Holiday Trading Hours

Please see below for the upcoming Lunar New Year’s and US Presidents Day Holiday and WTI Roll over dates.

MetaTrader 4 Holiday Hours

Precious MetalsNormal HoursNormal HoursClose 20:00
HK50Close 06:00ClosedClosed
JP225Normal HoursNormal HoursClose 20:00
DJ30Normal HoursNormal HoursClose 20:00
NAS100Normal HoursNormal HoursClose 20:00
US500Normal HoursNormal HoursClose 20:00
OilNormal HoursNormal HoursClose 20:00

February WTI Contract Rollover

الرمزالشهر الحاليالشهر الجديدتاريخ اللف
WTIMarchApril20th February 2018 (End of day 19th February 2018)

IRESS Holiday Hours

NASNormal TradingNormal TradingCLOSEDNormal Trading
NYSNormal TradingNormal TradingCLOSEDNormal Trading
HKENormal TradingCLOSEDCLOSEDNormal Trading
SGXNormal TradingCLOSEDNormal TradingNormal Trading
CME/CBT/NYMEXNormal TradingNormal TradingNormal Trading05:00 Close 10:00 Open

* Times are AEDT

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