NAS Seagate Technology PLC 15 Yes
SUMR NAS Summer Infant Inc 15 No
SUPN NAS Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc 10 Yes
SVA NAS Sinovac Biotech Ltd 100 Yes
SWIR NAS Sierra Wireless Inc 20 Yes
SWKS NAS Skyworks Solutions Inc 10 Yes
SYKE NAS Sykes Enterprises Inc 15 Yes
SYMC NAS Symantec Corporation 10 Yes
SYNA NAS Synaptics Incorporated 15 Yes
SYNC NAS Synacor Inc 100 Yes
SYNL NAS Synalloy Corporation 100 Yes
SYNT NAS Syntel Inc 15 No
SYPR NAS Sypris Solutions Inc 100 No
SYRS NAS Syros Pharmaceuticals Inc 30 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
TACT NAS TransAct Technologies Inc 100 Yes
TAIT NAS Taitron Components Incorporated 100 No
TATT NAS TAT Technologies Ltd 100 No
TAYD NAS Taylor Devices Inc 100 No
TBBK NAS Bancorp Inc 25 Yes
TBNK NAS Territorial Bancorp Inc 15 Yes
TCBI NAS Texas Capital Bancshares Inc 10 Yes
TCBK NAS TriCo Bancshares 100 Yes
TCX NAS Tucows Inc 60 Yes
TEAM NAS Atlassian Corporation PLC 20 Yes
TECD NAS Tech Data Corporation 10 Yes
TECH NAS Bio Techne Corporation 10 No
TERP NAS TerraForm Power Inc 30 Yes
TESS NAS TESSCO Technologies Inc 15 Yes
TEUM NAS Pareteum Corporation 100 No
TFSL NAS TFS Financial Corporation 100 Yes
TGA NAS TransGlobe Energy Corporation 15 Yes
THFF NAS First Financial Corporation 100 Yes
THOR NAS Synthorx Inc 10 No
TITN NAS Titan Machinery Inc 100 Yes
TIVO NAS TiVo Corporation 10 Yes
TLF NAS Tandy Leather Factory Inc 100 Yes
TLRY NAS Tilray Inc 25 No
TLT NAS iShares 20 plus Year Treasury Bond 10 Yes
TMUS NAS T Mobile US Inc 10 Yes
TNDM NAS Tandem Diabetes Care Inc 100 Yes
TNXP NAS Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corporation 100 No
TOPS NAS TOP Ships Inc 100 No
TOUR NAS Tuniu Corporation 20 Yes
TOWN NAS TowneBank 100 Yes
TQQQ NAS ProShares UltraPro QQQ 10 Yes
TREE NAS LendingTree Inc 50 No
TRIB NAS Trinity Biotech PLC 25 Yes
TRIP NAS TripAdvisor Inc 25 Yes
TRMB NAS Trimble Inc 10 Yes
TRMK NAS Trustmark Corporation 10 Yes
TRNS NAS Transcat Inc 100 Yes
TROV NAS TrovaGene Inc 100 Yes
TROW NAS T Rowe Price Group Inc 10 Yes
TRST NAS TrustCo Bank Corporation of NY 20 Yes
TSCO NAS Tractor Supply Company 10 Yes
TSLA NAS Tesla Inc 15 Yes
TTD NAS The Trade Desk Inc 30 Yes
TTEC NAS TTEC Holdings Inc 15 Yes
TTEK NAS Tetra Tech Inc 10 Yes
TTMI NAS TTM Technologies Inc 25 Yes
TTNP NAS Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc 100 No
TTPH NAS Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc 30 Yes
TTWO NAS TakeTwo Interactive Software Inc 10 Yes
TUES NAS Tuesday Morning Corp 15 Yes
TVIX NAS VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short Term 20 Yes
TWIN NAS Twin Disc Inc 100 Yes
TWMC NAS Trans World Entertainment 100 Yes
TWNK NAS Hostess Brands Inc 10 Yes
TWOU NAS 2U Inc 10 Yes
TXN NAS Texas Instruments Incorporated 5 Yes
TXRH NAS Texas Roadhouse Inc 10 Yes
TYPE NAS Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc 25 Yes
TZOO NAS Travelzoo 15 No
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
UAL NAS United Continental Holdings Inc 10 No
UBCP NAS United Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
UBFO NAS United Security Bancshares 100 Yes
UBNT NAS Ubiquiti Networks Inc 20 Yes
UBSH NAS Union Bankshares Corporation 100 No
UBSI NAS United Bankshares Inc 15 Yes
UCBI NAS United Community Banks Inc New 20 Yes
UCFC NAS United Community Financial Corporation 100 Yes
UCTT NAS Ultra Clean Holdings Inc 20 Yes
UEIC NAS Universal Electronics Inc 25 Yes
UEPS NAS Net 1 Ueps Technologies Inc 15 Yes
UFCS NAS United Fire Group Inc 25 Yes
UFPI NAS Universal Forest Products Inc 15 Yes
UFPT NAS UFP Technologies Inc 100 Yes
UG NAS United Guardian Inc 100 Yes
UGLD NAS VS 3x Long Gold linked to S&P GSCI Gold Index ER 15 No
ULBI NAS Ultralife Corporation 25 Yes
ULTA NAS Ulta Beauty Inc 10 Yes
ULTI NAS Ultimate Software Group Inc 15 Yes
UMBF NAS UMB Financial Corporation 10 Yes
UMPQ NAS Umpqua Holdings Corporation 15 Yes
UNAM NAS Unico American Corp 100 Yes
URBN NAS Urban Outfitters Inc 10 Yes
USAK NAS Usa Truck Inc 20 Yes
USAP NAS Unversal Stainless and Alloy Products 100 Yes
USAT NAS USA Technologies Inc 100 Yes
USEG NAS US Energy Corp 100 No
USLM NAS United States Lime and Minerals Inc 55 Yes
USLV NAS VS 3x Long Silver ETN linked to the S&P GSCI Silver Index ER 100 No
UTHR NAS United Therapeutics Corporation 10 Yes
UTSI NAS UTStarcom Holdings Corporation 25 No
UVSP NAS Univest Financial Corporation 100 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
VALU NAS Value Line Inc 15 Yes
VC NAS Visteon Corporation 100 Yes
VCIT NAS Vanguard Intermediate Term Corporate Bond 10 No
VCSH NAS Vanguard Short Term Corporate Bond 20 No
VECO NAS Veeco Instruments Inc De 10 Yes
VERI NAS Veritone Inc 30 Yes
VIAB NAS Viacom Inc 10 Yes
VIAV NAS Viavi Solutions Inc 35 No
VICL NAS Vical Inc 100 No
VICR NAS Vicor Corp 25 Yes
VIFL NAS Food Technology Service Inc 100 No
VIRC NAS Virco Manufacturing Company 100 Yes
VIRT NAS Virtu Financial Inc 20 Yes
VIVE NAS Viveve Medical Inc 30 No
VIVO NAS Meridian Bioscience Inc 10 Yes
VLGEA NAS Village Super Market Inc – Class A Common Stock 100 Yes
VLRX NAS Valeritas Holdings Inc 100 No
VNDA NAS Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc 15 Yes
VNET NAS 21Vianet Group Inc 10 Yes
VNOM NAS Viper Energy Partners LP 5 No
VOD NAS Vodafone Group PLC 5 Yes
VOXX NAS VOXX International Corporation 25 Yes
VRNT NAS Verint Systems Inc 100 Yes
VRSK NAS Verisk Analytics Inc 100 Yes
VRSN NAS VeriSign Inc 10 Yes
VRTU NAS Virtusa Corporation 25 Yes
VRTX NAS Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc 15 Yes
VSAT NAS ViaSat Inc 15 Yes
VSEC NAS VSE Corporation 100 Yes
VSTM NAS Verastem Inc 100 No
VTVT NAS vTv Therapeutics Inc 100 No
VUZI NAS Vuzix Corporation 100 No
VVUS NAS Vivus Inc 25 No
VYGR NAS Voyager Therapeutics Inc 70 Yes
SecCode Exchange Description Mgn% Short
WABC NAS Westamerica Bancorporation 10 Yes
WAFD NAS Washington Federal Inc 10 No
WASH NAS Washington Trust Bancorp Inc 100 Yes
WB NAS Weibo Corporation 10 Yes
WBA NAS Walgreen Boots Alliance Inc 10 Yes
WDAY NAS Workday Inc 5 Yes
WDC NAS Western Digital Corporation 10 Yes
WDFC NAS WD 40 Company 25 Yes
WEN NAS Wendys Company 30 Yes
WERN NAS Werner Enterprises Inc 10 Yes
WETF NAS WisdomTree Investments Inc 100 Yes
WEYS NAS Weyco Group Inc 15 Yes
WILC NAS G Willi Food International Ltd 25 Yes
WIN NAS Windstream Holdings Inc 10 Yes
WING NAS Wingstop Inc 10 No
WIRE NAS Encore Wire Corporation 15 Yes
WLFC NAS Willis Lease Finance Corporation 100 Yes
WLTW NAS Willis Towers Watson Public Ltd Company 10 Yes